FREE Conflict REVOLUTION Zoom Workshop

Saturday, April 25, 2020

10 AM Central

You are invited to a Free Conflict REVOLUTION Zoom Workshop. Listen to the videos below, download the Pre-Workshop Questionnaire to prepare your sample conflict, and RSVP to receive the Zoom password for the event. All are welcome!

Pre-Workshop Questions2020


For some background on Conflict REVOLUTION, watch the videos below:


3 thoughts on “FREE Conflict REVOLUTION Zoom Workshop

  1. Hi Barbara ; thank you very much for your beautiful Good Friday service and song about Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene during the good Friday service. You have real talent! If you are interested have channeled mother Mary on a world healing call with reiki done last Holy week. She agave an update on teh world events and as well Mary Magdalene stepped forth with a beautiful message!

    thank you for sharing your work! Marcia McMahon


  2. Hi Barb,
    Finally replying to this invite with a yes! I will join in both events. I hope there is a good lively response so many will benefit.

    I hope all is well on your magical island. All good here.

    See you next weekend!
    Jojo x0x0

    p.s. Helene (Gilbert) from Buffalo had her surgery for breast cancer the other day and all went very well. She was relieved to hear there was no lymph involvement. I will remind her of the upcoming events when I am next in touch.

    Sent from Windows Mail

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