FREE Telechannel: Death and Birth and Afterlife

Saturday 9 AM Central

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We lost another dear friend this week. He was a fixture in my little town, a truly kind and magnanimous soul who I never heard say a bad word about anyone. I knew he was under the weather for awhile, but apparently he got worse, went into the hospital, and died there peacefully without waking up.

Are more people walking on, or is it just because this starts happening once we get into our 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s? Eventually we all let go of the physical world and expand back into energy again. But what does that moment of death feel like, and what happens when we get there, wherever it is that we’re going?

Back when Teresa, Kim and I were first working together on our diaries, Kim came to our meeting one day to share an extraordinary thing her non-believing husband said. In a recent reading the Angels had referred to it as “death and birth” instead of “birth and death”:

Kim: My husband and I were talking about what he calls “all this angel stuff” while driving home. His stubborn skepticism makes these amazing insights he comes up with even more exciting. I mentioned that in one of my tapes the angels refer to “death and birth.” We humans talk about birth and then death, so this confused me. I was really just making conversation; I never expected that he would say, “Well, you’re looking at it from your perspective. You need to look at it from their perspective in order to understand why they say it that way.” I listened intently, with my mouth hanging open, I’m sure. He continued, “From their perspective, when we are born onto Earth, we leave them, which is sort of like a death. And when we die and leave Earth, we are ‘born’ to them.”

Diaries of a Psychic Sorority: Talking With the Angels, 1994

This week on our Wild Card Saturday we will be discussing Death and Birth and the Afterlife. So much is a mystery about how Afterlife is actually experienced. People who have had near death experiences come back to articulate how they felt and what they saw, but no one really knows the full extent of the experience of post-death until they die. We’ll get the Angel’s unique perspective on this topic.

As I sense my friend around me, I see him in complete awe, like most are, of the nature of Afterlife. As a life-long musician and performer, he is out of his mind being able to hob knob with the likes of Jim Morrison, Prince, and Beethoven. While those of us left back on earth are devastated with our loss, he is hanging out with the Angels, celebrating another cycle as an incarnate human.

Welcome to the Party, Ric. We’re not far behind you.

Ric Gilman. Photo: Daisy Jean

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