Inside the Chrysalis

October 18, 2021

As is often the case, the Universe sends us just what we need at just the right time.

After spending the summer in northern Minnesota at a water protector camp, doing my best to stand up to protect not just the water, but air, trees, birds, fish, animals, people, and insects from a tar sands pipeline being rushed through, I came home exhausted. The gap between the ideology of hope and the reality of what is happening in the world was just too big for my heart to bear.

I fell into a kind of depression, from which, I must admit, I have not fully recovered. The only thing that gave me hope and vision was when I was doing readings. As always, Einstein and the Party do not fail to provide such insights that boost my spirits and calm my mind.

Lately, however, I’m still struggling to find those visions on my own. That was when my friend sent me this amazing clip from Dr. Bruce Lipton with an uplifting metaphor for where we humans are right now.

A chrysalis is a protected state of development: a place or a period of time in which someone or something is quietly, safely, perhaps invisibly, transforming into its real, final, fully-developed self. This makes sense to my logical mind that is striving to find answers to the questions that plague me lately.

I remember, too, my friend Lily’s constant reminder that we are “sowers of seeds” and may not be around to see the growth of those seeds. This is what every generation of humans has experienced, as we come and go into different lifetimes, with different DNA spacetime bodies.

So as you move through your world, keep in mind that evolution is about adaptation. Sometimes that means being confined to the chrysalis of a future state. Inside that protection, we have the power to change our perspective and shift to a longer vision. See the seeds you are planting today as those beautiful future flowers, or a fully-formed butterfly. From there, gratitude can flow again and we can re-box our compass to align with Compassion.