Interview With Kimberly Lilith Phelps

Kimberly Lilith Phelps
Kimberly Lilith Phelps

Author of Diaries of a Psychic Sorority:
Talking with the Angels   
Second Coming: Awakening the Christ Within

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Channel with Barbara, Einstein & the Party

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Barbara: Good morning. It is February 26, 2017. My name is Barbara With, and I am here with the Party of 12 (www.partyof12.com). This is the second in our 2017 series, a 12-part series that I’ve called the Reboot. The idea of this series is that we are in the process of rebooting our operating systems and creating an entirely new way in which we relate to the physical world and ourselves. Here we use our Einsteinian road maps and we become the scientists in our own lives seeking to infuse them with Compassion, which is the fifth fundamental force of the universe and is the source of all creation, including the source of us.

Each month I’m trying to bring a new guest to interview, someone who grasps and understands the Einsteinian maps and ideas but also has a completely different platform from which we can find out where our paths cross. Last week we had Robin Cordova, who was very instrumental in showing us about hope and positive psychology. I learned so much from that. The Einsteinian information, Conflict REVOLUTION, everything we’ve been working with, is meant to augment the rest of our physical lives. It’s meant to augment medical science, psychology, religion, Christianity, even arts.

Barbara With, Teresa McMillian, Lily Phelps, The Psychic Sorority, 1996
Barbara With, Teresa McMillian, Lily Phelps, The Psychic Sorority, 1996

This morning I’m very super-duper excited about my special guest for many reasons, not only that she’s one of my closest, dearest friends, but also, she and I and Teresa McMillian co-authored our first book, Diaries of a Psychic Sorority: Talking with the Angels. This book was the documentation of our first association, when we began working together, organizing groups of listeners. I would channel, we would record and then transcribe and see what these messages were. This book is the inception of where we are today. All of the amazing scientific theories and worldviews and “neo-science” that has come out of the Einstein work began with Diaries. And even though our work carried on for years, Diaries is the first four months. It has the six master sessions, where the “angels,” as they wanted us to call them, were giving us what they said were “step-by-step instructions for world peace, one person at a time,” starting with us. And then we as individuals were to turn and show the world and influence the world by the work that we had done with ourselves.

9780988359758cvr.inddIf all that isn’t enough, she also has her own book coming out, Second Coming: Awakening the Christ Within, due out this spring. We’ll be talking about that. I’m very excited about seeing where paths cross with Christianity and the Bible and Einstein. As many of you know, Party of 12: The Afterlife Interviews was my next book after Diaries, and Einstein emerged in those conversations, as did Jesus of Nazareth. If you listening and you need to, I have provided a free download at Partyof12.com of the Jesus interview. We’ll be talking about that crossover as well.

But what is one of my most cherished parts of our relationship is that it was Lily and I in the very beginning who provided the platform, the Petri dish, as it were, of conflict with which to apply the new Einsteinian worldview—excuse me, they were angels then, and they stressed to us that they didn’t want us to get hung up on who they were but instead to look at the information they were giving us.

We would hold a master session, sometimes there were 10, sometimes 25 people, record, transcribe and provide those transcripts to the people who had come and listened. That was impetus that eventually became the book.

How we became the guinea pigs for this was, the three of us had started working together. We’d been together for about six months. It was a very exciting, high, magical, synchronistic time. We were all reeling and reveling in everything that we were learning. And then, conflict started to come between us three girls. We put it off for as long as I think we could until the day came when it was so obvious that we were in conflict that we had to deal with it. We met at my house, and I will say very quickly the conversation escalated into a highly emotional situation. I would say there was never anything below the belt, but Lily was looking at me and I was looking at her. “Yes, but you were doing this.” “Yes, but you were doing this.”

It reached a fever pitch where all of us wanted to leave and probably not see each other again when I remembered that the second master session we had just done was called “Conflict Resolution.” I said, “Hey, let’s get the transcript and see what it says.” So I got the transcript, and what we read was,

“If you have a part in a conflict, if you’re engaged in a conflict, the part you want to be concerned about is within you.”

It translated into, “Step back, take a breath, look at your part, and when you come back to table, talk about your part. Not her part.” We cycled around it a little bit after that, but at one particular moment, all three of us had an aha! moment where, swoosh!—we called it—“satori” came in. We all started crying, and immediately we started talking about our part of the conflict. “Yes,” I said, “I need to be more aware of my impact.” Isn’t that a famous rev for me through the years, my impact? Lily said, “I want them to be there for me, but I need to be self-sufficient.” And even Teresa, who was the peace in the middle, said, “We all need to listen more to each other.”

That was the very practical way that we started to take the information and use it to make different decisions in our lives that greatly affected the outcome of the situation and of the conflict. We have worked this process in our own way through the years to where I won’t say I’ll never be triggered again by Lily. She and I in the beginning were the two who fought. We had an email exchange, we’ll talk about it in a minute, where we just kept slamming emails back and forth, until we picked up the phone and started laughing. “Oh, my gosh, what are we doing? Let’s learn from this.”

That piece, that interaction with us in the beginning was a monumental piece to where we have come today. And in Lily’s direction with her new book Second Coming, she has taken the “angels’” information, Einstein, whatever you want to call it, and used it to reassess the Bible, which is a love of hers. But I will let her talk about that, so I’d like to welcome Kimberly Lilith Phelps. Good morning!

Lily: Good morning, Barbara, thanks for having me on your show.

Barbara: I am so excited. We’re here in your beautiful home in Minneapolis. I wanted to start out by asking you to tell us about Second Coming and what inspired you to create this book.

Lily: It’s a very long story, so I’ll be short. I’ve always loved the Bible. For a long time I didn’t fit with religion. When we started doing our work, I kept up reading the Bible, and I started to realize that I was hearing it with new ears. I was hearing the Bible based on the beautiful words that we were being taught by the angels and I was learning about this constant human conflict that we all deal with and realizing that there are places where that shows up in the Bible. They were humans, the people who wrote the Bible. I started to use the work together, and it all superimposes for me now.

In my book I talk about how it’s time for us to participate in the salvation of the world. It’s time for us to stop waiting for one particular person to save us, fix it for us. It’s my belief that when Jesus came the first time, they thought he would save them from their terrible lives. But no, he saved them in their lives. He showed them how to live in their lives with love, with compassion. That saved them within their lives. And that’s where we are right now. We’re at a point where we can awaken to that Christ inside each one of us, and the conflict resolution work helps us do that every day and get ourselves aligned with how we would like to live rather than being constantly embroiled in conflict.

Barbara: The book became an extension of Diaries?

Lily: Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. I had gotten to the point where any book I read, I would make notes in the margin about what our work had been all those years. I would make notes in the margin about how I was correlating whatever book I was reading had to do with the work the way we learned to change our perception of life and of the world and of conflict and begin to use conflict as a tool instead of something to hide from. I started doing it with everything I read and everything I heard, and then I realized I was doing it with the Bible. It was a natural progression for me ultimately to write this book where I have over a hundred footnotes from the Bible that talk about spirituality and the Bible together, which doesn’t always sound exactly like modern Christianity would say it, but it does seem like Jesus would say it.

Barbara: Having worked on the book, not so much in the editing of it, but in the design of it, and I did read it all for the show but also for one of the last passes of editing, I am not a Bible fan. I left Christianity at 12 years old, when the gardener told my mother he was going out to bury “niggers,” and that was the end of it for me. So to read this book and to see where you have taken these Bible verses, and they are exactly the information that we’ve been talking about. I was fascinated. We’ll talk later about some of the specific verses.

I originally named this interview, “Would Jesus Forgive Hitler?” I wanted to originally talk about Jesus in the Bible versus Jesus in Party of 12 and that interview. And we’ll get into some of that. But what has ensued is a conversation about evil and divinity. In Party of 12, Einstein describes to John Kennedy, Jr., in the introduction how the Party started. He had gone into Afterlife deeply troubled with the fact that during World War II, Adolf Hitler was pushing him off his pacific stance, and out of fear, he decided that instead of all the things he was working on that weren’t working—he was working on world government, on economics—and nothing was able to change the people who were involved in economics and world government. So he thought for a moment maybe the idea was to get such big weapons that you could threaten the other people to back down. That’s when he wrote to Roosevelt, urging him to develop nuclear weapons.

We know the rest of the story. Japan was the victim, and he left the planet in 1955 feeling as if he had been part of evil in the world, even though his intention was so good. He came into Afterlife worried that he had just given the world its excuse to destroy itself. He came upon a jury room, and when he walked in, there was a dark figure obviously tortured. There was a man taking notes. And there was a man standing over the tortured figure, putting his hands on him, talking with compassion and love. This turned out to be Jesus administering to Hitler while Sigmund Freud was talking notes. That was the beginning of the Party.

[So] I called the question, “Would Jesus Forgive Hitler?” because you, Lily, and I have had conversations about how Christianity wouldn’t, that many people who call themselves Christians wouldn’t sanction the forgiving of Hitler. This is a very difficult question, and we’ll bring it into present time as well. But you believe Jesus would forgive Hitler, of course?

Lily: I do. And it has to be “of course,” because over and over in the Bible we’re told that no matter what, God’s grace is there and God will forgive us. Barbara and I have been talking this morning about the spectrum of good and evil, divine and evil, and that in order for Jesus to be who he is, to be that icon of good, it is his nature, then, to forgive. It is what God does, because of who God is, not because of who each person is. It only makes sense, and I don’t know how God forgives people. I have a human ego, I have trouble forgiving sometimes. But I have faith in God and in the idea that even Hitler—God will figure that out. God will find a way to forgive each of us if we go to God and want to be forgiven.

Barbara: In keeping with what you were saying about forgiveness and that Jesus didn’t come here to save us by dying on the cross, he came here to inspire us by being the example so that we could then awaken within—his forgiveness of such extreme evil was not even about saving Hitler. Because Hitler—and if you go on to read Party of 12, he says he’s working with the spirits of all the people who were his victims on forgiveness, which ultimately would be his own self-forgiveness. Jesus was not forgiving him so he could be off scott-free, he was doing it because that’s what he does to maintain his divinity, in that sense.

reboot2webWe were talking also about how Hitler and Jesus, according to the information in Party of 12, represent the opposite ends of the spectrum of what is potential in humans. We all have the potential, every human mechanism, to make freewill choices that will either get us to be Hitler or get us to be Jesus. The truth is, we’re all somewhere in the middle. We’re all somewhere, for the most part, people we know. The idea, I think, as we talk here, is that we move towards the Jesus spectrum to the best of our ability because that will affect the manifestation of what will happen around us. The truth is, there is a spectrum that we have the potential to become as evil as Hitler.

Lily: And that’s where choice comes in. That’s what makes choice so important in this life that we live. And in order to have a choice, there has to be good and evil. If there’s only good, there is no choice. The way this is all set up, it’s for us to come here, divine spirit in a human body, a physical vehicle, and experience that conflict. The root conflict is that you take divine spirit and infinity and you put it in this physical, heavy, tired, worrisome bodies and it kind of makes a mess all over the place.

But that’s why we’re here. That’s not what’s wrong. And that’s not because we’re bad. That’s why we’re here. We’re here to have this experience in physical bodies because we don’t have it when we’re not wearing physical bodies.

What we’re learning as we work our way through conflict and as every single day we make choices—“Will I be on the peaceful side, the loving side, the divinity and compassion side? Or will I choose evil?” As Einstein says, “Will I choose what’s best for the one or the few or what’s best for the many?” We all do this all day long. It’s the work of our lives. When Christianity makes us sinners because of this, I think that defeats the purpose for why we’re here, because we are here to do this. We are here to reconcile.

Barbara: So you think we’re here to actually face conflict?

Lily: I do. And there are other things of course. There are wonderful other things we do. But yes, I do believe that. I didn’t in the beginning. I didn’t even understand it, and I was the conflict avoidance queen. Fighting with Barbara in the beginning was torturous for me. I wasn’t a fighter. But I learned how valuable it is have us to own our own inner conflict, and then we can heal it. Until we own it, we can’t fix it. If it’s not yours, you can’t fix it.

Through my exchange with Barbara, I learned how important conflict is and how to stop avoiding it and hiding it and stuffing it down and denying it, which is what we all do as human beings, until we learn not to. And I learned to start to heal and appreciate those opportunities for healing. Every time we make that divine choice, we keep ourselves on that end of the spectrum.

Barbara: There was a Bible verse in your book that I did not even understand until you and I talked about it. The Bible is very tough for me. I get a headache trying to figure it out. So it was really helpful to talk about this verse, because I didn’t understand the implications of it.

Another thing I wanted to say about that is that Einstein is the perfect example of why this is so amorphous and not clear-cut. A person is not either evil or good. Here he was, I think he thought he was making decisions for the good of the whole when he urged Roosevelt to develop the nuclear weapon. But when they used it on Japan and hundreds of thousands of people were killed, he was not only heartbroken, but he went into Afterlife with the question, “Am I evil? I have worked so hard in my life for peace, to bring world peace, and yet look what I just did. Does this make me evil?”

