Faces of Faith, Tales of Transformation

As a part of St. John’s UCC Madeline Island’s September Series “Faces of Faith, Tales of Transformation” I did a talk about my mother. Lorna died in April 2018, but her life and death are the epitome of faith, perseverance, and self-transformation. I hope her story inspires you to remember that sometimes, when things appear to be the worst, they could be on their way to being the best.

Keep the faith!

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March 29, 2020

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I was so honored to have had a wonderful circle of friends join us last Sunday for the third in our series about Transcendence. I am still working on the transcription, but in the meantime I wanted to share the downloads of the MP3s with you.

As I listened back to the reading, I was struck with, once again, how absolutely uplifting this information was. They talked about how the entire world is going through this huge transcendent experience as we are being pushed into this high level of compassion. By pushing us into that compassion, we can tap into the exponential power that compassion offers us to work for the good of all. Here’s some excerpts:

What we want to lay the groundwork for is an army of people willing to feel their feelings … we want you to learn how to feel your feelings in a way that is regenerative, in a way that builds a vision of the future that you want to see.

This time now is the most fertile ground for sowing seeds that you will find in a long time. Those of you who are seed sowers, those of you who are light shiners, you are here now as the front lines. The people in the grocery store are keeping you fed, and you shining your lights and allowing holy spirit in whatever form it takes to speak and move through you; you are connecting to that network of divinity.

We want to inspire you, to see you aroused by divine influence, to guide the rest of the world at this time, too. How that begins is self-care, the most important topic right now. Not just to keep your immune system intact, to not stress yourself out, to not use idle hands to create despair. This deep emotion that you are feeling has a power. If you let yourself feel the anxiety and the sadness and all your uncomfortable feelings while you are holding the vision of a bright and regenerative future, that anxiety can fuel that vision as much as joy.

It’s not a determined set of emotions that manifests the garden that you’re seeking to create, it’s all emotion. But when it gets to the Intellect, that is where you have the power to use your divine grace working through your human will to make sure that anxiety doesn’t feed a negative, degenerative potential outcome.”

Please stay safe during these extraordinary times of great challenge for our planet. Spend some time feeling and breathing every day. Reach out to one another. Make self-care your number one priority. I am available for readings if you need me. I am also going to be holding a free Conflict REVOLUTION Zoom class soon. Sign up to follow my blog and you will get the notifications for that and all of my Party stuff.

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Helping a stranded cat, Wimberley, Texas 2015 Photo: AP

Seems like lately, wherever I go, stuff happens. And not necessarily good stuff. During a visit to Wimberley, Texas in 2015, flash flooding killed 20 people and destroyed miles of shoreline along the Blanco River. Had I not been four blocks uphill, I might have been washed away. Before I knew it, a photo of me looking after a stranded cat was all over the Internet and published as far away as Nigeria.

The flood shook me to the core. My two main thoughts were, “Life is short—you never know when you might get swept away in a flood,” and “you never know how far a reach you can have.” In those moments, I made the commitment to use my remaining time to create as many good works as I can, be it music, books, art, protecting the water … whatever. If life is indeed unpredictable and short, let’s make hay and see how far we can reach.

Flood damage in Wimberley, Texas 2015
Flood damage in Wimberley, Texas 2015

Sitting at my friend’s kitchen table listening to the rescue helicopters searching for survivors, I pulled out a book project I’d started in 2010 but put aside for other pursuits. The book was to be a sequel to Imagining Einstein: Essays on M-Theory, World Peace & The Science of Compassion. I was impressed with how far along it already was.

Then in November 2015, I was in Paris when terrorists attacked six locations, including the Bataclan, a music club where over 80 people were killed. The attack at Des Halles shopping mall took place only blocks from where I was attending the concert of one of my musician friends. We spent the night in his hotel room, responding to frantic family and Facebook friends and catching up on what was really taking place in the City of Lights.

After the attack in Paris, I walked up to the Bataclan to pay respects.
After the attack in Paris, I walked up to the Bataclan to pay respects.

With helicopters circling overhead, I told him the story of Wimberley. Even though I had no idea how, I knew the attack in Paris was going to change me. Sure enough, when I got home and began to work through my post-traumatic stress, I experienced an insatiable hunger for authenticity and an overwhelming urge to manifest good. Life is too short, and this world is on the brink and needs all the help we can give.

9780991010936cvr2.inddHumanity seems perched exactly where the living Einstein feared we would go: to the edge of extinction. His Russell Einstein Manifesto spelled out that unless governments and cultures find new and effective ways to resolve conflict, humanity faces extinction. By the time the Manifesto was read aloud in July 1955 by Bertrand Russell at a London press conference, Einstein had been dead for four months. This perhaps became his first instance of speaking from beyond the grave.

These impetuses drove me to finish and publish Einstein, et al.: Manifestation, Conflict REVOLUTION® & The New Operating System, my imagined Einstein’s answer for that new and effective method of resolving conflict. Packed with over 100 illustrations of his unified field theory and maps of human consciousness, Einstein, et al. also includes perhaps the most detailed description and instructions for Conflict REVOLUTION® yet to be published.

Complete Einstein Library

9780991010950cov.inddAnother task that came to light in Wimberley was to make sure the complete Einstein Library is available to the public. This meant working with my co-authors Teresa McMillian and Lily Phelps to re-release our book, the one that started it all, Diaries of a Psychic Sorority: Talking with the Angels. First published in 1997, it’s the true story of how we were brought together to teach ourselves this new way to resolve our conflicts. The “angels” called it “world peace, one person at a time, starting with you.”

