Einstein in Madrid

After his successful visit to Paris in 1922, Einstein headed over to Spain to do a similar such peace mission in Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza. Here he lectured, attended receptions under great public and media scrutiny, and made ​​several cultural visits, including the Museum del Prado and El Escorial.

Einstein’s new theories were inspiring the world—everyone from philosophers to politicians were intrigued with his new view of the world, so simple and elegant: E=MC3. Because of this, he was the equivalent of a rock star of the times.

While in Madrid he spoke at the Palace Hotel, meeting with the rector of the Central University and the faculty of the School of Sciences. A large banquet was held after the day of presentations, where Einstein was honored with a tribute to his genius and revolutionary leadership.

As I make my way to Copenhagen, where I will once again give Einstein a voice in Europe, I am a bit fraught I must say. How can it be that, from Afterlife, he can come back and pick up where he left off, bringing forth a revolutionary new way to not just perceive the world, but how to be a compassionate conscious creator in it? Some nights, it’s a bit overwhelming to ponder. But most days, I feel humbled and tremendously grateful that someone — something “out there” — gifted me with the powerful imagination to perceive the possibility that, indeed, it really could be Einstein.

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of it really being Einstein, from beyond the grave, please feel free to think I made the whole thing up. It makes no never mind to me. I know the revolutionary manifestations that have come thus far. Now the world is catching up, and an elegant and simple process to revolve conflicts, first within our own selves, is a much needed tool for today’s tumultuous world.

Einstein was not a psychic, but with the rise of the Nazis in Germany and the Fascists in Italy, it wouldn’t take a psychic to predict Spain would fall and Franco would be installed there. Meanwhile, the great scientist, rock star of his day, made his mission to travel the world sharing his genius. What a gift.

And his mission of peace lives on…

I am proud to be presenting the revolutionary material of Einstein & The Party in Copenhagen on December 13th. Private Readings will also be available during my visit. Spaces are limited, so schedule early. Register for the event and schedule a reading here.

Can’t make it to Copenhagen? I encourage you to explore the many topics of Einstein in the Training Series. They’re all on sale until the end of the year.

Interested in a Conflict REVOLUTION Workshop or speaking engagement in your area? Contact me. And stay tuned for the next teleclass series that will begin in January 2015.

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