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This was such an intriguing discussion and channel. They are broken out into three parts, so if you are downloading the audio files, be sure to get them all.

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FREE TELECHANNEL: Compassion: The 5th Fundamental Force

Saturday, March 26, 2022 9 AM central

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Come take a deep dive into our Imagined Einstein’s Maps of Human Consciousness and the Unified Field Theory as we examine Compassion as the 5th Fundamental Force of the universe. We’ll take a detailed look at its scientific definition, how it impels the creation of matter, and how to use it to transform everyday life into miracles and manifestations.

Always free, all are welcome!

March 19, 2022 Conflict REVOLUTION®

3rd Saturday

9 AM Central


Looking forward into another deep dive into how we can practically become the change in our every day lives, and work for peace starting with us. We’re a delightful crew of visionaries. Always free, all are welcome.

Breathe Deep Within

At the end of last year, I was struggling and looking for something I could do every day to help me center myself. A group of us had been meditating together a few times a week, but that had come to an end. As an answer to a prayer, I was reunited with a long-time friend, LaDonna Funderburke, who is a certified sound healer and has an organization called Breathe Deep Within.

Breathe Deep Within is about getting connected to breathing in ways that help you have a better relationship with your breath, which brings peace of mind, great health, and wholeness. Your breath reflects your current state of well-being, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Breath is the essence of balance. 

From the first session I was hooked. LaDonna has always been one of my spiritually minded friends, but her work with healing breath is phenomenal. After only a few sessions, I began to feel lighter and calmer. Now I am hooked.

For anyone needing the kind of centered grounding that meditation and breath work bring, I highly recommend joining one of her classes. She offers both free sessions and more indepth one-on-one work. Either way, in this crazy world, we need all the grounding we can get.

Sessions are attended by people from all over the world. Being in a live group is particularly powerful, and I enjoy knowing I am breathing with a dedicated community of spiritual seekers.

I recently contributed a blog post to her website.

Enjoy! And come join us to breathe deep within.

And God Said …

“Now the earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters.  And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light. And God saw that the light was good.” Genesis 1: 1-4

Much has been written about the power of light. It shines its way into the darkness, illuminating the mysteries and dispelling the unknown. Light carries information, causing life to grow and thrive, and is indeed an essential element to creation.

But before the light came breath. In the Bible, we learn, “And God said, ‘Let there be light.’” His spirit, which was hovering over the water, breathed life out of the Void. One Hebrew word for “breath,” Ruach, is the same as the word for “spirit.”  The Hebrew word for “soul” or “being,” nephesh, can also be translated as “breath.”


LaDonna Funderburke

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Transcript of March 12, 2022 Channeling coming soon

Saturday Wild Card

9 am Central
March 12, 2022

As I mentioned last week, I’ve decided to focus each Saturday on a general overview of what we will be talking about:

1st Saturday: Self-Love
2nd Saturday: Wild Card
3rd Saturday: Conflict REVOLUTION®
4th Saturday: Deep Dive into the Unified Field

Looking forward to this Saturday’s channel. I’ve had a few unexpected opportunities for learning since the last time we met and anticipate some insights into what that was all about.

I’ve asked Einstein to allow the Angels to take center stage tomorrow. It feels like the Earth needs to connect deeply to our divinity right now

Next Saturday, we will continue our exploration into Conflict REVOLUTION® and perhaps we can work some Revs. I’m happy to volunteer to be the lab rat, but if anyone else has any conflict they want to bring and get some insights into from the Party, both physical and non-physical members, please feel free.

We will look forward to continuing our deep dive into the maps of Human Consciousness and the Unified Field Theory on Saturday March 26th. Mark your calendars you Einstein groupies!

Free Download: Three Human Dimensions


Make a Love Offering

In listening back to this channel, I would like to recommend that while you listen, you meditate on the map of our Unified Field Theory, which is displayed on the video and also below. There is so much information that it is even difficult for me to formulate the pictures in my mind without using the maps as a guide.

This particular channel goes deeply into the structure of the human dimension. Heady stuff, even for those of us who have been studying this for decades. I hope the map provides guide posts for what the Party is telling us.

After I got through with the channel, I realized that taking this deep a dive into the Unified Field Theory might need some forewarning. This led to the idea of making the 4th Saturday of each month a specific time when we can take that deep dive into this information.

To that end, I have decided to assign each Saturday for a different purpose:

1st Saturday: Self-Love

2nd Saturday: Wild Card

3rd Saturday: Conflict REVOLUTION®

4th Saturday: Deep Dive into the Unified Field

If anyone has any topics that would like us to focus on, please let me know in the comments below. I am sure the Party will be happy to accommodate our questions, whatever they may be.

Our next channel is Saturday, March 12, 9 AM central. It’s a wild card!

Unified Field and Maps of Human Consciousness