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January 26, 2020



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The featured image is a picture of my backyard that I took the first time I saw it before we bought it. I was snapping pictures and didn’t even notice the orb moving upward and the ones on the inside until years later. This is in this yard where I talk to Einstein and the Party, as if it’s a portal, a “Clarity overlap” as he will go on to tell us in this reading.


Here we are, it’s January 26, 2020, which adds up to 4 (1+2+6+2+2=13; 1+3=4), by the way. I am in Lake Superior. There’s the most beautiful snow falling down and the silent trees surrounding us in all directions as we sit in the middle of the woods.

Wherever you are, get very comfortable. Start to slow your breathing down a bit and empty out your thoughts. Settle in. Open up your mind to receive information. Relax your neck and shoulders and be in that sacred space, that empty space.

From there, we will command that only the most divine light shine down upon us at this time, and the greatest good be present here.

Indeed this circle of souls who are able to be perceived by those of you who are willing to look. We want to say we are grateful that you look for this grand experiment. For all of the gratitude that you have for your lives, we also have for ours and for this experience that we are able to have with you.

This exciting new year, 2020—we had talked last time we convened about balance. About balance being the thematic of this year. We’re going carry that on into our upgraded discussion of pragmatic transcendence. Indeed you’ve discovered our secret. That all of these many, many years that we have been working through Barbara and on this particular platform, we have been slowly tiptoeing up behind you to show you what transcendence really means in a practical way.

We didn’t call it “transcendence” because there were cultural disadvantages to a broad stroke brush of “ascension,” “transcendence,” “evolution.” We wanted to first just show you what it is, get you understanding it, and then when you realize what it is that you have been studying and doing, it gives you a leap ahead. Like you get to skip a few grades.

These conversation we’re having with you about transcendence and looking back on your deathbed is the vehicle with which you skip ahead. You don’t wait for your deathbed to do those things. You do them well before you get there. When you do that, evolution and the ascension and all those other things are affected.

So yes, you are helping the evolution of the entire human consciousness. You are ascending to a sense that you are rising above the material world, which is part of the definition [of transcendence]: “independent of and above the material experience,” which means the Lens and you and your body. And then “the universe,” which means the universe you perceive with your body. That is just simply basic Maps of Human Consciousness 101, for those of you who know. There’s the Lens quite clearly.

Map of Human Consciousness

There is an experience that is above and independent of the Lens. You might think that it’s not independent of the Lens because it’s one and the same. However, it’s independent of the Lens in that what goes on in the Lens is dependent upon the rest of the system and what’s going on in it.

You really are independent of the Lens of your human experience. But to teach you pragmatic transcendence, we have to use your physical body. You have to be the one in the Lens because, frankly, without all your physical bodies, there is no universe. There’s a lot of energy waiting to be organized into it. But it’s when you stick your hand in the swirling chaos and create the physical body that you create the Lens, that you create the whole universe.

So much more of who you are is not the material experience or the universe. It is the greatest part that is fueling that incredible creation into reality. So let’s go into that Lens.

Let’s get you all back into your chairs and out of that eternal part of you and into that finite life of Barbara or Jojo or Robin or Heike or David or whoever else is listening, Carmen: get back into your bodies right now. It’s January 26, 2020 and Barbara is in Lake Superior, David is in Australia, Carmen in is Romania, Robin’s in Portland and Jojo’s in Canada. We have a network of communication that is also hooked up to all the others who are practicing compassion in their own processes, of which there are billions of people.

This means that even perhaps a tribe of people who live far back into the jungle who aren’t a part of modern culture who don’t particularly have a religion except for that of the Earth. They are compassion if they are loving their child and loving each other, being a part of a community, being part of neighbors. That compassion. That’s regeneration.

All of that network we want to first of all anchor you in and remind you—we’re not anchoring you—we are just reminding you that you are anchored in to it. That way, you’re consciousness expands and you become a part of that network, too. It’s a huge network and it’s the essence of the God energy. When you truly dedicate yourself to working for the good of all and the good of the whole starting with yourself, you tap into that power. We need all of you tapping into that power that you are right now.

