Birthing a New Configuration

Birthing the New Configuration
Saturday, January 8, 2022
10 AM

Happy New Year to all! My prayer for 2022 is that we all take time to do a meaningful ritual to help move the old energy out and make room for the new that we are birthing in this year. All of us can benefit from such intentional cleansing.

Last year, I found myself involved in relationships that weren’t good for me. The more I engaged, the more entangled I became in the toxicity. Finally applying my own process, I identified my Intellectual sound bite: they were hypocrites. There it was, the clue I needed to look for within. Where was I being a hypocrite?

After getting stuck in the “stomping on sidewalks” phase, and several failed attempts to free myself, I said a prayer for outside help.

Within a few days of my intentional request, two resources appeared “out of nowhere.” I stumbled across my long-time friend LaDonna and her Breathe Deep Within classes, which I am highly recommending. At the same time, another dear friend sent me an audio course from the lovely Robert Ohotto called Endings, a Conscious Inventory.

As I participated in other peoples’ processes, I was reminded that I have all this knowing inside me. It’s not a lack of knowledge holding me back; it’s my inability to inspire myself to use that knowledge to self-love. Even though I know I have the power, I watch myself choose not to use it. I watch myself whine and moan and look outside myself, blaming something else as the source of my fear. That is the true suffering: watching myself self-sabotage and doing nothing to stop it. There’s your hypocrite.

Blessedly, the universe provides an abundance of answers to our prayers. With a little help from my friends, I dug down deep to discover the roots of my conflict. After a four-hour manifestation session with other highly motivated healers, the three-hour course from Ohotto, and activating my own initiative, I’ve freed myself from the choke-hold of my self-sabotaging ego. I buried that victim in a grave and honored her passing.

The lesson is, first, we need each other, and that without constant maintenance, the practice of self-love can get derailed by the ego. At any time, for any reason. It’s the “being human” part of us.

So for 2022, I am committed to daily acts of preventative self-care so I won’t lose sight of the truth: that we are divine spiritual creatures, here to have a divinely human experience, more powerful than we will ever give ourselves credit for.

Our first Free Telechannel of 2022 will be Saturday, January 8, 2022 at 10 AM central time. I am very much looking forward to this message, The New Configuration, and Einstein and the Party’s inspiration for the journey ahead, as always.

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