Lily: And that brings us to something we did in our early work together. We were told to write this note on a Post-It, metaphorically, and stick it on our foreheads so we could not forget. “I am divine. I am also human. And I hold the key.” That’s the whole point of all of this. We are those things. We make mistakes, we fall down, every single one of us every day. The more we can learn to forgive ourselves and each other, the more we are choosing the divine side.

I’d like to read the Bible passage that Barbara was talking about and a couple of paragraphs about my realization of what this means. This was a huge breakthrough for me. The scripture says [Luke 14:26],

“If any man come to me and hate not his father and mother and wife and children and brethren and sisters, and yes, his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.”

Initially I was told that the first part of this verse meant that we should hate and push away our own family if we weren’t Christian enough. I never understood how Jesus, who taught that love was the answer, would encourage hate of any kind, much less hatred of our family and even our own lives.

Then one day I was struck by a new truth. If you read the verse again and consider this possibility, I think you’ll see. Jesus is not saying that we should hate our family and our lives, he is saying that we do. He is also saying that he can show us how to heal so that we can turn from hate to love.

Jesus is saying that we must first acknowledge that we sometimes hate even the people we love the most. In order to heal, we need to take responsibility for the things we do that cause hatred to arise. We need to own it, bear our own cross, and then release it to the divine. When we don’t accept personal responsibility, we come to Christ pretending that we are already whole, and we say things like, “I don’t hate my own life, and I would never hate anyone.”

Until we learn to accept our judgments, learn from them, forgive ourselves and others, and let it go, we are not as prepared for discipleship as we think we are. In fact, we are inhibiting our own healing by the façade we wear, and Christ knows he can’t move forward with us until we accept this and come before him in truth and humility.

Barbara: That was very profound in our conversation about it. It parallels Conflict REVOLUTION in that we look outside ourselves—“My mother-in-law hates me”—to bringing it back in to where we can accept and admit and embrace the truth that maybe we hate ourselves, maybe we can’t forgive ourselves, and then we can work on it in that inner place where the Christ consciousness and the divinity are working with us.

Lily: I can sum up one of the biggest lessons in my life. I spent so much of my life wondering, “Why don’t they treat me like I want to be treated? Why don’t people treat me well?” And finally I got it turns around: “Why don’t I treat me the way I want to be treated?” And I didn’t know how yet.

Barbara: Let’s talk about forgiveness. We’re working our way to bring in the Trigger of Trump. It’s a tough conversation here. Not that Lily is a Trump supporter, but she is a self-declared Republican, and I’m a former Democrat, and we have had political conversations in the past. But the idea of Trump and the administration and the evil, the decisions for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many—especially environmentally—make these times very confusing for those of us who are spiritual seekers, for those of us who want to make a difference in the world.

Einstein, when he was alive, was trying to work in the arena where the conflicts were being created. He was getting nowhere. There wasn’t going to be a world government. Humans weren’t going to rise up and form economic coalitions that were all about world peace. I believe that when he got into Afterlife he realized that the place he had to work was within each individual. World peace, one person at a time, starting with the self. So what is forgiveness about?

Lily: The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about forgiveness or when I’m talking to someone who needs help about forgiveness is that forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. It may or may not have anything to do with the other person. It doesn’t mean that what the other person did was OK. It means that what they did is their job in life. That’s their healing work. What I do in my life is my job. I owe it to myself to work toward forgiveness so that I can let it go, so I can heal my life and not be burdened forever by what someone else did, meaning to or not meaning to. I’ve been hurt by people and found out they didn’t even know I was hurt. We hold this stuff.

I would say the first thing to remember is that forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. That’s what I love so much about the work we do. A lot of people are burdened well after the person who hurt them has died and gone, and they think they can never resolve that inner conflict and that pain because they can’t talk to the person, they can’t get the person to say the right words or do the right things. You can do this work all by yourself. You do this work all by yourself. You don’t have to have the person who has gone on in their life or who has died come back and help you resolve your conflict. You can resolve your conflict yourself.

When we start talking about this idea of forgiving Trump, I keep saying I’m in charge of me. I will find the projects that fill my heart and soul and I will give my time and resources to those projects. I will stand up and say I don’t agree with this, but I don’t want to spend my life, the next four years, upset. I want to spend my life giving toward the things that I believe are valuable. That’s how I’ve been viewing what’s going on in the world right now.

Barbara: Maybe forgiving Trump is not really the question. In Conflict REVOLUTION, if I’m triggered by Trump, I create that sound bite of how to encapsulate his actions, turn it to me, and use it as a metaphor and an archetype to find out where in my life I’m doing those things. Like with Scott Walker —Trump is sort of a super-sized Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin, who did the same thing to the state. The first time I did the revolution of Walker, which was very hard, because clearly he’s an evil man, look at what he’s doing! But when I created the sound bite of, “he’s doing something illegal.” What does illegal mean? It means it has to be hidden, and if it came out, there would be consequences.

I brought that into myself. I found a situation that had happened years before—because I don’t do illegal things. I don’t break the law. But when I put it as an archetypical metaphor, I had to look at the situation with an artist who was going to let me use her photo for my book cover, and one thing led to another and a lot of confusion happened, and I did some things that really, if they had come out, I would have had to have consequences.

I immediately wrote her and told her what had happened, and I had to forgive myself. I was so ashamed. So here I am, in my world I’m working on what I think I’m feeling with Scott Walker, and suddenly it’s two years before, an incident I didn’t even remember I had done at the expense of the many for the benefit of the few. I had to not only feel and breathe my shame, change my thinking, but I then had to take action. I had to take an action that would amend the situation, and this particular situation, because this woman still was my friend.

But clearly forgiveness, I think we both agree, about your own relationship to yourself that gives you an inner peace so you don’t have to spend your whole life in resentment. That’s what for me the Trigger of Trump in the last Re-boot was, that I was not triggered by the horrible things that they’re doing. Maybe it’s that I have been through Wisconsin and I’ve worked through a lot of this externalizing of it. But for me it was the people who were giving Obama a pass when he did the very same things that Trump is doing. I had to examine, how am I those people? Long story short, it came out with my reticence and my insecurity about bringing this information forward and saying it was Einstein and standing up and taking it forward.

With Trump, he and the administration or the people, the alt-right people, fall somewhere on the spectrum. There aren’t any easy answers for how we’re going to approach this situation.

Lily: Because I’m dealing with people in my life, I’ve said from day one, “Yes, he’s an arrogant ass,” forgive my language. He’s a lot of things. He’s also a brilliant man. But I’m dealing with people in my life who are so angry at what has happened and the fact that he was elected and he’s arrogant and he’s perceived as a bully. They’re acting exactly like him in their own lives. Again, forgiveness doesn’t make him right. It doesn’t have that much to do with the other person. But to treat your own friends and family the same way this bully is treating other people and that’s why you’re so angry, he’s the excuse you have to do it in your own life? There’s your choice today to put you on the end of the spectrum that you don’t want to be on, and you don’t even see it.

It’s just like Einstein. He thought he was doing the right thing, and then it turned out that it killed a lot of people and he felt really badly. This is what we do in this life, those constant daily choices, over and over and over again, doing the best you can to choose life.

Barbara: In that same vein, when he was elected, I immediately knew I had to go into a loving stance, otherwise it was going to kill me. After three years of Scott Walker and fighting in the arena in which the conflict was talking place, I was sick, exhausted, hopeless. We talked on the last show about the cycle of hopelessness. I didn’t even know there was one, but I’d lost all hope. I’d become apathetic. That’s not good for me. That doesn’t make me an effective change agent in what we’re facing.

But when I started to put forth the idea that we need to find the people who voted for Trump who were looking for a change—who were given bad choices anyway (both choices kind of sucked) so they picked one—and educate, reach out, find the common ground. I was shocked at how many “liberal Democrats” got on my case. “No! Are you kidding? We’re not going to normalize this!” And they blocked me on Facebook, my friends who I’d stood side by side with in Wisconsin blocked me for suggesting that we call upon love.

That gave me the clue that there was a big change going on, and I’m not really sure what is the definitive answer to how to face this apparent fascist takeover of our government that could have the potential to escalate into a Nazi Germany.

Lily: And how we do that is, we remember who we are, what we believe we’re made of. They can’t make you be mean to each other. I’m dealing with this issue with my children. I said to my son just yesterday, “OK, he’s a bully. You’re not. Make your choices every single day that align you with divinity, with the spirit of good and compassion.”

We are way many more than just the people in Washington. If Bernie Sanders didn’t show us that, this grassroots movement of people who said, “We’re going to do this, take care of ourselves, get involved.” That’s all we have to do every single day, make our choices, not shrink and hide, make sure that we’re making the best decisions we can in love. I’m seeing random acts of kindness erupt all over the place.

Barbara: I agree. There’s a lot of amazing stuff that is exciting to me. I’m hesitant to say it in my social media forum sometimes, because I don’t want to get blasted by my progressive liberal friends, but the whole awakening of the consciousness, the women’s march, the protests at the airport. I came in from Jamaica and here was the airport filled with people screaming at the top of their lungs to stand in support of that love. There are so many great awakenings that are coming from this.

I wanted to bring in the example, too, of the Standing Rock Sioux and the Lakota-Nakota-Dakota Nation. I was fortunate to be at Standing Rock on a few occasions, and the power of prayer that was demonstrated by these people was like nothing I’d ever experience. The day they gave back the possessions of the people they had wrongly arrested, the police just threw them in plastic bags. Chief Looking Horse forgave them, prayed the Morton County police. We did a huge ceremony of the four directions. I was transported into this place.

I bring this up because they, of course, look seven generations out. Their actions today are reflective of how they will impact seven generations. In keeping with that, I also think that our actions should also reflect an understanding of seven generations. In my world, that can be reincarnation. Allegedly, according to Jesus in Party of 12, he reincarnated 27 times as Jesus of Nazareth in the same DNA space-time body at the same time, but he made different choices and did different things. So 27 generations? Or in whatever year seven generations out from now will be, will I reincarnate? What will I bring in that next life? Will I bring a greater understanding? Or will I struggle, he said-she said, good-evil, back-and-forth, not really transcendent?

I think Conflict REVOLUTION and Einstein, from his deeply passionate place in Afterlife, after his very intense life, has brought us this knowledge and this formula for how to become that change.

Lily: Would Albert have brought this work back into the world from Afterlife had he not made the decision he made about encouraging Roosevelt to build the bomb and all those people died? I’ve never thought of it that way until just now. Had he not made that decision in fear—we have to admit that’s fear-based: he went into his fear, he made this choice, he influenced something in the world that he was then dreadfully sorry for and had to forgive in his own life. Part of his forgiveness of himself I think is what he’s sending to the planet now.

Barbara: And that makes me tear up. In going back to the beginning of describing the minutiae of how we took the information from a channeling session on January 26, 1994, read it while we were having a fight, and instantly saw how making that different choice brought not only a different direction for us, but in that moment, I couldn’t have loved you two any more. It was so much love to sit down and say, “I hate my friend!” Theoretically, to say, “OK, I’ve been being crappy to my friends. I didn’t realize that.”

If we hadn’t had that conflict, I never would have—so that moment, that moment was a victory for Albert Einstein. It’s a personal one. We always said after the fact we felt like the angels had filled up the dining room and were watching and all applauding.

Lily: I wish we could help you understand what happened that day. Just talking about it, just reading the words on the page of what we went through on that day, does not capture it. Something happened in that moment, what’s the word? Alchemy. Turning lead into gold. It got us from, “I hate you, it’s all your fault!” to “Oh, my God, I can see what I’m doing, and I love you because you showed it to me. I love you because now I see it in myself and now I can heal it! Thank you.”

Barbara: Imagine, in the big seven generations of Albert Einstein, in that moment of seeing the process that he figured out—we have to change each individual, we have to require each individual to change themselves one step at a time, to watch it in action, to watch the success. I guess I never looked at it that way until this moment. It’s overwhelming to realize that we were volunteers and were chosen to be in that moment. And from that, everything else has sprung. Wow!

Is there anything else you want to share about your book, your work, your life? I know it’s coming out on Easter.

Lily: It is. April 16, 2017. Amazon.com. Working feverishly on my website right now to get everything to come together at the right time. It will be what it’s meant to be.

I’m grateful for this opportunity to talk to y’all and share this message. It’s up to us. That’s what Jesus said. “Greater things that I’ve done, you will do.” We have to step into that power. He left us all that we needed to know. I talk about that in the book. He left us all we needed to know to do this, and we are reinforced by the work of Einstein and the Party and the angels.

I was thinking a moment ago that A Course in Miracles says something along the lines of, “The holiest place on earth is where an ancient hate has become a present love.”

Barbara: Oh!

Lily: This information is universal. We are supported. We are loved. We are encouraged as we go through these experiences that we came here to have. Sometimes it just doesn’t come in a pretty package, but it’s still a gift.

Barbara: That’s http://www.WherePathsCross.net. Still under construction.

Kimberly Lilith Phelps



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It is February 26, 2017. Here we are in the second part of our telechannel. I am in beautiful Minneapolis with my friend Kimberly Lilith Phelps, and you are all over. Let’s take a moment to close our eyes and take some deep breaths. As you breathe, think about the spectrum of potential that exists within you. Understand that it is not a sin or a fatal flaw or some disruption in the mechanism, but that the human consciousness was specifically designed to create the entire spectrum, from the worst most possible evil to the highest most divine good.

