Paranormal Soup Radio Show July 3, 2022

Shout out to Jason at Paranormal Soup Radio show for a fascinating conversation about so many things!

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Last Saturday, we had a intriguing conversation and channel about death, birth, and Afterlife. I asked a question before we started. Lately my Facebook feed has been featuring a hospice nurse in one-minute clips explaining what it’s like to die. Her words are comforting as she walks people through the process as she experiences it in hospice. I wondered if that was a sign that we are all being forced to face our own death.

Such a perspective—to live each day as if it were the last—it certainly not new. All the way back to my forays into Carlos Castenada I was learning how facing death was an integral part of fully living. But this string of video clips felt like they were there for a specific reason.

After the channel, I got a message from Lindsay, the daughter of my best friend growing up. I had emailed Jan back in December, reminding her that it was time for us to get together again before our 50th reunion next September. Oddly, she sent a blank email back. I wondered if she was mad at me, or just too busy to really respond. I sent back a few witty quips, and did not hear back.

Lindsay responded on Saturday, letting me know that her mom had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer last October and was at home with hospice. She had one to four weeks to live.

I immediately made arrangements to go see her. The following morning, I arrived at the house she lived in with her husband of over 40 years, right next door to the house she grew up in. Memories flooded—junior high coming of age, all our fights and make-ups, college, grown ups, working together at the same non-profit. We had had a terrible fight, but luckily the last time I saw her, we made up and promised not to let so much time pass.

Seeing her in bed, puffed up by steroids, blind in one eye, hardly able to talk, I was astounded at her still upbeat, quirky humor. She insisted that she would be my date for the reunion, albeit in a wheel chair (“Because we’re old now.”) When she looked at me, she saw me, and her eyes were saying, “No, not likely, but let’s pretend for now.”

As I left her there, surrounded by her family, I didn’t know if I would see her again in this life. The words of this channel were ringing in my head, and I held fast to the knowledge that life continues after the body is gone, and once we get to Afterlife, it’s one big party.

Before I left, I asked her to find me. She promised not only would she find me, but she would haunt me until it was my turn. Even if I live to be 96 like my Mom or 97 like my Dad, I told her, it will still be the blink of an eye.

Better start living each day like it’s my last.

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We lost another dear friend this week. He was a fixture in my little town, a truly kind and magnanimous soul who I never heard say a bad word about anyone. I knew he was under the weather for awhile, but apparently he got worse, went into the hospital, and died there peacefully without waking up.

Are more people walking on, or is it just because this starts happening once we get into our 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s? Eventually we all let go of the physical world and expand back into energy again. But what does that moment of death feel like, and what happens when we get there, wherever it is that we’re going?

Back when Teresa, Kim and I were first working together on our diaries, Kim came to our meeting one day to share an extraordinary thing her non-believing husband said. In a recent reading the Angels had referred to it as “death and birth” instead of “birth and death”:

Kim: My husband and I were talking about what he calls “all this angel stuff” while driving home. His stubborn skepticism makes these amazing insights he comes up with even more exciting. I mentioned that in one of my tapes the angels refer to “death and birth.” We humans talk about birth and then death, so this confused me. I was really just making conversation; I never expected that he would say, “Well, you’re looking at it from your perspective. You need to look at it from their perspective in order to understand why they say it that way.” I listened intently, with my mouth hanging open, I’m sure. He continued, “From their perspective, when we are born onto Earth, we leave them, which is sort of like a death. And when we die and leave Earth, we are ‘born’ to them.”

Diaries of a Psychic Sorority: Talking With the Angels, 1994

This week on our Wild Card Saturday we will be discussing Death and Birth and the Afterlife. So much is a mystery about how Afterlife is actually experienced. People who have had near death experiences come back to articulate how they felt and what they saw, but no one really knows the full extent of the experience of post-death until they die. We’ll get the Angel’s unique perspective on this topic.

As I sense my friend around me, I see him in complete awe, like most are, of the nature of Afterlife. As a life-long musician and performer, he is out of his mind being able to hob knob with the likes of Jim Morrison, Prince, and Beethoven. While those of us left back on earth are devastated with our loss, he is hanging out with the Angels, celebrating another cycle as an incarnate human.

Welcome to the Party, Ric. We’re not far behind you.

Ric Gilman. Photo: Daisy Jean

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When I heard the title of the last channel, Transmogrifying Darkness, I really had no idea they were referring to the very moment of that Compassion impels energy to step out of the nothingness and create the first point in the eventual manifestation of the infinite universe.

I have added the maps to the video above, and I recommend watching the video while you listen. Use the Map as a meditation tool. These are complicated systems that are difficult for the best of us sometimes. But once you get it, you will never forget it.

Meanwhile I have made a page for Saturday Morning FREE Telechannels. You can always find the link to our Saturday morning Einstein coffee klatch there.

See you this Saturday, when the title of the channel will be “ONE-TWO-THREE!”

Birthing a New Configuration

Birthing the New Configuration
Saturday, January 8, 2022
10 AM

Happy New Year to all! My prayer for 2022 is that we all take time to do a meaningful ritual to help move the old energy out and make room for the new that we are birthing in this year. All of us can benefit from such intentional cleansing.

