2013 Winter Series: The Year of Unlimited Human Potential

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Space 049In the last learning series of 2012, Creativity Training, we received instruction and support on how to tap into the synergy of the collective power of the group. Each one of us brought our own hopes and desires about what we intended to manifest during the class. However, when my sister’s son was brutally murdered, the class pulled together and tapped into that power to create an integrated focus of intention that I believe kept me grounded on the walk through this great loss. It was an amazing feat of love, from which everyone benefited and bonded us in ways we could not have imagined.

In this series, we continue the journey of focused intention. This 8-part course is called The Year of Unlimited Human Potential and once again we use our own lives as the experiment in how far we can go in tapping into our unlimited human potential.


Space 092Free New Year Telechannel
Unlimited Human Potential
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In these first few breaths of the next 26,000 year cycle, Einstein & The Party present a bird’s eye view of how the expanding consciousness will affect the outcomes of life on Earth as a tribe of humans. Learn about your own power and your “invisible backpack” of dynamite you’ve been carrying around without knowing. Find the magic available at every moment and push past your comfort zones to put it to work for you.



0200 Adobe ID 164ASP13468336 Splitting Atoms
Channel by Einstein & The Party
As we delve deep into the microcosm where all potentials begin, Einstein & the Party reveal a revolutionary worldview on how to open wide from within to release the power, then manage the power with discipline and ease using Emotion, Intuition and Intellect, coordinated with a Witness. We will use the details of our own lives to do our work.


Channel by St. Germain
Every physical object materializes in every moment. Listen as Adamus takes us into a journey into the energetic fields that overlap between the physical and non-physical, and how we can make that microscopic awareness a daily part of our perception. Once we break free from the illusion of the physical, we learn to have a more playful approach to even what seems the most impossible.



Rest & Rejuvenation
Channel by Einstein & The Party
Learn to release the debilitating blocks to rest and relaxation. Part guided meditation, part gentle massage of the imagination, this session will help us remember that we do often forget how rest and rejuvenation affects all parts of the process. Practical and inventive ways to integrate these practices into every hour of living.


Birthright of Magic
Channel by Einstein & The Party
For so long, humans have been led to believe that we are not magical beings. Learn to take back your natural ability to manifest in ways that transcend the natural. Learn to make decisions that are rooted in the expectation of miracles, without hurt or disappointment.


shorthairFinding Your Song
Lecture by Barbara With
Remember when you were young, and you could play openly and without self-consciousness? How do we step outside those bonds of limitation and risk taking a chance to grow? Integrating imagination, discipline and joy brings us back to the music of our souls that we have come here to sing.  Let me inspire you to just do it before life slips away.


Committing to Compassion
Channel by Women of The Party
The truth about our unlimited potential is that it produces an abundance of what we focus on. When we truly make decisions for the good of all, we embody Compassion, the most powerful unlimited potential of all. Let the Divine Feminine show us innovative and simple ways to commit every day, every hour, every minute to break past our own self-limits to product incomparable works of compassion that change the world.


IMG_3995A New Springtime of Oneness
Channel by Einstein & The Party
As we reach for new heights of awareness and commitment to magic, compassion and love, let’s come together and celebrate our work. Look ahead into the year and see what lies ahead for those willing to take the chance to tap into the unlimited human potentials that exist within everyone.



One hour telephone reading | $150

Readings with Barbara With


Free Download End of the World Channel 12 21 2012

earthOn Friday night, I gathered on a conference call with a circle of people from around the world for our End of the World Channel with Einstein & The Party.

Felicity in Australia spoiled the surprise of if the world was really going to end, as it was the next morning in Queensland. Obviously, we all got to live, but it did not take a psychic to predict that.

What struck me most about the dissertation was the brilliant articulation of a concept that is almost too large for the human mind to comprehend: our direct access to the synergy of a unified field. The description of how each of us can tap into the power of the collective once again demonstrates the elegance of our work with Einstein.

Ever since our first group channel in December 1993, I have watched as the theories delivered by Einstein & The Party have become reality via the people who practice this worldview. Every person who has engaged in Conflict REVOLUTION has added to the evolution of a process so simple but brilliant, even if it’s not Einstein, it’s worthy of his thinking. The results are nothing short of miraculous, as proven time and again by those of us who work it.

