Einstein on Will Power

From our May 19, 2013 session from the Regeneration and Physical Health series, “Will Power, Discipline, and Progress”:

worldWill power is an intuitive declarative statement. When we refer to power, we mean the true power of compassion that works for the good of the whole. To will true power means making the choice to direct your attention and your energy to supporting and being a channel for the power that comes through you, the power of compassion, of the universe—of God. This is what you are here to do. All the details of your life, whether or not you achieve every last thing that you think you’ll achieve, are specifically designed to help you further yourself to continue to will your power.

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Imagining Einstein ON SALE $5.95 READ MORE

Your ability to self-validate is where your hope, your strength, your faith, and your inspiration ultimately come from, when you realize that you can have hope, that you are in fact on the cutting edge, leading the planet through your love of the planet, of yourself and each other, self-love, love of neighbor, love of friends. Through love you’re committed, every day. You don’t have to feel and think loving thoughts every single moment, but you develop an awareness of the bigger part of the mechanism beyond just the thought process.

Accept the patterns of highs and lows, of in-control and out-of-control. The further you step out as an observer and see all of these patterns from a longer point of view, from more you’ll bring the power of your will into every moment.

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