And we will command that only the most divine light shine down upon you at this time and the greatest good be present here.

It is such a pleasure to be here on this glorious day with all of you. Your conversations have so much power. The ideas that you are bringing forth and honoring and articulating are exactly what this world needs to hear right now. Everything that Barbara and Lily have been talking about is accurate and true. This work is being done not just by those of you who are listening, not just by Lily and Barbara, but also by millions of people around the world dedicated to becoming the change. Never before have there been this many people living on the planet with that awakening consciousness within them.

And indeed, it is the Christ consciousness that is making itself known to be human, humans, shall we say. Jesus, who always has been a very integral part of the Party of 12, comes again to illustrate and demonstrate through humans the idea of being human and being divine. His life on earth in the physical body was a demonstration of what is possible for any human.

This time on the planet, 2017, is like no other time that comes before it. When Jesus walked the earth during that time period and the development of the human mind and the human intellect was at a certain level of consciousness, he was dealing with an entirely different set of intellects and intelligences and human consciousness.

The New Operating System

Today (and all of you who are listening to this are included in this) this is, in fact, a new human. You are all embodying the new human prototype, and we are so honored and excited to be watching this emerge. We don’t want to talk too much about your political system. We don’t want to focus on any one individual who represents evil to you.

Because if you look at humans, there are those who support the person that you think might be doing the evil, who perceive others as actually being the ones who doing the evil. So there are those who truly perceive that the individuals in the Middle East who are known as ISIS, who are truly doing evil things, are the ones you as humans need protection from. And so much like Einstein, who urged Roosevelt to develop nuclear weapons and then watched as it destroyed humans, there are people on the planet who are looking in that way, who are seeing true evil but taking actions that are not addressing their own safety.

So it doesn’t matter which evil you put in front to address, whether it’s ISIS, Trump, Hitler, any number of world leaders who have been tyrants, who have destroyed lives and killed people. That doesn’t matter. What matters most is that each individual can look at those others whom they perceive as doing this evil and understand the true nature of what is going on. This is a spectrum where you yourselves must choose.

Saying No to Compassion

The idea of being able to say no to the voice of God is an important piece of your structure. God can come to you in the way of Intuition and tell you, “Rest your body,” and you can say no and make decisions that push you forward into making decisions for the good of the few—the ego that wants to be in charge—at the expense of a many.

Your Intuition, your Emotion, your Witness, and your Body are innate characteristics of being human. Now is the time when humans are arising to this truth and making the conscious choice to be the one who is going to make decisions for the good of the whole, starting with the self. Even though at this juncture in our experimentation we cannot guarantee anything, we can tell you that if you start with this basis inside yourself, where you are going to be ruled by an alignment to Compassion—guided by the voice of Intuition (which is the voice of the compassionate God within you), training the Intellect to do the bidding of the Intuition—then you will create a groundwork and be able to plant seeds in that energy of your own self that will grow to be the divine world that you’re seeking to create—where:

… The manifestation of the divine is on the forefront and where the spectrum of evil to divine gets unified into a spectrum of decisions guided by Intuition.

The Voice of Intuition

Oftentimes, because Intuition will impel you to take an action that may not logically impact the situation like you want it to, nonetheless, Intuition has a much broader amount of information given to it by the Observer out in the heavens, which is sending all the information of what’s happening in the Lens back to the Source, coming up your gravitational wave, being a part of your Intuition. It knows a much, much bigger picture than your Intellect will ever know. And even if you have a visionary Intellect like Barbara does, where you can see pictures of the future, your Intuition supersedes any intellectual power.

So to live by this system is what sets you up to manifest that greatest good on the planet.

The more that you can remove your own descriptions of how the future should unfold—what you want to see happen to unfold, what you think is good and divine that should unfold, what you judge is evil that shouldn’t be happening—your Intuition always, always will tell you the next step for the good of the whole. Your Intellect cannot. Your Intellect, however, must be the one that makes the conscious choice to listen to the Intuition and then make the decision to implement that step into action.

Einstein and the Bomb

In that sense, if we go back to Einstein making the decision to urge Roosevelt to create the atom bomb that then killed hundreds of thousands of Japanese people, he was following his Intuition based upon the circumstances of the times that he was in. He wasn’t conscious of looking seven generations. He thought he was taking action to protect the seven generations. He wasn’t aware that his fear-based decision-making would have such an influence as it did. And yet, in the greater, bigger, bigger, bigger picture of things, in the lifelong history of the planet earth to emerge humans onto the gardens, he was playing his part.

In that time, there could not have been another choice for him. There was no other choice for him to make in that time. Quite ironically, perhaps, had he not pushed this forward, had the U.S. not developed the nuclear weapon, it very well could have been that Germany had, and other massive damage was done, not to Japan, but perhaps to the U.S. In that sense, he would not have felt a personal responsibility that would drive him in Afterlife to the utmost end.

Oftentimes humans who have terrible things happen to them, whether they choose to do it—someone who chooses to murder someone—or whether it’s done to them—someone is murdered or some other evil act takes place—each has an impact that can be leading to the spectrum of divinity. It’s doesn’t guarantee it. It’s not a given. But when the murderer has perpetrated this act, if you look past it, there is a cooperative dance with the soul of the one who was murdered. Maybe you can’t see all other lives where they murdered each other back and forth. It doesn’t make it any less evil on a spectrum. But every act gives that human the opportunity to then rise above and transcend the spectrum.

Rather than having a left and right spectrum, where over here on the left is the evil and over here on the right is the divine, we want to switch it to where it’s up and down. On the most primal human physical world in the Lens, that is where evil is most likely to be manifest. And “up” in the divine, in the non-physical, in the whole system, in understanding your whole system, that is the divine, where you are living in the consciousness of God. Understanding your whole entire system, not just the Lens, not just your physical body, but your spirit, the gravitational wave, the string that spins, the three-pronged human intention, the compilation of consciousness coming out of the void—the whole ball of wax. That is what divinity is, living in that truth.

And when you are living in that truth, and there’s a part of you that is literally conscious when you’re going over the North Pole and back into the center of the earth, that spinning string, that is when you begin to alignment to Compassion. Because becoming aware and awake and conscious in that part of you that is close to the center of the earth in Emotion, in the part of the wave that is Emotion, by working on bringing that consciousness to life at that point in your entire operating system, you also instantly affect in your physical body your feelings. They’re interrelated: they reflect each other, feelings with a small F, Emotion with a capital E.

This is divinity. This is living in the alignment where Intuition impels Intellect to take action to fulfill the impelling of God that is in you. That is the way. Sometimes Intuition impels, as we say, in ways that you don’t understand with your Intellect. You’ve all had the experience where us think Intuition told you to do something, but then it turned out all verklumpt. It didn’t turn out to be what you think is for the highest good. But that is the challenge. You cannot judge what [outcome] is for the highest good.

The Trigger of Trump

So in the political arena, it’s very clear that having the candidate who may appear to be the most supportive of you might have been the least good for the whole. Because people might not have engaged as much as they have, as much as they are, standing up for each other, standing up for themselves. And therein lies the irony and the paradox of this work that we are doing with you, and of course the work of the ages of accepting whatever is happening right in front of you, no matter how evil it looks, as divine. Because the very fact that you’re sitting there in a physical body observing whatever’s going on around you is the manifestation of the miraculous power of Compassion and God. It doesn’t matter if you’re sick or fat or making good decisions or living a life of peace.

Just the very fact that your energy has merged with Compassion to create consciousness, and your consciousness has merged with the mathematics in your compilation to create mass and matter is a miracle that will need years and years and years in understanding from science. When you start with that, you also have to understand that the spectrum from evil to divine is a spectrum that exists within the Lens. Evil does not exist outside of the Lens. It is a byproduct of human decision-making. Without your physical body, when the Lens disappears but your string is still spinning with thoughts, feelings, senses, memories, and the hologram of your DNA in a space-time body, you are back to pure divinity, pure perfect creation.

HIGHLIGHT As Lily said, becoming human is about creating a physical space-time DNA body that is the housing of the energy that is married to Compassion that has formed this consciousness that is then married to the map of the physical world that is coming up through the center of the planet and into the Lens, creating the physical body, projecting all of that miraculous information out of the body through your thoughts, feelings, senses, and then revolving and coming back to you so you’re perceiving that universe. That alone is a divine process that cannot be undercut by any decision you make within your human form.

Now, humanity may very well make decisions that destroy the world, but the consciousness remains. The energy doesn’t die. A new world will be born. There will never be an end to creation. It will create in different ways. But right now, our desire is to inspire you to become those gods, to understand the power that you have within yourself, to set your intention to live a life where you are dedicated to making decisions for the good of the whole that start within you and then are projected out naturally into the environment.

Be Your Own Scientist

All of you who have experimented with this so far and changed your lives by using our suggestions and our processes (and others that aren’t labeled as ours), you have experienced you yourself picking up your power and changing your life and seeing how your change within you has affected the manifestation of the physical world around you. You’ve seen people you’ve previously been fighting with, who you thought were doing evil acts against you, shift and transform to where now you have peace with them. Not by going at them, not by trying to make them change, but by realizing that they’re a projection of your inner world. What can you learn from that projection if you’re triggered by it? What gift has that person come to give you if you’re triggered emotionally by it?

So not only do you revolve your focus back and find areas in your life you may not have ever seen if that person had not come to trigger you and be in conflict with you. They led you to Emotion that has abscessed that you may never have known was there. This dance of great cooperation is the very reason you are here.

We feel so optimistic right now. We understand that there is a lot of strife and destruction and evil going on in the Lens of your world right now and you are scared and stressed out. But what we see is a huge awakening. One of the reasons that we know this and that we’re so optimistic is exactly what has been talked about here today.

When we began these experimentations with Teresa and Lily and Barbara, it was a chaotic mess. And there were times when these three women used to call it “blowing themselves up,” when they would not speak to each other. If you just took it at face value, you would think it was a miserable failure. But over time, with each individual doing her own work, they have transformed their relationship, transformed their world together, transformed their individual lives first. Now there is a peace, and on the other side of it is the synergy of creation.

Anything is possible. What are you going to intend to create with this powerful energy that you have within you that’s married to Compassion that then merged that consciousness with the math to create the matter that you are experiencing? This is your creation. You get to work within that framework. What you are going to create, to intend? Take it from us. This is a time of such brilliance and great awakening all across the planet. Do not let yourself be stressed out and dragged down and fooled by what you perceive are those decisions that are being made.

We can tell you what we know and what Einstein has learned: it won’t matter what is happening as far as the evil, such at Hitler did, such as you may perceive Trump or the administration as doing. You cannot change it by going directly at it. For all of Einstein’s consternation about what Hitler was doing and his great devotion for traveling the planet and trying to fix the conflict at the level that it was being created, he did not succeed. He did not succeed in the short-term goal of stopping the Nazi empire from expanding. Part of what happened was an economic force. The economics ran its course with the Nazis. Part of it was a shifting momentum of how war operates. But even though the war ended, it did not end war. So it was a short-term fix, only to have it reemerge today with this global threat.

So don’t feel guilty if you can’t stop this movement by going directly at it. We’re not saying don’t go and march or write to your senator or congressperson or participate in that movement. But do that as an adjunct to this deeper understanding and to this deeper work that you now know how to do.

We are here as advisors. It is a strong purpose that brought together the original Party of 12. Each of those individuals, when they were in their DNA space-time bodies, had a passion for life on earth, for their environment, and their realm of where they were working. Upon losing their bodies, they came together to see if they could make this different, and we are seeing great, enormous success.

We have often said as well that what we are doing is something that is planting seeds. We see the seeds are growing. We are elated to see that the seeds that we have planted in Teresa and Lily and Barbara are growing into the magnificent outcome that we had hoped.

This growth won’t stop. In fact, after their passing, there will be an even bigger movement, and this information is so far ahead of its time that it will only continue to grow. But it is dependent upon you as human beings making decisions, making your commitment to do work for the good of the whole.

Q & A

With all of that said, we would like to open for any questions or conversations you might have.

Q: Hello! Thank you. That was lovely. My question has to do with, sometimes it feels that it takes a lot of time to do a revolution. It isn’t always fast. Some revolutions I’ve been working on I will work on for a year or more. Could you address how to feel more comfortable with that? When we look at the outer world and think things are happening so fast, how can our process where we sometimes have to be very patient with ourselves, with other people, with the process, taking time to dig deeper, how can we feel not like we’re not going to be able to keep up because sometimes the peace process take more time? It isn’t just building a bigger gun or bigger warfare.

A: What’s important to remember is that it is about what you achieve in a day. It’s not about measuring your actions against what you see happen in the news headlines or the latest story from the White House or the suffering and the pain of people around you. It is measured internally.

We did a series once called “World Peace in a Day.” It was reflective of that fact that if your body is the projector and the perceiver of the universe, then you are the world. You have the world inside you. And if at any time in the course of the day in which you’re living you can bring peace within you, that contribution is the seed that is planted. If you’re looking for patience, think of yourself as walking around the garden and sticking the seeds into the fresh spring earth and then standing there and belittling yourself because you don’t have a whole corn plant or your geraniums haven’t bloomed yet! What’s wrong with you? The world is going to hell!

