Next Telechannel: The Three Human Dimensions

Saturday, February 26, 2022
9 AM Central


This year, Einstein and the Party are presenting a series of Telechannels to explore the intricate, intimate constructs of the Maps of Human Consciousness and the unified field theory that were original channeled in 2005 and became Imagining Einstein: Essays on M-Theory, World Peace & the Science of Compassion.

This Saturday we continue onward with the Human Intention and the three Human Dimensions, the part of our energy that allows us to have a physical experience in a human body.

By December, this will be the most complete exploration of our Einstein’s theories ever presented. However, the rudimentary information that would go on to form the basis of these maps emerged all those years ago when the Psychic Sorority first began to gather and the voices were “Angels.” They used analogies that would only hint at what was coming. Things like:

To picture the true nature of reality, in terms of three dimensions and five senses, and time and space, see the soul as a sphere. Around that sphere is a film of all the different lives that you have lived. Contained within it are all the memories you accumulate living the many lives you have engaged in on the Earth plane. What is making you conscious of who you are at this time is a thin thread that runs from the soul to the surface of the film called “awareness.”

The Angels, 1993

It wasn’t until 2005, when I channeled the first-ever Einstein series that the scientific concepts began to take shape. The “thin thread of awareness” became the gravitational wave flowing from the Source to the Lens. The “sphere” became the Compilation of Consciousness. Editing those transcripts that were to become Imagining Einstein was when the maps emerged.

I will never forget those days, sitting in my rented house on Folly Beach in South Carolina, day after day, listening for instructions on how to shape that material into palatable concepts for the non-scientific audience, one of whom was me. I would sit and stare at the computer screen until I heard something. “Google ‘black holes,'” the voice would tell me. There I found the concepts of Lens, Observer and Source, actual parts of real black holes, and Einstein would explain them in terms of his maps. Like the steno, I would listen and write.

What a heady time that was. But here we are today, 29 years later with these remarkable maps that have evolved to become a viable unified field theory, one that, without mathematical computations, presents an intriguing possibility into the nature of reality. Even more stunning, a theory that proves the existence of “God” in the form of a scientific definition of Compassion as the 5th fundamental force of the Universe.

But if all that weren’t enough, out of all it, and perhaps most important, has come the remarkable Conflict REVOLUTION®, step-by-step instructions for all of us to first resolve our conflicts within the map of our own unified field.

True to their mission from the first, these Angels and Einstein are telling us, that after 29 years of channeling, studying, working, fighting, and revolving to resolve our conflicts, this Party’s just getting started.

It’s a pleasure and an honor to be your tour guide through this amazing work. I will look forward to seeing you Saturday.

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In our last session, Einstein and the Party take another deep dive into the Map of Human Consciousness, focusing on the Compilation of Consciousness and the moment when it begins to split into the three parts that will allow us to have a human experience. Along with that, they talked about being hyper-aware of our presence in the world, and paying attention to some of the small but wondrous baby steps that are being taken in the manifestation of the New Humanity.

When we were through with the session, I admit, I have my concerns about how this information is being ingested, by even me, who has heard Einstein’s musing more than anyone. But when I listened back on the recording, and to our conversations during the discussion time, I am more convinced than ever that this year is about exploring the intricacies of our Maps and understanding them in new and practical ways.

However, for our next coffee klatch on Saturday morning at 9 AM central, we are going to take a bit of a different approach. I am asking for people to come and allow me to present our Conflict REVOLUTION® class. So many of us have worked very diligently through the years to refine this curriculum, and I am very excited to present it to you.

Remember, every Saturday morning at 9 AM central I will be “hanging out my shingle” and exploring the world of manifestation, as per Einstein and the Party, in channeling, conversation and instruction.

All are welcome, even though the science end of the channel can be a little overwhelming, please feel free to join us and question the Party. Discussion is the basis of all scientific exploration, and it is always welcome here!

Artwork by Hannes Hummel and Olena Ohmahal

FREE Channel: Transmogrifying Darkness


When I heard the title of the last channel, Transmogrifying Darkness, I really had no idea they were referring to the very moment of that Compassion impels energy to step out of the nothingness and create the first point in the eventual manifestation of the infinite universe.

I have added the maps to the video above, and I recommend watching the video while you listen. Use the Map as a meditation tool. These are complicated systems that are difficult for the best of us sometimes. But once you get it, you will never forget it.

Meanwhile I have made a page for Saturday Morning FREE Telechannels. You can always find the link to our Saturday morning Einstein coffee klatch there.

See you this Saturday, when the title of the channel will be “ONE-TWO-THREE!”

2022 Channeling Series

Group Channel every Saturday Morning 9 AM CST
through June


After a fabulous birthday weekend on my beloved cold and snowy island, I am ready to get back to work!

I have been enjoying the group channeling immensely so far in 2022. There seems to be a clarity and depth about the messages that are inspiring and uplifting us in new ways. That’s a big statement after having channeled thousands of readings over the past 35 years.

I am currently planning to channel every Saturday morning at 9 AM CST. We will have our own morning coffee klatch where we can have unlimited access to Einstein and the Party. I invite you all to join us, and bring any other friends who might be interested in this outstanding and profound information.

If you missed the download of the first one, Dare to be Original, go here.

As for the last session, Transmogrifying Darkness, I will be processing that as soon as possible and making those downloads available to all as soon as I can.

Saturday morning channels will always be free.

Meanwhile, while my prices has increased a bit for 2022, my 2-for-1 sale is still in place.

Enjoy this week, and I will see you on Saturday morning!

Next FREE Telechannel: February 5, 2022 9 AM CST

Transmogrifying Darkness


Transmogrify: to change into a different shape or form, especially one that is fantastic ….

Years ago the Angels introduced the word transmogrify into our vocabulary. I had never heard the word before, but loved learning that it means changing something in a way that is just plain fantastic, unbelievable and unconventional. That surely describes the work that we’ve done through the years with Einstein and the Party.

So far, 2022 is turning out to be just that, a time for transmogrifying all the conventional, engrained platforms and upending the predictable, known patterns. Time for us all to shake free and really live our best lives. Dream big!

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