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Last week, the Party decided we needed to do a guided meditation. I was advised to use Chapter 5 of our book, Imagining Einstein: Essays on M-Theory, World Peace & The Science of Compassion. What resulted was a beautiful deep dive into a few simple moments of expanding our consciousness into the wholeness of who we are.

Our next channel will on May 21 at 9 AM central and be “Six Simple Steps to Live a More Intuition Life.” We’ll learn how easy it is to understand what intuition is and how challenging it can be to live by its impelling. These steps will be sure to help you move towards listening and acting more on intuition in order to live more aligned to your own Compassion.

Six Simple Steps to Live a More Intuitive Life

May 21, 2022 9 AM

Always free, all are welcome!


Six Simple Steps to Live a More Intuitive Life


Most every Saturday morning at 9 AM central, the Psychic Sorority meet and discussion exciting and uplifting ideas on how to be the change and birth this new humanity. We also channel the Party, headed up by Albert Einstein.

Our next channel will “Six Simple Steps to Live a More Intuition Life.” We’ll learn how easy it is to understand what intuition is and how incredibly hard it can be to live by its impelling. These steps will be sure to help you move towards listening and acting more on intuition in order to live more aligned to your own Compassion.

Always free, all are welcome!

PS Last week’s session will be out soon!

Next TELECHANNEL: Consciousness to the Third Power

Saturday, May 7, 2022 9 AM Central


This week we are going to explore what Einstein calls “Consciousness to the third power, or Cn3.”

In Imaging Einstein: Essays on M-Theory, World Peace, and the Science of Compassion, we devote an entire chapter to what this means. Come join us while we discuss practical applications of this condition, and how we can influence the manifestations in our world by focusing on Compassion as the 5th Fundament Force of the universe, and inspire ourselves to be practical peacemakers.

I’ve included some excerpts from the chapter below.

Always free, all are welcome.

Cn3: The Science of Compassion

Cn3 about aligning to Compassion. This starts by cultivating a consciousness of the consciousness of your consciousness. This is living in an environment where you are acutely aware of M-Theory—the magnificent, mysterious, miraculous, multifaceted truth of your membrane domain of manifestation. It means understanding where your power lies within that domain and making conscious choices to exercise your free will to manifest Compassion.  

A Perceptional Experiment

Let’s begin with this experiment in perception.  Find a quiet time and place, and close your eyes.  Clear away the stories of Intellect and go into the space between the molecules. From that space, you are aware that you have a physical body and that you are located in your current condition and position, in a particular town in a particular year, surrounded by material things that are “out there.”  You’re aware of them, but with your eyes closed and your focus inward, you have a different relationship to those physical things. They are now in your imagination. With your eyes closed you can imagine where they are. You can feel the consciousness of the table and the chair and the windows. You can hear the wind and you know the road is out there, but they are in the shadows when you’re concentrating on being in the space between the molecules. 

From this place between the molecules, imagine further being in the nothingness of the Void. Imagine a place where no light exists and yet, there is so much light it hurts your eyes, even closed. It is like the womb, fertile but empty until the urge to create plants the seed of possibility. At this level, the table, the chair, even your physical body disappear and you experience yourself as pure energy.

The 1st consciousness is your awareness of the physical world: the chair, the table, the road, the wind, your body. This is the Lens. This is the realm of Intellect.

The 2nd consciousness is your focus on the space between the molecules. This is the Observer, as well as the realm of Intuition.

The 3rd consciousness is the void, filled with pure Compassion. This is the Source as well as the realm of Emotion. At this level, the 1st consciousness dissolves and you experience the root of all physical form as energy.

To align oneself with compassion from that depth affects the physical manifestation of matter around you, For example, say you’re going through a time of depression. You can’t eat. Your emotions feel heavy and overwhelming and you can’t seem to muster the energy to pull yourself out of it. Physical reality appears different when you’re depressed. Your acute imbalance affects the physical senses, as well as the entire body. Your perception of physical things, like trees and cars and water, actually takes on a different light. Colors aren’t as bright; you can’t taste food; your hearing becomes acute.