Part of it is a nurturing of the self and instilling in you a repetitive, “Begin again. Begin again. Begin again.” Always begin each day as a brand-new day, and in any day you can’t find peace. [This is] world peace in a day. This is why you’re here, as Lily had said. You’re coming here to tackle all these issues. So even though you’re tackling all these questions, even though you’re feeling the frustration of it, it’s not that you’re doing it wrong. It’s that you’re doing it right because you’re doing it, however you nurture that relationship with yourself each and every day. Then there comes a point of faith, where you have to put your money where you mouth is. If this is what you believe to be the truth, you really have to live that way.

But the bottom line is feeling and breathing, because there are deep embedded abscesses of emotion that are stuck in the center of the earth from years and years and years and centuries and decades and all of this time that has passed where war didn’t stop war, partly because it hasn’t emptied that abscess in the planet.

So you as the whole planet have to keep emptying that abscess. It’s why you’re here.

Our suggestion is, when you get frustrated, give yourself activity alongside of the work you’re doing on yourself, alongside the work you’re doing in the world, to enjoy and appreciate and find a way to love life. Find a way to experience the deep gratitude of love that you have in this physical body—that you’re alive regardless of what’s going on around you—and do things that bring you so much joy, whether it’s an afternoon nap, your dancing, meeting new people, going for a walk in nature—you must make those choices also to find a way to love your life just as it is.

Q: I really like the writings from the Michael entity. There are a bunch of channels who write about the information from the Michael entity, about how people have different soul ages and how you go through different lifetimes, baby, infant, young soul, mature old soul. When I learned about that, it helped me let go and relax and accept people a lot, because I figure people are in their soul stages and it seems to fit. What’s your input on that whole concept?

A: We agree with the concept that there are conditions that you experience as a human being where now you’re in a physical body and you are experiencing the conditions of a young soul. That is, a human being who isn’t really tapped into empirical knowledge that you bring with you into that life. It’s like everything is fresh and new. That can go both ways as well. Just because there’s a young soul doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed that you’re going to be making mistakes or acting like an idiot. There’s freshness about it. And you can certainly superimpose each stage of life to the stage of the condition of your soul.

We feel that at this point there are many, many old souls who have chosen to come together at this time to bring that collective knowledge to the planet to be a synchronistic force of change of the evolution of human consciousness. But there are certainly still fresh souls, new souls, and teenage souls. And being an old soul, again, doesn’t guarantee that it’s all wisdom. There are people who are old in life who struggle with happiness, who are depressed at being at the end of life. There’s no guarantee that any one place on that spectrum will be better or more powerful than the other. It just is clearly a way to delineate sometimes between the conditions that humans are experiencing.

Q: I have another question. I look at life like there are all these souls who have all these chances to come on earth, and as time progresses (I know with the concurrent lives that whole idea of time is, I don’t know, I don’t get that, but …) I see that as time progresses some people who were alive with Hitler, all those people who were incarnated at that time got that experience and learned the lessons of that. And it makes sense to me that we repeat things, there’s some repeating just because souls who needed to learn those lessons and have those same types of experiences have to be able to have a chance to come, and that’s maybe why someone else like Hitler will come, because someone else needs to learn those lessons, too. Does that make sense?

A: Yes. And it is, in fact, the continual cycle of creation that is in play there. For example, those people who died in the Holocaust, because of the way that they died and the way that they lived at the end of their lives, their souls became a collective consciousness of Compassion. The people who perpetrated these things against them, the guards, all of the millions of people in Germany in support of the Final Solution and the Nazis, they, too, became a kind of group consciousness in Afterlife, learning about the impact of their decision-making. You can see a big auditorium filled with a debate, one side and the other, being able to have dialogue with those who died in the death camps, to be able to give them an opportunity to reincarnate and bring that balance.

What you saw was, for example, in 9/11, that many, many of the victims of 9/11 had been part of that group consciousness of the guards and supporters of the Holocaust. This is the nature of reincarnation and the nature of the creation of life. What we’re trying to do is to help end that karmic return so that you as an individual making decisions for the good of the whole and being very conscientious of all of the truth of history. You’re going to contribute to the unification of the human consciousness to where the idea that making decisions for the good of the whole means that if you harm another part of the whole, you’ve just harmed yourself. So now we have to recreate that.

It’s not a perfect science, because you have these billions of physical lives that interacted, came into Afterlife connected, and went back into the next life connected with a flip on things. It’s not a perfect science, but it’s what is going on right now. The more you can do this in your own life, the more you can help bring that unification in the longer term.

In other words, there are people maybe in your youth who were mean to you and hurt you. For you to find forgiveness means that you release that resentment, that attachment from them, that you find a peace within, that you find the reflection and heal your own, and then find love for them. That means you’re free now. You’re no longer doing this dance back and forth together, coming back in and living out these different lives. What will that look like, when humanity reaches that point? Then you have achieved heaven on earth.

Q: I hear energy healers talk about how energy is—some people say it’s speeding up or the earth is rotating faster or there’s getting to be a higher frequency. How is that affecting us physically? What is that about? Is that part of, as we get more enlightened, that happens? Are we achieving this, or is it just part of the progression of life that would happen no matter what we were doing?

A: It is a collective consciousness that is changing, but of course, the collective consciousness is just the product of millions of individual consciousnesses. You are a reflection of that collective consciousness.

But what is speeding up is that you as Cassandra allow your consciousness to become aware of the whole of who you are. So you’re not just in the Lens now, you’re conscious in the three human dimensions on the gravitational wave that is in the non-physical and in the center of the earth. You’re conscious of the part of you out in the heavens that’s observing. You’re conscious of the string that’s spinning down. What’s happening is that in those non-physical parts of the operating system, there isn’t time. Everything moves at the speed of light squared. But when that wave comes up to the surface of the planet and breaks through into the Lens and creates your physical body to be the projector and the perceiver, in that Lens, everything slows down to the speed of light and is separated.

But the more that you as a human, with that body that’s projecting and then perceiving, allow your consciousness to open up and you can be aware of these other places, you are bringing into the Lens a faster speed of light squared that exists all around you outside [the Lens]. So it’s not necessarily destroying the speed of light in the Lens, but it is overlaying the speed of light (M) with the speed of light squared (M2) of the non-physical that exists in the rest of your operating system.

And that whole operating system, when it gets to the Lens, slows down and everything separates and the chair is no longer inside you. That’s true. But also in that is the non-physical. In that, you have feelings, you have thoughts. Those are the non-physical. They exist in the place that’s traveling at the speed of light squared. So it’s a unification of those two worlds.

And it isn’t automatic because you’re human. It isn’t that every human will be consciously experiencing this. Some humans may not be consciously experiencing it. It still might be having an effect on them, making them sick or worry or confused because they don’t really understand what energy does, how energy works. They’re working just in the Lens and so they’re looking for answers that impact just in the Lens.

You as a doctor understand that sometimes people’s emotional state is so disrupted and they have no idea that it’s happening, but their physical body is responding to it. Your job is to not just treat their body, but bring their Intellect and their Intuition and their Emotion into view for that person so that they can begin making different decisions about how they’re going to deal with and release all that energy. It’s a very individual relationship that every human has to this expanding consciousness and this unification of the entire operating system.

Q: So to summarize, it sounds like as we collectively—the collective consciousness—as we evolve, we’re contributing to the speeding up of energy. It sounds like this is happening all over the earth to everyone, because even if people aren’t consciously working on it, it’s affecting them.

A: Yes.

Q: But some people will be able to work with it more easily than others, is that right?

A: Yes. Those of you who have trained yourselves to understand what energy is, how it operates, will have a different relationship to it. It’s much like before you went to medical school, long before you became a doctor and didn’t know anything about how the human body operates in conjunction with itself. You went through a learning process, and now you have a whole lot of different ways that you would approach healing a physical ailment than you did before you went to medical school.

It’s the same way with energy. You and everyone who’s listening to this have been studying how energy works, so you’ll have a different relationship to it. When you feel anxiety, it’s more likely that you will choose to get out of your head and start to breathe that anxiety and attach an intellectual description to it that is loving and kind and says, “Here’s this wave of anxiety. I’ll use my breath to move it.” That’s a very evolved way of dealing with this very highly accelerated speed of light squared energy.

Other people don’t have that language, that focus, and they only know that they’re discomforted, so they’ll maybe go to the doctor and the doctor will give them some pills to make them not feel that anxiety. That is a whole other set of repercussions that come up for that individual making those decisions. So yes, you are correct in those assumptions.

Q: This whole idea of energy work is getting more popular, with Healing Touch and acupuncture and all techniques. It’s really exciting. It seems like it’s effective. But I always feel like it’s more of a short-term thing. Is that enough to get some people to where they just keep getting energy treatments? I feel like that’s a really healthy thing to do, but I want to do the other stuff, too. Can you review that?

A: It is as you say, a shorter-term opening. It serves to take some initial steps to get people acquainted with what emotional energy feels like in their bodies and how to adjust it in their body.

But eventually the goal is to have people be so self-aware and so self-monitoring that they not only understand and can feel this Emotional energy, but they understand that the decisions that they make affect how that emotional energy works within their body. The ultimate healing and control takes place within their own mechanism with the expansion of their own understanding of themselves. But in the meantime, those techniques to open up that energy to them are very important and very effective in those stages.

But we don’t think that humans were coming here to be dependent upon someone else or something outside themselves or some action that they take only to deal with Emotion in that way. It’s not meant to be the healthy operating system, that there’s a constant administering from without to deal with that state.

We are going to close the channel at this time and thank all of you who are listening and who have participated in this. This work is so important. We never want to see you underestimate the power of what you have within you. We are here to inspire you and inform you and educate you and sometimes prod you this way and that.

But ultimately you are the divine one. You are the soul seeking to manifest in human form the most divine human possible. You are, in fact, human. You are, in fact, divine. Every decision you make is the key to how you are going to help evolve the planet for the greatest good.

And then you only need to watch and be amazed.


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2017 Re-Boot #1 HOPE

robin-purpleInterview With Robin Cordova
The I Thrive Revolution

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headshot1Channel with Barbara & the Party

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It is Sunday, January 22nd, 2017. This is Barbara With and the Party of 12. Happy New Year! Happy 2017! This is the beginning of a “1” year, if you’re into numerology. I’m no numerologist, but I can add. I don’t know if that makes me a numerologist, but it does add up to “one.” Everything I found on the Internet reaffirmed my feeling that this is a brand-new year like we’ve never had before.

Notes from my first reading with Junice McCoy, May 1972.
Notes from my first reading with Junice McCoy, May 1972.

Not only is it an opportunity to start over and make some great strides in accomplishing the life that you want to live, but it is, for me personally, the 30th anniversary of me channeling. I officially began to channel in 1987. I had gone to see the beloved Eunice McCoy in Minneapolis for many years and studied under her. She said she was just a big antenna and she was picking up my higher energy and somehow translating it down into what my little human mind could comprehend. So there were no dead people, no angels, no Einstein.

When I started to spontaneously channel in 1987, I knew what it was, but honestly, if you had told me then where that road would take me, I not only probably wouldn’t believe you. But if I had said that was what would happen, people would have called for psychiatric help or some kind of psychological assistance. It would have been too bizarre.

My very first spontaneous automatic writing, April 10, 1987
My first spontaneous automatic writing, April 10, 1987

But here we are! It’s 2017, and the most definitive articulation yet of the work that we’ve done with Einstein, Einstein et al.: Manifestation, Conflict REVOLUTION® and the New Operating System, is my 30-year anniversary articulation of where that road took me. It’s phenomenal—and personally humbling.

In honor of this, I am starting a year-long, once-a-month free telechannel of this nature. I’m calling it the 2017 Reboot Camp. We’ll begin at the beginning and fully intend to install this new operating system into our own energy. I am making this work available, partly, of course, for the selfish reason that I love having a support group of my own, but for people who want to learn how to do this—how to not just do good work in the world and align to compassion and be better people and help the species evolve, but to live lives that are worth living that we make as big as we can.

9780991010936cvr2.inddIn 1987, if you had asked me to dream as big as this, that I would be putting out a book with the Party of 12 and Albert Einstein that explains how matter is manifest on every level, the unified field theory, tested by people all over the world—that’s a pretty big dream. I don’t know if I could have. Good thing I didn’t have to!

This year, with this 12-part series, we’re going to support each other in our intention. You get to set your intention, so get your notebooks right now. We’ll put them down and we’ll talk about different aspects of bringing these intentions into fruition, into the physical world and changing this operating system in the next 12 [months].

I want to preface this by saying that this operating system that we’re talking about transforming is one that at its root deals with conflicts in a regenerative, creative, compassionate way. So many of us have never been taught about conflict. We still aren’t. Even the best kinds of peacemaking don’t explain why there are always conflicts. My sister said to me the other day, “Didn’t we fight for women’s rights? Didn’t we do this once 30-some years ago?”

