2022 Channeling Series

Group Channel every Saturday Morning 9 AM CST
through June


After a fabulous birthday weekend on my beloved cold and snowy island, I am ready to get back to work!

I have been enjoying the group channeling immensely so far in 2022. There seems to be a clarity and depth about the messages that are inspiring and uplifting us in new ways. That’s a big statement after having channeled thousands of readings over the past 35 years.

I am currently planning to channel every Saturday morning at 9 AM CST. We will have our own morning coffee klatch where we can have unlimited access to Einstein and the Party. I invite you all to join us, and bring any other friends who might be interested in this outstanding and profound information.

If you missed the download of the first one, Dare to be Original, go here.

As for the last session, Transmogrifying Darkness, I will be processing that as soon as possible and making those downloads available to all as soon as I can.

Saturday morning channels will always be free.

Meanwhile, while my prices has increased a bit for 2022, my 2-for-1 sale is still in place.

Enjoy this week, and I will see you on Saturday morning!

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