In this state, you do not align to Compassion. You are not experiencing M-Theory, the miracle of life. Intellect is instead bombarding the system with messages defining your lack and illness, filled with judgment. Stories are being told about your past and your worthlessness, fueled by Emotion filled with fear. and self-loathing. Not only do you not notice the miracle of that tree, you might not even see the tree at all.

When you finally do make a healthy recovery, physical reality looks new and alive. As your mind replaces the messages of lack and judgment with ones of hope and compassion, you begin to notice things you had previously been unaware of. You can stop and smell the flowers, and look deeply into the tree and appreciate the miracle of its creation. The math used to arrange the molecules to experience life from the depressive state is a different formula than when you’re aligned with Compassion. 

All You Need Is Love

The first step to aligning yourself to compassion is committing your consciousness to this task every day. Set an intention before you rise in the morning to be as fully awake and aware as possible to this task of alignment. Reminding yourself daily reinforces the intent. Plus, you don’t want to miss a thing in this evolution of change. 

Before you open your eyes in the morning, take a moment to focus on your 2nd consciousness. Sense the physical world from the space between the molecules. Then breathe in the breath of life. Find gratitude. In this state of inward focus, plant the seeds of Compassion. What do you want to create today for the good of the whole? Intend them into your imagination.

With this focus you bring a simple unity of self that allows you to influence the creation of your world throughout the day. You do not have to wait for someone else to come along and lead you. You then become the change that you wish to see in the world. 

By changing yourself so profoundly to become the peacemaker, you become a leader who inspires others to change.  

However, what happens when you fall out of alignment, no matter how hard you try to intend your day? What do you do when you get triggered and end up jumping right into the conflict, fueling the fire?. This is perhaps the most crucial point of decision-making and the most important time to remember your commitment to evolution and your desire to impact the planet with Compassion.

My Stated Intention 

I have an intention. With this book, I intend to create a revolution in how humans understand their relationship to their own existence and in particular, how conflict is viewed and understood. I intend for this new perspective to be so revolutionary it effects a monumental change across the planet. Because this change is so monumental and involves redirecting the focus inward, we call it Conflict REVOLUTION. 

Just how do you bring unity and alignment to your own domain? What if someone could give you step-by-step instructions? Would you put them to use? How do you answer this question: “Would you rather prove you are right, or create peace and unity?” 

Perhaps most importantly, what will it take to get you to pick up your power and change your perspective?

Unified Field and Maps of Human Consciousness

FREE DOWNLOAD: Compassion the 5th Fundamental Force

This was such an intriguing discussion and channel. They are broken out into three parts, so if you are downloading the audio files, be sure to get them all.

Next channel: Saturday, April 2, 9 AM central





FREE TELECHANNEL: Compassion: The 5th Fundamental Force

Saturday, March 26, 2022 9 AM central

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Come take a deep dive into our Imagined Einstein’s Maps of Human Consciousness and the Unified Field Theory as we examine Compassion as the 5th Fundamental Force of the universe. We’ll take a detailed look at its scientific definition, how it impels the creation of matter, and how to use it to transform everyday life into miracles and manifestations.

Always free, all are welcome!

March 19, 2022 Conflict REVOLUTION®

3rd Saturday

9 AM Central


Looking forward into another deep dive into how we can practically become the change in our every day lives, and work for peace starting with us. We’re a delightful crew of visionaries. Always free, all are welcome.

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Transcript of March 12, 2022 Channeling coming soon

Saturday Wild Card

9 am Central
March 12, 2022

As I mentioned last week, I’ve decided to focus each Saturday on a general overview of what we will be talking about:

1st Saturday: Self-Love
2nd Saturday: Wild Card
3rd Saturday: Conflict REVOLUTION®
4th Saturday: Deep Dive into the Unified Field

Looking forward to this Saturday’s channel. I’ve had a few unexpected opportunities for learning since the last time we met and anticipate some insights into what that was all about.

