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Conflict REVOLUTION Workshop & Einstein Channel

Saturday December 13, 2014
12:00 – 16:00

Meet and Greet from 10:00 – 11:00! Barbara will be signing books which will be available for purchase.

Please note these times have been updated.

Kulturanstalten – Lyrskovgade: Local 5
Lyrskovgade 4, 3rd floor
1758 Copenhagen V


All fees waived. This is now a free event!

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Free Download of December 14, 2014 Channel


Barbara With, Teresa McMillian & Lily Phelps. Photo: Heidi Ehalt
Barbara With, Teresa McMillian & Lily Phelps. Photo: Heidi Ehalt

Last Saturday evening, Lily, Teresa and I gathered in Teresa’s home, eager to hear what the “angels” had to say to us on the 20th anniversary of our work together. In 1993, there were eight of us; last Saturday there were ten, gathered from around the world to hear a message of hope and compassion.

I am still amazed that my life has been this remarkable journey of talking with these “angels” who turned out to be Einstein and the Party. The story of how this path unfolded is still humblinh to me. Without these two dear friends and Psychic Sorority sisters, there would be no witnesses to the entire story of this amazing life that has gifted me with more adventures than I could have dreamt possible back then.

But the most rewarding part has been all the people I have personally touched, and who have taken this work and used it to become the change. People from all over the world have shared their gratitude and love for the lessons of the Party. I am humbled and honored to have volunteered and have been chosen for this mission.

Last September, I attended a training session about how to run for elected office. In learning how to craft the political messages of a campaign, we were told make them “honest” and “believable.” I realized then that the story of my life and my association with the Party is honest, but I daresay, rather unbelievable. But everything I have shared along the way has been my truth, as witnessed by Lily, Teresa and countless others, and told to the best of my ability. I am so grateful for those of you willing to make this unbelievable journey with me.

As you head into this season of compassion, please try to remember the words of our “angels” concerning self-love:

0022 Adobe ID 164ASP13468373Every day you are going to encounter people who don’t talk this language. How are you going to inspire them to become self-loving, for themselves? The best way you can mirror that is by becoming that yourself.

Become the change you wish to see: learn self-love and self-respect, the greatest gifts you can give.

Enjoy this download, and if it moves you, please feel free to go to my website, scroll down and make a donation. Or email me at barbarawith11 at gmail.com and I can send you a paypal request. I try and give away as much as I can, and every gift given back is greatly appreciated.

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Whatever you do, have a safe and miraculous holiday season, and watch for my new 2014 Winter Series, Living on the Glorious Planet Earth.


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In honor of Marilyn: Free Norma Jean Download

cover1August 5th marked the 51st anniversary of the death of Norma Jean Baker. Her tragic life came to a close far too soon. The controversy over her death continues today, as we will never know if she committed suicide, or as many people believe, was murdered.

What we do know is that the woman who later become Marilyn Monroe has a power and persuasion that made her a legend. That was one reason why she is one of the founding members of the Party of Twelve, and a beloved icon of beauty, femininity and compassion.

In honor of this anniversary, please enjoy this FREE DOWNLOAD of her chapter in my book, Party of Twelve: The Afterlife Interviews. All the candor and charm that Marilyn possessed in life Norma Jean shares in Afterlife, including insights into feminism, women’s rights, sex vs sexuality and what she believes caused her untimely demise.

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Party of Twelve: The Afterlife Interviews
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Einstein on Will Power

From our May 19, 2013 session from the Regeneration and Physical Health series, “Will Power, Discipline, and Progress”:

worldWill power is an intuitive declarative statement. When we refer to power, we mean the true power of compassion that works for the good of the whole. To will true power means making the choice to direct your attention and your energy to supporting and being a channel for the power that comes through you, the power of compassion, of the universe—of God. This is what you are here to do. All the details of your life, whether or not you achieve every last thing that you think you’ll achieve, are specifically designed to help you further yourself to continue to will your power.

