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Please join us in Copenhagen for an evening with Barbara With, Einstein, and the Party. We will be discussing her new book, Einstein, et al.: Manifestation, Conflict REVOLUTION & The New Operating System, and she will be channeling Einstein and the Party of Twelve. There will be plenty of time for Q&A, and she will also be available for private readings while she is in Copenhagen.

Thursday, November 17, 2016
Lærkevangen 7, 3520 Farum, Denmark
7 PM – 10 PM
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Free Teleconference with Barbara and the Psychic Sorority

Helping a stranded cat, Wimberley, Texas 2015 Photo: AP

Seems like lately, wherever I go, stuff happens. And not necessarily good stuff. During a visit to Wimberley, Texas in 2015, flash flooding killed 20 people and destroyed miles of shoreline along the Blanco River. Had I not been four blocks uphill, I might have been washed away. Before I knew it, a photo of me looking after a stranded cat was all over the Internet and published as far away as Nigeria.

The flood shook me to the core. My two main thoughts were, “Life is short—you never know when you might get swept away in a flood,” and “you never know how far a reach you can have.” In those moments, I made the commitment to use my remaining time to create as many good works as I can, be it music, books, art, protecting the water … whatever. If life is indeed unpredictable and short, let’s make hay and see how far we can reach.

Flood damage in Wimberley, Texas 2015
Flood damage in Wimberley, Texas 2015

Sitting at my friend’s kitchen table listening to the rescue helicopters searching for survivors, I pulled out a book project I’d started in 2010 but put aside for other pursuits. The book was to be a sequel to Imagining Einstein: Essays on M-Theory, World Peace & The Science of Compassion. I was impressed with how far along it already was.

Then in November 2015, I was in Paris when terrorists attacked six locations, including the Bataclan, a music club where over 80 people were killed. The attack at Des Halles shopping mall took place only blocks from where I was attending the concert of one of my musician friends. We spent the night in his hotel room, responding to frantic family and Facebook friends and catching up on what was really taking place in the City of Lights.

After the attack in Paris, I walked up to the Bataclan to pay respects.
After the attack in Paris, I walked up to the Bataclan to pay respects.

With helicopters circling overhead, I told him the story of Wimberley. Even though I had no idea how, I knew the attack in Paris was going to change me. Sure enough, when I got home and began to work through my post-traumatic stress, I experienced an insatiable hunger for authenticity and an overwhelming urge to manifest good. Life is too short, and this world is on the brink and needs all the help we can give.

9780991010936cvr2.inddHumanity seems perched exactly where the living Einstein feared we would go: to the edge of extinction. His Russell Einstein Manifesto spelled out that unless governments and cultures find new and effective ways to resolve conflict, humanity faces extinction. By the time the Manifesto was read aloud in July 1955 by Bertrand Russell at a London press conference, Einstein had been dead for four months. This perhaps became his first instance of speaking from beyond the grave.

These impetuses drove me to finish and publish Einstein, et al.: Manifestation, Conflict REVOLUTION® & The New Operating System, my imagined Einstein’s answer for that new and effective method of resolving conflict. Packed with over 100 illustrations of his unified field theory and maps of human consciousness, Einstein, et al. also includes perhaps the most detailed description and instructions for Conflict REVOLUTION® yet to be published.

Complete Einstein Library

9780991010950cov.inddAnother task that came to light in Wimberley was to make sure the complete Einstein Library is available to the public. This meant working with my co-authors Teresa McMillian and Lily Phelps to re-release our book, the one that started it all, Diaries of a Psychic Sorority: Talking with the Angels. First published in 1997, it’s the true story of how we were brought together to teach ourselves this new way to resolve our conflicts. The “angels” called it “world peace, one person at a time, starting with you.”

Diaries was the beginning of my Einsteinian mission, but we had no idea at the time. The “angels” tried to tell us, but we didn’t have the capacity understand. Lily’s first private reading with me in 1993 hinted at it:

All is headed for a much greater outcome than what you could possibly imagine. There is a bigger purpose and plan than you are capable of understanding at this time.

Using the conflicts that arose between us, we put their new worldview to the test. For how could they know if their theories worked unless they were tested on actual active conflicts? Einstein was, after all, a scientist. He needed a petri dish of conflict into which he could inject what went on to become Conflict REVOLUTION®. The three of us were that dish. We certainly had enough conflict. And we were just crazy enough to take these “angels” seriously, and just sane enough to figure out how to apply this revolutionary worldview to the conflicts we were having between us.

We were told to “tell our story then get out of the way.” So we published our private diaries of the first three months of our journey. Years later, we are still watching and being amazed that we volunteered and were chosen to bring forward this important and revolutionary work.

The release of Einstein, et al., the re-release of Diaries, and the upcoming release of Lily’s first book, Second Coming: Awakening the Christ Within demonstrate how right the angels were in 1993.

Barbara, Teresa, Lily
Barbara, Teresa, Lily, 1997

On Monday October 24, 2016, we will gather to celebrate our mission together. You are invited to join our teleconference call. We will talk about this amazing journey, where it has come over the years, and how anyone and everyone can be a part of Psychic Sorority’s intention to create world peace, one person at a time, starting with you. We will also hear from Einstein & The Party, and perhaps gaze ahead into the next 23 years! Plenty of time for questions and conversation.

4 PM Central
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I guess this is just one more reason the “angels” always end their dissertations telling us to “watch and be amazed.”

Can’t hardly not.




Einstein’s Last Manifesto

On July 9, 1955, Bertrand Russell, a well-known scientist of his day, called a press conference in London to read the last manifesto penned by his dear friend Albert Einstein who had passed away in April of that year.

The Russell Einstein Manifesto is a chilling prediction and urgent warning to the world about the dangers of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and an urgent plea to the governments of the world to find “peaceful means for the settlement of all matters of dispute between them.”

1955 Press Conference in London. Photo:
1955 Press Conference in London. Photo:

The first nuclear bomb was detonated July 16, 1945 in Alamogordo, New Mexico. A mere three weeks later, the United States decided to drop Little Boy on Hiroshima and three days after that, Fat Man on Nagasaki. 100,000 people were obliterated.

Today, our world stands on the brink. Earth is indeed like a suicide bomber, rigged with so many weapons of mass destruction that one wrong move on the part of the rogue government, errant terrorist or power-hungry corporatists, and the entire human species could very well go missing.

Add to that, climate change is rapidly changing the entire face of existence.

Amidst the turbulence, it’s sometimes difficult to believe we can make a difference. What kind of impact can one human have against these terrorists, errant governments, and systems of culture that strive to keep citizens dull witted and unaware of the lies and nefarious dealings of subversive fundamentalists? And will not expect each citizen become the change themselves before blaming others?

After spending nearly 22 year researching, development, training, and practicing Conflict REVOLUTION, as a tribute to Einstein whose work has inspired the creation of this revolutionary process, I am creating an online Conflict REVOLUTION Training Course to make available, at no cost, to anyone in the world wishing to participate in this grandest of experiments: World Peace One Person at a Time Starting With You.

I issue an invitation to the participation of the willing: Calling all people around the world who want to become the change from the inside out, to resolve conflicts first and foremost within the field of your own domain, with the express intention to align to compassion. The byproduct will be a natural manifestation in the physical world of the new operating system of peace installed within.

The theory is if we can get as many people as possible worldwide to learn to approach conflict in this way individual, we can have a huge influence on the direction of our planetary transformation.

Every culture, every country, every city, burg, and municipality is embedded with a new army, that of compassionate warriors, sovereign individuals dedicating their lives to becoming centers for healing and regeneration, beginning with their own lives.

Are you one of these of new breed of nonviolent activists, ready to delve deeper into your own self-scrutiny? Then please consider joining me in this monumental experiment in the evolution of human consciousness.

Beginning September 19, I will begin to post step-by-step instructions, including downloadable curriculum and video instruction on how to adopt this worldview and get in touch the depth of your own power. I believe if we can solve these conflicts at a much different level than they are being created, we have a chance to create major miracles.

Thank you all for all that you do, every day, to bring love and stability to this planet in flux. I hope my gifts will inspire you to pick up your power, get up off the couch and see how much impact you can really have.

I believe we are birthing a new Earth. What will it take to get you to stand up?


Russell Einstein Manifesto

In the tragic situation which confronts humanity, we feel that scientists should assemble in conference to appraise the perils that have arisen as a result of the development of weapons of mass destruction, and to discuss a resolution in the spirit of the appended draft.

We are speaking on this occasion, not as members of this or that nation, continent, or creed, but as human beings, members of the species Man, whose continued existence is in doubt. The world is full of conflicts; and, overshadowing all minor conflicts, the titanic struggle between Communism and anti-Communism.

Almost everybody who is politically conscious has strong feelings about one or more of these issues; but we want you, if you can, to set aside such feelings and consider yourselves only as members of a biological species which has had a remarkable history, and whose disappearance none of us can desire.

We shall try to say no single word which should appeal to one group rather than to another. All, equally, are in peril, and, if the peril is understood, there is hope that they may collectively avert it.

We have to learn to think in a new way. We have to learn to ask ourselves, not what steps can be taken to give military victory to whatever group we prefer, for there no longer are such steps; the question we have to ask ourselves is: what steps can be taken to prevent a military contest of which the issue must be disastrous to all parties?

The general public, and even many men in positions of authority, have not realized what would be involved in a war with nuclear bombs. The general public still thinks in terms of the obliteration of cities. It is understood that the new bombs are more powerful than the old, and that, while one A-bomb could obliterate Hiroshima, one H-bomb could obliterate the largest cities, such as London, New York, and Moscow.

No doubt in an H-bomb war great cities would be obliterated. But this is one of the minor disasters that would have to be faced. If everybody in London, New York, and Moscow were exterminated, the world might, in the course of a few centuries, recover from the blow. But we now know, especially since the Bikini test, that nuclear bombs can gradually spread destruction over a very much wider area than had been supposed.

It is stated on very good authority that a bomb can now be manufactured which will be 2,500 times as powerful as that which destroyed Hiroshima. Such a bomb, if exploded near the ground or under water, sends radio-active particles into the upper air. They sink gradually and reach the surface of the earth in the form of a deadly dust or rain. It was this dust which infected the Japanese fishermen and their catch of fish.

No one knows how widely such lethal radio-active particles might be diffused, but the best authorities are unanimous in saying that a war with H-bombs might possibly put an end to the human race. It is feared that if many H-bombs are used there will be universal death, sudden only for a minority, but for the majority a slow torture of disease and disintegration. Many warnings have been uttered by eminent men of science and by authorities in military strategy. None of them will say that the worst results are certain. What they do say is that these results are possible, and no one can be sure that they will not be realized. We have not yet found that the views of experts on this question depend in any degree upon their politics or prejudices. They depend only, so far as our researches have revealed, upon the extent of the particular expert’s knowledge. We have found that the men who know most are the most gloomy.

Here, then, is the problem which we present to you, stark and dreadful and inescapable: Shall we put an end to the human race; or shall mankind renounce war? People will not face this alternative because it is so difficult to abolish war.

The abolition of war will demand distasteful limitations of national sovereignty. But what perhaps impedes understanding of the situation more than anything else is that the term “mankind” feels vague and abstract. People scarcely realize in imagination that the danger is to themselves and their children and their grandchildren, and not only to a dimly apprehended humanity. They can scarcely bring themselves to grasp that they, individually, and those whom they love are in imminent danger of perishing agonizingly. And so they hope that perhaps war may be allowed to continue provided modern weapons are prohibited. This hope is illusory. Whatever agreements not to use H-bombs had been reached in time of peace, they would no longer be considered binding in time of war, and both sides would set to work to manufacture H-bombs as soon as war broke out, for, if one side manufactured the bombs and the other did not, the side that manufactured them would inevitably be victorious.

Although an agreement to renounce nuclear weapons as part of a general reduction of armaments would not afford an ultimate solution, it would serve certain important purposes. First, any agreement between East and West is to the good in so far as it tends to diminish tension. Second, the abolition of thermo-nuclear weapons, if each side believed that the other had carried it out sincerely, would lessen the fear of a sudden attack in the style of Pearl Harbour, which at present keeps both sides in a state of nervous apprehension. We should, therefore, welcome such an agreement though only as a first step.

Most of us are not neutral in feeling, but, as human beings, we have to remember that, if the issues between East and West are to be decided in any manner that can give any possible satisfaction to anybody, whether Communist or anti-Communist, whether Asian or European or American, whether White or Black, then these issues must not be decided by war. We should wish this to be understood, both in the East and in the West.There lies before us, if we choose, continual progress in happiness, knowledge, and wisdom. Shall we, instead, choose death, because we cannot forget our quarrels? We appeal as human beings to human beings: Remember your humanity, and forget the rest. If you can do so, the way lies open to a new Paradise; if you cannot, there lies before you the risk of universal death.

We invite this Congress, and through it the scientists of the world and the general public, to subscribe to the following resolution:
“In view of the fact that in any future world war nuclear weapons will certainly be employed, and that such weapons threaten the continued existence of mankind, we urge the governments of the world to realize, and to acknowledge publicly, that their purpose cannot be furthered by a world war, and we urge them, consequently, to find peaceful means for the settlement of all matters of dispute between them.”
Max Born
Percy W. Bridgman
Albert Einstein
Leopold Infeld
Frederic Joliot-Curie
Herman J. Muller
Linus Pauling
Cecil F. Powell
Joseph Rotblat
Bertrand Russell
Hideki Yukawa

Thoughts from 2008

My blog entry from May 2008. How appropriate this seems today, as we face an ever, more turbulent world:

May 5, 2008

My friend the history teacher lent me the Texas Teachers Edition of the world history curriculum taught at his high school as a way to prepare me for my trip to Romania and Hungary. Forget that it’s 998 pages, weighs more than my car and makes my ADHD all goofy with so much information on a single page. The tome just sitting in my lap vibrates with the history of the entire world from the beginning of civilization at 4 billion years BC right up through Homeland Security.

I turned to Chapter 31, “Years of Crisis 1919-1939.” Under the heading “Age of Uncertainty” was a picture of Einstein along with a sidebar about Freud. The caption under Al was about how his genius was partly due to his tenacity to stick with a problem until he solved it. Freud was credited with the idea that much of human behavior is beyond reason.

Albert_Einstein_1947I was after the answer to a question: what happened that so many people could propagate Nazi Germany and what would one do if those circumstances arose again in current culture? What if, like Hitler and the Nazis, through the use of legal pathways a party rose to power so set on destruction and domination that it might arrange its own terrorist attack to kick off martial law? What did the ordinary citizens of Germany do during these so-called “Years of Crisis” as they watched Hitler march the Nazis on a blazing trail of human destruction?

Hitler pushed Einstein off his pacifist stance. Though he was using his rock star status to promote world peace, Einstein the pacifist did not know a way to face Hitler. And who can blame him?

What Einstein did know was that Hitler could not have done it alone. It required a mass effort on the individual parts of the Third Reich. The hearts of so many men and women had lost their moral compass. Is this his lament “It is easier to denature plutonium than to denature the evil spirit of man?” How does one get to the root of that kind of degeneration?

hitlerIn these turbulent days, it’s sometimes difficult to believe any one of us can make a difference. What kind of impact can one human have against the terrorists, errant governments, and systems of culture that strive to keep citizens dull witted and unaware of the lies and nefarious dealings of subversive fundamentalists? Because according to the history book, this kind of behavior has gone on since humans first emerged from the apes.

It seems to me it can only begin within each individual, committed to looking at one’s own life to see where we might be driven by fear to inadvertently fall into lockstep with the voice of authority outside ourselves. It is our duty and responsibility to find our inner moral compass, align to compassion and learn how to measure our actions against it. We must quit lying to ourselves and refuse to propagate the “US vs THEM” mentality.

I believe Conflict Revolution® is the formula to denature our evil spirits, one person at a time, starting with self. And who else but Einstein would find a way from beyond the grave to create a simple formula to align our actions to compassion? Who else could come up with a scientific definition of love? Talk about sticking with a problem until it’s solved!

freudThe beginning of the 20th century was indeed a time of great change and uncertainty. Einstein had brought forth E=MC2, which threw everything science had known into a new paradigm. Freud was dealing out concepts of the unconscious that had never been considered, putting psychology into new realms of thinking. Europe was spiritually, emotionally, and economically depressed and uncertain. People were disillusioned and hopeless. Their answer was to follow the leader, who eventually led them into ruin. People believed the lies, overlooking their own instincts.

Let’s not blindly follow some leader in times of insecurity. Let’s use those times to really examine our motives, our decisions, and ourselves and see where we can become the change. Where are you lying to yourself?

We have so much more power than we can even imagine. Let’s use it to create peace within. According to my imagined Einstein, when we do that we help reprogram the gravitational waves that manifest the Earth.

What’s it going to hurt to self-scrutinize? Knowledge is power, after all. So what will it take to get you to stand up and become the change?