Last year, I found myself involved in relationships that weren’t good for me. The more I engaged, the more entangled I became in the toxicity. Finally applying my own process, I identified my Intellectual sound bite: they were hypocrites. There it was, the clue I needed to look for within. Where was I being a hypocrite?

After getting stuck in the “stomping on sidewalks” phase, and several failed attempts to free myself, I said a prayer for outside help.

Within a few days of my intentional request, two resources appeared “out of nowhere.” I stumbled across my long-time friend LaDonna and her Breathe Deep Within classes, which I am highly recommending. At the same time, another dear friend sent me an audio course from the lovely Robert Ohotto called Endings, a Conscious Inventory.

As I participated in other peoples’ processes, I was reminded that I have all this knowing inside me. It’s not a lack of knowledge holding me back; it’s my inability to inspire myself to use that knowledge to self-love. Even though I know I have the power, I watch myself choose not to use it. I watch myself whine and moan and look outside myself, blaming something else as the source of my fear. That is the true suffering: watching myself self-sabotage and doing nothing to stop it. There’s your hypocrite.

Blessedly, the universe provides an abundance of answers to our prayers. With a little help from my friends, I dug down deep to discover the roots of my conflict. After a four-hour manifestation session with other highly motivated healers, the three-hour course from Ohotto, and activating my own initiative, I’ve freed myself from the choke-hold of my self-sabotaging ego. I buried that victim in a grave and honored her passing.

The lesson is, first, we need each other, and that without constant maintenance, the practice of self-love can get derailed by the ego. At any time, for any reason. It’s the “being human” part of us.

So for 2022, I am committed to daily acts of preventative self-care so I won’t lose sight of the truth: that we are divine spiritual creatures, here to have a divinely human experience, more powerful than we will ever give ourselves credit for.

Our first Free Telechannel of 2022 will be Saturday, January 8, 2022 at 10 AM central time. I am very much looking forward to this message, The New Configuration, and Einstein and the Party’s inspiration for the journey ahead, as always.

Meanwhile, catch the end of the 2021 Reading Sale.


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Back in 1998, after I did the original interviews with the folks who became the Party of 12, I’m quite sure I had no idea just how intentional their plan was. Granted, it was a wacky idea to begin with, that there were 12 famous dead people working together in Afterlife for world peace who wanted to talk to me. But the more I allowed myself to follow their path, the more magical and miraculous stuff began to happen to me.

At the time, speaking to Hitler “from beyond the grave” could have been a notoriously unstable notion. It turned out to be a thoroughly fascinating read into the mind of one of the world’s most famous evildoers. Through the years, it has provided more insight than I knew I needed.

After writing several pieces on this idea of mass formation, it occurred to me recently that the Party’s own Sigmund Freud was very much a part of the original creation of propaganda. Freud was one of the original Party members and one of the troika with Einstein and Hitler who were alive during those terrible years in Germany, when mass formation took hold and allowed the holocaust to take place.

Today their insight is needed more than ever to help us stand strong in love and compassion as the world around us faces similar challenges. If we ever wish to learn from history, now is the time. In an increasingly changing world, I hope this reading brings you hope and vision, and inspires you to set your intentions on compassion and love.

My articles on Mass Formation (part 2 is linked at the end of part I)

Faces of Faith, Tales of Transformation

As a part of St. John’s UCC Madeline Island’s September Series “Faces of Faith, Tales of Transformation” I did a talk about my mother. Lorna died in April 2018, but her life and death are the epitome of faith, perseverance, and self-transformation. I hope her story inspires you to remember that sometimes, when things appear to be the worst, they could be on their way to being the best.

Keep the faith!

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Plenty of time for Q&A. All are welcome.

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 Transcending Death

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Since we began the Transcendence series in January, the world has undergone an unfathomable transformation. Throughout those changes, our exploration of transcendence has taken us into pragmatic, creative, inspiring, sacred, physical and emotional landscapes in search of how to live in the world but not of it. I speak for many of you, I am sure, when I say, I am not the same person I was when we started. If anything, I feel I am more myself than I’ve ever been before.

As the old structures of government and society unravel at an unprecedented pace, so are individuals and their relationship to themselves. Everything feels to be coming apart at the seams, including our mental, spiritual and emotional health. But these failing internal structures are giving us a chance to build new, self-loving, sustainable, community-oriented selves to then mirror into the world.

Humans, without a perceivable future, are coming face to face with themselves on every level. The good, the bad, the ugly—all out in the open to be witnessed and transformed. Without being able to see a predictable future, it surely does feel like death, the moment when we have to let go of it all and go on to the next mysterious level of consciousness.

Join us Saturday as we explore how to commit to that mystery and gain a new sense of self, navigating together through this enormous change.

Plenty of time for Q&A. All are welcome.

Stay safe,

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Emotional Transcendence

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The next in our continuing series on transcendence will be an in depth look at the energy of Emotion, its function and relationships to the other Human Dimensions, and practical ways to revolutionize your relationship and understanding of your own emotions in everyday living.