Creativity Training: Accessing Your Natural Creative Power

$99 | includes six MP3 recordings of all the sessions

Albert Einstein, both a scientist and musician, often expounded on the idea that true creativity was the product not of words, but of images, feelings and sound. He claimed the theory of relativity occurred to him by intuition, and that music was the driving force behind it. His son reported that whenever a scientific problem stumped him, his father would take refuge in music and somehow come out with the answer.

Einstein believed that creativity begins in the nonphysical as intuitive impelling and works its way up into the body, where it then inspires thought and action. The truth is, at our root, humans possess an unlimited abundance of natural creative energy that is constantly fueling our very existence into being.

Since I was old enough to remember, this gift of creative energy has permeated my life. At age four, I climbed up to the piano and began teaching myself. Later, writing poetry helped me cope through my parents’ divorce. Combining the two, I started composing songs as a teenager, which led to a career as a professional musician and later, a published author. This open line to my natural creative energy has produced books, music, screenplays, workshops, publishing systems, but more intriguing, an imagination that can channel creative solutions to any problem or situation.

And yet despite the truth that life is a miracle, how many times do even the most evolved of us, myself included, feel stifled by our limited patterns of thinking, feeling and making decisions?

Einstein and the Party immerse us in the series called Creativity Training: Accessing Your Natural Creative Power. Together we will nurture a daily awareness to tap into our intuitive energy with ease and spark meaningful new ideas, forms and processes that will lead to creative solutions and new avenues for the expression of our abundant nature. By supporting each other in embracing our creative birthright, we create a web of inspiration as we see others evolving with us.

Romania 2011
Romania 2011

Whether your question is about building a business, improving a relationship, developing an artistic expression, increasing synchronicity, or finding a new approach an old problem, this series will give clear answers and inspire practical steps into a quantum level of creative energy that is ours for the taking.

Also, guest appearances by Adamus St. Germain for one session and me for another! I am excited to present my own dissertation on how I approach, preserve and nurture my creative self.

Come learn to relax into the wonder of who you really are! Even if you don’t consider yourself an “artist,” you can channel your own creativity to live a magical and fulfilling life. The creative flow of the Universe, working with us, through us, becomes a playful journey into our own power, mindfully co-creating as we go.


The Nature of Creative Energy: A Channel with Einstein
Take a journey into Einstein’s maps. Follow along as he leads us to fully understand the true nature of creativity as our birthright. Learn to tap into the unseen latent power of the multi-verse within, including alternate realities and concurrent lives.



The Evolution of Our Creatorship: A Channel with The Party
Where does our power really lie in terms of co-creation? How do we know where our power ends and the Universe begins? How can we draw upon the oneness to enhance our individuality?


meUnlocking the Patterns of Limitation: Dissertation by Barbara With
Let me share with you my own processes for unlocking the old patterns of limitation, including taming the inner critic, how to be creative when you don’t think you can, and becoming addicted to achievement.


Mastering Rebellion and Surrender: Channel with The Party
Part of being in the flow of creative energy is understanding when to give in and when to rise up. Learn the power of conflict as a creative force, and using rest as an instigator for change and transformation.


Honoring Your Own Power: Channel with St. Germain
How often we underestimate the power we have at our fingertips. Learn creative ways to pick up your power and exert creative intention in any circumstance or situation. Find inspiration to stretch beyond what you ever thought was possible.


Celebrating our Creative Birthright: Channel with the Party
Each day deserves to be celebrated as a miracle, but how can we do that when our connections are clouded? Learn how to reach that place of undeniable truth no matter what you are faced with. Prepare to celebrate the end of the Mayan calendar and start of the next 26,000 year cycle!


One hour telephone reading | $150




Readings with Barbara With


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