100% Responsibility: Power, Purpose and Peace 2016 Winter Series

Recently I learned about a therapist named Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len who used an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation called Ho’oponono to cure an entire ward of criminally insane patients. Even more amazing, he did it without ever meeting any of them or spending a moment in the same room. After merely reading their charts, Dr. Len went to heal the conditions that his patients suffered from first within himself.

EarthHeartinspace500gifHo’oponono is based on the concept that the entire universe begins within us, therefore the condition of our inner world greatly affects how our outer world manifests.

This concept that the outer world is a reflection of the inner one is not new. Creating world peace through the healing of our own inner conflicts is the basis of Conflict REVOLUTION. Einstein’s Maps of Human Consciousness illustrate the science behind why Ho’oponono works and why we do have 100% responsibility for everything we experience.

Both processes use the reflection of the outer world as a roadmap inward, but Ho’oponono involves a simple, four-part prayer to cleanse the inner world using repentance, forgiveness, gratitude, and love. Con REV engages the Witness to revolve the outer perception inward and find the Crystal River Goldconflict in the Human Dimensions of Emotion, Intuition and Intellect, and then how to use compassionate methods to resolve these inner conflicts.

The end result of both processes is an inner peace that is naturally projected outward, uncluttered by history, stories, or old patterns.

As I researched Ho’oponono, I was buoyed to find our Einstein-inspired process of Con REV mirrored in another powerful example of “as within, so without.”

You are invited to join us this February for some miracle making of your own. Find support and inspiration in like-minded people and learn to pick up your power, find your purpose, and manifest peace in your world, one step at a time.

Conflict REVOLUTION February Series 2016:
100% Responsibility: Power, Purpose and Peace

A 3-session series beginning January 31
Sundays @ 4 PM Central

Join us as we present practical and inspiring ideas to take 100% responsibility for our power. Each session begins with a channeled dissertation. Participants are then free to bring real-life challenges and allow the group discussion to shine new light on how to transform them. Step-by-step instructions will guide you on how to claim your power of creation, re-align with your purpose, and find that inner peace we long for.

Always fun and enlightening, sure to take you to a new level of self-actualization. Can’t make the live sessions? Receive the MP3s after the class.

Pick the pricing that fits your budget:

Complete Series $159

Three-part workshop package includes:

  • Three live conference calls with me, online participants, Einstein & The Party with plenty of time for Q&A
  • MP3 download of each session
  • 100% Responsibility Curriculum in a PDF e-book.
  • A private 30-minute session with Einstein & The Party


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Einstein in Copenhagen

In 1911, Belgian industrialist Ernest Solvay convened an invitation-only conference of some of the greatest minds in the world to address the subject, Radiation and the Quanta. The event was held in Brussels and was to brainstorm on the problems of having two different approaches to science.

At the time, classical mechanics, or Newtonian mechanics, were focused on the physical world and studied the motion of bodies under the influence of a system of forces. However, classical mechanics became inaccurate at very small scales and high velocities.

Because of this, a revolution was taking place. Quantum mechanics focused on nanoscopic scales, theorizing mathematical descriptions of the dual particle-like and wave-like behavior of energy and matter. The problem was simple: matter did not seem to behave the same on the smallest of nanomicroscopic levels as it did in the physical world of hard bodies in motion.

In 1911, Albert Einstein was the second-youngest scientist in attendance for this turning point in the world of psychics. At 32 years old, he was mingling around with the likes of Madam Marie Curie, who was pioneering the research on radioactivity, and Henri Poincare, famed French mathematician, theoretical physicist, engineer and philosopher of science.  What a heady meeting this must have been.

The following year, the International Solvay Institutes for Physics and Chemistry was founded and organized several more conferences to debate the pressing issue this quantum revolution was causing. The third Conference, held in April 1921 after the defeat of the Germans in WWI, banned German scientists from attending. Einstein boycotted the event, standing in solidarity with his fellow countrymen.

A. Piccard, E. Henriot, P. Ehrenfest, E. Herzen, Th. de Donder, E. Schrödinger, J.E. Verschaffelt, W. Pauli, W. Heisenberg, R.H. Fowler, L. Brillouin; P. Debye, M. Knudsen, W.L. Bragg, H.A. Kramers, P.A.M. Dirac, A.H. Compton, L. de Broglie, M. Born, N. Bohr; I. Langmuir, M. Planck, M. Skłodowska-Curie, H.A. Lorentz, A. Einstein, P. Langevin, Ch.-E. Guye, C.T.R. Wilson, O.W. Richardson Fifth conference participants, 1927. Institut International de Physique Solvay in Leopold Park.
A. Piccard, E. Henriot, P. Ehrenfest, E. Herzen, Th. de Donder, E. Schrödinger, J.E. Verschaffelt, W. Pauli, W. Heisenberg, R.H. Fowler, L. Brillouin;
P. Debye, M. Knudsen, W.L. Bragg, H.A. Kramers, P.A.M. Dirac, A.H. Compton, L. de Broglie, M. Born, N. Bohr;
I. Langmuir, M. Planck, M. Skłodowska-Curie, H.A. Lorentz, A. Einstein, P. Langevin, Ch.-E. Guye, C.T.R. Wilson, O.W. Richardson
Fifth conference participants, 1927. Institut International de Physique Solvay in Leopold Park.

But it was the fifth Solvay Conference, held in Copenhagen in 1927 on Electrons and Photons that is considered the most famous of all Solvay debates. In one corner was Albert Einstein, representing the scientific realists, who wanted to adhere to strict rules of scientific method. In the other corner was Niels Bohr, representing the instrumentalists, who wanted looser rules based on outcomes.

Again and again Einstein presented his thought experiments that disproved the instrumentalists’ interpretations. But Bohrs would sleep on the  matter and the following day successfully contradict Einstein’s assertions. In the end, the quantum won, and Einstein would spend the rest of his life looking for his own theory that unified the microcosm and macrocosm.

As I have been following Einstein’s footsteps around Europe, and especially here in Copenhagen, I had a revelatory insight into my own work with my Imagined Einstein. The real Einstein was giving it away, sharing it freely. It was all about having an open dialogue. And in the exchange and expansion of ideas, they moved culture forward into greater understanding of itself.

Sitting here in Copenhagen, imagining how profound the Einstein-Bohrs debates must have been, I am inspired to do the same. I have decided to waive any fees to come to my Conflict REVOLUTION presentation. Instead, I invite people to come and debate these theories I learned from my Imagined Einstein. See the unified field theory and our maps of human consciousness. Listen to the process, experiment with it in your own life, and tell me what you think it is.

If you don’t believe in Afterlife, or feel it’s too nutty to admit Einstein might be talking to me from a pure energy state, then feel free to believe I made it all up. But before you dismiss it out of hand, come and see it.

Join me in Copenhagen, December 13, as I train Conflict REVOLUTION and channel Einstein. Doors open at 11 AM. I would love to see you there and hear what you think of these revolutionary ideas.


For more information, contact Jessica, Event Liaison | skype: jessica.sackett | email:

Can’t make it to Copenhagen? I encourage you to explore the many topics of Einstein in my Training Series. They’re all on sale until the end of the year.

Interested in a Conflict REVOLUTION Workshop or speaking engagement in your area? Contact me.
And stay tuned for the next teleclass series that will begin in January 2015.

Einstein in Prague

In 1911, Albert Einstein took a teaching assignment in Prague. He was hired as a full university professor for theoretical physics at the German part of Charles University. By this time, he had already achieved his rock star status as the author of his special theory of relativity and a number of successful studies in thermodynamics and molecular physics.

Prague at the time had a vibrant and thriving Jewish community. Over half the Jews in the city spoke German, which provided Einstein with an outlet for his penchant for philosophical and literary debating. Soon he was frequenting the home of Bertha Fanta, where he encountered the likes of writers Max Brod and Franz Kafka, philosopher and Zionist activist Hugo Bergmann, and met for the first time a man who would become his colleague and dear friend, Max Planck.

But Bertha’s salon was also a musical venue, where Einstein enjoyed bringing out his violin and playing along with several piano players in the group. This kind of interaction was of great importance for him, for he found great stimulation not only in music, but in intense and passionate debate, which was a well-documented part of his history, wherever he was.

Prague eventually fell to the Nazis, and over the course of WWII, 95% of its Jewish population was sent to death camps. Einstein fled Europe for the United States in 1933, and eventually arrived at Princeton University. No doubt he was profoundly affected by having to watch his wonderful consort of intellectuals and musicians face the genocide that Hitler was raining down upon Europe.

I have often said, if there were a way to communicate from beyond the grave, who else but Einstein would not only find a way to do it, but bring back a formula for what he calls “world peace, one person at a time, starting with you.” The passion with which he lived his life could very well have been brought with him into Afterlife. Why not?

As I prepare to present what I believe are Einstein’s insights from “beyond the grave” in Copenhagen on December 13th, I am moved to tears by the possibility that I have volunteered and was chosen for this extenuating mission of world peace by Einstein. I face the slings and arrows of modern culture telling me I am nuts, that I can’t possibly know what I am doing because I have no formal education, that there is no Afterlife, and any number of other judgments about the work I am doing on Einstein’s behalf.

But I have the empirical experience of 20 years of putting these theories to the test, on real conflict, with real people. I have thousands of people whose lives have been changed. And now, in 2014, I have people like MIT scientist Jeff Leiberman beginning to just touch upon what we in our Einsteinian community have been studying for years, changing lives one person at a time.

So what have you got to lose? Listen to the information, give it time to sink in, and then consider the potentials.

I believe that we as a species will find a path to peace, and I believe that path starts within each individual. If we wish to see our beautiful Earth live on, we must find creative solutions that will ensure a place for our children’s children to live in the truth of unity. To paraphrase Einstein, we cannot find these solutions from the same mind set as we created the problems. Our minds must expand to survive.

If this work I am doing can spark even a glimmer of movement towards that expansion within you, then its purpose will be served.

Einstein in Madrid

After his successful visit to Paris in 1922, Einstein headed over to Spain to do a similar such peace mission in Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza. Here he lectured, attended receptions under great public and media scrutiny, and made ​​several cultural visits, including the Museum del Prado and El Escorial.

Einstein’s new theories were inspiring the world—everyone from philosophers to politicians were intrigued with his new view of the world, so simple and elegant: E=MC3. Because of this, he was the equivalent of a rock star of the times.

While in Madrid he spoke at the Palace Hotel, meeting with the rector of the Central University and the faculty of the School of Sciences. A large banquet was held after the day of presentations, where Einstein was honored with a tribute to his genius and revolutionary leadership.

As I make my way to Copenhagen, where I will once again give Einstein a voice in Europe, I am a bit fraught I must say. How can it be that, from Afterlife, he can come back and pick up where he left off, bringing forth a revolutionary new way to not just perceive the world, but how to be a compassionate conscious creator in it? Some nights, it’s a bit overwhelming to ponder. But most days, I feel humbled and tremendously grateful that someone — something “out there” — gifted me with the powerful imagination to perceive the possibility that, indeed, it really could be Einstein.

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of it really being Einstein, from beyond the grave, please feel free to think I made the whole thing up. It makes no never mind to me. I know the revolutionary manifestations that have come thus far. Now the world is catching up, and an elegant and simple process to revolve conflicts, first within our own selves, is a much needed tool for today’s tumultuous world.

Einstein was not a psychic, but with the rise of the Nazis in Germany and the Fascists in Italy, it wouldn’t take a psychic to predict Spain would fall and Franco would be installed there. Meanwhile, the great scientist, rock star of his day, made his mission to travel the world sharing his genius. What a gift.

And his mission of peace lives on…

I am proud to be presenting the revolutionary material of Einstein & The Party in Copenhagen on December 13th. Private Readings will also be available during my visit. Spaces are limited, so schedule early. Register for the event and schedule a reading here.

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Einstein in Paris

In 1922, Albert Einstein traveled to Paris to deliver a talk on his newly formulated Theory of Relativity to an anxious group of listeners at the College de France. In his previous appearances in the US, England and Italy, Einstein chose to speak in German and Italian, respectively. When he arrived in France, according to physicist and astronomer Charles Nordmann, he was nervous about his lack of fluidity in French, and so decided to do a short dissertation and then open to questions and conversation. This would allow him to navigate through the language more thoughtfully and accurately.

“The theory of Einstein is a marvelous tree that has grown far- ther and higher than any other ideal flowers of human thought,” Nordmann concludes.
“The theory of Einstein is a marvelous tree that has grown farther and higher than any other ideal flowers of human thought,” Nordmann concludes.

Einstein’s Paris mission was not just to inform the French of his new and revolutionary scientific ideas. On June 28, 1919, Germany and the Allied Nations (including Britain, France, Italy and Russia) signed the Treaty of Versailles, formally ending World War I. Oddly, Einstein biographies often herald his trip to Paris as one the most important events of the era—not because of the science, but because it was a peace mission meant to begin to mend ties between Germany and France, and reestablish international intellectual relations that had been cut off during the war.

Einstein’s presentation was attended mostly by scientists, researchers and philosophers. There is no documentation of his speeches from his presentation, however, Nordmann took notes on the event and published them as Einstein and the Universe later in 1922.

In considering whether I am really talking to Einstein when I channel, I pose the same questions that Einstein himself might have asked of us: Is imagination more important than knowledge? Are you willing to conduct your own “thought experiments” like he did and consider the information that is coming through me?

Regardless if I can “prove” that I’m talking with Einstein, the body of work that has arisen out of my willingness to believe I am—the unified field theory and maps of human consciousness, along with the process to bring unity to the human psyche—are not only worthy of being considered an Einsteinian design, but reflect many of the values and concerns that Einstein had when he was alive.

It is my hope that Conflict REVOLUTION can create an awareness and dialogue around both science and peace, and inspire all of us to look at our lives in revolutionary new ways. Let my channeled Einstein spark your own imagination to ponder these issues. Allow him to inspire you to find new solutions to old problems by looking deeply into your own life and expand your awareness to include the infinite possibilities that exist that you may not be able to see just yet.

Join me in Copenhagen as I train Conflict REVOLUTION and channel Einstein. December 13, 2014. More information here.

Can’t make it to Copenhagen? I encourage you to explore the many topics of Einstein in my Training Series. They’re all on sale until the end of the year.

Interested in a Conflict REVOLUTION Workshop or speaking engagement in your area? Contact me.
And stay tuned for the next teleclass series that will begin in January 2015.


Einstein and me, back at the College de France, November 2014.
Einstein and me, back at the College de France in Paris, November 2014.

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Universal Signs 134How many times have you read or studied information about energy and transformation, only to find yourself stymied in a challenging situation? Sometimes, everything we learn seems to fly out the window as we struggle again with the conflict between our human and our spiritual selves. Even for me, someone who hears this information from Einstein more than anyone on the planet, I find the gap between what I know to be true, and what I am perceiving and manifesting quite perplexing at times.

Einstein and The Party have taught us from the beginning how to develop the Witness, an aspect of self that can observe what’s going on in our physical lives from a detached view. Now we want to evolve the Witness a step further, into an Inner Coach who can bring us back to the true nature of who we are. This inner spiritual teacher uses the circumstances of our mundane lives to awaken us and guide us back to the Big Picture our spiritual selves know. Cultivating one’s Inner Coach can lead us to the trust we are all seeking, only most times from outside sources, instead of our own inner power.

This four-part series is designed, on a practical level, to evolve this inner teacher, who can then guide us daily on how to work with our energy to create the life we came here to live. This series offers easy-to-use information, inspiration and sound bytes that we can apply to any situation, no matter how large or small. And the weekly sessions are a great support as you hear others learn to evolve their lives, which are often caught between the mystical and the mundane.

What am I doing here?

Religion 063One of the most-asked questions by far posed during readings with The Party is, “What is my purpose?” Why am I here?” We begin with this basic question posed to our Inner Coach. Learning to understand the power we possess to manifest our lives, on a very practical level, will help us sort through the complexities of that question and arrive at simple ways to fulfill our raison d’etre daily.

The BIG Picture

Art 67How easy it is to get caught up in the details of our busy, complex lives. While understanding those small perceptions are important, let’s learn how our Inner Coach can interject the bigger picture into any circumstance with the purpose of giving us balance and detachment. From that stand point, we acquire a position of power we’re not able to gain when we are so focused on all the details.

The Perpetual Beginner

Religion  311Many times, those of us who have studied spiritual practices tend to fill up with ideas, concepts and experiences that cause us to lose our openness to “not knowing.” Here The Party inspires us with pragmatic approaches to how our Inner Coach can help us remain open to learning, no matter how much we have already taken in.

Death and Birth

Religion 085Today’s culture does not always support the bigger picture of life after the death of the physical body, and the continual cycle of dying and being born again. How easy it is to lose sight of the entire cycle of living and dying. Far too often we get trapped in the illusion that the physical world is the primary reality. In this last session, we will learn practical methods for how the Inner Coach can keep this perspective, thereby preparing us in life for the time when we will pass again into the non-physical, while allowing a greater appreciation of all that we are experiencing.