Conflict is part of life, and this Einsteinian Conflict REVOLUTION® process that we’ve been working on for 30 years is a new operating system that takes conflict and uses it to not only help promote us as a species, but to get to the outcome for the greatest good of all: making decisions for the greatest good of all.

In a practical sense, that can elude us sometimes. I’ll admit it. I get scared and freaked out. Right now the whole world is terrified. The trigger of Trump, as I’m calling it, has brought out not just the fear, but people projecting the very worst possible futures. It’s very real. Here with the Party, there’s a reason why (not that it was my idea) that we’re working with Einstein and Hitler and Freud—people—the thoughts, feelings, senses, memories, and holograms of people who’ve had these experiences on the earth plane can give and have given us a greater perspective. Who have given us this greater perspective.

So let’s invite the participation of the willing, people who want to set the intention to become that change, to become compassion, and to experiment with us. This process, this operating system doesn’t take away anything else you’re doing. Whether it’s chemo, Judaism, psychotherapy, or math, it doesn’t take away from it, augments it. It allows you to get deeper into that place where you are.

This Reboot Camp will also feature people who not only understand this Einsteinian perspective, but who have taken it somewhere else to manifest in a very specific way of meeting people where they are. Today’s guest on the show and I have had a long conversation about how to meet people where they are, especially with this Einsteinian information. It’s not an easy read. The general population that wants to read about fashion and politics may not want to read about the root level of matter and our relationship to it. How do we take those ideas and articulate them, like a giant antenna, to these people?


My guest today, Robin Cordova, is not only a very, very good friend of mine, but a certified Conflict REVOLUTION® trainer, someone who speaks this language, has studied it and knows it. I always value her ability to help me. It’s kind of like learning French when no one else speaks French. You find someone who speaks French, and you feel like you can understand yourself and French better. She also is a certified coach. She has started what she calls the I Thrive Revolution. “I Thrive.” It’s about helping women go from just surviving to thriving in their lives, which parallels the new operating system and Conflict REVOLUTION® and Einsteinian thought.

We’ll talk today about some practical applications of what she works with—Positive Psychology—and how that overlaps with Conflict REVOLUTION®. I’m hoping that we can take this trigger of Trump and have a conversation about it. I’ve got my own triggers that are unique to me within that; we’ll see how we can apply Positive Psychology, how it all fits in together.

Thank you all for joining us here today in the conference calling room. Please welcome my friend Robin Cordova.

Robin: Good morning, Barbara. Good morning, everyone. Thank you for having me.

Barbara: I’m glad you agreed to be here. I’ve been looking forward to this conversation for a while, because you and I often talk about political things as well, we’re not just spiritual gab buddies, but we’ve been going through this Trump thing as well. In fact, you just went on the Women’s March.

Robin: Yes, yesterday. It was beautiful, peaceful, filled with men, women, families, very representative of cultures, class cultures.

Barbara: And this left you feeling hope?

Robin: It did. We had 130,000 people in Seattle in a peaceful march. There was not a single incident.

Barbara: And that was replicated around the world. To me, it brings to mind way back when I was working with Teresa and Lily in the original Psychic Sorority, years and years ago, there was a channeling called World Peace in a Day. They said that when the mothers and the fathers go out in the streets and say, “No more war, war is an obsolete form of conflict resolution,” this is that. These are the predictions that were made all those years ago about when people would stand up like this. Do you march much?

Robin: No. This is the first march I have been on. I think that it shows a hopeful future and possibly, along how you introduced the call, maybe this is a new type of year. We really are possibly in a new place, and that brings us hope, too.

Barbara: And hope is really important.

Robin Cordova,                              I Thrive Revolution

Robin: And I’m reminded of something Einstein said on a channel back in 2012. “We are creating new moments and not casting shadows of old moments.” I try to remind myself of that so that we can look at things in a new way and not just assume that it will continue to repeat from the past.

Barbara: And that was my intention with this meeting today: to talk about the trigger of Trump. Up until yesterday, when hundreds of thousands, half a million, a million people, went out into the streets and said, “No more!” there was a lot of fear, a lot of projection about the most horrible things ever happening because of Trump. That’s a real thing. I don’t have a judgment about it either way, but clearly people have been in their fear and reacting and surviving rather than feeling like they’re thriving. From what you’ve told me when we talked before the broadcast, it changed, coming together with people in that way. It shifted out of fear into hope, into “Now let’s find some creative solutions.”

Robin: Correct. And I can go into that today, some of the hope theory from Positive Psychology can be a very powerful message. We can circle back to that after we do an introduction into what Positive Psychology is. People haven’t heard of it or they might think it’s just a “Happyology” and you’re just telling people to put a smile on their face no matter what they’re going through, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s good to dismantle some of the misbelief of what Positive Psychology is and where it came from and why I feel it’s very important to me.

Barbara: Please do! I’m curious to know all those things. Share with us what it is.

Robin: Positive Psychology was coined primarily by one person, but also co-founded. Martin Seligman was the president of the Psychological Foundation [American Psychological Association] right around the turn of the century, about 17 years ago [1998. He is Zellerbach Family Professor of Psychology in the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Psychology]. He stood in front of the scientific community, researchers within psychology, and he said, “We have failed the everyday human. We have based our entire research model, our entire therapy model, on the disease model. That really only helps around 15% of the population, and the rest we have left behind.” He co-founded it with another researcher and psychology professor, Chris Peterson, who has passed on, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a guest with the Party on the non-physical side.

Together they put out a challenge, set an intention: “We would like to see 51% of the population flourishing by 2051. To do that, we want to research what is right with people. What makes life worth living?” That’s what Chris Peterson said. That is the study of optimal human functioning. “Why are we here? What makes life worth living? We haven’t studied these things. We haven’t helped people become resilient to everyday challenges—health setbacks, loss of loved ones, loss of jobs, learning how to make difficult transitions—everyday things, not things that are in the disease model.”

So they created what they call the wellness model. Chris Peterson would say it’s “helping people go north of neutral.” The traditional psychology was looking at an arrow to the west of that. That was, we have symptoms, we have illnesses, we have death.

Positive Psychology says, “Let’s study the right side. Let’s look at first of all self-awareness.” When I think of Conflict REVOLUTION®, I can align that with the Observer. The first step is to become the Observer, to become self-aware. The next step is education. We can look at that with Conflict REVOLUTION® where we say, “Let’s look at the mirror. Let’s become aware. Let’s educate ourselves on what’s the beyond ourself. If we’re only 8% within the lens, we need to educate ourselves on the Source, the map, the electromagnetic grid. There are so many things we can educate ourselves for.” The third step is growth. Martin Seligman put that out and he got a lot of funding, a lot of researchers stepped up. Now we’re about 17 years in, and just in my Thrive course I’ve covered the work of 11 or 12 researchers, and there are many more, who have said, “What if we send positive emotion?” I thought I’d touch on that.

Barbara: Yes, please.

Robin: Another one said, “What if we study hope? What does that mean?” Martin Seligman himself did a 20-year study on optimism, what makes people optimistic? Why do we want be? He teamed with Chris Peterson and they did a three-year study, I think they had a million dollars in funding, and they studied character strength. What happens is, we focus on what’s right with people. It was a beautiful outcome. The idea is not to negate negative emotions. There’s nothing in Positive Psychology that says to repress emotions or we only want positive emotions.

But will segue into Barbara Fredrickson’s work on positivity. She’s a scientific researcher, and she took several thousand people and studied positive emotions. She said, “We know that if we’re sad, it’s because we’re mourning something, and if we’re angry, it’s because we feel our rights have been violated in some way. But nobody has studied what the benefits are when we feel joy, love, awe, excitement, curiosity, when we’re learning something.”

After quite a few years of study, she teamed up with a mathematician and they plotted it. They took all her data and plotted it mathematically and found what they called the “butterfly effect”: if we are able to consciously create in our environment a certain amount of positive emotion, then we start to flourish. They found that mathematically that ratio is about 3:1. So if you take a month of your life and say, “How much of my time do I feel that I was in positive emotional states?” and she describes about 10 of them, and “How much am I in a negative emotional state?” If I am able to shift that consciously, I start to create what she calls a broaden-and-build theory. That means that if we’re able to stay in positive emotion three times to one negative, we open up our world to more options. We start to see solutions instead of problems. We start to get ideas. I equate it to standing at the top of the Eiffel Tower, where you can see so much further than if you’re in the basement.

Her work does not say that the basement isn’t valuable, or that we shouldn’t go to the basement. That’s why I don’t feel like it can’t marry to Conflict REVOLUTION. But what it does say is that we can become aware and consciously interject within our life things that bring us joy.

For me, I love to dance. So I make sure to dance every day for an hour. That I already know will interject some extra positivity in my life. Negative emotions can narrow our focus, and sometimes we need that. Sometimes we need those negative emotions, narrow in focus. Other times we want to broaden and build. So we think about what we do to come up with new solutions. If we consciously infuse our lives with more positive emotion, then we’re going to elevate to a state where we’re at the top of the building and we can see far. Now we are all of the sudden inspired with new ideas and new solutions. She calls that the broaden-and-build theory.

Another thing that Positive Psychology has done is, one of the things that Einstein has always said is that our greatest challenge is in our negative intellect. When we get negative emotions—our fear, anger, sadness—we immediately start to marry those to the negative stories. He’s always said that our greatest challenge is unwinding those stories and aligning ourselves to super-conscious thinking. And I think that’s a beautiful thing. To me, in and of itself, that fits into the Positive Psychology category, because no matter what emotion is coming through us, if we ground into the Source and we connect with the wave as it’s coming through the lens, and then we repeat a mantra of positive thinking and we marry that to whatever emotion we’re feeling, then that is a perfect example of a Positive Psychology intervention, in my opinion.

Barbara: In Conflict REVOLUTION®, what you just described is the basis of our revolutionary new relationship to Emotion, just to offset it. There isn’t any actual Emotion that is negative or positive. The degenerative effect comes when you get to the Intellect and when the Intellect creates the negative story that then that fear or anger, formally known as a negative emotion, hits that story. So like you just described, when you let that anger come through but marry it with a regenerative, positive story, you still, I find, have the power of that emotion, whether it’s formally good or bad. There’s just a little bit of fine-tuning in the system, a little more complex place in the system, but that’s essentially what Positive Psychology does, change the story. Right?

Robin: Exactly. There’s two researchers that I could talk about. Maybe I should start with hope theory. It truly is important to have hope. Nobody has studied hope too much, but when we slide into a hopeless state, they have found that the first stage is rage, anger, or frustration. When people are feeling hopeless, which many are right now, when they look at Trump and the situation going on, it’s easy to fall into that feeling of hopelessness, and the first stage of hopelessness is rage, anger, and frustration.

Then, if they’re not sure what to do or that they understand what’s next, they slide into despair. When you get to a stage of despair, you start to make smaller investments. You start to shut down. It’s like starting into the giving-up phase. You become immobilized and resigned to complete inaction, to passivity. You start to go inward in your expression. The fourth stage is apathy, which is just complete defeat, when you no longer believe that the goal you want is attainable, and you often give up the big dream and you start to just shoot for little things. That’s what they describe as the slide into hopelessness.

When they pulled it apart and researched it—What is hope? What makes people hopeful? Then they created a map for how you build hope in your own life. The very first step is to set goals. So hopeful people have goals. As soon as we say, “Here’s what we’re headed for,” and we can start to see—whether we end up there or not doesn’t matter as much as setting an intention. Like you said, let’s start the year by setting an intention. We can call that an intention or a goal of some sort. But just having that set all of the sudden starts to build hope.

The other two components are “way power” and willpower. Way power tells us we have multiple ways to get to that goal. Willpower is the motivation to get there. If we’re feeling hopeless, then we have a structure where we can say, “I’ll start by setting goals.” They say hopeful people will set goals across many areas in their lives. They’ll have health, they’ll have relationships. That comes back to, what makes life worth living? If we’re just working all the time and we have no friendships, that’s not a very fulfilling life. Or if we have a relationship that’s not meaningful work. Hopeful people will set goals or intentions across multiple areas of their lives and they’ll create multiple pathways to get there, not necessarily getting stuck on one or another.

And then by generating strength and positive emotion, we can boost our willpower, our excitement, our motivation, our ability to self-regulate. That’s another key thing that several researchers have found, that when we allow ourselves to feel every emotion, we become able to master this character strength that Mark Seligman and Chris Peterson defined as “self-regulation”: being able to control our impulses, to maintain the focus, the vitality to head toward those goals. As you introduced at the beginning when we were talking in our previous conversation, now that the march is done, now what? How do we maintain hope?

I think the combination of Positive Psychology with Conflict REVOLUTION® is beautiful. We can take what we’ve learned and say, “How do we maintain this hope?” We do that through setting our intentions, setting goals, feeling our emotions, being aware of our positive-to-negative ratio.

The other thing we found is about taking our language seriously. This goes back to what you mentioned, marrying those stories to the negative Intellect stories. What Positive Psychology has found that the more general the negative statements we give to ourselves—this goes back to self-care/self-love piece—the higher the degree of negative emotion we’re creating.

