FREE DOWNLOAD: Going Into the Darkness


In this week’s episode, among other things, Barbara has surprise guests not only in Afterlife but on ZOOM; Heike shares her experiences taking excursions into Dark Room retreats; Lynne and Lynda help us all recall some of our darkness diving through the years; Debbie goes after enlightenment and the Party once again brilliantly takes us to the root of the matters.

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Saturday, September 24, 10 AM Central


3 thoughts on “FREE DOWNLOAD: Going Into the Darkness

  1. Hello Dearest Barbara.

    Suddenly you appeared on Facebook and I listened to this session.
    You still shine so beautifully, both your beautiful voice but also your mind and heart. so nice to listen in this very confusing world, to something that feels so “at home”.
    Lots of love
    Inga (From Copenhagen)

    1. Dear Inga, thank you so much for listening and writing. I was just thinking about you, as I included you and your love and support in the acknowledgments of the new book Conflict REVOLUTION. You too are a shining light and I am so glad we have Facebook to visit daily. Someday I will come back to Europe and would love to see you then. Meanwhile, sending love,

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