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Transcript from Resurrection Day, April 20, 2014

0065 Adobe ID 164ASP17433695

We command that only the most divine light shine down upon us at this time, and the greatest good be present here.


In our dissertation today, we want to talk about personal stories and the resurrection of the personal story. The personal story is the description that guides the manifestation of your perception. This piece of your personal story has a tricky energy. Whatever it is, it’s absolutely necessary to enable you to have the human experience, to sit in that chair, lie in that bed, drive that car, look out the window. The quality and the nature of and how you use that personal story is your homework. This resurgence, this resurrection of the glorious story will become the next step in your self-awareness.

In the Easter tradition, there are many allegorical parallels to the personal story and how the personal story of Jesus changed through even the weekend of his special event. On the third day he rose from the dead and appeared to those closest to him, those who loved him the most, so there was an Emotion—with a capital E. They were still vibrating very close to the source together, and the imprint, the desire to see Jesus was strong amongst the apostles and the women and his mother—everyone who mourned Jesus. Those elements were alive.

The story was a great tragedy. The greatest tragedy of all was Mary giving birth to this child with the expectation that he would become a king and then seeing him die as a criminal on a cross. That represents the greatest individual torment possible on earth, greater than any holocaust, the deepest pain possible.

Then, the story changed, overnight. That horrible earthly tragedy took place, and yet beyond this earthly world there’s a non-physical reality. “Jesus is in front of us. We know he’s dead, but there’s his light body,” they were thinking. Part of why Jesus brought his message onto the earth plane at that time in that development of human beings, the evolution of human mind and thinking, was because they were still connected to the earth traditions. They weren’t that far away from the “worship” of sky and wind and air and being ruled by those things.

So bringing forth this advanced idea to this time, hooked in a body connection, those people literally experiencing Jesus’s resurrection, him appearing after his body had passed, was not too far off from a few generations of experiences of humans being close to the earth, being able to see the magic of the planet, being a part of nature and the way it rules the planet: Mother Nature. Part of that was the natural passing of people and spirits to the non-physical world. There was so much they didn’t understand.

This change in the personal story brought a new hope, a new understanding that in human times, considering the progress through time of the evolution of the human in the physical world, has taken thousands of years to process. Today, you’re seeing that in human evolution all things are being put on the table. It’s very difficult to hide evil any more, even in yourself. Much of this is greatly due to the work that you are individually doing in your lives to be committed to compassion. That’s the bottom line. It’s not whether you’re a Christian or a Muslim or an atheist or you practice Conflict Revolution. It’s that you are a human being having a human experience, and while you’re given tie privilege of being on the planet, you want to contribute to the greatest good—not because you should, but because you can.

That is the answer to dealing with evil right now. Everything you see happening around you, very realistically—the earth is being polluted, the waters are being poisoned—those are very real things in your dramas, in your lenses. So why not, since you have come here, recognize the signs of your personal mission to commit to compassion? You become a force. You channel the entirety of God’s love or compassion in the scientific sense of the synergy of it all. When you channel compassion, you tap into a power that cannot be accessed any other way.

This new spring surging forth in humanity is something we want to help guide you forward with, to the best of our ability. We understand that human beings, especially in this time period, are far more experimental than they are predictable. And we want to encourage you at this time to continue to be more experimental than you are predictable. What “predictable” means is that your personal story has taken over part of the mechanism and is running an operation in the whole system, whereas if it were just adjusted just a tiny bit, you could open up to a much greater power within yourself.

Think of this in terms of sitting in a chair. If everyone who’s sitting in a chair, even if you’re driving, can sit up straight and be conscious of your shoulders raised to the heavens and your shoulder blades back, your rib cage lifted, your abdomen and core tight, your pelvis tipped—feel that, and then if you just take a little fold forward and let your head drop, that’s not very much of a difference in position. But because it’s out of line, bending over and just hanging, from the systems that are running in your body, the bone structure and the neurological structure and how they all work together, that one little change can make a very big difference.

We want to challenge each of you, as you’re moving forward into the weeks and months ahead, to take a look at your personal story. Once you begin to invite this perspective, ask this question. “Can you show me my personal stories and how they limit me?” This is a good way to phrase anything that you’re seeking an answer to, rather than, “Why did this happen? Why did that happen?” Ask rather, “Can you show me places in my life where my personal story’s getting in the way or where I can make some minor adjustments to it?”

This kind of self-awareness comes in tiny chunks. This isn’t a lot of brainpower you have to analyze through or a lot to learn. You’re adopting a position, a perspective that is your power. Often you hear, “You are what you think.” We refute this by saying that, yes, you are what you think, what you sense, what you emote, but then a bigger system in place. Thoughts have a tremendous part in this, but let’s shift that now to, “You are your perspective.” That puts it in an interactive place where now, when you look at it that way, you say, “What is my perspective here?” You step out quickly into your witness and you see, “Look at that anger triggering those thoughts that are influencing me to say or think this perspective about that drama!”

When you come to the awareness of your control of your perspective,  you are freed from thinking that you’re controlling something that you’re perceiving. That’s a different thing. There’s your perspective, and then there’s what you are perceiving. We’re talking very basically about your perspective. For those of you who might be listening for the first time, we want to paint a little picture for you to understand this.

Think about the eyeball and how it operates. It’s not just the eyeball. There’s the back of the eyeball, where theoretically in this case the blender that is sitting on the counter across the room is inverted and projected onto the back inside curvature of the eyeball through the lens. That’s technically how things work. It turns 180 degrees and it gets onto the inside of the curvature of your lens.

In our introduction to you as a greater you, a bigger system, the perceiver is the inside curvature of the lens. Your perception that you have the control is there. The blender across the room is not in your human mind’s control. What is in your human mind’s control is how you choose to have a personal story and perceive the world. That is where all of your power lies.

Feeling all of your emotion, writing new, open-ended stories, listening to intuition—there are many different steps to keep living, being in control of your thinking process and how it relates to your emotion, knowing what intuition is in your own self. How does it feel, how does it function? Those are things you need to do as well.

But when we talk about your perception, this lens with which you operate, you have the telephoto lens and the wide-angle lens, and there’s a purpose for each. It isn’t that you have only one perception. Your perception will change constantly depending on what you’re walking in on. That’s our way of saying, either you sit in your head and analyze all sorts of things as your body’s moving through life, or you open up that chest and get that wide-angle lens going, quieting down the mind that’s observing present moment, listening to intuition, being in the moment, being on the ready, waiting to discover how your answers will be manifest, because they will when you say, “Can you show me where my personal story is preventing me from manifesting the things that I think I want?”

With this perception that you choose to have, you’re ready for the magic. You’re aligning yourself to compassion, letting that energy flow through you and manifest and then have an effect on the blender over there on the counter. It’s the greater you in concert with itself that changes the manifestation in front of you, whether it’s the change in a relationship, that you want to become a telekinetic person and move physical matter—whatever you’re trying to manifest, this change of perception that you can do with your human mind allows so much to happen.

It’s like if you could do a theoretical experiment where someone purposely walked hunched over their whole life and someone else purposely did yoga all their life. Again, not a very big change in position of the body, but a healthy versus an unhealthy change. You would certainly see that person who walked and worked hunched over eventually curl up, the body degenerating. The person standing up, with their angle wide open, is ready to hear when intuition says, “Zoom in now, zoom that lens into the telephoto and let’s take a quick look at this close-up thing. OK, pull it back.” It’s like the lens of your eye, letting in enough light. If there’s too much light, it closes down. If there’s not enough light, it opens up.

You can create personal stories that let you live a life like that. How will you do it? How will you get out of your mind? How will you change your personal story? Of course we have a few suggestions, but we also want to talk about the synthesis that resurrection brings, the unification when, for example, you can look at all of the past of your life, the events that caused you to be who you are today, very real things for that human you, the essence of your human experience. This is important, and it’s becoming important in a different way, in a way that is a platform, a springboard to this new life, this resurrection as you’re moving forward, all of you, in your lives.

How can you personally find that new story on all levels and help build a structure that’s wide open, intuitive, waiting for that next most advantageous step? If you want to practice intuition, you can do it about everything—about what you’ll eat, what you should buy at the store. Practice not just in that moment making a choice that feels like your intuition, that’s one piece of it, but letting intellect go, as the days go on, you ask, “Should I buy this cheese or that cheese?” and you go, “Oh, here, this one,” that probably doesn’t make as much difference as, “Should I marry this person or not?”

There are different levels of intuitive relationships that you can nurture with yourself, and how the intellect then analyzes and processes the results of those decisions requires passing through time. It could be that you get home and you realize you bought parmesan when you should have bought feta. Life doesn’t really change very much. If you marry or don’t marry, you have years of experiences that show you what that intuitive message was about. If, for example, your marriage didn’t work, would you look back and say, “What was wrong with my intuition?”

Your new story is to understand that intuition is a process, and part of the process is getting that wild, crazy intellect of your human mind—your ego self that’s always going on and on—relaxed, how to stop thinking. We know, it’s a big question, one of the most difficult processes that a human can choose to undergo, to get that kind of control over what it going on in your intellect, and yet religions have practiced this idea of not thinking for thousands of years.

Think back to what human life was like 2,500 years ago and more. Primitive in terms of modern conveniences, but very close to the earth. Could be highly evolved, but it wasn’t nearly as chaotic as the culture you live in today. The amount of thinking that is required of you, of your brain, just to process information that you’re getting all the time, between the Internet and advertising and in the airwaves, the cell phone signals. And now, of course, us coming and asking you all this information about who you are in the non-physical, this unthinkable thing of trying to name God, trying to show you how God works. You’re being barraged. This is really a critical time in human mental health. The good news is that all of you are being pushed to be your own mental health practitioners.

We want to speak about anxiety. How does anxiety fit into the resurrection? Anxiety is first of all a natural energy. Think of it like thunder or lightning. The actual energy of anxiety itself is a building block of a series of energetic frequencies that exist in Emotion with a capital E, being that very deep primordial place within you where the whole world is held, that mustard seed, all the mathematics that will spring forth and be that blender over there.

This ultimate primal place of emotion is the place where all of this magnificent creation—and yes, we will call the blender a magnificent creation, and everything else that’s around you—begins at this place within, of such cacophony. If we could bring you down close to see all of the molecules of the blender mixing with the stove, mixing with Barbara, mixing with all of that, that place is beyond story. We can say all of this and spark your imagination, but until you go there and feel it in your body—there isn’t an intellect, there aren’t thought processes at this level. You define that anxiety as something that’s wrong with you that you have to make right or that you’re healing.

We’re trying to write a new story to say that you are revolutionizing mental health. Anxiety is just an energy that is part of a cacophony of energies working its way up the gravitational wave and is a part of creating the blender, of creating everything. The job then becomes to know that you’re learning a new worldview, a new system, that now you have to write your new story about how you’re going to find meaning in that anxiety and experience it. We of course advocate for separating the story of why you think you’re having anxiety from this beautiful—albeit intense—energy, but if you’re breathing it through and using it as fuel, think about that car being hurled through space at 40 miles an hour or more with all that flammable liquid. That’s emotion, and anxiety is a part of that.

You’re resurrecting yourself into a magician who will turn that anxiety into something more than you can even know. That’s how you can word if it you’d like to. When you stop letting the anxiety marry itself to the story that there’s something wrong with you and it’s a bad day, and you let it just flow and love it, you’ll find compassion. It’s part of the whole. It’s not something that needs to be healed, it needs to be transmogrified into your power. You have the power to change your perspective. You are the only one who has the power to change your perspective, and these are some of the hardest things that we can ask a human, intellectual, emotional, intuitive, space-time body with consciousness to do.

What we’re asking you to do is some of the most difficult work on the planet right now. And yet, every time all of you do it, you find that the smallest shift in your perception can make a huge difference in an operating system. How many of you have experienced this? How many of you have had conflicts with your mother or your sisters or your children or any of that? And when you go inside and you change yourself, you come back to that arena without even having spoken to any of them, and it’s different. They react differently.

This is the resurrection of anxiety into a power. Now when you’re getting on a plane or wherever you find this anxiety, you change your perspective. You say, “Ah! This is uncomfortable, but it’s my power, and I’m going to breathe with it.” And that becomes the answer. “I’ll get out of my head and breathe this, love it, have compassion for it,” whatever your words are for how you include it for the good of the whole. How can that anxiety contribute to the good of the whole?

Now that you’ve got yourself tapped into this power that previously had been termed a sickness, an illness, something to heal, now that you’ve got yourself around this power of anxiety, what personal story do you want to marry it to? We want to encourage you all to experiment with it to put in your wildest dreams. Maybe you’ve been working to take a vacation or an adventure. Grab onto that anxiety with your breath, be moving it. You can even still have that frantic, chaotic thought process where might want to say, “There’s something wrong with you. You can’t get through this. Don’t let go, because the last time you let go it was so bad.” You can even have all that going on.

But if you consciously, with conscious intention, put in a thought that says, “I want to create an adventure,” it can be that specific to your physical world. In fact, we want you to experiment with these feelings of anxiety and actually put any “bad” feelings into that equation. If it’s your anger, your anxiety, your dread, we want you to experiment with what that piece of the mechanism will be, that conscious, creative thought.

We’re not saying you should use this great magnificent power of tapping into your compassion to create a red sports car, because that’s what manifestation is about. That is not what we’re saying. What we’re saying is, “Listen. While you’re in those bodies, while you have this information in front of you and the coach who’s here to help you, experiment. Experiment with setting aside the story of anxiety, anger, depression. Put in a new story that says you’re going to do this in a new way.” It’ll be breath work. The first thing about anxiety is that the breath separates the emotion from the thinking process. The thinking is in your head, and the anxiety is in your solar plexus. You take a breath and it fills your chest between them. That brings them together and separates them at the same time.

There are all of these things going on. What do you want to do with this energy? You’ve got yourself around it now. What do you want to create? It’s that creative. That new story, overnight, went from, “Oh, I’m a terrible sick person. I have these anxieties,” to a whole new way of seeing things. What do you want to create? Experiment. And as we said, we’re not suggesting that your whole mission in life should be to manifest sports cars or material things. We would hope that ultimately you want to use this also to create peace in every relationship that you have on the planet. To create peace in every interaction that you’re doing. That’s a tall order, but if you intend that much, at least you’re striving for that much. If you intend just a little, then you just strive for a little. So a combination.

And the funny thing, of course, is that as you strive to learn how to use this power of tapping into your natural energy to influence the manifestation of the physical world around you, you have to align to compassion, you have to find compassionate stories in your intellect. Otherwise it won’t work. You have to make a decision that if anxiety is calling you, you’ll stop and take that breath, wherever you are. You can breath, and of course, should, in line at the supermarket, at a friend’s house, at a movie. You can breathe and turn your focus inward and put this new perspective in place, have a new relationship to the energy that was formerly called an anxiety attack. You can turn it around to your own good.

That is revolutionary for the masses, and you, by helping us in experimenting, can also see what kind of power that conscious intention in that moment can have. Experiment. Ask for red sports cars. If in your heart of hearts you think that for the greatest good of who you are, even if it’s just to prove to yourself that you can manifest a red sports car, for whatever reason, if there is a passion in you to create something, put it in there in that moment and see what you can do.

And again, not an anxiety attack, but anger. Because here’s what happens. Your human mind starts talking a story. It’s very convincing. The part of you that’s perceiving, it’s like you’re watching a movie. I’m watching a movie of the blender across the way, you’re watching a movie of a drama with a family member or someone at work or standing in line at the supermarket. There’s a part of your mechanism that’s telling you the story of what you’re perceiving. Perception is not just what you think of it. Perception is the much bigger function of this greater you than what you think about it.

You watch what that story is. Be hypervigilant about how much you’ll get yourself sucked into that story that you’re telling yourself, because the perceiver is watching the movie. You go to a movie and hear the characters’ incredible story about what happened to them in their lives and you’re moved. That’s why you go. You want to become involved in the story. But in a movie theater, you know you’re just sitting in that chair. In your physical world, you’re the actor in the play. You’re in the movie as well, so it’s a little more difficult for you to step outside and get the part.

That is in fact what you are here for in this resurrection of your lives,. We are very, very excited. We want to encourage you all, right now, in this spring, to remember the process of spring. Underneath the miles of snow and ice, there is sleeping, the tree looks dead. It’s not dead, it’s sleeping. To that end we can’t stress enough the importance of your own sleep, the importance of your own rest and revitalization through winter. But as the ice recedes and the snows melt, something begins to push upwards from the center of the earth. The sun warms the surface, and the mysterious force of life impels life to return to the trees and the sap to start flowing, the leaves to start growing, and the branches to reach farther towards the sky for another season. In the full bloom of summertime, when that tree is at its most beautiful, glorious peak, there is a knowledge that the system will again begin to shut down. The leaves dry up and fall off and scatter over the earth, turn into the earth again. The snow comes, and all sleeps again.

