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A wise woman once told me, “Love is all there is.”  I admit I have struggled to understand this. Surely not everyone acts out of love; certainly I don’t. Not that I don’t want to, but sometimes, before I know it, I’ve done or said something that clearly was not for the greatest good. And yet…

Considering Einstein’s definition of Compassion as the fifth fundamental force of the universe—the intelligence that uses the four fundamental forces to create the physical world, one step at a time—then yes indeed, every act is rooted in Compassion, regardless of its intention. Love becomes, literally, God, the driving force behind the creation of life.

Our latest series Our Glorious Planet Earth is an in-depth look at the five elements that make up matter, and our relationship to them. Last week, The Party stressed that human consciousness is going through a time of adaptation. Of the billions of years that Earth has been around, humans have only emerged in the last four hours, giving new meaning to the word “patience.”

Sometimes, life hands us cruel blows. Pain can be excruciating. We take actions that aren’t in our own best interest and then ask, “Why did I create this for myself?”  When we take the short view, we can drive ourselves insane.

But in the long view Einstein gives us, we understand that for the nanosecond we grace the planet, we have the opportunity to reprogram the mathematics of our corner of human consciousness. We can commit to aligning to Compassion by becoming the change. This means accepting that human consciousness by its very nature has the potential for both good and evil. Admitting that as humans we can and do perpetrate evil becomes the inspiration to commit to aligning our lives with Compassion. Becoming the change means taking control of our own domain to make sure evil does not manifest from within us.

As always, The Party’s suggestions are not brain surgery, but seen from the long view, become the next most advantageous step in the never-ending process of our commitment to evolve:

The adaptation that humanity is engaged in can be accentuated through conscious choices on your part.
First, make sure to connect to nature as much as is possible. Living without a direct connection to nature is the source of inability to adapt. If you were put in a concrete room to live without sunlight, you would probably die. That is a form of adaptation. But if you were put out in the middle of a forest, you would learn to adapt to what to eat, where to find water. Be as close to nature as you can. Put your feet on the ground. Put your face in the air. Surround yourself with trees and water and beautiful land. Get away from the concrete and the boxes.
A second way you can actively participate in this adaptation is through the use of your own Compassion. We want to explain that in different ways. Yes, of course—it’s acting kind, making decisions for the good of the whole. But we also want to draw your attention to the level of Emotion. This—as we’ve said for years—is the place with the primordial soup, the place where all of your particles are strewn about. This would be something like being up in a high atmosphere, where there’s a lot of space between the molecules. Then, as that wave moves forward, you get into Intuition, which now has sound. Now there’s less space between the molecules. Then you add Intellect, which will now provide the structure for the images—the descriptions—and there’s even less space, until you get through the body.
Now you’re looking at the desk or the chair or the tree or the car. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of space between the molecules of your computer. That primordial soup of Emotion is now all pulled together to form the five-dimensional images that make up your physical world.
So when you go into deep Emotion, you have an opportunity to commune in that space between the molecules, to become Compassion—that intelligence that understands, even at that level, that there’s a process taking place that’s going to eventually form that computer. At that level of Emotion, your molecules and the computer’s molecules are all floating around, with lots of space between them. That’s your identity.
That’s your true identity, that space between the molecules. That’s what lives on eternally. That’s what will survive anything that happens to the planet Earth…
Map of Human Consciousness as per the dictations of the channeling.
Map of Human Consciousness as per the dictations of the channeling.

2014 Winter Series: Living on the Glorious Planet Earth

Waterscape 0003

$89 | includes five MP3 recordings of all the sessions


In this adventure with Einstein & The Party we dive into Our Glorious Planet Earth. This five-part series embraces nature at the quantum level, beginning with the center of the very Earth we inhabit.

According to modern science, the Four Fundamental Forces—electromagnetics, gravity, strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force—are the ingredients in the recipe of the creation of Planet Earth. Trees, soil, animals, water, chairs, people—all of reality is constantly springing from a dance of these Four Fundamentals.

However, according to the Party’s Neo-Science,  the Fifth Fundamental Force—Compassion—is the Intelligence that organizes the Four Fundamental Forces into the intended matter and gives us a way to perceive it. How energy separates from the Source to become the forms we see in the world—trees, soil, animals, water, chairs, people, and of course, our body itself—are the result of Compassion’s mysterious intention to create.

Under the Sea 0629Join The Revolution

In the Party’s intricate, intimate fashion, we explore our intersection with these various Forces, and examine how our perception influences their manifestation on Earth. Using Einstein’s Maps of Human Consciousness, we experiment with aligning to our own Compassion to influence the manifestations for the good of the whole.