Imagining Einstein ON SALE $5.95 READ MORE
Imagining Einstein ON SALE $5.95 READ MORE

Your ability to self-validate is where your hope, your strength, your faith, and your inspiration ultimately come from, when you realize that you can have hope, that you are in fact on the cutting edge, leading the planet through your love of the planet, of yourself and each other, self-love, love of neighbor, love of friends. Through love you’re committed, every day. You don’t have to feel and think loving thoughts every single moment, but you develop an awareness of the bigger part of the mechanism beyond just the thought process.

Accept the patterns of highs and lows, of in-control and out-of-control. The further you step out as an observer and see all of these patterns from a longer point of view, from more you’ll bring the power of your will into every moment.

Spring 2013 Series: Regeneration and Physical Health
Includes MP3s downloads of all 6 sessions and a 30-minute private reading with Einstein & The Party
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Be a Part of the Compassionate Coalition

From our last series, Unlimited Human Potential:

Garden 017Sometimes when you find yourself with your back to the wall, it’s the perfect time to be forced to push through an obstacle or a barrier to change yourself. That is what gives you the most hope. Not someone else telling you something beautiful, although you can be inspired by that.

Don’t misunderstand. We don’t want you to stop being inspired by other people’s songs or words. But what you’re looking for, ultimately, is the faith in your own energy, in your own power, and that you will use your power for the greatest good possible.

Faith that you’re committed to being a member of this compassionate coalition of individual sovereign human beings all over the planet, committed to taking responsibility for self to the greatest degree possible, the greatest degree humanly possible.

People - General 085Who commits to that? Certainly not all the people you rub elbows with. On the other hand, how many humans are committed to compassion who you’ll never know about? Standing in line at the supermarket, what if the lady in front of you prays every night for peace on earth and donates her spare time to helping elders in her community? You don’t know and you can’t tell.

Just know, there’s this compassionate coalition of individuals, all over the planet, individuals, billions of them, committed to compassion in one form or another.

Be one of them.

Join us for the new Spring Series, Regeneration & Physical Healing, beginning Sunday, April 21, 2013 @3 PM CDT. Register here!

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Free Download End of the World Channel 12 21 2012

earthOn Friday night, I gathered on a conference call with a circle of people from around the world for our End of the World Channel with Einstein & The Party.

Felicity in Australia spoiled the surprise of if the world was really going to end, as it was the next morning in Queensland. Obviously, we all got to live, but it did not take a psychic to predict that.

What struck me most about the dissertation was the brilliant articulation of a concept that is almost too large for the human mind to comprehend: our direct access to the synergy of a unified field. The description of how each of us can tap into the power of the collective once again demonstrates the elegance of our work with Einstein.

Ever since our first group channel in December 1993, I have watched as the theories delivered by Einstein & The Party have become reality via the people who practice this worldview. Every person who has engaged in Conflict REVOLUTION has added to the evolution of a process so simple but brilliant, even if it’s not Einstein, it’s worthy of his thinking. The results are nothing short of miraculous, as proven time and again by those of us who work it.

To rise everyday and participate fully on how we approach life imbues us with power and magic. Since projection is a necessary part of having a physical experience, let’s flex our co-creative muscles every day and project compassion. Access the neural net of power created by people all around the world committing to compassion. Dive deeply into those non-physical realms and explore this tap root of unlimited human potential. Truly, the investigation and advancement of human consciousness is the next frontier and we are the trail blazers.

Thank you to all of you who support this work and write to tell me how much it means to you. Knowing you are inspired to reach greater heights to live more passionately and in present moment is my paycheck.


Download channel here.


Evolution Management Teams (EMT)

Yesterday we began the final workshop series of 2012, Creativity Training: Accessing Your Natural Creative Power.  Einstein & The Party began with a creative shift in perception as they took us deep into the structure of the matrix, revealing even more pieces of the ever-evolving maps of human consciousness:

A compilation of human consciousness, as well as an energetic structure for the entire planet. So are you viewing a particle or the Earth? Both? That’s why it’s truly a unified field.