And without fail, like clockwork, the snow recedes, the ice melts, and the spring begins to push up. Don’t miss a single step of this journey. Learn how to put yourself in the perspective of being a discoverer. Every day you have been given the miraculous opportunity to discover your life, your power, to gain more control over your thoughts and less control over your emotions, to make it a knee-jerk reaction when a big emotion comes up to breathe and move and breathe and move, particularly right now with relationships.

Because relationships are where all of this is playing out. Some of it is thing-related, yes. There are lessons to be learned about how to manifest physical things. But all of you will and always be challenged by the many, many types of relationships that you have in your lives. If you have an intimate relationship, you’re taking this mirror even further into experimentation. So having this discovery perspective when it comes to your close relationships will be one of the most fulfilling and enriching experiences of your life.

Any time that you can purposefully take a situation in your life that is conflicted and confused and go in with a new perspective, with a sense of discovery and a commitment to compassion, you can bring a space, a beautiful change into a situation where others may grind on ad infinitum. After all, look at humanity, still grinding away at killing one another.

You being this change at every single level also helps change the personal story of who you are, and you can accept and grow into the magic. Every day you can resurrect yourself to a brand-new day, and you can know that after this physical body passes away and you go to sleep for a little bit before you have another body, another tree—and by the way, you can be that tree over and over. You can also be yourself over and over, having different experiences. There’s so much to play with once your physical body is no longer taking all your energy to create the physical world. Then you really step back into a perspective that’s far more playful and free and delightful than what the personal story of your suffering human mind is going to tell you.

If there’s anything that we can do here today, it would be to bring you this remarkable inspiration that resurrection, this new springtime that’s coming to life is truly here, it’s pushing forward, and there’s nothing that will stop it. Spring can’t stop. It might be delayed a bit for some, but it won’t be stopped. It will push up and things will grow again. Always.

So look at your lives that way and get excited. Even the worst can be changed overnight into a new perception. That is where all of your power lies.


At this time we will open for questions and conversations.


Q1: Thanks so much. What’s been coming to me is a state of mind, having the perspective of discoverer has been so very helpful. This has been so inspiring, thank you. I’m also getting messages, speaking of the theme of resurrection, of eternal life, where we can stay in our bodies as long as we want and experience different dimensions using our bodies as a vehicle. Could you speak of that?

A: Certainly. There are two ways to look at eternal life. One is from the physical lens of the world, and the other is from the greater operating system. Obviously, the operating system is a self-contained unit. It’s the eternal life that regardless of if there’s even a planet earth, even if the whole incredible history of the billions of years that science has documented the planet earth existing, all of the different phases of dinosaurs, humans emerging, all of that, even without that, there is a human intention that will eventually find a new way to create the intention to bring humanity into physical form—humanity in this case being perceivers of a perceived reality, that is, separation, the idea that God created humans so God could experience self.

But also, in the smaller sense, the lens, the human mind, you are working on that as a part of moving through space and time. How it takes place is different than eating right, exercising, making sure your body’s healthy. That’s something that should be done just for the mechanism, of course, to prolong your life and to help with the change of the species. For example, when Edgar Cayce was channeling, bringing in higher energy, he burned out. The next evolution of that is Barbara, where there’s an integrative system of regeneration that will automatically prevent her from burning out on channeling.

Part of it is taking breaks from the channeling. Part of it is the expansion of her physical body in a time, in this process of four-dimensional life, that’s different than it was 50 or 60 years ago because of the evolution of human consciousness. So Barbara’s body can take more energy surging through it and not be tired and not get burned out. That’s an evolutionary thing that you’re doing.

Energetically, theoretically, if you had the ability to let go, for example, of Debbie in the lens, with all your drama and all your attachments, and live more in the greater you, there are areas that you tap into in the non-physical in the system that not only help extend that human life, but could tap you into a space-time reality in a DNA body that has already figured that out. We call it the future. Maybe after Debbie’s body passes away, the energy that is you decides to manifest in future life where you’ll be Debbie and you’ll bring that DNA body with you into that, and it’ll be a different space-time where culture has accepted that the body doesn’t die and in fact has discovered how Debbie in 2014 can step in and out of that particular lens.

So there you go. You don’t have to die, you just step in and out of that particular lens. There’s no simple answer, but does that give you some insight?

Q1: Yes, it does. I’m going to listen to it again. Is it that everything is possible and we’re just choosing from that unlimited potential to experience?

A: Well, yes and no. At a certain level. By the time you are cemented into your body, there are certain things that you don’t escape right now. You don’t escape your DNA space-time body. There’s a limitation. It’s not possible for you to be someone else. But in the source, the first initial compilation of your consciousness that’s surrounding all the mathematics of all the potential, certainly there’s a lot more potential at that level that could be experienced than by the time you get to be who you are in your space-time body in 2014. And that’s what’s confusing for your mind, because what does that mean, then, when you’re at that level of the process, where you’re in the compilation in the middle of earth with just the mathematics? You want to be Einstein, you want to be Barbara, you want to be Galileo, you want to be anyone. There is the redefinition of concurrent life and why, as far as reincarnation, you have the potential to experience everything it’s possible to experience as humans. So you have the potential to experience being Einstein.

It becomes a much more complicated system than just, can’t Debbie do anything? And yet, paradoxically, if you were to go deeply into the source and rearrange at that level, you’d be doing what the Toltec shapeshifters mastered. It’s not that it’s impossible, it’s just, what degree of personal self-discipline will it take any human at this time to get to that level of transformation?

Q1: I see. Thank you. Thank you so very much.


Q2: Thank you so much for that dissertation. Your answer to the first question brought up another question for me when you talked about the Toltecs and the shapeshifting. Did they do that from the lens, or did they find other ways to tap in in a different way down on the gravitational wave closer to the source?

A: They were trained in the lens to rearrange all of these things that we are suggesting to you. So even though back then the test didn’t consist of your mother-in-law and all of the dramas you have in today’s life, but a Toltec warrior was in the making—they weren’t born that way, they were trained in how to do this—one of the things that they were trained to do was, their egos were perpetually being frightened out of existence. Those for men who started out as boys, in training many things were revealed to them through perceptions that scared them to death, and then they were taught how to deal with that emotion. The Toltecs who were doing the training were—we’re going to say this and qualify it—the equivalent of Jesus, in that we’ve always said that Jesus was at a level of evolution where he just walked through a crowd and changed the energy because he was working at not just a deeply-connected-to-the-source level, but also at a predetermined evolutionary place in his thoughts, feelings, senses, intellect, emotion, and intuition. He was meant to be alive. And of course his 33-year lifetimes in the same body aligned him to be that, and he could influence just because of that.

They influenced how the trainees were seeing things, they could tap into that level, because their ego had been scared to death and gone for a long time, and they explored the non-physical, had a much different language to describe it than we would today. A lot of their training was done without language. So in a sense, yes, they understood the wholeness of who they were and that that little body that was a trainer was just a tiny little part of the whole that was going on and it sort of had to get out of its own way. Does that make sense?

Q2: Yeah, and I can see how what you’ve shown us today can be applied to even the regeneration and renewal of physical bodies as well. It’s like baby steps in getting to that point of shapeshifting.

A: Yes. And that is a form of shapeshifting. Say you have an illness or you’re overweight, and how you’re shifting your perception then changes the physical world. That is a form of shapeshifting that, if your perception is saying to you that you will never be what you think you should be, that’s your perception of yourself, which is probably, for years before you became self-aware, what the self-talk was. You shift that perception and suddenly your whole world shifts, and you’re changing the blender. If you listen back—when all of you listen back to this, because we’ve given you a lot of information, in layers, as always—about the shapeshifting, you see it implied through the talk, yes.

Q2: Thank you so much.


Q3: Thank you. I certainly agree with the others. What a wonderful dissertation. It raised many thoughts and inspirations. I’ll just focus on the one about movies. When you were talking about the difference between watching a movie and then being in your own movie, being part of the script, one of the actors in your own movie, how it’s harder to step out of it. I see a lot of great, good-quality movies made around the world at the local film fest, and I’ve always enjoyed what kind of self-awareness I can get from watching the characters going through their lives. I recommend one I just saw called Labor Day with Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin, a wonderful, slow-moving portrayal of different emotions, using flashbacks and moving forward into future self, potentials you don’t expect will come. In a matter of two hours of watching a movie you can go through a whole range of emotions and see how you would have been in that situation, where you identify or don’t identify with the characters. Afterwards there’s lots to ponder and apply to your own life. For me, that’s a great way, the whole projection idea, the whole scripting people into your life, it’s a great analogy for what we’re doing here.

A: Yes, and there are people who, for example, won’t go to certain movies because they evoke too much emotion. Some people don’t like horror films. Imagine the power of sitting in a theater, literally, watching what your human mind absolutely knows has been constructed, it’s fiction, there were many cameras and lighting people and they pieced it together, and now you’re in the movie theater and you know it’s just light coming out of a camera being projected, and yet it still evokes so much emotion. Think about that in terms of when now you’re also the actor.

Our message is that you are taking in so much information as humans right now that the resting of the brain, of the thoughts is key. And also, when you’re in the movie theater watching the scary movie, there’s a place within your perception that realizes that it’s just a movie. Very complicated.

Q3: Thank you very much. That’s a very great source of study and becoming aware but not staying stuck in the mind so much. Thank you.

A: And another part of all of this shapeshifting that we’re suggesting is that what you’re doing you’ve not been able to do before. There isn’t a roadmap. There are a lot of pieces of information that you will personally be drawn to, but this is about you building your own complete system. We give you the basics of how it works, but you design it to bring it into the lens. You design how you’re going to shapeshift, what shapeshifting means to you. You write the personal story of how magic works in your life. That’s another thing that challenges everyone’s authority. People are afraid sometimes to pick up their power. “I’m taking full responsibility.” No, you want, “That person did this to you.” Or “No, I can’t.” So you’re fighting against an inertia as well. It’s very exciting.


Q2: When you mentioned that Jesus was aligned to compassion, to the intuition, and how the magic and the force and the power all came once that alignment was in place, how does that relate to the weak nuclear force and the strong nuclear force? Is there a difference? Is it just using all of those things?

A: It would be using all of those things, so the weak nuclear force transforms water into wine, the strong nuclear force repels one of the apostles at the end. But to understand it, you look at it from the perspective of Jesus the man. When he looked at anyone, he saw himself. “These things that I do, you will do greater things.” He projected onto every person he met the truth of the great I Am. The I Am is the way, the truth, and the light, going within, taking responsibility for yourself. All of those things he could never say in those ways, but because of who he was, he projected the kingdom of God onto everyone.

And much like sometimes you may feel when you hear Einstein speak through Barbara that there’s a special magic in the air and a perspective that you don’t get unless you’re listening to this and you can take it away and pull it apart, in the same way, he was intoxicating. It’s why he was able to have so many people follow him in such a short time. It’s less of a conscious thing and more of a less-conscious thing. He wasn’t sitting there thinking, “I’m going to use the strong nuclear force and the weak nuclear force to turn this water into wine.” He was working fully from the source up and outward of manifestation, and the human mind was last sometimes.

And that’s a good story, too, turning the water into the wine, because his deep desire was not to have his mother be embarrassed for running out of wine at a wedding ceremony that she was hosting. That was his passion. And because he was so involved and the system was so complex already, the water turned to wine, and he was surprised. There are varying levels. That’s why we want to encourage you that the little things that don’t seem as if they’re part of it, the little pieces of being human that are so difficult for all of you, don’t be fooled into thinking that the movie is anything but a movie. Feel it, be in it, but while you’re in it, have that passion of human intention.

For the most part, as you explore those conflicted areas of your own life where it seems like, “Oh, my gosh, I’m so human,” you’re actually doing the very things that are getting you to that state of mind as we described it to you. We said this 20 years ago when we first appeared. The road to human evolution is through the resolution of conflict. You are learning how to take that conflict and turn it into wine.


Q4: The topic today is very much aligned with what I’m experiencing right now. Tapping into whatever you can tap into with me, what seems to have come about recently as strong passion for me is moving into greater self-empowerment in a broader context. Please share whatever you might be able to with me to enable me to do that more fully.

A: Yes, yes. This is a wonderful question for all of humanity. One of the things that you can do is be very aware wherever you find yourself as a victim. We want to define “victim” as attachment. This is something for you to play with in your thought process. If you’ve created everything, and that’s your story and you’re sticking to it, then you’ve just given yourself the power to uncreate everything and recreate everything.

We don’t encourage humans to stop being victims and stop being attached to circumstances in their life because it’s a good or bad thing. We encourage you because it truly puts you in the most powerful place, and then, like a CEO of a company, the buck stops there. By putting yourself in that place, you get to explore deeper parts of yourself when, for example, you come up against someone who really does victimize you, in the lens, in the drama, on the screen, someone’s being robbed or murdered, a perpetration is happening—that’s the movie.

To your human body and your human life, that’s very real. You have to deal with that. You’re on the front line. How will you deal with it? If you say, “I didn’t create this. I don’t believe it. Something else forced it upon me,” you’ve just lost your power. If you say, “I create everything, why would I create this?” and do what humans do, you’re led down first of all a path of emotion. And remember,  you’re trying to capture all the feelings, because they’re carrying all that vital present-moment power of manifestation.

When you stop being the victim, you have to feel your feelings. You have to deal with the age-old question, “Why did I create this for myself?” We would suggest also that when you ask, “Show me. Can you show me how?” that’s a beautiful question. “Can you show me how I can be more empowered?” Your job is to quiet the mind, pay attention, and then be in present moment to see, and then you start to have an awareness, you go into a situation where there’s emotion going on, decisions that have to be made. You’re operating in that moment to the best of your ability, and then as the situation turns out, at every step you process ownership.

This is something that takes time for the human mind. Your ego has to reduce itself from its self-important stories. That’s one thing. Another thing is resting. We can’t say it often enough to all of us, but sometimes you in particular, rest that mind. Just rest it. Just stop thinking. Yes, it sounds easy, but if you have six tools that you’ve developed to stop thinking, then you can use them when you need to stop thinking. And when you stop thinking and continue to breathe, therefore moving emotion through, you’re creating a power system. It’s like tuning the engine. That’s empowering.

Finally, we’d say use as much compassionate self-talk as is humanly possible at every turn. Don’t be afraid to get into arguments with yourself when you find that self-talk is disparaging. “No, I’m not going to talk to myself in this way. You’re banished, those stories. Here’s the new one. I am a miracle just sitting in this chair.” Those are some ideas that could help.

Q4: Thank you very much for those suggestions. They’re wonderful, and I will definitely put them into action.

A: Wonderful. So much of what we want to do right now as our mission is to be inspiring to people, to move ahead regardless of what you’re facing with this new perception and expectation of miraculous undertakings. And part of what’s so exciting is seeing you grow into humans who have so much faith in yourselves that you can do this, that you are doing this, that you are the change. It’s so very exciting. We thank all of you for all of the things that you do. Know that there is a beautiful association with all of you—that’s why we call it the Party—that happens in the non-physical. You’re tapped into it. The more you rest your mind, the more you open up your intuition, you become playful and imaginative and you let these images flow and you begin to see and sense each other in the non-physical, communicating in the ways that you know, images, electricity, perception, premonitions, connections with the unseen. There are a lot of you out there around the world who’ve never met who feel connected to each other. This is such a beautiful time, and we are so, so very grateful for all of you, and we hope that you take advantage of your ability to tap into the non-physical as well.


We will at this time close the channel, again with great thanks in our heart. Know that we are excited. Despite anything that might be taking place in the lens at any given moment, the influence of this non-physical compassion is astounding right now. Never before on the planet have so many people been so committed and so aware of how being compassionate in their own personal lives can contribute to such a huge change. It’s as if the call went out, “Bring in those who are willing.” And that’s all of you. Know that you’re connected to millions of people around the planet who are working in tiny ways to change the whole. It’s a glorious sight for us, those of us especially who had physical bodies during times when the world was in great turbulence, when we had to face our own evil.

Being in the non-physical, able to influence, able to perceive, watching over your shoulders, taking in all of the exciting transformation that’s going on right now—we are so honored. We want to thank you so very much and encourage you to become discoverers. And what do discoverers do? They watch, and then they are amazed.



Voices: Wow! Wow! Thank you, Barbara!

Barbara: Thank all of you.

Voice: I am resurrected!

Barbara: I sure feel that way. That was really fun and exciting!

Voice: It was very good.

Barbara: And as I was saying earlier, this will be my first podcast. I’ll send you out a link. I’m going to try to get it up on Earth Day, on the 22nd. Thank you all so much for participating.

Voice: Thank you so much for making this opportunity. I want to wish everybody a happy Easter, happy resurrection day.

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“We want to encourage you at this time to be more experimental than you are predictable!”

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There’s no getting around it—we are not alone. Seven billion people inhabit this oasis in space, and even though we don’t know the half of them, we have family and friends, children and grandchildren, people we love to be with and those we are forced to be with, as well all the random strangers we meet on a daily basis. Living on Earth requires having relationships of all kinds—some for moments, others for lifetimes.