Planet Earth needs our help. Einstein’s Maps present a fail safe process to ensure we are using our power to channel our deepest Compassion. In this way, we will become the Fifth Force. We are the intelligence that uses our power for the good of the whole. Also in this way, we become vessels of peace, and can stand up to protect our Glorious Planet Earth.


Fireworks 017Fire

Let there be light! Fire ignites mathematics into form and is related to Emotion. This ignition starts the engines of the creative machine. Learn to access the fire within and how to keep the passion for creativity alive.


Waterscapes 445Water

Comprising 70% of the human body, water is the essence of human form and is related to Intuition. Learn how to use your own sacred water within to transform your relationship to the world around you.


Sunset & Sky 005Air

The air we breathe is our first connection to consciousness and is related to Intellect. Explore the power in the air, the intimate process of the inhale and exhale, and learn how to use breath to shape reality.


Landscape 608Earth

Planet Earth is our home. The solid ground that She provides includes our own body. Explore your body as a microcosm of Earth, and learn how to ground yourself in the fullest of your own body.



Coming back around to Compassion, we will end the series with a look at the power of the space between the molecules. We are inseparable from Earth, in the world but not of it. Learn how to connect with your sacred purpose, the mission we are all here to fulfill.



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Free International Telechannel December 14


Please join us for a FREE International Telechannel on Saturday, December 14, 2013 at 5 PM CST. We will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Psychic Sorority. Present with me will be Teresa McMillian and Kimberly Lilith Phelps, the original members of the Sorority who, 20 years ago, started the first group channel.

Our association resulted in our first book, Diaries of a Psychic Sorority: Talking With The Angels, the true story of how three strong, ordinary women came together to be a part of a greater mission of “World peace, one person at a time, starting with you…” Below is the excerpt from the book about our first night together:

One night, Kim, Teresa and Lee came to see me sing. On my break, we began talking about how these concepts fit into our lives. I was energized by their intense curiosity and our lively discussions about how these readings were affecting them in positive ways. I could hardly tear myself away to return to the piano.

I began to realize in all the years of speaking the voices, I’d had little real contact with the people who came for this service. Suddenly, here was a group of women, eager to talk and listen more. They brought new life to an old process.

I still wasn’t making a conscious connection about Kim and Teresa. I remember the very moment when the angels started telling me about our future relationship. I was driving down the freeway. It was an exceptionally sunny winter day. An angel whispered in my ear:

You will teach them to speak our voices.

I will? Why?

You have a great mission to accomplish together. They will be a part of group sessions.

A mission? What mission?

You will create centers where people will come to hear the voices.

“I don’t want to teach anyone anything,” I argued. “I am not a good teacher by nature, nor do I have the ability to know how to teach someone else to speak the voices.” The angels reminded me that they would be doing the teaching, so I wouldn’t have to worry.

On the other hand, I’d tried to do a group session six months earlier, but none of the old friends I invited seemed very enthusiastic. Maybe these new women would be interested, since there were so many of them anxious to learn.

After this message on the freeway, I called Kim and Teresa to propose getting together and seeing what the voices had to say.

Before I could ask them, Kim told me they were planning a little gathering to continue to pursuit of these ideas.

“Great!” I said. “Would you be interested in having me come and speak the voices?

“YES!” Kim practically shouted. “We wanted to invite you to this, but we didn’t want to impose. We figured this was old hat to you.”

“Are you kidding?” I shot back. “It’s so exhilarating talking with you about this stuff. Most people in my life are so used to the fact that I do this, I’ve forgotten how amazing it can be.”

“And what a coincidence that we were all thinking about this group thing at exactly the same time!” Kim sounded genuinely awestruck.

I was dumbfounded.

And so began our Psychic Sorority.

We picked a date for the first group and invited about 15 people. Eight of us gathered at Teresa’s home that first night, sitting on the hardwood floor in the middle of winter. It was below zero outside. Out of the darkness came the familiar voice and each time they spoke of the past life we had all lived together in the far north, we swore we felt a wind blow through the room, chilling and real.

Some of them were apparently new to delivering messages to a group. Initially, we had difficulty following what they were saying. But as we all became comfortable with each other, angels and humans like, their words began to flow and we settled in for a long winter’s night.

It was the start of something bigger than we could ever have imagined. It was the beginning of the “mission” and we didn’t even know it.

Barbara With, Teresa McMillian & Kimberly Lilith Phelps
Barbara With, Teresa McMillian & Kimberly Lilith Phelps

Join us on Saturday to celebrate 20 years of our mission!

Saturday, December 14, 2013,  5 PM CST
Call-in number: 01-443-453-0034
Access code: 866255
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Readings are very powerful tools to help understand the deeper meaning of life’s events, and find creative and inspiring actions to transform any situation into a win-win. Take another step into the evolution of your soul. The time is upon us!

