FREE DOWNLOAD: August 6, 2022 Hiroshima Day


On the 77th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima with nuclear weapons, the Psychic Sorority discusses the letters Einstein wrote to President Roosevelt urging him to develop these weapons before the Germans. Basing his requests on the idea that the U.S. would be the “good guys” and keep the technology safe, he was devastated when we became the terrorists.

A beautiful channel by Einstein, who explains how the dropping of nuclear weapons on Japan deeply affected his soul and what he did when he got to Afterlife to continue working on changing humans to become peacemakers. Once again he brings inspiration for those of us facing this new world, giving us practical steps to become the change and make a difference in our current culture.

Our next FREE TELECHANNEL will be Saturday, August 13, 10 AM Central. The topic will be “Deprogramming our own Brainwashing.”


Always free, all are welcome!

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