To rise everyday and participate fully on how we approach life imbues us with power and magic. Since projection is a necessary part of having a physical experience, let’s flex our co-creative muscles every day and project compassion. Access the neural net of power created by people all around the world committing to compassion. Dive deeply into those non-physical realms and explore this tap root of unlimited human potential. Truly, the investigation and advancement of human consciousness is the next frontier and we are the trail blazers.

Thank you to all of you who support this work and write to tell me how much it means to you. Knowing you are inspired to reach greater heights to live more passionately and in present moment is my paycheck.


Download channel here.


End of the World Telechannel 12.21.2012 6 PM CST

164ASP13468370Free Telechannel with Einstein & The Party
December 21, 2012

Call into the conference line
605-475-5950 (international calls dial 01 before the number)
Use access code 996889#

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When entering the call, please announce yourself and then use Star (*)6 to mute your phone. This is help keep the noise down.

During Q&A, un-mute using *6 to ask your question, then *6 again to re-mute.

After the channel an MP3 will be available for download here.

Email me with questions before the channel at
barbarawith11 at aol.com



A Call To Action

On November 17, 2012 my nephew Howard Adler was ambushed and murdered in front of his home in Denver, Colorado. As you can imagine, many lives changed on a dime.

The suspect, who is facing a first-degree murder charge without bond, is the boyfriend of the mother of Howie’s three-year-old son Winton. Howie and the mother were engaged in determining the custody of Win, a special needs child who at three years old is not yet talking words and shows other signs of neglect. Howie kept meticulous records of his journey to have access to his son. When he was killed, he was about to go to court and gain his 50% custody, and quite possibly become the primary parent.

Death is a powerful tool, in any form. An accident, an illness, a heinous crime—Death and Life walk hand in hand. Most of us humans refuse to acknowledge Death’s ever-present shadow. We amble on in indecision as if there’s all the time in the world, afraid to face the inevitable, afraid to make a mistake, afraid to take a risk. Hanging on to resentments, we keep people we love at bay for silly reasons we don’t understand. Swallowed up in fearful stories, we refuse to take the step that would bring us the very fulfillment our souls long for.

In truth, one car accident, one cancer case, one knife wound takes away all those potentials like a puff of smoke.

Howie and Winton
Howie and Winton

I flew to Denver immediately to be with my sister, who is understandably shredded. However, the synchronicity that is occurring are stuff movies are made out of. Truly an angel, Howie is alive and well in Afterlife, guiding our quest for justice to make sure Win is protected.

Howie’s mom, my sister, has always been brilliant—this woman puts even my self-discipline to shame. Losing her son in this brutal way has honed her focus on constructing the whole case. Using emails, texts, pictures, affidavits from people who witnessed events, and personal diaries we are bringing all the pieces of the puzzle together. Our job is to bring Howie’s story to life for the DA and the State who are charged with protecting Winton.

My sister lovingly made a folder dedicated to Howie’s life. Viewing my precious nephew in pictures, from the cradle to the grave, with his beautiful son, I see a life well lived. The boy was a walking, talking joy machine. Every picture has his huge smile. All his friends talked about how he never let life drag him down. Even at his worst, he was even-tempered, positive, and intent on doing what was best for the good of all.

Perhaps someday I will write a book about this, but for now it’s hard to keep track of all the grace: the detective on the case is Brad With (no kidding); a girl at the clinic on the other end of town had pictures of Howie on her iPhone; a Jewish grief therapist with a connection to a trial lawyer appeared in the bank lobby; peace has broken out in my family, which has grown sizably; Howie’s very large and devoted following (the funeral procession stretched eight miles) stand ready, willing and able to do anything to help protect Winton. We are all one family now.

Howie's friends had teeshirts made in honor of him. Team Howie.
Howie’s friends had teeshirts made in his honor. Team Howie.

On behalf of my family, thank you so much to everyone who has sent us your unconditional love, said a prayer, visioned Winton safe, and expressed your condolences over this unfathomable act.

In honor of Howie, I challenge you to a Call to Action: You have your own universe filled with your own details that could dearly use your passion and commitment to change. Life is short. We need you. Get up off the couch, do something to better your world. There are wars to stop, mines to fight, wolves to protect, children to feed, homeless to shelter, a whole world of needs that you have the resources to fill.

During this turbulent time of change remember to touch deeply to the Source: Compassion. Allow it to inspire you to stand up and take action to better your world. That’s why we’re here.