Be a Part of the Compassionate Coalition

From our last series, Unlimited Human Potential:

Garden 017Sometimes when you find yourself with your back to the wall, it’s the perfect time to be forced to push through an obstacle or a barrier to change yourself. That is what gives you the most hope. Not someone else telling you something beautiful, although you can be inspired by that.

Don’t misunderstand. We don’t want you to stop being inspired by other people’s songs or words. But what you’re looking for, ultimately, is the faith in your own energy, in your own power, and that you will use your power for the greatest good possible.

Faith that you’re committed to being a member of this compassionate coalition of individual sovereign human beings all over the planet, committed to taking responsibility for self to the greatest degree possible, the greatest degree humanly possible.

People - General 085Who commits to that? Certainly not all the people you rub elbows with. On the other hand, how many humans are committed to compassion who you’ll never know about? Standing in line at the supermarket, what if the lady in front of you prays every night for peace on earth and donates her spare time to helping elders in her community? You don’t know and you can’t tell.

Just know, there’s this compassionate coalition of individuals, all over the planet, individuals, billions of them, committed to compassion in one form or another.

Be one of them.

Join us for the new Spring Series, Regeneration & Physical Healing, beginning Sunday, April 21, 2013 @3 PM CDT. Register here!

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