FREE Telechannel: The Mystery of Miracles

Saturday, April 23, 2022 9 AM Central

ZOOM link here

This week is our 4th Saturday, when we focus on Einstein’s maps of human consciousness and unified field theory. To this end, we will take a dive into miracles, said to be one of the meanings of the “M” in “M-theory.”

Life is itself a miracle, considered to be an act of God, or some force acting like a god. When we consider that at the root of all existence is a miracle, it’s no wonder that mystery is a standard condition of life.

How difficult it is, however, to accept and live within this great mystery. Our human minds are continually striving to build constructs that we can easily define. After all, to even have this human experience, our Intellect must define and make form from the nothingness. So is it possible to accept both the solid world of matter and material, and simultaneously allow the unknowing to permeate the knowing in a balance and symmetry?

Join us tomorrow for what is sure to be a fascinating conversation. I will look forward to it.

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