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2017 Re-Boot #2

Would Jesus Forgive Hitler? 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

9 – 10:30 AM Central


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Kimberly Lilith Phelps

The second in our year-long 2017 Re-Boot series will feature my super very special guest Kimberly Lilith Phelps, my co-author of Diaries of a Psychic Sorority and co-founder of Conflict REVOLUTION. We will be discussing Lily’s new book, Second Coming: Awakening the Christ Within due out later this year. 

Lily has studied the Bible extensively and Second Coming is meant to be a bridge between those who call themselves “spiritual” and those who are “Christians.” In the introduction, she says:

I have spent more than 30 years of my life being “Spiritual but not religious.” In these pages you will hear about my journey as I changed from being a child who loved Jesus into an adult with misunderstanding and anger — not with God but with the Church. My experiences with others who claimed I was doing God wrong became a stumbling block for me. This is the story of my rebirth. I have come full circle, back to an entirely new relationship with God.

9780988359758cvr.inddAfter having left the Church, I found my way on the other side of the bridge. Here people called God things like Divinity and Creator, Higher Power, the Universe and Spirit. Here nobody tried to tell me what my God had to look like or how I had to act in my relationship with the Divine. What I have learned is that God by any other name is still God. And I have learned that it is time for us to put away our childish squabbling over details and differences and rise up in the love that our Creator intends for us. It’s a choice and an invitation: to love or not to love. Simple, direct, and sometimes nearly impossible to do.

We will continue the Trigger of Trump Rev with a robust discussion of Democrats vs Republicans, as I am a former Democrat and Lily is still a Republican! I am very much looking forward to that conversation, as well as our comparative analysis of her understanding of Jesus as interpreted through the Bible and mine as interpreted through the interview with him we conducted in Party of Twelve: The Afterlife Interviews.

Lily is a passionate, compassionate, and articulate speaker and one of my dearest friends. I look forward to our discussion, which will be followed by a channel with Einstein and the Party.

2017 Re-Boot is always free. Listen live and there will be time at the end for questions. Or download the audio file afterward.



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