November 24, 2022


In this episode on joy, we learned that one of our psychic sorority members found out her mother has cancer. I am still working on the conversation, but I wanted to release the channel because it’s so inspiring and shows us how we can have joy even in the worst of times.

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Saturday, November 26, 2022

10 AM Central


Barbara With on Paranormal Karen

November 18, 2022

Many of you know I am a big fan of the Jimmy Dore Show. Jimmy and his wife Stef are two comedians who take on the political news from an independent as well as comedic position: both sides are equally responsible for the mess we are in and we have to stop fighting each other, so let’s make fun of them all.

One day, Stef had a tarot-card reading comedian named Karen Rontowski on for a segment, a real departure from the usual stuff. I was so impressed with their conversation and after seeing her on again, I booked a reading with her.

It was such a great reading, I booked another! And in the process, Karen booked me on her podcast. We had such a great time, we made a date to do another show focusing on Einstein’s Maps of Human Consciousness and Unified Field Theory sometime next year.

Meanwhile, here’s our first meet-up. Enjoy!

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Make a Joyful Noise

These days, the world often appears to be spinning out of control. Between everything happening on the global stage, to local conflicts spurred on by differing politics and religions, how can we find joy in this time of great transition and revelation?

Join me, the Party, and the Psychic Sorority as we explore ways to keep making a joyful noise, even in the midst of the worst conflicts.

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Join me Sunday, November 20 at Lake Superior Interfaith Community Church

10:30 AM Service: I will be singing, and speaking on “Make a Joyful Noise”
11:30 AM Lunch: Join us for a potluck
1 – 3 PM: Conflict REVOLUTION® Workshop

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In this episode, among other things, Barbara shares insights from Rama’s Stars, Stones, and Stories podcast around the sacred portal that opened on 11:11. We are in a time of unification, and if we focus our attention on what we want to create, we can help move the New Earth into place.

The affirmation we received from hearing the same inspiration from others who are receiving the same divine inspiration was heartening. Looks like this will be a particularly potent week to use our intention to visualize and manifest unification, for ourselves and the planet.

What an exciting time to be alive!


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Join us Saturday, November 12, 2022 when we explore the 11:11 portal that has opened. It is a time to remember our lessons from the Mystery Schools, our star seed family in Afterlife here to help us accomplish birthing the new humanity, and the power we all possess to make miracles.

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Saturday, Novmber 12, 2022
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FREE DOWNLOAD: War and Detachment


In this episode, among other things, Barbara bring up the subject of war, as the group shares their spiritual philosophies of how to view and face evil. Jo Jo reminds us of the magic, Lynda shares her conflicts about being compassionate, Heike brings into view the bigger picture, and Debbie asks for clarification on the possibility of multiple timelines. Barbara reads an excerpt from the interview with Jesus of Nazareth from Party of Twelve: The Afterlife Interviews.

Saturday, Novmber 5, 2022
10 AM Central