Shepherding Energy Into A New Earth

During the first week of creativity training, my role seems to have shifted from instructor to shepherd—herding the energy of both the participants (those with bodies) and The Party (those in non-physical). Out of this, an utterly fascinating experiment is shaping up nicely.

The group has come together not just to learn to be more creative, but to lend our creative energy to each other’s intentions as well. So while we are teaching ourselves how to change our perception and act more creatively with our power, we are making a commitment to take actions for the good of the entire group.

Theoretically, committing to the good of all also preserves the sanctity of our personal needs and visions. The stronger, and more prosperous the individuals are that make up the group, the stronger the power of the whole will be as well.

Reciprocally, if I intend for your greatest good, I acknowledge that you are also part of me, and the karmic repercussions come full circle.

This experiment Einstein and the Party have built for the class is really brilliant. We are to organize into triads of support groups called EMT—Evolution Management Teams.

Each triad is charged with creating their group from the ground up. Each group must come together and decide what they will provide for each other in terms of support, and then make a commitment to participate for a six-week period. We must learn how to communicate with each other considering culture, language, telecommunication and time zone challenges. These tasks to forge relationships are the classroom exercises for the course.

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Participants are also being called to have our own relationship to Einstein, and become aware of our own non-physical aspect there with him and The Party. This very real albeit non-physical part of us is coming alive and superimposing over our everyday lives. Like the voices of angels, guides and spirits, the voices of our EMT members become clear and distinct in our perception, even if those people not with us in the physical.

If humans understood the extent of the power we possess, we would be in constant and deep awe of this gift of simple human life. The term “fear of god” is not meant to be a threat as much as about understanding how easy we can abuse our power if we do not understand it.

When we put out an intention to experiment with the manifestation of creation, we become a conscious creator of our life. When we consciously channel our human dimensions of Intellect, Intuition and Emotion into a focused outcome for the good of all, how much more can we influence the creation of our lives, as well as the world around us?

Life is a grand experiment. Having a compassionate relationship to that reality is the work of the masters.

We are all being asked to become masters now.

It’s not too late to join us! Come learn to relax into the wonder of who you really are. I am looking forward to hearing reports from everyone about their homework and their intentions at our next gathering Saturday, November 3, 8 AM CDT.

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Evolution Management Teams (EMT)

Yesterday we began the final workshop series of 2012, Creativity Training: Accessing Your Natural Creative Power.  Einstein & The Party began with a creative shift in perception as they took us deep into the structure of the matrix, revealing even more pieces of the ever-evolving maps of human consciousness:

A compilation of human consciousness, as well as an energetic structure for the entire planet. So are you viewing a particle or the Earth? Both? That’s why it’s truly a unified field.

“The first baby step in seeking to go deeper into your creative power is to understand how natural this is.

“This is not something that we will teach you; we will instead reveal to you how much you already have, and that you are already know and are. Embracing this power you will be charged with creating a structure for it. You do create the stories of who you are in your own mind. You create the stories of who you think people are.

“This is not a bad thing. We’re not trying to completely stop the thinking process. We are trying to intentionally corral the energy into conglomerates that are individually working for the good of the whole.”

Conglomerates: anything composed of heterogeneous materials, widely dissimilar elements or constituents, as well as the same substances in different phases, such as water and ice.

The Party has coined the term Evolution Management Teams and suggest that people work together in teams of three for the purpose of sharing synergy and support as we all take this giant evolutionary step together towards December 21, 2012.

An EMT consists of three people who agree to work together over a predetermined period. We make ourselves available to support each other to not focus on the illusion that the physical world is the primary reality. Each team works out the details of how to communicate (text, email, phone) and the terms of the agreement (no crying on the phone, no obsessing about something outside yourself). Jessica, Debbie and I chose a month duration for our commitment. Any time any of us feels trapped in our stories and has a real need for support to get our focus off the physical, we send  a text and pick a time to gather on a conference call. The hope is that just the thought of calling the others would trigger us into action and we would not need the support.

Each member of our EMT has a different trigger (money, man, and mom) but we are committed to supporting each other in staying out of the degenerative story and in the emotion as we intentionally corral the energy and channel it into new, creative perspectives and consequently actions.

As was suspected, the first time I considered calling an EMT after being triggered by man, I instantly could feel Jessica and Debbie around me in that same place we go when we talk on the phone together. I heard their voices, instructing me on new angles to see things. All the while I was actually having lunch with my mom and two sisters! At the time, I wasn’t aware of having two focuses of reality at once. It was only when I reflected back later that I had two specific sets of memories: one of my mom and sisters, and one of being in this non-physical place getting support and instruction. Both Debbie and Jessica reported similar experiences.

It’s not too late to join us! Come learn to relax into the wonder of who you really are. I am looking forward to hearing reports from everyone about their homework and their intentions at our next gathering Saturday, October 27, 8 AM CDT.

If you are interested in forming an EMT email me.

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Creativity Training: Accessing Your Natural Creative Power

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Albert Einstein, both a scientist and musician, often expounded on the idea that true creativity was the product not of words, but of images, feelings and sound. He claimed the theory of relativity occurred to him by intuition, and that music was the driving force behind it. His son reported that whenever a scientific problem stumped him, his father would take refuge in music and somehow come out with the answer.

Einstein believed that creativity begins in the nonphysical as intuitive impelling and works its way up into the body, where it then inspires thought and action. The truth is, at our root, humans possess an unlimited abundance of natural creative energy that is constantly fueling our very existence into being.

Since I was old enough to remember, this gift of creative energy has permeated my life. At age four, I climbed up to the piano and began teaching myself. Later, writing poetry helped me cope through my parents’ divorce. Combining the two, I started composing songs as a teenager, which led to a career as a professional musician and later, a published author. This open line to my natural creative energy has produced books, music, screenplays, workshops, publishing systems, but more intriguing, an imagination that can channel creative solutions to any problem or situation.

And yet despite the truth that life is a miracle, how many times do even the most evolved of us, myself included, feel stifled by our limited patterns of thinking, feeling and making decisions?

Einstein and the Party immerse us in the series called Creativity Training: Accessing Your Natural Creative Power. Together we will nurture a daily awareness to tap into our intuitive energy with ease and spark meaningful new ideas, forms and processes that will lead to creative solutions and new avenues for the expression of our abundant nature. By supporting each other in embracing our creative birthright, we create a web of inspiration as we see others evolving with us.

Romania 2011
Romania 2011

Whether your question is about building a business, improving a relationship, developing an artistic expression, increasing synchronicity, or finding a new approach an old problem, this series will give clear answers and inspire practical steps into a quantum level of creative energy that is ours for the taking.

Also, guest appearances by Adamus St. Germain for one session and me for another! I am excited to present my own dissertation on how I approach, preserve and nurture my creative self.

Come learn to relax into the wonder of who you really are! Even if you don’t consider yourself an “artist,” you can channel your own creativity to live a magical and fulfilling life. The creative flow of the Universe, working with us, through us, becomes a playful journey into our own power, mindfully co-creating as we go.


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Celebrating our Creative Birthright: Channel with the Party
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