Readings with Einstein & The Party

Bulk Reading SALE

12 Readings for $100/reading
Use any time, gift to others

Two 1-hour Readings $216 
Includes MP3 recording of the sessions

1-hour Private Reading $159btn_buynow_LG

A reading with Einstein and the Party is an in-depth, intricate, intimate experience. All readings are based on Einstein’s unified field theory and maps of human consciousness. If you are new to the information, you receive an overview before we delve into taking a look at the condition of your energy.

You will be asked to empty your mind and simply receive as we pray for only the greatest good to be present. From there we cover the current conditions, past lives, your purpose  and what you brought with you into this life, as well as predictions about the potentials ahead and how to make decisions for the good of all.

Then comes time for questions and conversation. You can ask anything you like. Often, all your questions are already answered. Other times, you have new questions. Using the details of your questions, we find inspiring and practical steps you can take to create your own future applying the Einsteinian wisdom you just received.

You leave feeling empowered, inspired, and possessing the competence to take control of your own domain and confidence to make your dreams come true, whatever they may be.

Plenty of time for Q&A. MP3 recording of session provided.


Group Readings

Einstein’s mission has been clear since the start: world peace, one person at a time, starting with teaching you to become the change. In the group channels, you will learn about the map of human consciousness and the scientific definition of compassion, and receive practical, step-by-step instructions for bringing peace first and foremost within you. You will be inspired to take up Einstein’s challenge to “become the change,” understanding exactly where your power lies, how to make the choice to use it, and why acting locally makes such a global difference. Each individual received personal attention and plenty of time for Q&A. Price based on group size. Email for more information.

Barbara is also available for speaking engagements.


Elli | Charleston, SC: “I want to let you know that the last reading was so powerful to me and the vibrations of it still change my life and my work. What struck me the most was the idea of having everything in me already to “make me happy, joyful, peaceful.” I heard that before and now I know, and I have had many opportunities to practice and share this new idea.  It is incredibly liberating and empowering and I’d like to thank spirit for bringing you here.”

Lisa | Toronto, Canada: “I am so grateful for the session I had with Barbara.  She is truly an  “angel.” It placed everything I was feeling and thinking into perspective for me.  It was as if  my soul was speaking through her and saying: this is what is happening,  this is why certain feelings are being felt, and this is what will make things clearer.

I have recently ordered the “Conflict Revolution” distance learning tool and can’t wait to start with it. For too long I have been “stuck” in my own drama or story or whatever you want to call it, but I have not been able to move forward.  Barbara’s session started the movement and with the Conflict Revolution, I intend to stay on track.  I know it will be an amazing journey for me and one that my soul has longed for.”

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