For example, if we say, “I am a failure. I’m good at nothing. I’m worthless. I’m unworthy,” that’s a very broad statement sweeping across us. The degree of negative emotion being experienced by that personal attack is high. Positive Psychology has taught us to, first of all, step into that Observer, that self-awareness, and listen to ourselves. If we’re saying, “I’m a failure,” then we’re creating—it’s a self-attack, or in Conflict REVOLUTION® terms, as that wave comes back around, through the North Pole, and goes into the center of the Earth, back to the Source and back into the Lens, that will come up as a lot of pain.

Barbara: Yes, an abscess, as we call it. It becomes abscessed. Who knows why it’s there or when it’s there, it’s just built up. It doesn’t ever really get moving along the flow of things.

I want to jump in and talk about hope. Listening to you talk about that aspect was very affirming to me as someone—OK, let’s go back to the trigger of Trump. For the past five or six years I’ve been deeply engaged in my state government, and marches and walks and testimony and all sorts of things. I’ve been engaged and involved. There came a point where everybody went home and the government of Wisconsin—which is that our governor and the two houses and the courts are all Republican and they’re passing things that are really detrimental to us, like we’re seeing Trump is about to do.

There came a point where all those stages of hopelessness that you just described, oh, my gosh, that was me! Until I got to a point after about three years of giving it my all, where I was hopeless. I went through that whole thing and I got to apathy. But what happened was, luckily for me, that’s when Conflict REVOLUTION® kicked in. “OK, so you’ve got nothing. You’ve lost everything. The mining company has the bill. The government is corrupt. They’re going to steal our water.” Kind of like what I see people doing with Trump now.

But now that I can look back, I see that the truth was that when I stepped back to first of all not feel like I have to save the entire world, that this is a little more organic movement even though politics is rough and you don’t want your water poisoned, you still need to take care of yourself. You still need to thrive. You still need to have hope. How do you do that in the face of what I was faced with? I can tell you that what I did Conflict REVOLUTION®. It pulled me farther away from the struggle of what I was in and more into the experimental esoteric, “What is the conflict of the mining thing? Let me take that in and find the metaphor in me. Let me look at it metaphorically like an archetype. What part of my energy that I’m observing every day—” And I know what I’m looking for. It isn’t just watching yourself be crazy, you know what you’re looking for. You’re looking for those bad thoughts. In Positive Psychology, it would be the observation you’re talking about, where you’re telling yourself you’re a failure over and over and having the willpower to change it to something more regenerative, something that’ll going to give you hope, something that will find a solution.

You and I have talked about meeting people where they are, which is part of why I wanted to do this series and have other people come and show me these different sides. This movement of meeting people where they are is just as important as knowing and understanding the process. It’s that bridge like you talk about, the bridge to people who are still struggling. And let’s bring this back around to another thing, where I had my own Rev, the trigger of Trump. I had my own Rev and it wasn’t about Trump. Having lived with Scott Walker and been through the cycle for five years, I’m familiar with what’s going on conditionally like that.

But it was the other side, where I was having a great conflict with people who supported President Obama and would never acknowledge that he had actually facilitated some things that they really hate about Trump. He actually did those things. He bombed more people. He deported more people. But to me the point was, I couldn’t for the life of me find any of my friends who could sit down and have this conversation about why this is, not even adversarially. It wasn’t like, “How come you can’t—?” It was like, “I don’t get it. How do you feel about the fact that he has done all these things that when you say Trump does them, they make you scared to death?” I haven’t been able to get an answer. People either stomp out or say that I’m trashing Obama or get defensive or change the subject. The Rev for me was that archetypical metaphor of, “What do you do with people when they’re not ready to hear the truth?” OK, so with me.

That application of Positive Psychology or Conflict REVOLUTION® on that Rev, unique to me, really had nothing to do with politics. It had a lot more to do with this work. This work, especially this Einsteinian work that all of us have been engaged in or are beginning to get intrigued by. It’s pretty ahead of its time. There are people, as you and I talked about, who aren’t there. They don’t see it. I know that. It has nothing to do with if anybody’s more involved or better. This Einsteinian work is very deeply rooted in ideology, intellect, and it’s sometimes hard to find people who speak that language. I’m appreciative of everyone who does, but in the long run, going back to my hope story, when I shifted that—now I’m not saying that this is my responsibility, I’m just reporting this—the mining company pulled out and went away. And even though we’ve had the four sides of our government dominated by corporate Republicans who are passing the bills that are for the good of the few at the expense of the many, we still protected the lake. We did it. We succeeded.

I’m bringing that back to the march. It brings that hope that we don’t have to sit here in the trigger of Trump and project because we’re down at the end of hopelessness and now we’re projecting the most dismal futures, as you were talking about. Your vision gets really tiny. There are fewer and fewer resources. We don’t know what will happen in this year when we engage like we going to, like we are. We’re taking responsibility now for our own energy like we’ve never done before. We don’t know the power we have. We underestimate ourselves, right?

Robin: Right. And you bring up a good point—and part of the reason I named my business “I” Thrive Revolution is because it goes along with that theory that the most important thing is that we come back to ourselves, and that has to be our priority. That relationship is about our own self-care, self-love, self-compassion. I myself learned through some Revs that I did this fall—I finally understood the clear difference between self-care and self-compassion. They’re entirely different.

Barbara: How so?

Robin: Self-care is compassion that we take, we are caring for our bodies, we are eating good food, we are meditating, we are dancing, we are skiing—I know you love to ski, Barbara. These are self-care things, and they’re very, very important, which I’ve aligned more with the Father energy.

What I really had to learn this fall through my own Rev that I had to do was embracing and honoring the Mother energy, which is self-compassion. That part is very quiet. It’s not action-oriented. It’s just sitting down and treating yourself like you would as a kind person. Treating yourself like you think of yourself. The moment that you pause and say, “I am so sorry you’re going through this right now.” Just like you would a friend. How often do you say, “Oh, my gosh, I’m so sorry this has brought you so much sadness.”

Barbara: With your friend, hopefully you don’t say, “What the hell is wrong with you? What’s wrong with you that you have cancer?”

Robin: The mother energy. Or “What did you do wrong? Whip yourself into shape.” That’s not self-compassion. With self-compassion, you put your hand on your heart, “I’m so sorry.” I learned that from a Positive Psychology researcher by the name of Kristin Neff at the University of Austin. She teaches a lot on self-compassion. That was beautiful, too.

With all of these Positive Psychology interventions, it’s a lot like Conflict REVOLUTION® in the sense of, when you get triggered, you know it’s time to rest. You know what to do. You have a process. To me it’s a Positive Psychology intervention, probably the most powerful one.

The same thing with hope. If we feel hopeless, we get out our sheet and we say, “OK, I know how to build hope. I follow this step, this step, and this step, and I’m going to start to feel more hopeful.” If I am finding that I’m bumping into obstacles, because that’s one thing about the intervention, I’m just describing the theory, but there’s a whole set of, “Here’s what we do when we’re feeling hopeless. Here’s what we do if we’re lacking in “way” power, we don’t see the pathway to get there.” I know you had to run into that so many times. “What do you do when you hit 10 obstacles?”

Barbara: And what you’re talking about here reminds me and affirms for me that when I was going through some really deep mental health issues, 2008, 2009, 2010, every day I had to make a list of things I was going to accomplish, but they were things like, “Brush your teeth.” Three things that I could so easily do in five minutes. But I did it so that I could do it and then say I did it. I built on that.

Robin: Right! That’s a fabulous example.

Barbara: I confirmed that process you’re talking about.

Robin: And then you could feel hope. That’s so important.

Barbara: And as I succeeded, I could add more, so my competency could increase as well. “Now I can do more than just brush my teeth and go to the Post Office.”

Robin: And I think that’s a perfect example of broaden-and-build, too. You’re catching yourself. You’re building hope. You’re accomplishing things. You’re celebrating, and that brings in self-compassion. One of the things Barbara Fredrickson has said is, “We think that these fleeting moments of positivity are meaningless, but it’s quite the contrary.” It’s almost like putting a deposit in the bank. It can become fun. “Oh, my gosh, did I get some positivity in my bank today?” Making sure you squeeze it in because you’re making deposits in your bank so that when you do hit an obstacle or you do hit an adversity, it helps you become resilient because you’ve banked some positivity.

Barbara: With Conflict REVOLUTION®, we train ourselves to the best of our ability to, when in doubt, process that deep emotion with breathing. In present moment, I’ve learned through the years and I’m sure you have, too, that when you really have your back up against the wall, some stopped, intentional, focused breathing and calming everything down to allow that last tail of hopelessness to stop and you can begin to refresh and find those creative solutions, or ask for them intuitively.

Robin: Exactly. And she has hit some controversy, like all researchers do, and I admire and honor you so much in your bravery to do this work—

Barbara: Oh, thank you!

Robin: —that’s possibly a hundred years ahead of its time and the controversy that you’ve had to hit. Barbara Fredrickson had it in a tiny way when she was doing this research. She was giving a talk right when 9/11 happened, and she couldn’t get home to her family because the planes had shut down, so she ended up taking a train for a couple of days to get home. I think she was in Chicago and lives on the East Coast or something like that. It gave her the opportunity to observe something that was a very sad time. She had been given some flak of, “We can’t just do positive emotion.” But what she found is that it didn’t make you insensitive to say to yourself, “It’s important that I interject positivity in my life.” It does not make you insensitive to 9/11. She found that people who could also find gratitude and still put a smile on their faces were able to handle the deep emotion as well.

Barbara: I can attest something—maybe as disastrous to 9/11, the Trump election—that when I tried to be positive and do this, I was accused of being thoughtless and mean and rude and uncaring. It was very interesting. That was another interesting part about this trigger of Trump. And those were people who know me.

I want to wrap up this part of our conversation. We could go on and on. The setting of our intention today that we’ll do, I’d like to give everybody about five minutes. Is there anything you want to add to the idea that we can take this year and set our intentions? What does that mean? What might you be doing?

Robin: I did write that out for myself. I love doing that exercise. For me, it’s making sure that I set goals, set intentions across more than just one area of my life. For me personally it will include wonderful relationships and my work area, my passion area, my own ability to stay dedicated to Conflict REVOLUTION®, it will include a broad range. It will also include making sure that, “This is how I am going to feel, this is what I’m going to see, what things are going to smell like and look like,” to embrace a lot of the senses.

Barbara: I feel that way, too, that I want to intend that this is this really kick-ass life to live. Being there with it. I want to also—I really have a thing for this book. I’ve been wanting to get this to the scientists but have been triggered by that “Who do I think I am?” thing. I really want to intend that [to get Einstein, et al. to the scientists]. But like you say, I want to intend a life that’s relaxed and happy and feel like I’m doing all that I can and using my power, feeling like I’m really doing the best I can. So many times we are but we don’t feel like we are. We’re doing so much. I’m guilty of doing so much, but “I haven’t done enough.” Positive!

Robin: We are. And every time I talk about Positive Psychology, I tell who come to my workshops, “I need this work. That’s my own selfish reason [to do it.] My life needed these tools.”

Barbara: Yes, exactly.

Before we take the five minutes, this is from Diaries of a Psychic Sorority, and it sums up the whole mission that Einstein has shared with us, through us. This was from January 25, 1994. It was the second group that we ever did in the big groups that we were doing back then, Kim and Theresa and I. It was called “Conflict Resolution.” These were the paragraphs that changed my life, when they said:

You often come in contact with people who you think cause you conflict. This seems unavoidable. Yet you are the source of that conflict. You can look around at everyone else and lay claim to their actions and how they are causing the conflict in your life, but every conflict you’re involved with is within your own self. The source is within your own self. If you begin to look at life that way, you begin to see where your power actually lies to be able to resolve these conflicts. If you do not believe this is the basis of the evolutionary process, you only have to look at how much conflict is in your world, not just in your own personal lives, but the bigger world, the global community, the country, the state, the cities, the block, your home, and your own minds. Constantly dealing with conflicts is the road to evolutionary change. It may seem futile or counterproductive, but it’s not. It’s through the resolution of conflict that the earth plane will resolve.

Barbara: This goes back to, we’re putting in a new operating system that will process the inevitable conflict of life, because it is inevitable, and process it in this positive, regenerative way. You get to build your own system based on your life, your detail, custom-made just for you. That’s the exciting creative part right there.

When we come back, we will open up to Einstein and the Party to talk and then we will have time for questions and conversation.

Thank you so much, Robin! When I send the link out, I’ll send the information of where people can get hold of you and see more about what you’re doing.

Robin: OK. Thank you so much.

Robin Cordova
I Thrive Revolution
Bainbridge Island, WA


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It is January 22nd, 2017. I am here in Lake Superior. The rest of you are all over. I can’t say I know exactly where you’re all from. I want us to begin by closing our eyes and imagining this view from outer space looking down at the earth so that we’re all starting on the same perspective, that we’re out on a halo that goes around the earth, sitting there with our legs hanging over the side, looking at this beautiful planet.

As we look, think about the history of humanity. Sometimes when we get so focused on one time period or moment, we feel trapped. Our perspective is narrowed down into a tiny little funnel, much like Robin talked about, where suddenly you don’t have enough resources and enough way.

We will command that only the most divine light shine down upon you at this time and the greatest good be present here.