“The first baby step in seeking to go deeper into your creative power is to understand how natural this is.

“This is not something that we will teach you; we will instead reveal to you how much you already have, and that you are already know and are. Embracing this power you will be charged with creating a structure for it. You do create the stories of who you are in your own mind. You create the stories of who you think people are.

“This is not a bad thing. We’re not trying to completely stop the thinking process. We are trying to intentionally corral the energy into conglomerates that are individually working for the good of the whole.”

Conglomerates: anything composed of heterogeneous materials, widely dissimilar elements or constituents, as well as the same substances in different phases, such as water and ice.

The Party has coined the term Evolution Management Teams and suggest that people work together in teams of three for the purpose of sharing synergy and support as we all take this giant evolutionary step together towards December 21, 2012.

An EMT consists of three people who agree to work together over a predetermined period. We make ourselves available to support each other to not focus on the illusion that the physical world is the primary reality. Each team works out the details of how to communicate (text, email, phone) and the terms of the agreement (no crying on the phone, no obsessing about something outside yourself). Jessica, Debbie and I chose a month duration for our commitment. Any time any of us feels trapped in our stories and has a real need for support to get our focus off the physical, we send  a text and pick a time to gather on a conference call. The hope is that just the thought of calling the others would trigger us into action and we would not need the support.

Each member of our EMT has a different trigger (money, man, and mom) but we are committed to supporting each other in staying out of the degenerative story and in the emotion as we intentionally corral the energy and channel it into new, creative perspectives and consequently actions.

As was suspected, the first time I considered calling an EMT after being triggered by man, I instantly could feel Jessica and Debbie around me in that same place we go when we talk on the phone together. I heard their voices, instructing me on new angles to see things. All the while I was actually having lunch with my mom and two sisters! At the time, I wasn’t aware of having two focuses of reality at once. It was only when I reflected back later that I had two specific sets of memories: one of my mom and sisters, and one of being in this non-physical place getting support and instruction. Both Debbie and Jessica reported similar experiences.

It’s not too late to join us! Come learn to relax into the wonder of who you really are. I am looking forward to hearing reports from everyone about their homework and their intentions at our next gathering Saturday, October 27, 8 AM CDT.

If you are interested in forming an EMT email me.

Register here and read more.

Individual Private Readings $99
One-on-one hour personal session with Einstein and the Party.
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Living the Magical Life: Part 4 Feeding the 5,000 Wed Aug 8, 8 AM CDT

Thus far, our series, “Living the Magical Life: A World Beyond Money” has exceeded all my expectations. The last session, “The Currency of Food, Air and Water” was a real eye-opening. Listening to their description of the body as an interface between the physical and non-physical realities gives me a greater appreciation of this mechanism that is our only vehicle for experiencing the physical world.

As they spoke about how our body processes the resources necessary to live in the physical, I found a greater appreciation for the current illness I am going through, candida. Somehow, through a combination of stress, bad eating and more stress, I developed a raging case of this fungal infection whose cure is mostly diet. Being on a severely restrictive diet has been life changing. Not just that I have lost about 25 pounds, but that now I can almost feel what each piece of food entering my body must go through to become energy.

The combination of this magnificent machine of the human body, the food and water provided by Mother Earth, and the breath of oxygen from Father Sky is astounding. No human could have thought up such an arrangement. The breath fires the entire process into processing the food and turning it all into energy to fuel mind, body and emotion.

Tomorrow we will channel the fourth in the series, “Feeding the 5,000,” a timely topic considering that, according to World Hunger, over 900 million people are starving in this world, almost one in seven. To be deprived of the basic necessity of food dictates the rest of one’s human experience. How can we contribute to feeding the world? I know tomorrow’s session will offer some enlightening answers, as always.

Please join us. You can sign up for the entire series ($149 for six sessions) and I will email you a link to download the previous sessions, or you can sign up for one at a time ($25 each). Click here to register.

