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What a rousing conversation about how to access the power of Intuition that we all have within us! Special thanks to Tammera, Debbie, Jo Jo, and Linda for dropping by for our Saturday morning coffee klatch. Our thoughts branch off into talk about imagination, and this so intrigued me that we decided to do June 4 about:


NEXT TELECHANNEL: Six Simple Steps to Live a More Intuitive Life

May 21, 2022
9 AM Central

Intuition is a spiritual organ that all humans possess. It’s one of the three Human Dimensions that Einstein outlines in his Maps of Human Consciousness.

Intuition is also our own personal voice of Compassion, forever guiding us to the great good.

Intuition: a small, declarative statement telling you the
next most advantageous step for the good of the whole

This Saturday we are going to explore what it really means to live a more intuitive life. I’ll bring you six simple steps you can take every day to understand more about your innate power of intuition, what it’s really meant to guide you to do, and how to master it and align your life to compassion in order to live your highest, most abundant life. Plus we’ve got some fun homework to take away into the week ahead to practice these steps.

This is one of my favorite topics! Always free, all are welcome!

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Last week, the Party decided we needed to do a guided meditation. I was advised to use Chapter 5 of our book, Imagining Einstein: Essays on M-Theory, World Peace & The Science of Compassion. What resulted was a beautiful deep dive into a few simple moments of expanding our consciousness into the wholeness of who we are.

Our next channel will on May 21 at 9 AM central and be “Six Simple Steps to Live a More Intuition Life.” We’ll learn how easy it is to understand what intuition is and how challenging it can be to live by its impelling. These steps will be sure to help you move towards listening and acting more on intuition in order to live more aligned to your own Compassion.

Six Simple Steps to Live a More Intuitive Life

May 21, 2022 9 AM

Always free, all are welcome!


Six Simple Steps to Live a More Intuitive Life


Most every Saturday morning at 9 AM central, the Psychic Sorority meet and discussion exciting and uplifting ideas on how to be the change and birth this new humanity. We also channel the Party, headed up by Albert Einstein.

Our next channel will “Six Simple Steps to Live a More Intuition Life.” We’ll learn how easy it is to understand what intuition is and how incredibly hard it can be to live by its impelling. These steps will be sure to help you move towards listening and acting more on intuition in order to live more aligned to your own Compassion.

Always free, all are welcome!

PS Last week’s session will be out soon!

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Saturday 9 AM Central

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We lost another dear friend this week. He was a fixture in my little town, a truly kind and magnanimous soul who I never heard say a bad word about anyone. I knew he was under the weather for awhile, but apparently he got worse, went into the hospital, and died there peacefully without waking up.

Are more people walking on, or is it just because this starts happening once we get into our 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s? Eventually we all let go of the physical world and expand back into energy again. But what does that moment of death feel like, and what happens when we get there, wherever it is that we’re going?

Back when Teresa, Kim and I were first working together on our diaries, Kim came to our meeting one day to share an extraordinary thing her non-believing husband said. In a recent reading the Angels had referred to it as “death and birth” instead of “birth and death”:

Kim: My husband and I were talking about what he calls “all this angel stuff” while driving home. His stubborn skepticism makes these amazing insights he comes up with even more exciting. I mentioned that in one of my tapes the angels refer to “death and birth.” We humans talk about birth and then death, so this confused me. I was really just making conversation; I never expected that he would say, “Well, you’re looking at it from your perspective. You need to look at it from their perspective in order to understand why they say it that way.” I listened intently, with my mouth hanging open, I’m sure. He continued, “From their perspective, when we are born onto Earth, we leave them, which is sort of like a death. And when we die and leave Earth, we are ‘born’ to them.”

Diaries of a Psychic Sorority: Talking With the Angels, 1994

This week on our Wild Card Saturday we will be discussing Death and Birth and the Afterlife. So much is a mystery about how Afterlife is actually experienced. People who have had near death experiences come back to articulate how they felt and what they saw, but no one really knows the full extent of the experience of post-death until they die. We’ll get the Angel’s unique perspective on this topic.

As I sense my friend around me, I see him in complete awe, like most are, of the nature of Afterlife. As a life-long musician and performer, he is out of his mind being able to hob knob with the likes of Jim Morrison, Prince, and Beethoven. While those of us left back on earth are devastated with our loss, he is hanging out with the Angels, celebrating another cycle as an incarnate human.

Welcome to the Party, Ric. We’re not far behind you.

Ric Gilman. Photo: Daisy Jean

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Join us this morning at 9 AM central for another group. This week we will hear from the Angels, and talk about our work, Diaries of a Psychic Sorority: Talking With the Angels.

Always free, all are welcome!

March 19, 2022 Conflict REVOLUTION®

3rd Saturday

9 AM Central


Looking forward into another deep dive into how we can practically become the change in our every day lives, and work for peace starting with us. We’re a delightful crew of visionaries. Always free, all are welcome.

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Transcript of March 12, 2022 Channeling coming soon

Next Telechannel: The Three Human Dimensions

Saturday, February 26, 2022
9 AM Central


This year, Einstein and the Party are presenting a series of Telechannels to explore the intricate, intimate constructs of the Maps of Human Consciousness and the unified field theory that were original channeled in 2005 and became Imagining Einstein: Essays on M-Theory, World Peace & the Science of Compassion.

This Saturday we continue onward with the Human Intention and the three Human Dimensions, the part of our energy that allows us to have a physical experience in a human body.

By December, this will be the most complete exploration of our Einstein’s theories ever presented. However, the rudimentary information that would go on to form the basis of these maps emerged all those years ago when the Psychic Sorority first began to gather and the voices were “Angels.” They used analogies that would only hint at what was coming. Things like:

To picture the true nature of reality, in terms of three dimensions and five senses, and time and space, see the soul as a sphere. Around that sphere is a film of all the different lives that you have lived. Contained within it are all the memories you accumulate living the many lives you have engaged in on the Earth plane. What is making you conscious of who you are at this time is a thin thread that runs from the soul to the surface of the film called “awareness.”

The Angels, 1993

It wasn’t until 2005, when I channeled the first-ever Einstein series that the scientific concepts began to take shape. The “thin thread of awareness” became the gravitational wave flowing from the Source to the Lens. The “sphere” became the Compilation of Consciousness. Editing those transcripts that were to become Imagining Einstein was when the maps emerged.

I will never forget those days, sitting in my rented house on Folly Beach in South Carolina, day after day, listening for instructions on how to shape that material into palatable concepts for the non-scientific audience, one of whom was me. I would sit and stare at the computer screen until I heard something. “Google ‘black holes,'” the voice would tell me. There I found the concepts of Lens, Observer and Source, actual parts of real black holes, and Einstein would explain them in terms of his maps. Like the steno, I would listen and write.

What a heady time that was. But here we are today, 29 years later with these remarkable maps that have evolved to become a viable unified field theory, one that, without mathematical computations, presents an intriguing possibility into the nature of reality. Even more stunning, a theory that proves the existence of “God” in the form of a scientific definition of Compassion as the 5th fundamental force of the Universe.

But if all that weren’t enough, out of all it, and perhaps most important, has come the remarkable Conflict REVOLUTION®, step-by-step instructions for all of us to first resolve our conflicts within the map of our own unified field.

True to their mission from the first, these Angels and Einstein are telling us, that after 29 years of channeling, studying, working, fighting, and revolving to resolve our conflicts, this Party’s just getting started.

It’s a pleasure and an honor to be your tour guide through this amazing work. I will look forward to seeing you Saturday.

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