Earth and the ring-world: Halo by Nazo-The-Unsolvable Watch Digital Art / Animation©2008-2017 Nazo-The-Unsolvable
Earth and the ring-world: Halo
by Nazo-The-Unsolvable
Digital Art / Animation©2008-2017 Nazo-The-Unsolvable

We are so honored to have use of this space, if only for just a little while, to greet you in this most magnificent “1” year that is stretched out ahead of you like a carpet. We have a very exciting agenda for how we want to use our energy to help you use your energy.

The beginning opening invitation goes out to you now to sit in your physical body, listen to the sound of our voice as we’re talking, and become aware and be an observer of all of the cells within your body, within your organs, your muscles, in all of the biological systems that are at this very moment working together to create the portal that you have to perceiving the planet. You are the projector of that planet as well as the perceiver of it.

More than ever, we feel the time is ripening for each individual to strive to a greater height and evolutionary place than they ever have before. Part of the way evolution works is that because the creative energy of life—the life source—has programmed in its DNA the continual desire and implementation of creation constantly creating something, constantly taking something out of nothing and making it into something. Your very nature is regenerative. Your energy is, well, you can’t screw it up. You can mess up the system so that in the lens of your physical world you’re not experiencing the great miracle that’s taking place right in front of you, but you don’t screw up the miracle. That’s unscrew-upable.

In this year, 2017, we are going to, more than ever, be here to be of assistance, to help people take a big step into the manifestation of their lives. The beautiful part about this intention that we’re setting, about installing this operating system, is getting more and more people to observe themselves, having people wake up to ask, “What can I do? How can I stand up? How can I make a difference?”

When people are in that place, they’re willing. And when you get the participation of the willing, then you get a group of like-minded people who are operating as a sort of biological organism. When all of those people—a family, a town, a group—are operating under compassion, meaning that the most important thing is to make decisions for the good and the sustainability of the whole system, whatever that system is. Imagine working in a group of people who are all committed to that perspective. You could trust each other. You knew if someone experienced pain or anger they wouldn’t lash out, act out, bring in some drama. There is a whole new language. You could talk and work. And suddenly conflict didn’t become that thing you were afraid to have. “Oh, gosh, I’ve got a conflict!” It becomes an opportunity to take control of yourself and create a new outcome, very purposefully, very intentionally.

This also addresses the idea of the future. We want to talk about that right at the beginning of 2017. We have never been here working with Barbara to be fortune tellers. It was not our intention to tell people’s futures as the mode of communication. We have been able to, with a fair accuracy, speak about the future and possible futures and articulate what we see and have that then come into physical reality. But the truth is, there is such a question about how much even the telling of the future affects the manifestation of it. It may or may not, we don’t know.

Instead, what we feel we do with our vision and our insight is to give you some perspective and a process that will allow you to participate in your energy in a way that you may not have thought of before, when you’re hoping that somebody’s going to tell you the future will be good. “Will I get that job, that relationship, that child?” Instead, it’s the shift of, “Here’s what I want to create and here’s how I will do it.”

Some of the tricks (and it’s not a trick, but it’s kind of tricky) is that as you are setting this intention, whatever it is, you will certainly not set an intention that you’re miserable. You’re not going to write down, “I hope I never have enough money. I hope I never find love.” You’ll write hopeful, optimistic things and conditions that you think are advancing yourself and the world around you, making you and the world a better place.

The world needs that right now, so much so that each one of you listening to this should take it seriously about your own life, your own conflicts, in your own world. As Barbara has said, sometimes it’s difficult to sort through that as a human, because there is so much going on. There’s so much energy and change and emotion and transparency and things are moving faster and faster.

So it can be like you’re just surviving, like you’re white-knuckling it sometimes. But in this shift that we’re helping you make, the relationship of conflict comes under your control. Conflict with coworkers, with parents, any conflict—which, again, is inevitable—can become the magical pathway to facilitate an outcome to those conflicts that not only get you what you need but get everyone else what they need, too.

To do this, you have to have a certain amount of hope. Built into our new operating system is the idea of hope, and that springs out of rest. More and more humans are understanding that rest, the resting of the mind, is one of the most rejuvenating acts you can do. It’s one of the greatest acts of self-love that you can do for yourself. Find a way to focus the mind on something that’s soothing, that’s calms the energy waves. That kind of rest we so often overlook.

In this year that is coming ahead, speaking of futures, we can see some conditional trends that you might be aware of as you move through the next one-year cycle. If you’re not ready in the spring to have a channel to channel your creativity through, it’s going to get mucked up. It can risk getting backed up, so that creative energy becomes the conflict itself. Because creative energy is one thing, and your choice to consciously pick up your power and interact with that creative energy and use it to intend is the more important part of it. People who are willing to engage like that are more apt to tap into creativity when it’s not there than somebody who isn’t going to engage but has all the creative energy ideas in the world.

This is the talent to be open, always be discovering even if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Cultivating that openness, that positive message, that you tell yourself, “Not only is there a way, and a will, but there are so many more resources than you’ll ever know.” Look at Barbara, saying in 1987 that if you had told her she would be here, she wouldn’t have been able to imagine all the resources she would need to get here. She didn’t have to. She just had to say, “One step at a time.”

In this springtime of creativity, more than ever you’re going to need to be the scientist of your own life, the one who’s willing to experiment with this new operating system. Again, there might not be a clear answer right away on what direction you’re supposed to go or what you’re supposed to do. But take the time right now, in the beginning, to feel that intention.

We [The Party] want to intend things, too, for our work, through Barbara and through you. We feel that anyone here who is listening avidly and excited about getting control of your own energy, we hope we can inspire you to take those steps of self-care and self-love. This work is the work of your life. When you work it on the microscopic level of what you’re thinking, how you’re processing emotion, what Intuition is saying to you, getting to know those three human dimensions very intimately is a lifelong pursuit of being human.

This body of work, Conflict REVOLUTION®, is a lifelong system where you’re constantly monitoring what you’re thinking, how you’re processing your feeling, what Intuition is telling you to do. Are you doing it? Are you taking care of yourself? Are you making decisions that give you hope? If you’re not, then your intention can be that you will be revealed to yourself if you watch.

If you’re ever in doubt—“Why am I stuck? Why is this going on? Why am I just surviving?”—you have at any moment the opportunity to turn and observe yourself with the intention that you’ll find the answer and then set about to watch yourself. It’s challenging right now for humanity because there are so many forces in the world that are about taking the resources for the good of the few at the expense of the many. It is a system that is falling now, because it can’t sustain. It is not a sustainable form of societal structure when so many of the resources are held by so few.

This is in the process of tipping over. How that looks to any person is as unique as who that person is who is going through it. Some people will be refugees, some will be poor, some will be rich. Some people will be less rich, some people will be richer. You can’t even look at a worldwide condition so much as looking at your individual self in it, in this change as you’re here as the system goes through this change. How will it look?

We can say quite definitively that the more that you nurture not only your own self-care and your own magical abilities to have an influence on your own energy—and we say “magical” sort of ironically, not really. Sometimes it seems magical when you set an intention and honor yourself and feel and breathe and look in the mirror of that conflict and bring it home and see where you’re not treating yourself well, where you’re not respecting yourself, then changing those things. It does seem sometimes like magic, how things change around you. It’s always a beautiful tribute when we see someone doing this and then facilitating this change as if by magic. The person who was so mad at you suddenly calls up and apologizes, or the triggers that you had with someone are gone, however you heal them without going straight at them.

This kind of interaction on the part of human beings adds up in every facet of society. It’s going to influence politics, science, food systems because it’s only people who are the projectors and perceivers of the universe. When they change to become compassion flowing through the physical body, it’s inevitable.

That’s why we say in the spring, not only be prepared to have some stuff to channel your energy into, but see in the world that, despite some of the difficulties and the hard times, there will be a new growth, a new surge of hope that’s coming, not from a political leader, not because science is telling you, but driven from within you to be one of those mothers and fathers who go out into the street and say, “No more war! War is an obsolete form of conflict resolution. It doesn’t work. We’re going to do a new way. We’re going to start with ourselves, and you don’t even have to participate, because we’re going to take over ourselves.”

And then work it. Live it. Breathe it. Become it. Study how big you really are. Study all the other parts of your operating system that are non-physical. See how they relate to other lives you’ve lived, other lives other people have lived. Get to know yourself in that way.

We’re going to be here through the year with an opportunity to listen, to communicate, to answer questions, just making ourselves available.

Before we open for questions and conversations, we want to say that we see a lot of individual human beings excelling this year. Part of that excelling means that people find the courage to change themselves. It isn’t easy. It’s been a whole lot easier in many ways for humans to continue to sit back and point fingers at each other, blaming the other, and then taking action to punish the other. How we break out of this pattern on this planet can only begin on the individual level.

So yes, you want people to stop killing each other. Yes, you want the economy to be moving from one that relies on selling bullets and arms and bombs and killing people to being sustainable and regenerative. How does that work? You don’t know. Maybe you can’t today say, “This is how there’s going to be peace in the Middle East. This is how there will be a reduction of arms.” You don’t know. But that doesn’t matter. When you work on your part of that energy and treat yourself like a sovereign nation, how are you going to be a member nation of the world? Will you always be bombing your neighbors? Will you have sustainable government for yourself, one that will help you to thrive? This is all within your reach, no matter what the physical circumstances are.

We will confirm and acknowledge that the more pain you’re in, the more danger you’re in, the fewer resources that you have to survive, say water or food—those are special kinds of circumstances. But for the most part, in going about your everyday life, you have ample opportunity to build this new operating system from the ground up.

And we don’t want you to miss the miracles. We don’t want you to only focus on what isn’t there, but instead part of the hope that builds on the hope is when you do that hard work. It’s when you’re in your bedroom by yourself and you’re thinking about the conflict you had with that person and you’re breathing emotion and you’re concentrating on the metaphor. “What’s the metaphor for me?” And then you start exploring and using that incredible intellect to discover, “What mirror is this for me? Where is it?” And then finding it and doing whatever it takes, whatever Intuition tells you when you get there to do about that particular one, and there you are, you take that breath, and you react differently.

And then when you return, up to the Lens, into the arena, pay attention to how that shifts. We want to encourage everyone who is listening to let this process this year, 2017 Reboot, let people be where they’re naturally going to be with you. We feel like as you learn to honor yourself more, you make decisions more for you and less for other people. When you do that, you find out that some people you thought were close to you are, but not quite like you thought, so you can let them drift a little bit farther on the circle of love. And we always advise people, if you’re having conflict with someone, push them a few circles back on your circle of friends so they’re not quite so close to you. Give it some perspective. Do your process, look at the archetype, look at the metaphor, and see what you can experiment with in your own space.

It doesn’t mean you’re pushing them away because they’re energy vampires or they’re draining you. It means you’ve got work to do and you’re going to do it there and you need some space. As long as you’re not holding them responsible for those feelings, like Barbara read from Diaries, where you want to point the finger at somebody else and say, “You’re the reason I’m conflicted.” But it just isn’t so. They’re a trigger, bringing your awareness to a conflict that exists within you already. But that’s a gift, because now, in this new positive, powerful way, conflicts aren’t a mistake, they’re not a bad thing, they’re nothing to be ashamed of, they’re a regular part of living, and now you have a way to turn them into great, constructive, creative solutions where everybody gets to benefit.

This is an exciting time to be around and to be alive. Certainly all of the work we have done here through Barbara for these past 30 years, using her voice, her hands, her knowledge of publishing books to create a body of work we feel is so vitally important to humanity right now. And more than ever, we see that the time has come to step out and articulate what we know and what we want and inspire people to become the change in that way. So to all of you, we are eternally grateful for your participation and for the loving energy that you bring. We hope that more people can benefit from this gift that we want to give you in 2017.

With that, are there questions or conversations?

Q: I’d like a little clarification. We talk about prayer, about praying for other people. I have a feeling that when we pray for other people, there’s a power in that and that we can change the world and our lives and other people’s lives. Also, I think about what lies in the past, and something’s really bugging me. I want to hope something happens to stop people from doing the bad things and change what they’re doing and you said you can’t change what someone else is doing with your thoughts. Can you talk about the difference between prayer compared to I guess a negative hope for someone’s future compared to a positive one, how we affect other people with our thoughts?

A: The idea of praying for someone is rarely detrimental. If you are praying for someone to do the greatest good for the whole situation, that’s different than praying that the Holocaust won’t happen. We’re not saying that one is better or worse than the other, because praying that the Holocaust doesn’t happen is sort of like praying that Donald Trump doesn’t start World War III. It’s not necessarily a negative thing. You don’t want to wish anyone harm or pray for anything personally bad to come to someone, that someone kills someone else, whatever scenario. But to hold somebody in a prayer that they achieve the greatest good for them and for all is always a good thing.

We feel the important addition to that is that work that is done on self. It’s almost like we talk about this work that we teach augments everything else. It’s not that we want you to quit practicing medicine. It’s that by studying this [yourself], you have a different relationship to medicine. By doing this in your work, you have a different relationship to your prayers and the power of that prayer. A lot of times it’s more powerful, because the truth is—now we’re going to get kind of esoteric and step away from the practical world—that there was purpose behind what happened with Einstein and Hitler. There is purpose for what Donald Trump is doing. There’s a purpose for this fear that’s been blanketed because it’s in the process of then turning into hope.