We begin to learn who we are through the first rudimental relationships we form with our parents. From that basis, we are taught how to connect with our siblings and friends. If a loving family was not modeled in those years, a child can be deeply affected by imbalance and lack of grounding. Even with a balanced upbringing, relationships can be a platform to play out unfulfilled developmental needs of childhood. Those needs affect all relationships—school mates, co-workers, neighbors, bosses—and also play out in group relationships such as sports teams, clubs of affiliation, political parties, and a myriad of collaborations throughout life that call for cooperation and team work.

scotlandcoupleLearning how to live in a healthy community means understanding who we are, what we need, and how we can contribute to the world around us while remaining balanced and practicing self-care. It’s in many ways so much easier than we think.

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Every relationship begins with a strong balance and self-awareness. Follow while we explore how our internal systems operate, what is ours to control or not, and how we can tend to our own gardens as a way to contribute to the global well-being.




No other human is closer to you then your mother. Regardless of the quality of relationship you have manifest with your mother, at the root of your existence is her willingness to carry you in her body. In this session, we examine those conditions, as well as well as how to nurture a loving relationship with the divine feminine within.



While we are carried by our mother, depicted as Earth and symbolic of the divine feminine and our inner world, we are received by our father, depicted as Sky and symbolic of the divine masculine and the outer world. Learn what happens without strong father energy and how to nurture a new connection to that energy.


oldcoupleSMALLIntimate Partnerships

Human hearts by nature long for companionship, inclusion and to create a family of one’s own. And yet, intimate partnerships can be one of the most illusive relationships of all. Explore the nature of intimacy in regards to partnerships and how to manifest and maintain that needed intimacy to keep long-term love alive and well.



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earthhands4According to modern science, the four fundamental forces—electromagnetics, gravity, strong nuclear force, and weak nuclear force—are the ingredients in the recipe of the creation of our Planet Earth. Trees, soil, animals, water, chairs, people—all of reality is constantly springing from a dance of these four fundamentals.

However, according to Einstein & The Party’s “neo-science,” the fifth fundamental force— Compassion—is the Intelligence that organizes the four fundamental forces into the intended matter and gives us a way to perceive it. How energy separates from the Source to become the forms we see in the world—trees, soil, animals, water, chairs, people, and of course, our body itself—is the result of Compassion’s mysterious intention to create.

In the Party’s intricate, intimate fashion, these dissertations explore our intersection with these various forces, and examine how our perception influences their manifestation on Earth. Using Einstein’s Maps of Human Consciousness, we can experiment with aligning to our own Compassion to influence the manifestations for the good of the whole.

Planet Earth needs our help. Einstein’s Maps present a fail safe process to ensure we are using our power to channel our deepest Compassion. In this way, we will become the Fifth Force. We are the Intelligence that uses our power for the good of the whole. In this way, we become vessels of peace, and can stand up to protect our glorious Planet Earth.

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Love Is All There Is! Happy Valentine’s Day

valentinesdayWinter 2014 Series, Our Glorious Planet Earth          Readings still on sale

A wise woman once told me, “Love is all there is.”  I admit I have struggled to understand this. Surely not everyone acts out of love; certainly I don’t. Not that I don’t want to, but sometimes, before I know it, I’ve done or said something that clearly was not for the greatest good. And yet…

Considering Einstein’s definition of Compassion as the fifth fundamental force of the universe—the intelligence that uses the four fundamental forces to create the physical world, one step at a time—then yes indeed, every act is rooted in Compassion, regardless of its intention. Love becomes, literally, God, the driving force behind the creation of life.

Our latest series Our Glorious Planet Earth is an in-depth look at the five elements that make up matter, and our relationship to them. Last week, The Party stressed that human consciousness is going through a time of adaptation. Of the billions of years that Earth has been around, humans have only emerged in the last four hours, giving new meaning to the word “patience.”

Sometimes, life hands us cruel blows. Pain can be excruciating. We take actions that aren’t in our own best interest and then ask, “Why did I create this for myself?”  When we take the short view, we can drive ourselves insane.

But in the long view Einstein gives us, we understand that for the nanosecond we grace the planet, we have the opportunity to reprogram the mathematics of our corner of human consciousness. We can commit to aligning to Compassion by becoming the change. This means accepting that human consciousness by its very nature has the potential for both good and evil. Admitting that as humans we can and do perpetrate evil becomes the inspiration to commit to aligning our lives with Compassion. Becoming the change means taking control of our own domain to make sure evil does not manifest from within us.

As always, The Party’s suggestions are not brain surgery, but seen from the long view, become the next most advantageous step in the never-ending process of our commitment to evolve:

The adaptation that humanity is engaged in can be accentuated through conscious choices on your part.
First, make sure to connect to nature as much as is possible. Living without a direct connection to nature is the source of inability to adapt. If you were put in a concrete room to live without sunlight, you would probably die. That is a form of adaptation. But if you were put out in the middle of a forest, you would learn to adapt to what to eat, where to find water. Be as close to nature as you can. Put your feet on the ground. Put your face in the air. Surround yourself with trees and water and beautiful land. Get away from the concrete and the boxes.
A second way you can actively participate in this adaptation is through the use of your own Compassion. We want to explain that in different ways. Yes, of course—it’s acting kind, making decisions for the good of the whole. But we also want to draw your attention to the level of Emotion. This—as we’ve said for years—is the place with the primordial soup, the place where all of your particles are strewn about. This would be something like being up in a high atmosphere, where there’s a lot of space between the molecules. Then, as that wave moves forward, you get into Intuition, which now has sound. Now there’s less space between the molecules. Then you add Intellect, which will now provide the structure for the images—the descriptions—and there’s even less space, until you get through the body.
Now you’re looking at the desk or the chair or the tree or the car. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of space between the molecules of your computer. That primordial soup of Emotion is now all pulled together to form the five-dimensional images that make up your physical world.
So when you go into deep Emotion, you have an opportunity to commune in that space between the molecules, to become Compassion—that intelligence that understands, even at that level, that there’s a process taking place that’s going to eventually form that computer. At that level of Emotion, your molecules and the computer’s molecules are all floating around, with lots of space between them. That’s your identity.
That’s your true identity, that space between the molecules. That’s what lives on eternally. That’s what will survive anything that happens to the planet Earth…
Map of Human Consciousness as per the dictations of the channeling.
Map of Human Consciousness as per the dictations of the channeling.

We Are All Spiritual Activists

I came across this quote from a book entitled, The Hope: A Guide to Spiritual Activism by Andrew Harvey. Harvey was an editor for Sogyal Rinpoche’s The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, as well as the founder of the Institute for Spiritual Activism.

compassionWEBThe Hope articulates what Einstein and the Party have enabled us to do. Einstein’s Maps of Human Consciousness guide us into the root of the reflections that we see as the physical world. With clear instructions on how to take action and align our energy with Compassion, the Maps become a road map for manifesting the greatest good possible in any situation. Conflict REVOLUTION gives us the inspiration to take that liberating but sometimes difficult journey into the mirror of our own shadows.

Harvey explains in The Hope why just “living in the light” without a journey into our darkness is only half the process:

Those who follow the path of radical embodiment that contact with the Transcendent will initially experience chaos in our understanding of ourselves and the world. It will demand that we take a descent into our own and the world’s shadow and uncover and become conscious of the personal and collective forces of evil and destructiveness.

In a time as drastic as ours, union with the Transcendent alone, without the descent that marries our light with our most chaotic impulses and to the depths of the body, will not and cannot be enough. We have seen through human history how mystics of all traditions have used bliss and gnosis as a kind of subtle heroin, as an intoxication that allows to dismiss the body and all earthly realities as “illusion” and so leave them untransformed.

The marriage that the Dalai Lama spoke of between our left and right brains, between the outer and inner sciences, between the vigor of matter and the fresh waters of the spirit, between the body and soul can only take place through a descent into everything that disturbs this marriage. The great hope that we discover if we dare to follow this path is that this union of opposites, although difficult, frustrating, bewildering, and sometimes painful is not impossible; the great birthing energies and incessant grace of the Divine Light itself guide, protect, sustain and nourish us through everything.

To discover and live this embodied truth is worth every suffering and every ordeal. It is the secret gift, even the purpose, of the crisis we are all living through together: The greatest darkness constellates the most powerful, answering light; the greatest threat constellates the most impassioned energy of creativity.

Let us imagine together what humble, divine human beings, born into this marriage of peace and passion, could effect as instruments of God in the world.

The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism © 2009 Andrew Harvey, Hay House Publications

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2014 Winter Series Our Glorious Planet Earth

Still time to join our 2014 Winter Series, Our Glorious Planet Earth. We have channeled two of the five sessions, Fire and Water. Join now and receive MP3s and transcripts of those sessions, as well as the opportunity to join live with the group for discussion and Q&A after the channel, and a 30-minute reading with the Party.

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2014 Winter Series: Living on the Glorious Planet Earth

Waterscape 0003

$89 | includes five MP3 recordings of all the sessions


In this adventure with Einstein & The Party we dive into Our Glorious Planet Earth. This five-part series embraces nature at the quantum level, beginning with the center of the very Earth we inhabit.

According to modern science, the Four Fundamental Forces—electromagnetics, gravity, strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force—are the ingredients in the recipe of the creation of Planet Earth. Trees, soil, animals, water, chairs, people—all of reality is constantly springing from a dance of these Four Fundamentals.

However, according to the Party’s Neo-Science,  the Fifth Fundamental Force—Compassion—is the Intelligence that organizes the Four Fundamental Forces into the intended matter and gives us a way to perceive it. How energy separates from the Source to become the forms we see in the world—trees, soil, animals, water, chairs, people, and of course, our body itself—are the result of Compassion’s mysterious intention to create.

Under the Sea 0629Join The Revolution

In the Party’s intricate, intimate fashion, we explore our intersection with these various Forces, and examine how our perception influences their manifestation on Earth. Using Einstein’s Maps of Human Consciousness, we experiment with aligning to our own Compassion to influence the manifestations for the good of the whole.

Planet Earth needs our help. Einstein’s Maps present a fail safe process to ensure we are using our power to channel our deepest Compassion. In this way, we will become the Fifth Force. We are the intelligence that uses our power for the good of the whole. Also in this way, we become vessels of peace, and can stand up to protect our Glorious Planet Earth.


Fireworks 017Fire

Let there be light! Fire ignites mathematics into form and is related to Emotion. This ignition starts the engines of the creative machine. Learn to access the fire within and how to keep the passion for creativity alive.


Waterscapes 445Water

Comprising 70% of the human body, water is the essence of human form and is related to Intuition. Learn how to use your own sacred water within to transform your relationship to the world around you.


Sunset & Sky 005Air

The air we breathe is our first connection to consciousness and is related to Intellect. Explore the power in the air, the intimate process of the inhale and exhale, and learn how to use breath to shape reality.


Landscape 608Earth

Planet Earth is our home. The solid ground that She provides includes our own body. Explore your body as a microcosm of Earth, and learn how to ground yourself in the fullest of your own body.



Coming back around to Compassion, we will end the series with a look at the power of the space between the molecules. We are inseparable from Earth, in the world but not of it. Learn how to connect with your sacred purpose, the mission we are all here to fulfill.



One hour telephone reading | $150


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Free Download of December 14, 2014 Channel


Barbara With, Teresa McMillian & Lily Phelps. Photo: Heidi Ehalt
Barbara With, Teresa McMillian & Lily Phelps. Photo: Heidi Ehalt

Last Saturday evening, Lily, Teresa and I gathered in Teresa’s home, eager to hear what the “angels” had to say to us on the 20th anniversary of our work together. In 1993, there were eight of us; last Saturday there were ten, gathered from around the world to hear a message of hope and compassion.

I am still amazed that my life has been this remarkable journey of talking with these “angels” who turned out to be Einstein and the Party. The story of how this path unfolded is still humblinh to me. Without these two dear friends and Psychic Sorority sisters, there would be no witnesses to the entire story of this amazing life that has gifted me with more adventures than I could have dreamt possible back then.

But the most rewarding part has been all the people I have personally touched, and who have taken this work and used it to become the change. People from all over the world have shared their gratitude and love for the lessons of the Party. I am humbled and honored to have volunteered and have been chosen for this mission.

Last September, I attended a training session about how to run for elected office. In learning how to craft the political messages of a campaign, we were told make them “honest” and “believable.” I realized then that the story of my life and my association with the Party is honest, but I daresay, rather unbelievable. But everything I have shared along the way has been my truth, as witnessed by Lily, Teresa and countless others, and told to the best of my ability. I am so grateful for those of you willing to make this unbelievable journey with me.

As you head into this season of compassion, please try to remember the words of our “angels” concerning self-love:

0022 Adobe ID 164ASP13468373Every day you are going to encounter people who don’t talk this language. How are you going to inspire them to become self-loving, for themselves? The best way you can mirror that is by becoming that yourself.

Become the change you wish to see: learn self-love and self-respect, the greatest gifts you can give.

Enjoy this download, and if it moves you, please feel free to go to my website, scroll down and make a donation. Or email me at barbarawith11 at and I can send you a paypal request. I try and give away as much as I can, and every gift given back is greatly appreciated.

I also have readings on sale in time for the holidays, two 1-hour sessions for $149, or 1-hour for $99. You can use them any way you wish—give one to a friend, or use them up in half-hour increments. They will never expire.

Whatever you do, have a safe and miraculous holiday season, and watch for my new 2014 Winter Series, Living on the Glorious Planet Earth.


$149 2.4.1 Readings include 1-hour reading and MP3 of session


Buy one reading at the regular price of $149, receive a second one free. Hold on to the session to use later, or give it as a gift to someone else.

Readings are very powerful tools to help understand the deeper meaning of life’s events, and find creative and inspiring actions to transform any situation into a win-win. Take another step into the evolution of your soul. The time is upon us!

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Free International Telechannel December 14


Please join us for a FREE International Telechannel on Saturday, December 14, 2013 at 5 PM CST. We will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Psychic Sorority. Present with me will be Teresa McMillian and Kimberly Lilith Phelps, the original members of the Sorority who, 20 years ago, started the first group channel.

Our association resulted in our first book, Diaries of a Psychic Sorority: Talking With The Angels, the true story of how three strong, ordinary women came together to be a part of a greater mission of “World peace, one person at a time, starting with you…” Below is the excerpt from the book about our first night together:

One night, Kim, Teresa and Lee came to see me sing. On my break, we began talking about how these concepts fit into our lives. I was energized by their intense curiosity and our lively discussions about how these readings were affecting them in positive ways. I could hardly tear myself away to return to the piano.

I began to realize in all the years of speaking the voices, I’d had little real contact with the people who came for this service. Suddenly, here was a group of women, eager to talk and listen more. They brought new life to an old process.

I still wasn’t making a conscious connection about Kim and Teresa. I remember the very moment when the angels started telling me about our future relationship. I was driving down the freeway. It was an exceptionally sunny winter day. An angel whispered in my ear:

You will teach them to speak our voices.

I will? Why?

You have a great mission to accomplish together. They will be a part of group sessions.

A mission? What mission?

You will create centers where people will come to hear the voices.

“I don’t want to teach anyone anything,” I argued. “I am not a good teacher by nature, nor do I have the ability to know how to teach someone else to speak the voices.” The angels reminded me that they would be doing the teaching, so I wouldn’t have to worry.

On the other hand, I’d tried to do a group session six months earlier, but none of the old friends I invited seemed very enthusiastic. Maybe these new women would be interested, since there were so many of them anxious to learn.

After this message on the freeway, I called Kim and Teresa to propose getting together and seeing what the voices had to say.

Before I could ask them, Kim told me they were planning a little gathering to continue to pursuit of these ideas.

“Great!” I said. “Would you be interested in having me come and speak the voices?

“YES!” Kim practically shouted. “We wanted to invite you to this, but we didn’t want to impose. We figured this was old hat to you.”

“Are you kidding?” I shot back. “It’s so exhilarating talking with you about this stuff. Most people in my life are so used to the fact that I do this, I’ve forgotten how amazing it can be.”

“And what a coincidence that we were all thinking about this group thing at exactly the same time!” Kim sounded genuinely awestruck.

I was dumbfounded.

And so began our Psychic Sorority.

We picked a date for the first group and invited about 15 people. Eight of us gathered at Teresa’s home that first night, sitting on the hardwood floor in the middle of winter. It was below zero outside. Out of the darkness came the familiar voice and each time they spoke of the past life we had all lived together in the far north, we swore we felt a wind blow through the room, chilling and real.

Some of them were apparently new to delivering messages to a group. Initially, we had difficulty following what they were saying. But as we all became comfortable with each other, angels and humans like, their words began to flow and we settled in for a long winter’s night.

It was the start of something bigger than we could ever have imagined. It was the beginning of the “mission” and we didn’t even know it.

