Imagining Einstein

 Winner of 2 National Book Awards

National Best Books 2007 Award for Fiction & Literature: New Age Fiction
2007 Indie Excellence Book Award for New Age Fiction

Writer’s Digest says, “Like Einstein, With wants to discover a grand unified theory … she is trying to unify physics and metaphysics. Like Einstein, she uses thought experiments to push her mind and ours into new territory. The result is a rich stew of science, mathematics, spirituality, inspiration and evocative speculation that can’t help but make us think about things in new ways. Clear, straightforward and energetic.”

Imagining Einstein picks up where Einstein himself left off, expanding on his theories and introducing us to a new science of Compassion, which originates within each individual. In her in-depth tribute to this great scientist and peace activist, With’s speculation on the nature of Afterlife, manifestation of matter, a unified field theory, and world peace present a quantum view of consciousness. The techniques of Conflict REVOLUTION® provide practical, step-by-step instructions for a revolutionary process to resolve inner conflict first, thereby empowering individuals to become fully self-actualized through the use of those techniques for the development and welfare of all.

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Valentia Hardt: “Astonishing and brilliant material. We saw the author, Barbara With, in person at a conference where she presented a channel of Einstein on this material. Breathtaking in the energy that came through and in the message—metaphysical yet scientific—the best of both worlds without being mutually exclusive. The information is groundbreaking and vitally important to the world right to understand how we function as humans and how that functioning affects our world on micro and macro levels. Personal responsibility explained scientifically through the mechanics of electromagnetics and how who we are affects the earth itself.”

Einstein5Helene Gilbert: “I couldn’t put this book down. It is perfectly relevant to our current national state of being, my own state of ‘being.’ I found great comfort in realizing that once my body stops functioning, my soul continues to keep developing and transforming just like I am now. Also, I gained insight into how souls perceive us from the other side. I have borrowed the saying from them: ‘Watch and be amazed.’ When I stand back and observe myself in ongoing situations, I realize the drama of it all. I have the option to react emotionally to these events, or not. Lastly, I discovered that in connecting to the core of my being, which is the same as the core of the earth, I find peace, compassion, and pure love. Check it out … and please join me riding the wave.”

ML Haselow: “Einstein is as brilliant as ever. From the ‘afterlife,’ Einstein solves the mystery of spirit, intuition, intellect and ‘the Source’ and explains how they can be aligned into a personal unified field called Compassion. Through the science of Compassion Einstein brings his mission of world peace to the world by bringing compassion into our lives—one person at a time. Amazingly clear and understandable.”



1 The Nature of Afterlife

It is not unusual for those who have passed into Afterlife to communicate with those who remain focused on the physical world. This isn’t hard to understand if you consider that, at this very moment, a part of your energy, even as you’re experiencing physical life, exists in Afterlife and is subject to the laws of Afterlife, as I am now. But because your physical existence is dependent on being focused so intently on physical reality, you convince yourself that this other part of you doesn’t exist, merely because you are not conscious of it yet.

Those of us “on the other side” experience things quite differently. We see ourselves as just like you, beings of energy, but we have merely lost our focus on ordinary matter. This does not mean that the world of matter does not exist for us. We just experience it in a different way: your hard reality is like a dream to us, and your dreams and imagination are the interface where we meet and work.

Consider this: only about 5% of the Universe is made up of what is called “ordinary matter.” That is the stuff of the hard objects of your body, the table, the planets, the stars, the galaxies, etc. That leaves approximately 95% of the Universe unaccounted for. In my day we called it “ether.” Today’s scientists call it “dark matter” and “dark energy.” Dark matter has no light within it; it can only be detected by its gravitational waves. This is the matter of Afterlife and the energy of consciousness.

Your physical body is indeed your temple, where during the course of a lifetime knowledge of your empirical experiences compiles in your cells as photons of information. These photons are the quantum of the electromagnetic energy of your consciousness. They contain all the “if P then Qs” of what took place in your life. Every decision that you make during the course of your lifetime has a math. When you decide to turn right instead of left, say yes instead of no, sit still instead of move forward, you create a living mathematics, a series of formulas that then determines the direction of your life. This math is embedded into a unit of consciousness, called a “compilation” and stored in the photons that become the sum of this knowledge and the basis of your identity.

A compilation of consciousness has zero mass and an infinite lifetime. At
10-100 metres, a compilation emits gravitational waves that pulse through dark energy and incite dark matter to cluster. How your consciousness experiences itself, both in life and after the death of the physical body, is determined by the math of these gravitational waves.

The gravity of your consciousness is indeed a compilation. Its math consists of a combination of the math of Earth’s gravitational waves, the math you bring with you into physical life, the empirical experience you compile while creating a physical body, and what consciousness is focused on at the point when the physical body dies. What you are focused on and the memories and emotions of your physical life become like a negative of a photograph with a map of your identity. This map is imprinted on the gravitational waves of your consciousness and determines how the dark matter will cluster once your physical body dies. Therefore, the quality of the life you live will determine the condition of your death.

2 The Manifestation of Matter


So what does excite the singularity deep in the Void to divide and pulsate, sending a gravitational wave that leads to the creation of matter as well as human life? If this mysterious unobservable source of creation is so indescribable, how can we talk of it? What questions can we ask of it?

I would like to make a bit of an unorthodox suggestion. In my day, scientists could not use “love” in an equation; however, I am suggesting calling this urge to create “compassion.” Science has rarely explored compassion because of its subjective appearance. Therefore, let us redefine compassion in a not-quite-so-subjective way.

Let’s go to the root of the word, “compass.” Further examination reveals some interesting analogies.


To begin with, a compass is a device with two arms used for drawing circles, one arm anchored in the center, freeing the other to pivot and create the physical manifestation of the circle. Therefore, compassion is the mechanism that allows consciousness to freely manifest matter in physical reality on Earth while remaining anchored in the Void through the use of circular gravitational waves radiating from the point of origin.

Compassion incites consciousness to produce a specific, separate circular domain with finite boundaries and unique spacetime coordinates that is the realm of your free will and subjective experience. This separate, specific domain created by compassion operates exactly like the planet Earth.

Earth sends out gravitational waves from its core. As those waves travel outward, they become more and more like particles. When they eventually reach the surface of the planet, they manifest into ordinary matter: trees, oceans, mountains, humans. They continue outward until they reach the outer parameters of the electromagnetic field that is the boundary of the planet. This field is cocooning the Earth, protecting the atmosphere from the fierce solar winds sweeping towards us from the sun. At that juncture, the gravitational waves are then swept up into the electromagnetic field, reenter the Earth and are brought back to the core, only to radiate outward again. This repetitive flow of electromagnetic energy makes up the essence of all ordinary matter that exists on the planet.

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