When you get the entire series, I also give a complimentary 30-minute reading to help synthesize the information.

Meanwhile, be mindful of your body, what you eat, how you breathe and move about. It is the only temple you get in this life, a living prayer to creation that is yours to watch over. Why not consider starting a cleanse, new ways of eating, or moving around more to help make this amazing contraption last as long as possible.

Also it is the last few weeks of my Summer Reading sale! Get an hour reading for $75, including an MP3 recording of the session. Sale ends August 31. Stock up!

Live Channel: Minneapolis, MN Thursday, June 28, 2012 7 PM Living a Magical Life

Anyone who really knows me, knows of the Psychic Sorority. Lily Phelps and Teresa McMillian compose the other two-thirds of the triumvirate that helped birth Einstein and the Party of Twelve back onto the planet. Thanks to the two of them, my gift of sight has been put through the rigorous checks and balances of their watchful and compassionate souls.

Barbara With, Teresa McMillian, Lily Phelps, The Psychic Sorority, 1996

In 1993, the three of us began a study of my channeling. We’d organize and record groups in our homes, then transcribe the sessions and publish them. “Publish” meant going to Kinko’s and making copies of the session to bring to the next group for the other listeners to read. We agreed to never have food so we would not need RSVPs; and asked for love donations. The truth was, making money was the last priority on our list. It was the magic that we drank in like slaves in a desert.

And indeed, it was all dreamy spending so much time together, organizing regular groups in our homes, transcribing the sessions and then experimenting with their suggestions for how to deal with our conflicts in a way that would lead to living a magical life. We spent hours at Lily’s kitchen design business writing our first book, Diaries of a Psychic Sorority: Talking With the Angels and working to change our perspective.

But the day arrived when, inevitably, the three of us started to fight amongst ourselves. A perfect set-up to test a revolutionary new approach to conflict! Over the past 19 years, the Sorority has taken every conflict as a divine opportunity to embody this powerful perspective, which became Conflict REVOLUTION. Because of successfully working through conflicts together, we not only have a bond that transcends lifetimes, but have forged relationships based on compassionate, intuitive and articulate honoring of ourselves and each other that promotes magic. Our conflicts have become our greatest learning opportunities.

Those first groups—six master sessions for how to become world peace, one person at a time, each individual starting with his or her own self—were some of the most magical experiences of my life. However, what we cracked open in our personal and very human work together brought the messages of the “Angels” to life. The emergence of Einstein from the “Angels” then led to the birth of the Party of Twelve. The Psychic Sorority is a living example of how well the Party’s Afterlife suggestions work to make magic.

Join us for another live group channel as we come together to make our own special magic, and keep the tradition alive.

The Psychic Sorority Presents Barbara With, Talking With the Angels
Thursday, June 28, 2012
Edina, MN
Hosted at the home of Lily Phelps
7 PM – 9 PM

For more information, call 715.209.5471
E-mail me at barbarawith11 at aol.com

The Long View

On May 24, 2012, I sat down with my friend Jessica Sackett and channeled a dissertation entitled, “The Long View.” The island was cool and wet, and as we worked, a thunderstorm broke out and provided the perfect soundtrack.

The Long View was apropos for the two of us; we met “coincidentally” in Columbus, Ohio during the 2008 Kuthumi Weekend with Crimson Circle. She “forgot” her checkbook in my hotel room during her private session. I noted her address—Stoughton, Wisconsin—and was triggered by the circumstance of her being from my home state.

During that session, Jessica asked about her vision of opening a store/classroom where she could sell inspiring and beautiful merchandise as well as offer classes and coaching sessions. The former buyer for Nordstrom’s was also a life coach and wanted to know if she was correct in moving forward to build it. The answer was clearly, yes.

Hand With Seeds, February 16, 2011

As she took on the tasks to open her own store/classroom in a small town right outside Madison, she came regularly for tune-ups with the Party. Whatever they all did together worked, as she opened Hand With Seeds on December 4, 2009. From the start, she put every resource she had into making HWS a success. HWS became a central stopping point in Stoughton where beauty met transformation met community spirit.