Barbara With, Teresa McMillian & Kimberly Lilith Phelps
Barbara With, Teresa McMillian & Kimberly Lilith Phelps

Join us on Saturday to celebrate 20 years of our mission!

Saturday, December 14, 2013,  5 PM CST
Call-in number: 01-443-453-0034
Access code: 866255
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READINGS One hour $150
include 1-hour reading and MP3 of session


Readings are very powerful tools to help understand the deeper meaning of life’s events, and find creative and inspiring actions to transform any situation into a win-win. Take another step into the evolution of your soul. The time is upon us!

The Psychic Sorority

Last month, I had the pleasure of spending some time in Corpus Christi, Texas training a new Conflict REVOLUTION® teacher, Robin Cordova, from Austin. Due to my focus for the past several years of documenting the events in my home state of Wisconsin, I have not been teaching Con Rev as much as I’d like to. So this journey back into the classroom was a real reminder of how brilliant this Einsteinian model is for advancing the evolution of the human species, as well as freeing us from the struggles of being human.

Einstein5Once again, I was awed and amazed as the group took these philosophies and turned them into working models for transforming their particular and specific conflicts into creative, intentional solutions to any problem with which they are faced. Conflict REVOLUTION is indeed a formula to create unexpected, regenerative outcomes for the good of all. Call them miracles, if you like.

What I took away from the trip was a reminder that each time I choose to practice what I preach, I get results. Always. They aren’t always the ones I think I want; in most cases, they are not even circumstances that I could have predicted. But nonetheless, when we begin by resolving our own personal conflicts, as per this map of human consciousness that Einstein has gifted us with, we are much more apt to bring a positive outcome to how these natural conflicts in life play out in the arena of human drama.

Conflict REVOLUTION® is still one of the most intense forms of self-love I know. To take full responsibility for one’s power and use it to work for the good of the whole is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. No one else indulges us with such power but ourselves. If we don’t pick it up and use it, it’s as good as gone.

This holiday season, I hope that you have the wherewithal to take time every day to focus your intention. Confirm the inherited power of your senses, your thoughts, your emotions and your body, and push yourself past any self-impose limits that might be keeping you from your full happiness, health and abundance. Feel and breathe all emotion while you gain control of what thought you choose marry to that emotion. Listen for the Intuition and then choose loving, regenerative thoughts for the good of the entire situation and take action accordingly.

Life is our classroom, and every episode—whether good or bad, fun or scary, brilliant or stupid—is a precious act of creation originating from a mysterious power the begins within each of us. As we strive to make the world a better place than we found it, know that our work is never in vain. What we do to help ourselves to be fuller, richer, deeper, more loving individuals is also helping the human race evolve. And that’s a gracious plenty.

$149 2.4.1 Readings include 1-hour reading and MP3 of session


Just in time for the holidays, I am offering my annual 2.4.1 Holiday Reading sale. Buy one reading at the regular price of $149, receive a second one free. Hold on to the session to use later, or give it as a gift to someone else.

Readings are very powerful tools to help understand the deeper meaning of life’s events, and find creative and inspiring actions to transform any situation into a win-win. Take another step into the evolution of your soul. The time is upon us!

20th Anniversary of the Psychic Sorority FREE CHANNEL

Barbara With, Teresa McMillian & Lily Phelps
Barbara With, Teresa McMillian & Lily Phelps

Twenty years ago on December 14, 1993, I gathered with a small group of women in the home of Teresa McMillian and did my first group channel. Along with Kimberly Lilith Phelps, we founded the Psychic Sorority and started on a mission that has stretched beyond our wildest dreams. Diaries of a Psychic Sorority: Talking With The Angels is the true story of how this journey to become a spokesperson for Einstein all began. In honor of that occasion I will be giving a free international telechannel Saturday, December 14, 2013 beginning at 5 PM CST.

Call-in number: 01-443-453-0034
Access code: 866255
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In honor of Marilyn: Free Norma Jean Download

cover1August 5th marked the 51st anniversary of the death of Norma Jean Baker. Her tragic life came to a close far too soon. The controversy over her death continues today, as we will never know if she committed suicide, or as many people believe, was murdered.

What we do know is that the woman who later become Marilyn Monroe has a power and persuasion that made her a legend. That was one reason why she is one of the founding members of the Party of Twelve, and a beloved icon of beauty, femininity and compassion.

In honor of this anniversary, please enjoy this FREE DOWNLOAD of her chapter in my book, Party of Twelve: The Afterlife Interviews. All the candor and charm that Marilyn possessed in life Norma Jean shares in Afterlife, including insights into feminism, women’s rights, sex vs sexuality and what she believes caused her untimely demise.

Party of Twelve: The Afterlife Interviews is available as a downloadable eBook, and as always in hard copy and signed by the author.

Party of Twelve: The Afterlife Interviews
The Book $9.95 + shipping and handling

Private Reading Sale $149  $99

Image courtesy Swann Galleries.

Einstein on Will Power

From our May 19, 2013 session from the Regeneration and Physical Health series, “Will Power, Discipline, and Progress”:

worldWill power is an intuitive declarative statement. When we refer to power, we mean the true power of compassion that works for the good of the whole. To will true power means making the choice to direct your attention and your energy to supporting and being a channel for the power that comes through you, the power of compassion, of the universe—of God. This is what you are here to do. All the details of your life, whether or not you achieve every last thing that you think you’ll achieve, are specifically designed to help you further yourself to continue to will your power.

Imagining Einstein ON SALE $5.95 READ MORE
Imagining Einstein ON SALE $5.95 READ MORE

Your ability to self-validate is where your hope, your strength, your faith, and your inspiration ultimately come from, when you realize that you can have hope, that you are in fact on the cutting edge, leading the planet through your love of the planet, of yourself and each other, self-love, love of neighbor, love of friends. Through love you’re committed, every day. You don’t have to feel and think loving thoughts every single moment, but you develop an awareness of the bigger part of the mechanism beyond just the thought process.

Accept the patterns of highs and lows, of in-control and out-of-control. The further you step out as an observer and see all of these patterns from a longer point of view, from more you’ll bring the power of your will into every moment.

Spring 2013 Series: Regeneration and Physical Health
Includes MP3s downloads of all 6 sessions and a 30-minute private reading with Einstein & The Party
Ends Sunday June 2, 2013   3 PM CDT Join us live!
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Be a Part of the Compassionate Coalition

From our last series, Unlimited Human Potential:

Garden 017Sometimes when you find yourself with your back to the wall, it’s the perfect time to be forced to push through an obstacle or a barrier to change yourself. That is what gives you the most hope. Not someone else telling you something beautiful, although you can be inspired by that.

Don’t misunderstand. We don’t want you to stop being inspired by other people’s songs or words. But what you’re looking for, ultimately, is the faith in your own energy, in your own power, and that you will use your power for the greatest good possible.

Faith that you’re committed to being a member of this compassionate coalition of individual sovereign human beings all over the planet, committed to taking responsibility for self to the greatest degree possible, the greatest degree humanly possible.

People - General 085Who commits to that? Certainly not all the people you rub elbows with. On the other hand, how many humans are committed to compassion who you’ll never know about? Standing in line at the supermarket, what if the lady in front of you prays every night for peace on earth and donates her spare time to helping elders in her community? You don’t know and you can’t tell.

Just know, there’s this compassionate coalition of individuals, all over the planet, individuals, billions of them, committed to compassion in one form or another.

Be one of them.

Join us for the new Spring Series, Regeneration & Physical Healing, beginning Sunday, April 21, 2013 @3 PM CDT. Register here!

Readings $149


2013 Spring Series: Regeneration and Physical Health

$99 | includes six MP3 recordings of all the sessions

0022 Adobe ID 164ASP13468373The body is our vehicle with which to have this human experience. It is the interface between the non-physical and physical world that allows us to perceive matter. Einstein has explored the body from Afterlife and discovered the pathways to regenerating mind, body and spirit using a simple system over which we ultimately have complete control.

Join us as we explore our bodies and their connection to the manifestation of the matter around us. The series features six in-depth live sessions and includes classroom conversation, channeling, small group support and assignments designed to help you learn to promote your own health and well-being.


Your Body, Yourself and Optimum Health
Einstein & The Party
0023 Adobe ID 390ASP370321Einstein opens this series with a detailed look at exactly how our non-physical selves interface with the physical body to become cognitive, sentient beings capable of magnificent accomplishments and miracle healing.

Holistic Systems of Unification

davinciEinstein & The Party
The core of our healing, unification is a process that creates a working awareness of the complex systems that create our life. From here, we learn how to pay attention to what our body is telling us and steps to take to make sure all the parts of the whole are attuned to each other.

Mental Health and Concurrent Lives
Barbara With
spring201313smallThis session will be devoted to sharing my own story of healing myself of a dissociative condition, and how we can understand better how to integrate our other aspects, including concurrent lives, into our present awareness.


0044 Adobe ID 164ASP13468390


From Out Of Thin Air
Adamus St. Germain
Adamus St. Germain, a renowned expert at creating a physical body while sidestepping traditional methods, leads this detailed session that will explore the how-tos of manifestation and inspire us to think outside the box when it comes to our unification.


Will Power, Discipline & Progress
Albert Einstein

One of the most defeating aspects of life is the chronic condition that begins to occur as we continue to suffer through our lives. Learn how to push through doubts and fears, and take on the challenges of life from a new place of strength, endurance, hope and love.


Compassion: The Ultimate Healer
The Party
heartAs always, we conclude the series with a new call to compassion and inspiration. As Spring comes into its fullest, so we are being challenged again and again to come back to compassion. Learn how compassion actually heals and unifies, settles and strengthens, and ultimately, leads us to live the fullest, richest, deepest life possible.


Disclaimer: This series is not to be interpreted as dispensation of medical advice and does not prescribe the use of any technique as a replacement for medical treatment. It is our intention to provide supplementary ways in which to assist healing by striving for mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.


One hour telephone reading | $150


Readings with Barbara With


Einstein’s Birthday

March 14, 2013

Einstein Speaks
Einstein Speaks

In honor of the birth of Albert Einstein 134 years ago today, please enjoy this free download of a reading I did in the home of Holly Adams, in Portland, Oregon on March 14, 2010.

One hundred and thirty-four years later, Einstein still rocks it.

Download here

Happy New Year!

Download here!

0200 Adobe ID 164ASP13468336January 1, 2013
Free New Year Telechannel

Unlimited Human Potential

In these first few breaths of the next 26,000 year cycle, Einstein & The Party present a bird’s eye view of how the expanding consciousness will affect the outcomes of life on Earth as a tribe of humans. Learn about your own power and your “invisible backpack” of dynamite you’ve been carrying around without knowing. Find the magic available at every moment and push past your comfort zones to put it to work for you.

Then join us as we continue this journey of focused intention for the 2013 Winter Series:  2013: The Year of Unlimited Human Potential. This 8-part course begins on January 1, 2013 with a free telechannel to ring in the new year. Then each Saturday morning beginning January 19, we will gather via teleconference and once again use our own lives as the experiment in how far we can go in tapping into our unlimited human potential.

2013: The Year of Unlimited Human Potential
Seven more sessions

  • MP3s downloads of all sessions
  • 30-minute private reading with Einstein & The Party
  • Access to a private work group on Facebook
  • Access to work in an EMT (Evolution Management Triad)

0200 Adobe ID 164ASP13468336Saturday, January 19, 2013
Splitting Atoms
Channel by Einstein & The Party
As we delve deep into the microcosm where all potentials begin, Einstein & the Party reveal a revolutionary worldview on how to open wide from within to release the power, then manage the power with discipline and ease using Emotion, Intuition and Intellect, coordinated with a Witness. We will use the details of our own lives to do our work.

img_4200.jpgSaturday, January 26, 2013
Channel by St. Germain
Every physical object materializes in every moment. Listen as Adamus takes us into a journey into the energetic fields that overlap between the physical and non-physical, and how we can make that microscopic awareness a daily part of our perception. Once we break free from the illusion of the physical, we learn to have a more playful approach to even what seems the most impossible.

cropped-night.jpgSaturday, February 2, 2013
Rest & Rejuvenation
Channel by Einstein & The Party
Learn to release the debilitating blocks to rest and relaxation. Part guided meditation, part gentle massage of the imagination, this session will help us remember that we do often forget how rest and rejuvenation affects all parts of the process. Practical and inventive ways to integrate these practices into every hour of living.

Saturday, February 9, 2013
Birthright of Magic
Channel by Einstein & The Party
For so long, humans were led to believe that we are not magical beings. Learn to take back your natural ability to manifest in ways that transcend the natural. Learn to make decisions rooted in the expectation of miracles, without hurt or disappointment.

meSaturday, February 16, 2013
Finding Your Song
Lecture by Barbara With
Remember when you were young, and you could play openly and without self-consciousness? How do we step outside those bonds of limitation and risk taking a chance to grow? Integrating imagination, discipline and joy brings us back to the music of our souls that we have come here to sing.  Let me inspire you to just do it before life slips away.

Saturday, February 23, 2013
Committing to Compassion
Channel by women of The Party
The truth about our unlimited potential is that it produces an abundance of what we focus on. When we truly make decisions for the good of all, we embody Compassion, the most powerful unlimited potential of all. Let the Divine Feminine show us innovative and simple ways to commit every day, every hour, every minute to break past our own self-limits to product incomparable works of compassion that change the world.

IMG_3995March 2, 2013
A New Springtime of Oneness
Channel by Einstein & The Party
As we reach for new heights of awareness and commitment to magic, compassion and love, let’s come together and celebrate our work. Look ahead into the year and see what lies ahead for those willing to take the chance to tap into the unlimited human potentials that exist within everyone.

Private reading with Einstein and the Party

2013 Winter Series: The Year of Unlimited Human Potential

$129 | includes eight MP3 recordings of all the sessions

Space 049In the last learning series of 2012, Creativity Training, we received instruction and support on how to tap into the synergy of the collective power of the group. Each one of us brought our own hopes and desires about what we intended to manifest during the class. However, when my sister’s son was brutally murdered, the class pulled together and tapped into that power to create an integrated focus of intention that I believe kept me grounded on the walk through this great loss. It was an amazing feat of love, from which everyone benefited and bonded us in ways we could not have imagined.

In this series, we continue the journey of focused intention. This 8-part course is called The Year of Unlimited Human Potential and once again we use our own lives as the experiment in how far we can go in tapping into our unlimited human potential.


Space 092Free New Year Telechannel
Unlimited Human Potential
Download here
In these first few breaths of the next 26,000 year cycle, Einstein & The Party present a bird’s eye view of how the expanding consciousness will affect the outcomes of life on Earth as a tribe of humans. Learn about your own power and your “invisible backpack” of dynamite you’ve been carrying around without knowing. Find the magic available at every moment and push past your comfort zones to put it to work for you.



0200 Adobe ID 164ASP13468336 Splitting Atoms
Channel by Einstein & The Party
As we delve deep into the microcosm where all potentials begin, Einstein & the Party reveal a revolutionary worldview on how to open wide from within to release the power, then manage the power with discipline and ease using Emotion, Intuition and Intellect, coordinated with a Witness. We will use the details of our own lives to do our work.


Channel by St. Germain
Every physical object materializes in every moment. Listen as Adamus takes us into a journey into the energetic fields that overlap between the physical and non-physical, and how we can make that microscopic awareness a daily part of our perception. Once we break free from the illusion of the physical, we learn to have a more playful approach to even what seems the most impossible.



Rest & Rejuvenation
Channel by Einstein & The Party
Learn to release the debilitating blocks to rest and relaxation. Part guided meditation, part gentle massage of the imagination, this session will help us remember that we do often forget how rest and rejuvenation affects all parts of the process. Practical and inventive ways to integrate these practices into every hour of living.


Birthright of Magic
Channel by Einstein & The Party
For so long, humans have been led to believe that we are not magical beings. Learn to take back your natural ability to manifest in ways that transcend the natural. Learn to make decisions that are rooted in the expectation of miracles, without hurt or disappointment.


shorthairFinding Your Song
Lecture by Barbara With
Remember when you were young, and you could play openly and without self-consciousness? How do we step outside those bonds of limitation and risk taking a chance to grow? Integrating imagination, discipline and joy brings us back to the music of our souls that we have come here to sing.  Let me inspire you to just do it before life slips away.


Committing to Compassion
Channel by Women of The Party
The truth about our unlimited potential is that it produces an abundance of what we focus on. When we truly make decisions for the good of all, we embody Compassion, the most powerful unlimited potential of all. Let the Divine Feminine show us innovative and simple ways to commit every day, every hour, every minute to break past our own self-limits to product incomparable works of compassion that change the world.


IMG_3995A New Springtime of Oneness
Channel by Einstein & The Party
As we reach for new heights of awareness and commitment to magic, compassion and love, let’s come together and celebrate our work. Look ahead into the year and see what lies ahead for those willing to take the chance to tap into the unlimited human potentials that exist within everyone.