I’ve asked Einstein to allow the Angels to take center stage tomorrow. It feels like the Earth needs to connect deeply to our divinity right now

Next Saturday, we will continue our exploration into Conflict REVOLUTION® and perhaps we can work some Revs. I’m happy to volunteer to be the lab rat, but if anyone else has any conflict they want to bring and get some insights into from the Party, both physical and non-physical members, please feel free.

We will look forward to continuing our deep dive into the maps of Human Consciousness and the Unified Field Theory on Saturday March 26th. Mark your calendars you Einstein groupies!

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Make a Love Offering

In listening back to this channel, I would like to recommend that while you listen, you meditate on the map of our Unified Field Theory, which is displayed on the video and also below. There is so much information that it is even difficult for me to formulate the pictures in my mind without using the maps as a guide.

This particular channel goes deeply into the structure of the human dimension. Heady stuff, even for those of us who have been studying this for decades. I hope the map provides guide posts for what the Party is telling us.

After I got through with the channel, I realized that taking this deep a dive into the Unified Field Theory might need some forewarning. This led to the idea of making the 4th Saturday of each month a specific time when we can take that deep dive into this information.

To that end, I have decided to assign each Saturday for a different purpose:

1st Saturday: Self-Love

2nd Saturday: Wild Card

3rd Saturday: Conflict REVOLUTION®

4th Saturday: Deep Dive into the Unified Field

If anyone has any topics that would like us to focus on, please let me know in the comments below. I am sure the Party will be happy to accommodate our questions, whatever they may be.

Our next channel is Saturday, March 12, 9 AM central. It’s a wild card!

Unified Field and Maps of Human Consciousness

Next Telechannel: The Three Human Dimensions

Saturday, February 26, 2022
9 AM Central


This year, Einstein and the Party are presenting a series of Telechannels to explore the intricate, intimate constructs of the Maps of Human Consciousness and the unified field theory that were original channeled in 2005 and became Imagining Einstein: Essays on M-Theory, World Peace & the Science of Compassion.

This Saturday we continue onward with the Human Intention and the three Human Dimensions, the part of our energy that allows us to have a physical experience in a human body.

By December, this will be the most complete exploration of our Einstein’s theories ever presented. However, the rudimentary information that would go on to form the basis of these maps emerged all those years ago when the Psychic Sorority first began to gather and the voices were “Angels.” They used analogies that would only hint at what was coming. Things like:

To picture the true nature of reality, in terms of three dimensions and five senses, and time and space, see the soul as a sphere. Around that sphere is a film of all the different lives that you have lived. Contained within it are all the memories you accumulate living the many lives you have engaged in on the Earth plane. What is making you conscious of who you are at this time is a thin thread that runs from the soul to the surface of the film called “awareness.”

The Angels, 1993

It wasn’t until 2005, when I channeled the first-ever Einstein series that the scientific concepts began to take shape. The “thin thread of awareness” became the gravitational wave flowing from the Source to the Lens. The “sphere” became the Compilation of Consciousness. Editing those transcripts that were to become Imagining Einstein was when the maps emerged.

I will never forget those days, sitting in my rented house on Folly Beach in South Carolina, day after day, listening for instructions on how to shape that material into palatable concepts for the non-scientific audience, one of whom was me. I would sit and stare at the computer screen until I heard something. “Google ‘black holes,'” the voice would tell me. There I found the concepts of Lens, Observer and Source, actual parts of real black holes, and Einstein would explain them in terms of his maps. Like the steno, I would listen and write.

What a heady time that was. But here we are today, 29 years later with these remarkable maps that have evolved to become a viable unified field theory, one that, without mathematical computations, presents an intriguing possibility into the nature of reality. Even more stunning, a theory that proves the existence of “God” in the form of a scientific definition of Compassion as the 5th fundamental force of the Universe.

But if all that weren’t enough, out of all it, and perhaps most important, has come the remarkable Conflict REVOLUTION®, step-by-step instructions for all of us to first resolve our conflicts within the map of our own unified field.

True to their mission from the first, these Angels and Einstein are telling us, that after 29 years of channeling, studying, working, fighting, and revolving to resolve our conflicts, this Party’s just getting started.

It’s a pleasure and an honor to be your tour guide through this amazing work. I will look forward to seeing you Saturday.