Post-US Election Channel November 9, 2012

While fussing over sketchy technology during my Post-US Election channel with The Party, I wondered if mercury retrograde was responsible for my teleconference snafus. In the end, I was tossed off my conference call line altogether and finished the channel alone. [download the channel here]

I was specifically interested in what The Party had to say about the presidential election. It felt to me as if something miraculous happened, but I couldn’t articulate what. I had feared the worse—that Citizens United would allow unlimited corporate money to buy control of the media, the politicians and our votes. With the stolen elections of 2000 and 2oo4 looming in my mind, I uneasily went to bed bracing for the worst.

In the morning, I discovered everything had turned on a dime. Certainly all of the world’s ills haven’t been cured, but something definitely shifted, without a doubt. No recount, no challenge, no flipping of Ohio and Florida. More women in the legislature than ever before in US history, replacing many of the hate-mongering politicians. Several states legalized gay marriage. Seven states passed legislation to directly challenge the idea that “corporations are people.” Hispanics, blacks, minorities and women made their voices heard.

Far and away the most profound change of all was that the money no longer held sway. Karl Rove’s $400 million dollars failed him in the end.

Suddenly, I saw all this work with Einstein to learn to live outside the power of money come together in a completely new way. Could getting out from under money’s sway and into our own power actually help render those corporate millions ineffectual?

After today’s session with the Party, someone sent me an email with a message from Jonathan Tenney, a brilliant astrologer and co-author of The Motherpeace Tarot Playbook. His take on Mercury Rx confirmed what I had just channeled:

“Mercury made its ‘station’ at 4 degrees, 18 minutes, and 3 seconds of Sagittarius on November 6th at 5:50 PM EST. Then, at 6:04 PM, Mercury turned Retrograde. At 6:19 PM, it stepped back into 4 degrees, 18 minutes, 2 seconds of Sagittarius.  So for a period of roughly 29 minutes Mercury was standing perfectly still at the degree of it’s turning.  In terms of backward or forward movement Mercury was standing still…going nowhere. Time stopped…heaven and earth embraced…the door opened…and Mercury/Hermes turned and guided us like a flock of wild geese through that door and back onto a path that is actually going somewhere.  Welcome to 2012, magic is afoot…and the times they have changed.”

Was November 6, 2012 the real end of the world as we know it? Did we all hang, suspended for a blink of an eye as energy shifted officially from the old to the new?

I for one believe it. And apparently, so do Einstein and the Party. I invite you to listen as they once again brilliantly explain how it happens and why we have every reason to celebrate before getting back to the work.

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