One hour telephone reading | $150

Readings with Barbara With


Free Download End of the World Channel 12 21 2012

earthOn Friday night, I gathered on a conference call with a circle of people from around the world for our End of the World Channel with Einstein & The Party.

Felicity in Australia spoiled the surprise of if the world was really going to end, as it was the next morning in Queensland. Obviously, we all got to live, but it did not take a psychic to predict that.

What struck me most about the dissertation was the brilliant articulation of a concept that is almost too large for the human mind to comprehend: our direct access to the synergy of a unified field. The description of how each of us can tap into the power of the collective once again demonstrates the elegance of our work with Einstein.

Ever since our first group channel in December 1993, I have watched as the theories delivered by Einstein & The Party have become reality via the people who practice this worldview. Every person who has engaged in Conflict REVOLUTION has added to the evolution of a process so simple but brilliant, even if it’s not Einstein, it’s worthy of his thinking. The results are nothing short of miraculous, as proven time and again by those of us who work it.

To rise everyday and participate fully on how we approach life imbues us with power and magic. Since projection is a necessary part of having a physical experience, let’s flex our co-creative muscles every day and project compassion. Access the neural net of power created by people all around the world committing to compassion. Dive deeply into those non-physical realms and explore this tap root of unlimited human potential. Truly, the investigation and advancement of human consciousness is the next frontier and we are the trail blazers.

Thank you to all of you who support this work and write to tell me how much it means to you. Knowing you are inspired to reach greater heights to live more passionately and in present moment is my paycheck.


Download channel here.


End of the World Telechannel 12.21.2012 6 PM CST

164ASP13468370Free Telechannel with Einstein & The Party
December 21, 2012

Call into the conference line
605-475-5950 (international calls dial 01 before the number)
Use access code 996889#

Check your timezone here

When entering the call, please announce yourself and then use Star (*)6 to mute your phone. This is help keep the noise down.

During Q&A, un-mute using *6 to ask your question, then *6 again to re-mute.

After the channel an MP3 will be available for download here.

Email me with questions before the channel at
barbarawith11 at



A Call To Action

On November 17, 2012 my nephew Howard Adler was ambushed and murdered in front of his home in Denver, Colorado. As you can imagine, many lives changed on a dime.

The suspect, who is facing a first-degree murder charge without bond, is the boyfriend of the mother of Howie’s three-year-old son Winton. Howie and the mother were engaged in determining the custody of Win, a special needs child who at three years old is not yet talking words and shows other signs of neglect. Howie kept meticulous records of his journey to have access to his son. When he was killed, he was about to go to court and gain his 50% custody, and quite possibly become the primary parent.

Death is a powerful tool, in any form. An accident, an illness, a heinous crime—Death and Life walk hand in hand. Most of us humans refuse to acknowledge Death’s ever-present shadow. We amble on in indecision as if there’s all the time in the world, afraid to face the inevitable, afraid to make a mistake, afraid to take a risk. Hanging on to resentments, we keep people we love at bay for silly reasons we don’t understand. Swallowed up in fearful stories, we refuse to take the step that would bring us the very fulfillment our souls long for.

In truth, one car accident, one cancer case, one knife wound takes away all those potentials like a puff of smoke.

Howie and Winton
Howie and Winton

I flew to Denver immediately to be with my sister, who is understandably shredded. However, the synchronicity that is occurring are stuff movies are made out of. Truly an angel, Howie is alive and well in Afterlife, guiding our quest for justice to make sure Win is protected.

Howie’s mom, my sister, has always been brilliant—this woman puts even my self-discipline to shame. Losing her son in this brutal way has honed her focus on constructing the whole case. Using emails, texts, pictures, affidavits from people who witnessed events, and personal diaries we are bringing all the pieces of the puzzle together. Our job is to bring Howie’s story to life for the DA and the State who are charged with protecting Winton.

My sister lovingly made a folder dedicated to Howie’s life. Viewing my precious nephew in pictures, from the cradle to the grave, with his beautiful son, I see a life well lived. The boy was a walking, talking joy machine. Every picture has his huge smile. All his friends talked about how he never let life drag him down. Even at his worst, he was even-tempered, positive, and intent on doing what was best for the good of all.

Perhaps someday I will write a book about this, but for now it’s hard to keep track of all the grace: the detective on the case is Brad With (no kidding); a girl at the clinic on the other end of town had pictures of Howie on her iPhone; a Jewish grief therapist with a connection to a trial lawyer appeared in the bank lobby; peace has broken out in my family, which has grown sizably; Howie’s very large and devoted following (the funeral procession stretched eight miles) stand ready, willing and able to do anything to help protect Winton. We are all one family now.

Howie's friends had teeshirts made in honor of him. Team Howie.
Howie’s friends had teeshirts made in his honor. Team Howie.

On behalf of my family, thank you so much to everyone who has sent us your unconditional love, said a prayer, visioned Winton safe, and expressed your condolences over this unfathomable act.

In honor of Howie, I challenge you to a Call to Action: You have your own universe filled with your own details that could dearly use your passion and commitment to change. Life is short. We need you. Get up off the couch, do something to better your world. There are wars to stop, mines to fight, wolves to protect, children to feed, homeless to shelter, a whole world of needs that you have the resources to fill.

During this turbulent time of change remember to touch deeply to the Source: Compassion. Allow it to inspire you to stand up and take action to better your world. That’s why we’re here.


Post-US Election Channel November 9, 2012

While fussing over sketchy technology during my Post-US Election channel with The Party, I wondered if mercury retrograde was responsible for my teleconference snafus. In the end, I was tossed off my conference call line altogether and finished the channel alone. [download the channel here]

I was specifically interested in what The Party had to say about the presidential election. It felt to me as if something miraculous happened, but I couldn’t articulate what. I had feared the worse—that Citizens United would allow unlimited corporate money to buy control of the media, the politicians and our votes. With the stolen elections of 2000 and 2oo4 looming in my mind, I uneasily went to bed bracing for the worst.

In the morning, I discovered everything had turned on a dime. Certainly all of the world’s ills haven’t been cured, but something definitely shifted, without a doubt. No recount, no challenge, no flipping of Ohio and Florida. More women in the legislature than ever before in US history, replacing many of the hate-mongering politicians. Several states legalized gay marriage. Seven states passed legislation to directly challenge the idea that “corporations are people.” Hispanics, blacks, minorities and women made their voices heard.

Far and away the most profound change of all was that the money no longer held sway. Karl Rove’s $400 million dollars failed him in the end.

Suddenly, I saw all this work with Einstein to learn to live outside the power of money come together in a completely new way. Could getting out from under money’s sway and into our own power actually help render those corporate millions ineffectual?

After today’s session with the Party, someone sent me an email with a message from Jonathan Tenney, a brilliant astrologer and co-author of The Motherpeace Tarot Playbook. His take on Mercury Rx confirmed what I had just channeled:

“Mercury made its ‘station’ at 4 degrees, 18 minutes, and 3 seconds of Sagittarius on November 6th at 5:50 PM EST. Then, at 6:04 PM, Mercury turned Retrograde. At 6:19 PM, it stepped back into 4 degrees, 18 minutes, 2 seconds of Sagittarius.  So for a period of roughly 29 minutes Mercury was standing perfectly still at the degree of it’s turning.  In terms of backward or forward movement Mercury was standing still…going nowhere. Time stopped…heaven and earth embraced…the door opened…and Mercury/Hermes turned and guided us like a flock of wild geese through that door and back onto a path that is actually going somewhere.  Welcome to 2012, magic is afoot…and the times they have changed.”

Was November 6, 2012 the real end of the world as we know it? Did we all hang, suspended for a blink of an eye as energy shifted officially from the old to the new?

I for one believe it. And apparently, so do Einstein and the Party. I invite you to listen as they once again brilliantly explain how it happens and why we have every reason to celebrate before getting back to the work.

Creativity Training Tomorrow: Saturday November 10, 8 AM CST
Session 4: Mastering Rebellion and Surrender
Saturday, November 10, 8 AM-CST
Part of being in the flow of creative energy is understanding when to give in and when to rise up. Learn the power of conflict as a creative force, and using rest as an instigator for change and transformation.

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  • A private 30-minute session with Einstein & The Party

Join us live via phone, or download MP3s afterward and email questions.
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Shepherding Energy Into A New Earth

During the first week of creativity training, my role seems to have shifted from instructor to shepherd—herding the energy of both the participants (those with bodies) and The Party (those in non-physical). Out of this, an utterly fascinating experiment is shaping up nicely.

The group has come together not just to learn to be more creative, but to lend our creative energy to each other’s intentions as well. So while we are teaching ourselves how to change our perception and act more creatively with our power, we are making a commitment to take actions for the good of the entire group.

Theoretically, committing to the good of all also preserves the sanctity of our personal needs and visions. The stronger, and more prosperous the individuals are that make up the group, the stronger the power of the whole will be as well.

Reciprocally, if I intend for your greatest good, I acknowledge that you are also part of me, and the karmic repercussions come full circle.

This experiment Einstein and the Party have built for the class is really brilliant. We are to organize into triads of support groups called EMT—Evolution Management Teams.

Each triad is charged with creating their group from the ground up. Each group must come together and decide what they will provide for each other in terms of support, and then make a commitment to participate for a six-week period. We must learn how to communicate with each other considering culture, language, telecommunication and time zone challenges. These tasks to forge relationships are the classroom exercises for the course.

On Sale Here $5.95

Participants are also being called to have our own relationship to Einstein, and become aware of our own non-physical aspect there with him and The Party. This very real albeit non-physical part of us is coming alive and superimposing over our everyday lives. Like the voices of angels, guides and spirits, the voices of our EMT members become clear and distinct in our perception, even if those people not with us in the physical.

If humans understood the extent of the power we possess, we would be in constant and deep awe of this gift of simple human life. The term “fear of god” is not meant to be a threat as much as about understanding how easy we can abuse our power if we do not understand it.

When we put out an intention to experiment with the manifestation of creation, we become a conscious creator of our life. When we consciously channel our human dimensions of Intellect, Intuition and Emotion into a focused outcome for the good of all, how much more can we influence the creation of our lives, as well as the world around us?

Life is a grand experiment. Having a compassionate relationship to that reality is the work of the masters.

We are all being asked to become masters now.

It’s not too late to join us! Come learn to relax into the wonder of who you really are. I am looking forward to hearing reports from everyone about their homework and their intentions at our next gathering Saturday, November 3, 8 AM CDT.

Register here and read more.

Individual Private Readings $99
One-on-one hour personal session with Einstein and the Party.
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Evolution Management Teams (EMT)

Yesterday we began the final workshop series of 2012, Creativity Training: Accessing Your Natural Creative Power.  Einstein & The Party began with a creative shift in perception as they took us deep into the structure of the matrix, revealing even more pieces of the ever-evolving maps of human consciousness:

A compilation of human consciousness, as well as an energetic structure for the entire planet. So are you viewing a particle or the Earth? Both? That’s why it’s truly a unified field.

“The first baby step in seeking to go deeper into your creative power is to understand how natural this is.

“This is not something that we will teach you; we will instead reveal to you how much you already have, and that you are already know and are. Embracing this power you will be charged with creating a structure for it. You do create the stories of who you are in your own mind. You create the stories of who you think people are.

“This is not a bad thing. We’re not trying to completely stop the thinking process. We are trying to intentionally corral the energy into conglomerates that are individually working for the good of the whole.”

Conglomerates: anything composed of heterogeneous materials, widely dissimilar elements or constituents, as well as the same substances in different phases, such as water and ice.

The Party has coined the term Evolution Management Teams and suggest that people work together in teams of three for the purpose of sharing synergy and support as we all take this giant evolutionary step together towards December 21, 2012.

An EMT consists of three people who agree to work together over a predetermined period. We make ourselves available to support each other to not focus on the illusion that the physical world is the primary reality. Each team works out the details of how to communicate (text, email, phone) and the terms of the agreement (no crying on the phone, no obsessing about something outside yourself). Jessica, Debbie and I chose a month duration for our commitment. Any time any of us feels trapped in our stories and has a real need for support to get our focus off the physical, we send  a text and pick a time to gather on a conference call. The hope is that just the thought of calling the others would trigger us into action and we would not need the support.

Each member of our EMT has a different trigger (money, man, and mom) but we are committed to supporting each other in staying out of the degenerative story and in the emotion as we intentionally corral the energy and channel it into new, creative perspectives and consequently actions.

As was suspected, the first time I considered calling an EMT after being triggered by man, I instantly could feel Jessica and Debbie around me in that same place we go when we talk on the phone together. I heard their voices, instructing me on new angles to see things. All the while I was actually having lunch with my mom and two sisters! At the time, I wasn’t aware of having two focuses of reality at once. It was only when I reflected back later that I had two specific sets of memories: one of my mom and sisters, and one of being in this non-physical place getting support and instruction. Both Debbie and Jessica reported similar experiences.

It’s not too late to join us! Come learn to relax into the wonder of who you really are. I am looking forward to hearing reports from everyone about their homework and their intentions at our next gathering Saturday, October 27, 8 AM CDT.

If you are interested in forming an EMT email me.

Register here and read more.

Individual Private Readings $99
One-on-one hour personal session with Einstein and the Party.
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Creativity Training: Accessing Your Natural Creative Power

$99 | includes six MP3 recordings of all the sessions

Albert Einstein, both a scientist and musician, often expounded on the idea that true creativity was the product not of words, but of images, feelings and sound. He claimed the theory of relativity occurred to him by intuition, and that music was the driving force behind it. His son reported that whenever a scientific problem stumped him, his father would take refuge in music and somehow come out with the answer.

Einstein believed that creativity begins in the nonphysical as intuitive impelling and works its way up into the body, where it then inspires thought and action. The truth is, at our root, humans possess an unlimited abundance of natural creative energy that is constantly fueling our very existence into being.

Since I was old enough to remember, this gift of creative energy has permeated my life. At age four, I climbed up to the piano and began teaching myself. Later, writing poetry helped me cope through my parents’ divorce. Combining the two, I started composing songs as a teenager, which led to a career as a professional musician and later, a published author. This open line to my natural creative energy has produced books, music, screenplays, workshops, publishing systems, but more intriguing, an imagination that can channel creative solutions to any problem or situation.

And yet despite the truth that life is a miracle, how many times do even the most evolved of us, myself included, feel stifled by our limited patterns of thinking, feeling and making decisions?

Einstein and the Party immerse us in the series called Creativity Training: Accessing Your Natural Creative Power. Together we will nurture a daily awareness to tap into our intuitive energy with ease and spark meaningful new ideas, forms and processes that will lead to creative solutions and new avenues for the expression of our abundant nature. By supporting each other in embracing our creative birthright, we create a web of inspiration as we see others evolving with us.

Romania 2011
Romania 2011

Whether your question is about building a business, improving a relationship, developing an artistic expression, increasing synchronicity, or finding a new approach an old problem, this series will give clear answers and inspire practical steps into a quantum level of creative energy that is ours for the taking.

Also, guest appearances by Adamus St. Germain for one session and me for another! I am excited to present my own dissertation on how I approach, preserve and nurture my creative self.

Come learn to relax into the wonder of who you really are! Even if you don’t consider yourself an “artist,” you can channel your own creativity to live a magical and fulfilling life. The creative flow of the Universe, working with us, through us, becomes a playful journey into our own power, mindfully co-creating as we go.


The Nature of Creative Energy: A Channel with Einstein
Take a journey into Einstein’s maps. Follow along as he leads us to fully understand the true nature of creativity as our birthright. Learn to tap into the unseen latent power of the multi-verse within, including alternate realities and concurrent lives.



The Evolution of Our Creatorship: A Channel with The Party
Where does our power really lie in terms of co-creation? How do we know where our power ends and the Universe begins? How can we draw upon the oneness to enhance our individuality?


meUnlocking the Patterns of Limitation: Dissertation by Barbara With
Let me share with you my own processes for unlocking the old patterns of limitation, including taming the inner critic, how to be creative when you don’t think you can, and becoming addicted to achievement.


Mastering Rebellion and Surrender: Channel with The Party
Part of being in the flow of creative energy is understanding when to give in and when to rise up. Learn the power of conflict as a creative force, and using rest as an instigator for change and transformation.


Honoring Your Own Power: Channel with St. Germain
How often we underestimate the power we have at our fingertips. Learn creative ways to pick up your power and exert creative intention in any circumstance or situation. Find inspiration to stretch beyond what you ever thought was possible.


Celebrating our Creative Birthright: Channel with the Party
Each day deserves to be celebrated as a miracle, but how can we do that when our connections are clouded? Learn how to reach that place of undeniable truth no matter what you are faced with. Prepare to celebrate the end of the Mayan calendar and start of the next 26,000 year cycle!


One hour telephone reading | $150




Readings with Barbara With


Living the Magical Life: Part 4 Feeding the 5,000 Wed Aug 8, 8 AM CDT

Thus far, our series, “Living the Magical Life: A World Beyond Money” has exceeded all my expectations. The last session, “The Currency of Food, Air and Water” was a real eye-opening. Listening to their description of the body as an interface between the physical and non-physical realities gives me a greater appreciation of this mechanism that is our only vehicle for experiencing the physical world.

