FREE DOWNLOAD October 30, 2021

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Another great channel with Einstein and the Party. Subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of upcoming Free Telechannels. I am keeping my readings on sale through the holidays, and feel free to gift them to others.

I’m here if you need me!

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2 thoughts on “FREE DOWNLOAD October 30, 2021

  1. Hello, Barbara. It’s Helene Gilbert, from Buffalo, NY. I just listened to your Oct. 30 session. Thank you for the reminder to stay connected to my Source. I felt your presence and the depth of love and support from the Group. I appreciate the inclusion to this endeavor which is dear to me. I send my love and expand my heart to yours.

    1. Helene, So wonderful to hear from you! Glad you are still enjoying these messages. I am so honored. And I appreciate your energy adding to our work. Stay tuned, I hope to do more next month! Much love!

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