2013 Spring Series: Regeneration and Physical Health

$99 | includes six MP3 recordings of all the sessions

0022 Adobe ID 164ASP13468373The body is our vehicle with which to have this human experience. It is the interface between the non-physical and physical world that allows us to perceive matter. Einstein has explored the body from Afterlife and discovered the pathways to regenerating mind, body and spirit using a simple system over which we ultimately have complete control.

Join us as we explore our bodies and their connection to the manifestation of the matter around us. The series features six in-depth live sessions and includes classroom conversation, channeling, small group support and assignments designed to help you learn to promote your own health and well-being.


Your Body, Yourself and Optimum Health
Einstein & The Party
0023 Adobe ID 390ASP370321Einstein opens this series with a detailed look at exactly how our non-physical selves interface with the physical body to become cognitive, sentient beings capable of magnificent accomplishments and miracle healing.

Holistic Systems of Unification

davinciEinstein & The Party
The core of our healing, unification is a process that creates a working awareness of the complex systems that create our life. From here, we learn how to pay attention to what our body is telling us and steps to take to make sure all the parts of the whole are attuned to each other.

Mental Health and Concurrent Lives
Barbara With
spring201313smallThis session will be devoted to sharing my own story of healing myself of a dissociative condition, and how we can understand better how to integrate our other aspects, including concurrent lives, into our present awareness.


0044 Adobe ID 164ASP13468390


From Out Of Thin Air
Adamus St. Germain
Adamus St. Germain, a renowned expert at creating a physical body while sidestepping traditional methods, leads this detailed session that will explore the how-tos of manifestation and inspire us to think outside the box when it comes to our unification.


Will Power, Discipline & Progress
Albert Einstein

One of the most defeating aspects of life is the chronic condition that begins to occur as we continue to suffer through our lives. Learn how to push through doubts and fears, and take on the challenges of life from a new place of strength, endurance, hope and love.


Compassion: The Ultimate Healer
The Party
heartAs always, we conclude the series with a new call to compassion and inspiration. As Spring comes into its fullest, so we are being challenged again and again to come back to compassion. Learn how compassion actually heals and unifies, settles and strengthens, and ultimately, leads us to live the fullest, richest, deepest life possible.


Disclaimer: This series is not to be interpreted as dispensation of medical advice and does not prescribe the use of any technique as a replacement for medical treatment. It is our intention to provide supplementary ways in which to assist healing by striving for mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.


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Readings with Barbara With


Einstein’s Birthday

March 14, 2013

Einstein Speaks
Einstein Speaks

In honor of the birth of Albert Einstein 134 years ago today, please enjoy this free download of a reading I did in the home of Holly Adams, in Portland, Oregon on March 14, 2010.

One hundred and thirty-four years later, Einstein still rocks it.

Download here

2013 Winter Series: The Year of Unlimited Human Potential

$129 | includes eight MP3 recordings of all the sessions

Space 049In the last learning series of 2012, Creativity Training, we received instruction and support on how to tap into the synergy of the collective power of the group. Each one of us brought our own hopes and desires about what we intended to manifest during the class. However, when my sister’s son was brutally murdered, the class pulled together and tapped into that power to create an integrated focus of intention that I believe kept me grounded on the walk through this great loss. It was an amazing feat of love, from which everyone benefited and bonded us in ways we could not have imagined.

In this series, we continue the journey of focused intention. This 8-part course is called The Year of Unlimited Human Potential and once again we use our own lives as the experiment in how far we can go in tapping into our unlimited human potential.


Space 092Free New Year Telechannel
Unlimited Human Potential
Download here
In these first few breaths of the next 26,000 year cycle, Einstein & The Party present a bird’s eye view of how the expanding consciousness will affect the outcomes of life on Earth as a tribe of humans. Learn about your own power and your “invisible backpack” of dynamite you’ve been carrying around without knowing. Find the magic available at every moment and push past your comfort zones to put it to work for you.



0200 Adobe ID 164ASP13468336 Splitting Atoms
Channel by Einstein & The Party
As we delve deep into the microcosm where all potentials begin, Einstein & the Party reveal a revolutionary worldview on how to open wide from within to release the power, then manage the power with discipline and ease using Emotion, Intuition and Intellect, coordinated with a Witness. We will use the details of our own lives to do our work.


Channel by St. Germain
Every physical object materializes in every moment. Listen as Adamus takes us into a journey into the energetic fields that overlap between the physical and non-physical, and how we can make that microscopic awareness a daily part of our perception. Once we break free from the illusion of the physical, we learn to have a more playful approach to even what seems the most impossible.



Rest & Rejuvenation
Channel by Einstein & The Party
Learn to release the debilitating blocks to rest and relaxation. Part guided meditation, part gentle massage of the imagination, this session will help us remember that we do often forget how rest and rejuvenation affects all parts of the process. Practical and inventive ways to integrate these practices into every hour of living.