Do you want to wish that he doesn’t do those things? It’s a little specific to be you wanting what’s best for the good of the whole. That brings in the humility that you don’t understand the importance of someone’s karmic energy or interaction in their life. You don’t want people to suffer, but on the other hand, souls choose to come into the world so that evolutionarily they will be given a platform to evolve. If their evolution means some kind of awakening process that might seem like a struggle to you, your own struggle, who are you to take it away from them? There are a lot of different things to look at that way when it comes to the power of prayer. Prayer is an art.

You can make every day a waking, walking prayer in that you program yourself to always just be intending the greatest good for all, no matter what the situation is. Of course that’s harder to do when it’s someone you perceive has wronged you, but it’s what will give you the strength and character to keep the focus of your energy work on yourself, and from there is where all else springs.

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Einstein in Madrid

After his successful visit to Paris in 1922, Einstein headed over to Spain to do a similar such peace mission in Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza. Here he lectured, attended receptions under great public and media scrutiny, and made ​​several cultural visits, including the Museum del Prado and El Escorial.

Einstein’s new theories were inspiring the world—everyone from philosophers to politicians were intrigued with his new view of the world, so simple and elegant: E=MC3. Because of this, he was the equivalent of a rock star of the times.

While in Madrid he spoke at the Palace Hotel, meeting with the rector of the Central University and the faculty of the School of Sciences. A large banquet was held after the day of presentations, where Einstein was honored with a tribute to his genius and revolutionary leadership.

As I make my way to Copenhagen, where I will once again give Einstein a voice in Europe, I am a bit fraught I must say. How can it be that, from Afterlife, he can come back and pick up where he left off, bringing forth a revolutionary new way to not just perceive the world, but how to be a compassionate conscious creator in it? Some nights, it’s a bit overwhelming to ponder. But most days, I feel humbled and tremendously grateful that someone — something “out there” — gifted me with the powerful imagination to perceive the possibility that, indeed, it really could be Einstein.

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of it really being Einstein, from beyond the grave, please feel free to think I made the whole thing up. It makes no never mind to me. I know the revolutionary manifestations that have come thus far. Now the world is catching up, and an elegant and simple process to revolve conflicts, first within our own selves, is a much needed tool for today’s tumultuous world.

Einstein was not a psychic, but with the rise of the Nazis in Germany and the Fascists in Italy, it wouldn’t take a psychic to predict Spain would fall and Franco would be installed there. Meanwhile, the great scientist, rock star of his day, made his mission to travel the world sharing his genius. What a gift.

And his mission of peace lives on…

I am proud to be presenting the revolutionary material of Einstein & The Party in Copenhagen on December 13th. Private Readings will also be available during my visit. Spaces are limited, so schedule early. Register for the event and schedule a reading here.

Can’t make it to Copenhagen? I encourage you to explore the many topics of Einstein in the Training Series. They’re all on sale until the end of the year.

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2014 Fall Series: Evolving Our Inner Coach

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Universal Signs 134How many times have you read or studied information about energy and transformation, only to find yourself stymied in a challenging situation? Sometimes, everything we learn seems to fly out the window as we struggle again with the conflict between our human and our spiritual selves. Even for me, someone who hears this information from Einstein more than anyone on the planet, I find the gap between what I know to be true, and what I am perceiving and manifesting quite perplexing at times.

Einstein and The Party have taught us from the beginning how to develop the Witness, an aspect of self that can observe what’s going on in our physical lives from a detached view. Now we want to evolve the Witness a step further, into an Inner Coach who can bring us back to the true nature of who we are. This inner spiritual teacher uses the circumstances of our mundane lives to awaken us and guide us back to the Big Picture our spiritual selves know. Cultivating one’s Inner Coach can lead us to the trust we are all seeking, only most times from outside sources, instead of our own inner power.

This four-part series is designed, on a practical level, to evolve this inner teacher, who can then guide us daily on how to work with our energy to create the life we came here to live. This series offers easy-to-use information, inspiration and sound bytes that we can apply to any situation, no matter how large or small. And the weekly sessions are a great support as you hear others learn to evolve their lives, which are often caught between the mystical and the mundane.

What am I doing here?

Religion 063One of the most-asked questions by far posed during readings with The Party is, “What is my purpose?” Why am I here?” We begin with this basic question posed to our Inner Coach. Learning to understand the power we possess to manifest our lives, on a very practical level, will help us sort through the complexities of that question and arrive at simple ways to fulfill our raison d’etre daily.

The BIG Picture

Art 67How easy it is to get caught up in the details of our busy, complex lives. While understanding those small perceptions are important, let’s learn how our Inner Coach can interject the bigger picture into any circumstance with the purpose of giving us balance and detachment. From that stand point, we acquire a position of power we’re not able to gain when we are so focused on all the details.

The Perpetual Beginner

Religion  311Many times, those of us who have studied spiritual practices tend to fill up with ideas, concepts and experiences that cause us to lose our openness to “not knowing.” Here The Party inspires us with pragmatic approaches to how our Inner Coach can help us remain open to learning, no matter how much we have already taken in.

Death and Birth

Religion 085Today’s culture does not always support the bigger picture of life after the death of the physical body, and the continual cycle of dying and being born again. How easy it is to lose sight of the entire cycle of living and dying. Far too often we get trapped in the illusion that the physical world is the primary reality. In this last session, we will learn practical methods for how the Inner Coach can keep this perspective, thereby preparing us in life for the time when we will pass again into the non-physical, while allowing a greater appreciation of all that we are experiencing.



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In today’s inspiring telechannel,  Einstein & The Party offer us a glimpse into an everyday meaning for resurrection, one that can help free us from the limiting thinking of our human minds. Our personal stories, he says, are the descriptions that guide the manifestation of our perception. Change our personal stories, and new possibilities are born of our new perception. Those stories can change overnight if we are willing to look beyond what we think we know.

“We want to encourage you at this time to be more experimental than you are predictable!”

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I am pleased to announce the release of my new eBook, Our Glorious Planet Earth, the collection of transcripts from the 2014 Winter Series, by far one of the best ever. In it, Einstein and The Party explore the five elements—fire, air, water, earth and spirit—and how we can use our relationship to them to expand our awareness, heal old wounds and resolve conflicts, and face forward to create our best lives yet:

earthhands4According to modern science, the four fundamental forces—electromagnetics, gravity, strong nuclear force, and weak nuclear force—are the ingredients in the recipe of the creation of our Planet Earth. Trees, soil, animals, water, chairs, people—all of reality is constantly springing from a dance of these four fundamentals.

However, according to Einstein & The Party’s “neo-science,” the fifth fundamental force— Compassion—is the Intelligence that organizes the four fundamental forces into the intended matter and gives us a way to perceive it. How energy separates from the Source to become the forms we see in the world—trees, soil, animals, water, chairs, people, and of course, our body itself—is the result of Compassion’s mysterious intention to create.

In the Party’s intricate, intimate fashion, these dissertations explore our intersection with these various forces, and examine how our perception influences their manifestation on Earth. Using Einstein’s Maps of Human Consciousness, we can experiment with aligning to our own Compassion to influence the manifestations for the good of the whole.

Planet Earth needs our help. Einstein’s Maps present a fail safe process to ensure we are using our power to channel our deepest Compassion. In this way, we will become the Fifth Force. We are the Intelligence that uses our power for the good of the whole. In this way, we become vessels of peace, and can stand up to protect our glorious Planet Earth.

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Love Is All There Is! Happy Valentine’s Day

valentinesdayWinter 2014 Series, Our Glorious Planet Earth          Readings still on sale

A wise woman once told me, “Love is all there is.”  I admit I have struggled to understand this. Surely not everyone acts out of love; certainly I don’t. Not that I don’t want to, but sometimes, before I know it, I’ve done or said something that clearly was not for the greatest good. And yet…

Considering Einstein’s definition of Compassion as the fifth fundamental force of the universe—the intelligence that uses the four fundamental forces to create the physical world, one step at a time—then yes indeed, every act is rooted in Compassion, regardless of its intention. Love becomes, literally, God, the driving force behind the creation of life.

Our latest series Our Glorious Planet Earth is an in-depth look at the five elements that make up matter, and our relationship to them. Last week, The Party stressed that human consciousness is going through a time of adaptation. Of the billions of years that Earth has been around, humans have only emerged in the last four hours, giving new meaning to the word “patience.”

Sometimes, life hands us cruel blows. Pain can be excruciating. We take actions that aren’t in our own best interest and then ask, “Why did I create this for myself?”  When we take the short view, we can drive ourselves insane.

But in the long view Einstein gives us, we understand that for the nanosecond we grace the planet, we have the opportunity to reprogram the mathematics of our corner of human consciousness. We can commit to aligning to Compassion by becoming the change. This means accepting that human consciousness by its very nature has the potential for both good and evil. Admitting that as humans we can and do perpetrate evil becomes the inspiration to commit to aligning our lives with Compassion. Becoming the change means taking control of our own domain to make sure evil does not manifest from within us.

As always, The Party’s suggestions are not brain surgery, but seen from the long view, become the next most advantageous step in the never-ending process of our commitment to evolve:

The adaptation that humanity is engaged in can be accentuated through conscious choices on your part.
First, make sure to connect to nature as much as is possible. Living without a direct connection to nature is the source of inability to adapt. If you were put in a concrete room to live without sunlight, you would probably die. That is a form of adaptation. But if you were put out in the middle of a forest, you would learn to adapt to what to eat, where to find water. Be as close to nature as you can. Put your feet on the ground. Put your face in the air. Surround yourself with trees and water and beautiful land. Get away from the concrete and the boxes.
A second way you can actively participate in this adaptation is through the use of your own Compassion. We want to explain that in different ways. Yes, of course—it’s acting kind, making decisions for the good of the whole. But we also want to draw your attention to the level of Emotion. This—as we’ve said for years—is the place with the primordial soup, the place where all of your particles are strewn about. This would be something like being up in a high atmosphere, where there’s a lot of space between the molecules. Then, as that wave moves forward, you get into Intuition, which now has sound. Now there’s less space between the molecules. Then you add Intellect, which will now provide the structure for the images—the descriptions—and there’s even less space, until you get through the body.
Now you’re looking at the desk or the chair or the tree or the car. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of space between the molecules of your computer. That primordial soup of Emotion is now all pulled together to form the five-dimensional images that make up your physical world.
So when you go into deep Emotion, you have an opportunity to commune in that space between the molecules, to become Compassion—that intelligence that understands, even at that level, that there’s a process taking place that’s going to eventually form that computer. At that level of Emotion, your molecules and the computer’s molecules are all floating around, with lots of space between them. That’s your identity.
That’s your true identity, that space between the molecules. That’s what lives on eternally. That’s what will survive anything that happens to the planet Earth…
Map of Human Consciousness as per the dictations of the channeling.
Map of Human Consciousness as per the dictations of the channeling.

We Are All Spiritual Activists

I came across this quote from a book entitled, The Hope: A Guide to Spiritual Activism by Andrew Harvey. Harvey was an editor for Sogyal Rinpoche’s The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, as well as the founder of the Institute for Spiritual Activism.

compassionWEBThe Hope articulates what Einstein and the Party have enabled us to do. Einstein’s Maps of Human Consciousness guide us into the root of the reflections that we see as the physical world. With clear instructions on how to take action and align our energy with Compassion, the Maps become a road map for manifesting the greatest good possible in any situation. Conflict REVOLUTION gives us the inspiration to take that liberating but sometimes difficult journey into the mirror of our own shadows.

Harvey explains in The Hope why just “living in the light” without a journey into our darkness is only half the process:

Those who follow the path of radical embodiment that contact with the Transcendent will initially experience chaos in our understanding of ourselves and the world. It will demand that we take a descent into our own and the world’s shadow and uncover and become conscious of the personal and collective forces of evil and destructiveness.

In a time as drastic as ours, union with the Transcendent alone, without the descent that marries our light with our most chaotic impulses and to the depths of the body, will not and cannot be enough. We have seen through human history how mystics of all traditions have used bliss and gnosis as a kind of subtle heroin, as an intoxication that allows to dismiss the body and all earthly realities as “illusion” and so leave them untransformed.

The marriage that the Dalai Lama spoke of between our left and right brains, between the outer and inner sciences, between the vigor of matter and the fresh waters of the spirit, between the body and soul can only take place through a descent into everything that disturbs this marriage. The great hope that we discover if we dare to follow this path is that this union of opposites, although difficult, frustrating, bewildering, and sometimes painful is not impossible; the great birthing energies and incessant grace of the Divine Light itself guide, protect, sustain and nourish us through everything.

To discover and live this embodied truth is worth every suffering and every ordeal. It is the secret gift, even the purpose, of the crisis we are all living through together: The greatest darkness constellates the most powerful, answering light; the greatest threat constellates the most impassioned energy of creativity.

Let us imagine together what humble, divine human beings, born into this marriage of peace and passion, could effect as instruments of God in the world.

The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism © 2009 Andrew Harvey, Hay House Publications

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