My first workshop there took place in May 2010. I booked it to coincide with my return trip from Corpus Christi, Texas where I spend the winter. In fact, we were planning regular semi-annual stops for Einstein and the Party as I was coming north in the Spring and returning in the Fall.

So why we agreed upon a February 2011 date was beyond me. I think I originally booked it because I “missed cross-country skiing.” But as the time approached and I read the weather forecasts from my balmy flat in downtown CC, I found it difficult to rationalize why I was spending the money to go back into the cold.

Finally, I gave in and flew north. The joke was, there wasn’t enough snow to ski anyway. But it’s always a joy to see Jessica, and Hand With Seeds had grown considerably in notoriety among the spiritually minded in the area.

Jessica standing up for human rights, February 22, 2011, Madison Wisconsin

I had been mildly paying attention to this new governor and his budget, but not enough to know what was taking place as I landed in Milwaukee that winter. On February 14, the Teachers Aide Association of UW-Madison presented thousands of Valentine’s Day cards to Scott Walker, begging the governor not to slash education. Two days later, 14 Democrats fled the state in one of the most courageous stands for democracy in State history, 100,000 citizens showed up to occupy the capitol, and my life changed on a dime.

Throughout the past 18 months, I have often heard Einstein telling me that this was what all my training was for. Wisconsin’s Revolution put everything I’d learned about Conflict REVOLUTION for the past 18 years to the test.

Being at Hand With Seeds in February 2011 set a path before me I had not planned on and certainly did not expect. Had I not been there during the turmoil, I would never have met so many great democracy-loving Wisconsin-ites, like the two scientists who independently testified about the truth of the sulfide in the 22-mile open-pit iron ore mine on the shores of Lake Superior. These two heroes traveled north to collect rocks from the site and have them independently analyzed. Hematite, a biologist, geochemist and geologist, along with a geologist who specializes in iron ore, chipped away at the billion-year-old rocks together one cold February afternoon in the Penokee Hills. Their expert testimony was a turning point in bringing the mining bill to a grinding halt.

Not long after I decided to dedicate my energy to standing strong against the corporate takeover of my government, Hand With Seeds closed. Jessica could be proud of her vision coming into reality, and all the lives she touched in the time she was open. However, it’s understandable that she felt deep emotion around the folding of her long-time dream.

When she came to visit me in May, we talked again about how everything takes place for purpose, and that her store served so many, more than she can ever see. I told her, in the long view, for me personally, being in Madison at that moment would never have happened without her and her dream. Because I was there to see first hand what was really happening, I was influenced in a way that did not communicate across state lines. This meant I was able to mindfully redirect my energy to use my voice to stop a terrible pillage of the land and water up north. Helping protect my Anishinabe neighbors from losing their wild rice to sulfide drainage was just the beginning of what we protected.

There Jessica sat on that rainy day in May, on Madeline Island and in the middle of what Hand With Seeds influenced. She could now see the real people and the magnificent water she indirectly helped to protect. Neither of us saw this coming in Columbus, Ohio in 2008.

Each layer represents millions of years…

Like my visit to Stoughton that changed my life and sent me on a new direction, Jessica was sent on a new path when her store closed. I have no doubt she, too, will just do it, and relish every step of wherever she is going.

When you wonder if the events of the universe are working for or against you, take the long view.

While standing on the side of the road with scientists last winter, one carefully explained how each layer of rock represented 1,000,000 years of Earth history. In the end, we will end up hardly a speck of dust in a layer of the Earth. How’s that for a long view.

So in the end, it’s all a mystery? The perfect reason not to sweat the small stuff, commit to the unknown, live in mindful compassion, and just do it—whatever “it” is for you.

And of course, don’t forget to breathe …

oh and PS watch and be amazed ; )

Free downloads of The Long View, as well as a bonus song, Innocent Future, are available here.

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