Birthright of Magic
Channel by Einstein & The Party
For so long, humans have been led to believe that we are not magical beings. Learn to take back your natural ability to manifest in ways that transcend the natural. Learn to make decisions that are rooted in the expectation of miracles, without hurt or disappointment.


shorthairFinding Your Song
Lecture by Barbara With
Remember when you were young, and you could play openly and without self-consciousness? How do we step outside those bonds of limitation and risk taking a chance to grow? Integrating imagination, discipline and joy brings us back to the music of our souls that we have come here to sing.  Let me inspire you to just do it before life slips away.


Committing to Compassion
Channel by Women of The Party
The truth about our unlimited potential is that it produces an abundance of what we focus on. When we truly make decisions for the good of all, we embody Compassion, the most powerful unlimited potential of all. Let the Divine Feminine show us innovative and simple ways to commit every day, every hour, every minute to break past our own self-limits to product incomparable works of compassion that change the world.


IMG_3995A New Springtime of Oneness
Channel by Einstein & The Party
As we reach for new heights of awareness and commitment to magic, compassion and love, let’s come together and celebrate our work. Look ahead into the year and see what lies ahead for those willing to take the chance to tap into the unlimited human potentials that exist within everyone.



One hour telephone reading | $150

Readings with Barbara With


A Call To Action

On November 17, 2012 my nephew Howard Adler was ambushed and murdered in front of his home in Denver, Colorado. As you can imagine, many lives changed on a dime.

The suspect, who is facing a first-degree murder charge without bond, is the boyfriend of the mother of Howie’s three-year-old son Winton. Howie and the mother were engaged in determining the custody of Win, a special needs child who at three years old is not yet talking words and shows other signs of neglect. Howie kept meticulous records of his journey to have access to his son. When he was killed, he was about to go to court and gain his 50% custody, and quite possibly become the primary parent.

Death is a powerful tool, in any form. An accident, an illness, a heinous crime—Death and Life walk hand in hand. Most of us humans refuse to acknowledge Death’s ever-present shadow. We amble on in indecision as if there’s all the time in the world, afraid to face the inevitable, afraid to make a mistake, afraid to take a risk. Hanging on to resentments, we keep people we love at bay for silly reasons we don’t understand. Swallowed up in fearful stories, we refuse to take the step that would bring us the very fulfillment our souls long for.

In truth, one car accident, one cancer case, one knife wound takes away all those potentials like a puff of smoke.

Howie and Winton
Howie and Winton

I flew to Denver immediately to be with my sister, who is understandably shredded. However, the synchronicity that is occurring are stuff movies are made out of. Truly an angel, Howie is alive and well in Afterlife, guiding our quest for justice to make sure Win is protected.

Howie’s mom, my sister, has always been brilliant—this woman puts even my self-discipline to shame. Losing her son in this brutal way has honed her focus on constructing the whole case. Using emails, texts, pictures, affidavits from people who witnessed events, and personal diaries we are bringing all the pieces of the puzzle together. Our job is to bring Howie’s story to life for the DA and the State who are charged with protecting Winton.

My sister lovingly made a folder dedicated to Howie’s life. Viewing my precious nephew in pictures, from the cradle to the grave, with his beautiful son, I see a life well lived. The boy was a walking, talking joy machine. Every picture has his huge smile. All his friends talked about how he never let life drag him down. Even at his worst, he was even-tempered, positive, and intent on doing what was best for the good of all.

Perhaps someday I will write a book about this, but for now it’s hard to keep track of all the grace: the detective on the case is Brad With (no kidding); a girl at the clinic on the other end of town had pictures of Howie on her iPhone; a Jewish grief therapist with a connection to a trial lawyer appeared in the bank lobby; peace has broken out in my family, which has grown sizably; Howie’s very large and devoted following (the funeral procession stretched eight miles) stand ready, willing and able to do anything to help protect Winton. We are all one family now.

Howie's friends had teeshirts made in honor of him. Team Howie.
Howie’s friends had teeshirts made in his honor. Team Howie.

On behalf of my family, thank you so much to everyone who has sent us your unconditional love, said a prayer, visioned Winton safe, and expressed your condolences over this unfathomable act.

In honor of Howie, I challenge you to a Call to Action: You have your own universe filled with your own details that could dearly use your passion and commitment to change. Life is short. We need you. Get up off the couch, do something to better your world. There are wars to stop, mines to fight, wolves to protect, children to feed, homeless to shelter, a whole world of needs that you have the resources to fill.

During this turbulent time of change remember to touch deeply to the Source: Compassion. Allow it to inspire you to stand up and take action to better your world. That’s why we’re here.