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In our last session, Einstein and the Party take another deep dive into the Map of Human Consciousness, focusing on the Compilation of Consciousness and the moment when it begins to split into the three parts that will allow us to have a human experience. Along with that, they talked about being hyper-aware of our presence in the world, and paying attention to some of the small but wondrous baby steps that are being taken in the manifestation of the New Humanity.

When we were through with the session, I admit, I have my concerns about how this information is being ingested, by even me, who has heard Einstein’s musing more than anyone. But when I listened back on the recording, and to our conversations during the discussion time, I am more convinced than ever that this year is about exploring the intricacies of our Maps and understanding them in new and practical ways.

However, for our next coffee klatch on Saturday morning at 9 AM central, we are going to take a bit of a different approach. I am asking for people to come and allow me to present our Conflict REVOLUTION® class. So many of us have worked very diligently through the years to refine this curriculum, and I am very excited to present it to you.

Remember, every Saturday morning at 9 AM central I will be “hanging out my shingle” and exploring the world of manifestation, as per Einstein and the Party, in channeling, conversation and instruction.

All are welcome, even though the science end of the channel can be a little overwhelming, please feel free to join us and question the Party. Discussion is the basis of all scientific exploration, and it is always welcome here!

Artwork by Hannes Hummel and Olena Ohmahal

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