Breathe Deep Within

At the end of last year, I was struggling and looking for something I could do every day to help me center myself. A group of us had been meditating together a few times a week, but that had come to an end. As an answer to a prayer, I was reunited with a long-time friend, LaDonna Funderburke, who is a certified sound healer and has an organization called Breathe Deep Within.

Breathe Deep Within is about getting connected to breathing in ways that help you have a better relationship with your breath, which brings peace of mind, great health, and wholeness. Your breath reflects your current state of well-being, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Breath is the essence of balance. 

From the first session I was hooked. LaDonna has always been one of my spiritually minded friends, but her work with healing breath is phenomenal. After only a few sessions, I began to feel lighter and calmer. Now I am hooked.

For anyone needing the kind of centered grounding that meditation and breath work bring, I highly recommend joining one of her classes. She offers both free sessions and more indepth one-on-one work. Either way, in this crazy world, we need all the grounding we can get.

Sessions are attended by people from all over the world. Being in a live group is particularly powerful, and I enjoy knowing I am breathing with a dedicated community of spiritual seekers.

I recently contributed a blog post to her website.

Enjoy! And come join us to breathe deep within.

And God Said …

“Now the earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters.  And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light. And God saw that the light was good.” Genesis 1: 1-4

Much has been written about the power of light. It shines its way into the darkness, illuminating the mysteries and dispelling the unknown. Light carries information, causing life to grow and thrive, and is indeed an essential element to creation.

But before the light came breath. In the Bible, we learn, “And God said, ‘Let there be light.’” His spirit, which was hovering over the water, breathed life out of the Void. One Hebrew word for “breath,” Ruach, is the same as the word for “spirit.”  The Hebrew word for “soul” or “being,” nephesh, can also be translated as “breath.”


LaDonna Funderburke

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Living the Magical Life: Part 4 Feeding the 5,000 Wed Aug 8, 8 AM CDT

Thus far, our series, “Living the Magical Life: A World Beyond Money” has exceeded all my expectations. The last session, “The Currency of Food, Air and Water” was a real eye-opening. Listening to their description of the body as an interface between the physical and non-physical realities gives me a greater appreciation of this mechanism that is our only vehicle for experiencing the physical world.

As they spoke about how our body processes the resources necessary to live in the physical, I found a greater appreciation for the current illness I am going through, candida. Somehow, through a combination of stress, bad eating and more stress, I developed a raging case of this fungal infection whose cure is mostly diet. Being on a severely restrictive diet has been life changing. Not just that I have lost about 25 pounds, but that now I can almost feel what each piece of food entering my body must go through to become energy.

The combination of this magnificent machine of the human body, the food and water provided by Mother Earth, and the breath of oxygen from Father Sky is astounding. No human could have thought up such an arrangement. The breath fires the entire process into processing the food and turning it all into energy to fuel mind, body and emotion.

Tomorrow we will channel the fourth in the series, “Feeding the 5,000,” a timely topic considering that, according to World Hunger, over 900 million people are starving in this world, almost one in seven. To be deprived of the basic necessity of food dictates the rest of one’s human experience. How can we contribute to feeding the world? I know tomorrow’s session will offer some enlightening answers, as always.

Please join us. You can sign up for the entire series ($149 for six sessions) and I will email you a link to download the previous sessions, or you can sign up for one at a time ($25 each). Click here to register.

When you get the entire series, I also give a complimentary 30-minute reading to help synthesize the information.

Meanwhile, be mindful of your body, what you eat, how you breathe and move about. It is the only temple you get in this life, a living prayer to creation that is yours to watch over. Why not consider starting a cleanse, new ways of eating, or moving around more to help make this amazing contraption last as long as possible.

Also it is the last few weeks of my Summer Reading sale! Get an hour reading for $75, including an MP3 recording of the session. Sale ends August 31. Stock up!