Diaries was the beginning of my Einsteinian mission, but we had no idea at the time. The “angels” tried to tell us, but we didn’t have the capacity understand. Lily’s first private reading with me in 1993 hinted at it:

All is headed for a much greater outcome than what you could possibly imagine. There is a bigger purpose and plan than you are capable of understanding at this time.

Using the conflicts that arose between us, we put their new worldview to the test. For how could they know if their theories worked unless they were tested on actual active conflicts? Einstein was, after all, a scientist. He needed a petri dish of conflict into which he could inject what went on to become Conflict REVOLUTION®. The three of us were that dish. We certainly had enough conflict. And we were just crazy enough to take these “angels” seriously, and just sane enough to figure out how to apply this revolutionary worldview to the conflicts we were having between us.

We were told to “tell our story then get out of the way.” So we published our private diaries of the first three months of our journey. Years later, we are still watching and being amazed that we volunteered and were chosen to bring forward this important and revolutionary work.

The release of Einstein, et al., the re-release of Diaries, and the upcoming release of Lily’s first book, Second Coming: Awakening the Christ Within demonstrate how right the angels were in 1993.

Barbara, Teresa, Lily
Barbara, Teresa, Lily, 1997

On Monday October 24, 2016, we will gather to celebrate our mission together. You are invited to join our teleconference call. We will talk about this amazing journey, where it has come over the years, and how anyone and everyone can be a part of Psychic Sorority’s intention to create world peace, one person at a time, starting with you. We will also hear from Einstein & The Party, and perhaps gaze ahead into the next 23 years! Plenty of time for questions and conversation.

4 PM Central
Call in 1-857-232-0476
Access code: 866255
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I guess this is just one more reason the “angels” always end their dissertations telling us to “watch and be amazed.”

Can’t hardly not.




Happy New Year!

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0200 Adobe ID 164ASP13468336January 1, 2013
Free New Year Telechannel

Unlimited Human Potential

In these first few breaths of the next 26,000 year cycle, Einstein & The Party present a bird’s eye view of how the expanding consciousness will affect the outcomes of life on Earth as a tribe of humans. Learn about your own power and your “invisible backpack” of dynamite you’ve been carrying around without knowing. Find the magic available at every moment and push past your comfort zones to put it to work for you.

Then join us as we continue this journey of focused intention for the 2013 Winter Series:  2013: The Year of Unlimited Human Potential. This 8-part course begins on January 1, 2013 with a free telechannel to ring in the new year. Then each Saturday morning beginning January 19, we will gather via teleconference and once again use our own lives as the experiment in how far we can go in tapping into our unlimited human potential.

2013: The Year of Unlimited Human Potential
Seven more sessions

  • MP3s downloads of all sessions
  • 30-minute private reading with Einstein & The Party
  • Access to a private work group on Facebook
  • Access to work in an EMT (Evolution Management Triad)

0200 Adobe ID 164ASP13468336Saturday, January 19, 2013
Splitting Atoms
Channel by Einstein & The Party
As we delve deep into the microcosm where all potentials begin, Einstein & the Party reveal a revolutionary worldview on how to open wide from within to release the power, then manage the power with discipline and ease using Emotion, Intuition and Intellect, coordinated with a Witness. We will use the details of our own lives to do our work.

img_4200.jpgSaturday, January 26, 2013
Channel by St. Germain
Every physical object materializes in every moment. Listen as Adamus takes us into a journey into the energetic fields that overlap between the physical and non-physical, and how we can make that microscopic awareness a daily part of our perception. Once we break free from the illusion of the physical, we learn to have a more playful approach to even what seems the most impossible.

cropped-night.jpgSaturday, February 2, 2013
Rest & Rejuvenation
Channel by Einstein & The Party
Learn to release the debilitating blocks to rest and relaxation. Part guided meditation, part gentle massage of the imagination, this session will help us remember that we do often forget how rest and rejuvenation affects all parts of the process. Practical and inventive ways to integrate these practices into every hour of living.

Saturday, February 9, 2013
Birthright of Magic
Channel by Einstein & The Party
For so long, humans were led to believe that we are not magical beings. Learn to take back your natural ability to manifest in ways that transcend the natural. Learn to make decisions rooted in the expectation of miracles, without hurt or disappointment.

meSaturday, February 16, 2013
Finding Your Song
Lecture by Barbara With
Remember when you were young, and you could play openly and without self-consciousness? How do we step outside those bonds of limitation and risk taking a chance to grow? Integrating imagination, discipline and joy brings us back to the music of our souls that we have come here to sing.  Let me inspire you to just do it before life slips away.

Saturday, February 23, 2013
Committing to Compassion
Channel by women of The Party
The truth about our unlimited potential is that it produces an abundance of what we focus on. When we truly make decisions for the good of all, we embody Compassion, the most powerful unlimited potential of all. Let the Divine Feminine show us innovative and simple ways to commit every day, every hour, every minute to break past our own self-limits to product incomparable works of compassion that change the world.

IMG_3995March 2, 2013
A New Springtime of Oneness
Channel by Einstein & The Party
As we reach for new heights of awareness and commitment to magic, compassion and love, let’s come together and celebrate our work. Look ahead into the year and see what lies ahead for those willing to take the chance to tap into the unlimited human potentials that exist within everyone.

Private reading with Einstein and the Party