As they spoke about how our body processes the resources necessary to live in the physical, I found a greater appreciation for the current illness I am going through, candida. Somehow, through a combination of stress, bad eating and more stress, I developed a raging case of this fungal infection whose cure is mostly diet. Being on a severely restrictive diet has been life changing. Not just that I have lost about 25 pounds, but that now I can almost feel what each piece of food entering my body must go through to become energy.

The combination of this magnificent machine of the human body, the food and water provided by Mother Earth, and the breath of oxygen from Father Sky is astounding. No human could have thought up such an arrangement. The breath fires the entire process into processing the food and turning it all into energy to fuel mind, body and emotion.

Tomorrow we will channel the fourth in the series, “Feeding the 5,000,” a timely topic considering that, according to World Hunger, over 900 million people are starving in this world, almost one in seven. To be deprived of the basic necessity of food dictates the rest of one’s human experience. How can we contribute to feeding the world? I know tomorrow’s session will offer some enlightening answers, as always.

Please join us. You can sign up for the entire series ($149 for six sessions) and I will email you a link to download the previous sessions, or you can sign up for one at a time ($25 each). Click here to register.

When you get the entire series, I also give a complimentary 30-minute reading to help synthesize the information.

Meanwhile, be mindful of your body, what you eat, how you breathe and move about. It is the only temple you get in this life, a living prayer to creation that is yours to watch over. Why not consider starting a cleanse, new ways of eating, or moving around more to help make this amazing contraption last as long as possible.

Also it is the last few weeks of my Summer Reading sale! Get an hour reading for $75, including an MP3 recording of the session. Sale ends August 31. Stock up!

Live Channel: Minneapolis, MN Thursday, June 28, 2012 7 PM Living a Magical Life

Anyone who really knows me, knows of the Psychic Sorority. Lily Phelps and Teresa McMillian compose the other two-thirds of the triumvirate that helped birth Einstein and the Party of Twelve back onto the planet. Thanks to the two of them, my gift of sight has been put through the rigorous checks and balances of their watchful and compassionate souls.

Barbara With, Teresa McMillian, Lily Phelps, The Psychic Sorority, 1996

In 1993, the three of us began a study of my channeling. We’d organize and record groups in our homes, then transcribe the sessions and publish them. “Publish” meant going to Kinko’s and making copies of the session to bring to the next group for the other listeners to read. We agreed to never have food so we would not need RSVPs; and asked for love donations. The truth was, making money was the last priority on our list. It was the magic that we drank in like slaves in a desert.

And indeed, it was all dreamy spending so much time together, organizing regular groups in our homes, transcribing the sessions and then experimenting with their suggestions for how to deal with our conflicts in a way that would lead to living a magical life. We spent hours at Lily’s kitchen design business writing our first book, Diaries of a Psychic Sorority: Talking With the Angels and working to change our perspective.

But the day arrived when, inevitably, the three of us started to fight amongst ourselves. A perfect set-up to test a revolutionary new approach to conflict! Over the past 19 years, the Sorority has taken every conflict as a divine opportunity to embody this powerful perspective, which became Conflict REVOLUTION. Because of successfully working through conflicts together, we not only have a bond that transcends lifetimes, but have forged relationships based on compassionate, intuitive and articulate honoring of ourselves and each other that promotes magic. Our conflicts have become our greatest learning opportunities.

Those first groups—six master sessions for how to become world peace, one person at a time, each individual starting with his or her own self—were some of the most magical experiences of my life. However, what we cracked open in our personal and very human work together brought the messages of the “Angels” to life. The emergence of Einstein from the “Angels” then led to the birth of the Party of Twelve. The Psychic Sorority is a living example of how well the Party’s Afterlife suggestions work to make magic.

Join us for another live group channel as we come together to make our own special magic, and keep the tradition alive.

The Psychic Sorority Presents Barbara With, Talking With the Angels
Thursday, June 28, 2012
Edina, MN
Hosted at the home of Lily Phelps
7 PM – 9 PM

For more information, call 715.209.5471
E-mail me at barbarawith11 at

Living a Magical Life: The World Beyond Money

$99 includes six MP3 recordings of all the sessions

sunrise2012 was a huge point of global transformation. One important piece to the puzzle of evolving culture is how to build a new infrastructure based on what is good for the whole. We cannot wait for government, the private sector, the church, or our spiritual gurus to do that. Each one of us, making a contribution in our own way, in our own world, adds up to global change.

Breaking the illusion that money is our source and understanding how to manifest the resources to meet our needs without it is one step towards freeing ourselves from corporate rule. Yes, I know … how do we do that when in many cases we need money? My mortgage company won’t let me trade readings for my payment; we do need money right now to make the transition.

To live a magical life means being able to manifest your needed resources without the terms money requires, e.g. jobs, savings, retirement accounts. Changing inwardly influences a different kind of transformation. Part of the shift is knowing what your needs are, and becoming an active participant in consciously meeting them in a new way, beginning inside first. Another part is becoming a working, contributing member of a community that supports the good of the whole.

This six-part workshop series will help us gather vision from our shared community as we become scientists of human evolution. We will use our own lives as the experiment to break free from culture’s addiction to money. Connecting in this way will lend strength to hold this vision in the crazy culture changing at the speed of light squared.

Session 1:  Conquering Our Addiction to Money

Session 2:  What Am I Really Worth?

Session 3:  The Currency of Food, Air and Water

Session 4:  Feeding the 5,000

Session 5:  The New Retirement Account

Session 6:  Aligning to a New Compassion


One hour telephone reading | $150

Readings with Barbara With


The Long View

On May 24, 2012, I sat down with my friend Jessica Sackett and channeled a dissertation entitled, “The Long View.” The island was cool and wet, and as we worked, a thunderstorm broke out and provided the perfect soundtrack.

The Long View was apropos for the two of us; we met “coincidentally” in Columbus, Ohio during the 2008 Kuthumi Weekend with Crimson Circle. She “forgot” her checkbook in my hotel room during her private session. I noted her address—Stoughton, Wisconsin—and was triggered by the circumstance of her being from my home state.

During that session, Jessica asked about her vision of opening a store/classroom where she could sell inspiring and beautiful merchandise as well as offer classes and coaching sessions. The former buyer for Nordstrom’s was also a life coach and wanted to know if she was correct in moving forward to build it. The answer was clearly, yes.

Hand With Seeds, February 16, 2011

As she took on the tasks to open her own store/classroom in a small town right outside Madison, she came regularly for tune-ups with the Party. Whatever they all did together worked, as she opened Hand With Seeds on December 4, 2009. From the start, she put every resource she had into making HWS a success. HWS became a central stopping point in Stoughton where beauty met transformation met community spirit.

My first workshop there took place in May 2010. I booked it to coincide with my return trip from Corpus Christi, Texas where I spend the winter. In fact, we were planning regular semi-annual stops for Einstein and the Party as I was coming north in the Spring and returning in the Fall.

So why we agreed upon a February 2011 date was beyond me. I think I originally booked it because I “missed cross-country skiing.” But as the time approached and I read the weather forecasts from my balmy flat in downtown CC, I found it difficult to rationalize why I was spending the money to go back into the cold.

Finally, I gave in and flew north. The joke was, there wasn’t enough snow to ski anyway. But it’s always a joy to see Jessica, and Hand With Seeds had grown considerably in notoriety among the spiritually minded in the area.

Jessica standing up for human rights, February 22, 2011, Madison Wisconsin

I had been mildly paying attention to this new governor and his budget, but not enough to know what was taking place as I landed in Milwaukee that winter. On February 14, the Teachers Aide Association of UW-Madison presented thousands of Valentine’s Day cards to Scott Walker, begging the governor not to slash education. Two days later, 14 Democrats fled the state in one of the most courageous stands for democracy in State history, 100,000 citizens showed up to occupy the capitol, and my life changed on a dime.

Throughout the past 18 months, I have often heard Einstein telling me that this was what all my training was for. Wisconsin’s Revolution put everything I’d learned about Conflict REVOLUTION for the past 18 years to the test.

Being at Hand With Seeds in February 2011 set a path before me I had not planned on and certainly did not expect. Had I not been there during the turmoil, I would never have met so many great democracy-loving Wisconsin-ites, like the two scientists who independently testified about the truth of the sulfide in the 22-mile open-pit iron ore mine on the shores of Lake Superior. These two heroes traveled north to collect rocks from the site and have them independently analyzed. Hematite, a biologist, geochemist and geologist, along with a geologist who specializes in iron ore, chipped away at the billion-year-old rocks together one cold February afternoon in the Penokee Hills. Their expert testimony was a turning point in bringing the mining bill to a grinding halt.

Not long after I decided to dedicate my energy to standing strong against the corporate takeover of my government, Hand With Seeds closed. Jessica could be proud of her vision coming into reality, and all the lives she touched in the time she was open. However, it’s understandable that she felt deep emotion around the folding of her long-time dream.

When she came to visit me in May, we talked again about how everything takes place for purpose, and that her store served so many, more than she can ever see. I told her, in the long view, for me personally, being in Madison at that moment would never have happened without her and her dream. Because I was there to see first hand what was really happening, I was influenced in a way that did not communicate across state lines. This meant I was able to mindfully redirect my energy to use my voice to stop a terrible pillage of the land and water up north. Helping protect my Anishinabe neighbors from losing their wild rice to sulfide drainage was just the beginning of what we protected.

There Jessica sat on that rainy day in May, on Madeline Island and in the middle of what Hand With Seeds influenced. She could now see the real people and the magnificent water she indirectly helped to protect. Neither of us saw this coming in Columbus, Ohio in 2008.

Each layer represents millions of years…

Like my visit to Stoughton that changed my life and sent me on a new direction, Jessica was sent on a new path when her store closed. I have no doubt she, too, will just do it, and relish every step of wherever she is going.

When you wonder if the events of the universe are working for or against you, take the long view.

While standing on the side of the road with scientists last winter, one carefully explained how each layer of rock represented 1,000,000 years of Earth history. In the end, we will end up hardly a speck of dust in a layer of the Earth. How’s that for a long view.

So in the end, it’s all a mystery? The perfect reason not to sweat the small stuff, commit to the unknown, live in mindful compassion, and just do it—whatever “it” is for you.

And of course, don’t forget to breathe …

oh and PS watch and be amazed ; )

Free downloads of The Long View, as well as a bonus song, Innocent Future, are available here.

Also Summer Reading Sale: $99 an hour plus MP3 recording of the session.

Life as a Gift

With great gratitude and humility, I would like to report back about my “Ask” in the last newsletter, beginning with a heartfelt thank you to everyone who responded. Honestly, I could not have imagined the outcome of this action.

First I will admit, reading the words, posted on the Internet, that I needed money for my mortgage was indeed a trigger. But knowing that transparency is the goal, I kept feeling and breathing those pieces of shame and focusing on what Einstein talked about in the last reading: in the long view, we are changing culture by moving ourselves away from money as a value. The anxiety and sadness were then detached from the story that I did not have value because I did not have money.

After about a day of honoring and moving that energy of emotion, the fuel of creative manifestation, all sorts of amazing gifts began to arrive. At first, there was some money, but more than that, I started to help my friend, who was in the process of foreclosure. As she and I worked through the emotion of her transition, we began to see the gifts in her misfortune as well, including her fabulous new rental out in the woods, her new roommate to help her offset the cost, and the freedom of finally being over the stress. How exciting to be starting a brand new phase of her life!

We decided that she could strip her home of everything she could, since the bank was coming to lock it up at the end of the month. This meant, as an answer to another one of my “Asks” (a new stove since mine would not fully turn off), I not only got hers, but a newer energy efficient refrigerator as well and a huge supply of perennials from her garden. As we walked through her yard where she raised her kids, feeling and breathing as she talked about each group of flowers, where they came from and when she planted them.

But the biggest surprise gift that came out of honoring and loving my shame was the night my foreclosed friend and I were hanging out and she got a call from an old island buddy looking for a room for the summer. Christie’s son just had a baby, and she would be babysitting for them all summer and needed a place away from her big family farmhouse to recharge.

At first, I was hesitant about a roommate, as I work at home, which is small without much privacy. But instead of talking myself into doing it from a place of lack, I took the time to sleep on it and consider both the pros and cons. One of my goals was also to put up a tent for the summer in the back yard as a spare room, and for sleeping under these beautiful island night skies.

A few days passed before Christie called again. We talked through the details, and I realized this was a perfect set-up. She would be gone most of the time, and just needed a quiet place to sleep. She then asked if I could use some new ceiling fans, which I could! And then, she said she had a huge tent and two airbeds if we wanted to set it up!

After that, readings started coming in, I got a new property management client for the summer, and an old flame from years ago called from out of the blue to tellme he was divorced. Wow.

When we see life as a gift, even the apparently “bad” experiences turn into one more step to freeing ourselves from the voices of culture that drive us. Feeling all our feelings, calming the stories in the intellect and staying in present moment create a sense of discovery, which leads to the magic we all seek.

My Gifts to You

I hope this week you can give and receive some important gifts in your life. Take an assessment of your needs, do an “Ask” to the universe to show you the resources to meet them, and then, don’t forget to breathe!

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Thank you for working so hard to become the change!

Big love,

Humans as the Missing Link

In last week’s Telechannel, 2012…So Far (available for download here) Einstein & The Party address the first three months of the much-anticipated 2012. Looking back 26,000 years and then into the future, the Party provides a panoramic perspective that lends a much-needed long view to every aspect of life. At the same time, we explore the very real-time interface between the physical body and the non-physical energy of emotion. Once again, an inspiring and educational few hours for us all.

For those of us studying the evolution of human consciousness, mastering skills like extra-sensory perception, timelessness and regeneration may still be a long way off. We are just now taking baby steps in our experiments to align our own energy to compassion as The Party has instructed. But in trying to imagine a future where compassion is clearly part of the governance of daily culture, I will be the first to admit to the difficulty of seeing the “how and when.” But clearly, the potential exists.

One transition The Party refers to is the shift from a monetary to a resource-based value system. For generations, modern culture has used money as the primary measure of the value of an object, person or service. Making more money meant you were somehow more stable, more legitimate, more successful. Along with this comes self-esteem tied to how much money you have, and/or the quality and quantity of your material possessions. Most everyone has experienced falling self-confidence with a decrease in one’s bank balance.

So how does one practically shift one’s entire value system away from money to something more aligned to compassion, like good will or kindness? And what exactly is  a  “resource-based” value system? And what about those things that really require money, like mortgages?

A “resource-based” value system means we no longer assess an experience, object or need with a monetary value. Instead, we find those with a need for what we have an abundance of and give generously to them, as well as finding those with an abundance of what we need and asking for their help.

For me, I first need to name the need. Then I literally raise my head upward and ask the theoretical and non-physical “Universe” for help. “Universe, I need money to pay my mortgage this month.” Then I let it go, and set about to do my part to aid the Universe with the co-creation.

My part includes but is not limited to feeling and breathing all emotion involved with this process (the fear that arises from a very real lack of money), and an intricate, intimate attention to where my thoughts are leading me (telling me I am worthless because I don’t have money). By paying attention to and taking action around these dimensions (changing my thoughts, and feeling all my feelings) I make way for my intuition to lead me one step at a time to manifest the mortgage.

As we are guided to the manifestation of our needs, we also give what we do have to others. While I have little money, I have abundant access to information from Einstein & The Party. I have also created a free video training for Conflict REVOLUTION. These I can give at no cost. This way, more people can be inspired in their quest for human evolution. There is no monetary equivalent to someone moving from self-doubt and disillusionment to self-love and passionate fulfillment.

For the last year, I have worked side by side with my neighbors the Anishinabe Indians to stop Cline Mines in their attempt at a corporate takeover of the Penokee Hills and Lake Superior in northern Wisconsin. Learning about the Anishinabe culture has allowed me to conceptualize how this change can and is happening on Earth now. Anishinabe religion and government are built around water. Their riches are not in how much money they have, or their quest for a new car every two years. Their joy comes from living close to the Earth, especially the Lake that is Superior and the Kakagon Sloughs where their wild rice grows. And from that water springs the healthy families who know they are charged with protecting the Earth for the future generations. Because without water, there is no life at all.

Last week, we came together in the Penokee Hills to celebrate our solidarity. The Red Cliff Tribe across the bay sent over 40 pounds of fresh whitefish their netters caught the night before. Those filets were truly a miracle, and Red Cliff’s way of saying, “Thank you for protecting our future families, too.” How do you put a monetary value on the seven generations coming after us? It’s impossible, and needless.

2012…So Far brings home even more the necessary struggle we are all going through to transition into becoming a resource-based world. One piece of that puzzle is what we have to give. Give generously of the resources that are abundant to you. Paying it forward will set the stage for the miracles to take place. Then watch and be amazed at where that darn Universe will lead you when you become the change.

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