It doesn’t matter what’s going on in the material experience or the universe. Something will be going on if you put your hand in there and create a hand puppet that’s your human self. Something chaotic will be going on in the physical realm. The goal has been to go in over and over and over again until you finally start to change, from the Clarity point of view, you start to change what manifests in the physical Lens, by changing what’s manifesting in the “Clarity overlap,” maybe we can say. There’s a place where the Clarity overlaps with the physical world. It’s your body.

By manipulating that energy that’s coming through your body in a way that’s for the good of all, you become powerhouses. In pragmatic transcendence, one of the most practical is the setting of the intention and the visioning. The fire in your belly that you would rather die than not manifest what is for the good of the whole. If you can’t be a beacon of that kind of shining light, then you don’t want to come back and live another life where you’re any less than committed to that.

That interestingly is about being what we’ve often called the “lead life.” That is, that you are in 2020 the physical life that is encompassing the thoughts/ feeling/ senses Emotion/ Intuition/ Intellect of all the other lives that you’ve lived. This is the life of transcendence. This is what you’re doing.

We’re so very proud of all of you because we can’t even begin to tell you how much farther along you’re doing at this than we would have imagined. Not that we didn’t think you could, but it’s just a brilliant display of opening when you see humans letting go in that way, furthering the anchor of this Compassion deeper into the planet.

That’s the whole idea. That’s how we’re going to get to where we’re going. And you’re a part of that process.

In this [idea] of taking the airplane for a ride instead of sitting in the library, it’s really truly all about channeling that natural fear (the fear of change, which is just another emotion that you can use to your advantage) or you can let it overcome you, and it will eat you to a disadvantage. But if you take that fear and channel it into that passion that you want to have to cultivate courage now, now while you are a live, while you have a body. That you have a chance, all of you who are listening, to change the world, to cultivate that kind of courage in yourself now. To step up and be exactly what you need to be and what you want to be. So much of that really begins with self-care.

We can’t stress this enough: self-care will filter all that other energy out into manifestation with that influence. That loving influence of self-care will emanate. People need permission, more than ever in this world, to self-care. People need permission to practice self-care, to practice self-love. The idea of going to your death bed and asking yourself, do you want to hang on to this person? Do you want to hang on like you’re hanging on now, like you’ll live forever? Whether it be that you’re angry at someone, or your bitter at someone, or you’re blaming someone, or there’s some sort of attachment—that’s what limits transcendence. And that’s what limits synchronicity. Because when you get attached to someone or something, as if they are the source, now you’re starting to weaken yourself. You’re starting not to care for yourself. You’re making decisions that don’t take in the good of the whole, starting with caring for you.

In the case of having a resentment for someone—people carry resentments for lifetimes and on into lifetimes—resentment or anger or blame, or any of those things that attach you, remember, it’s so simple … it’s hard to do when you’re in them and not because it’s hard to feel. It’s because intellectually, your mind is going to race, the more than you feel, the more your mind is going to be triggered to race and race and race to try to suppress those feelings or keep them safe, keep them contained, don’t really feel them. But you need to feel them all because you want to live your life with passion. You want to, in your own life, however it is, go out into the world and make a difference.

In your self-study as you’re moving forward at this time to get control of your domain, remember these things: when you’re imagining yourself at the end of life, we can rightfully say that you can’t really until you’re there. But if you meditate on other deaths that you have had in these many lives that you’ve lived, and do so with the intention to when you lie down in your meditation, to create a basket of love and calm and tenderness and support inside yourself in this moment, as if you’re going to receive maybe ghosts of your former self and of other lives who have experienced death. In a way, this exercise helps to diminish the fear of that transition because, trust us, you’ve made it many times before.

To think that you haven’t is an insult to what your body knows. Even if you don’t believe in that, to understand through empathy the end of life.

What we want to try and explain is the mechanics of it. So that when you’re at the end of life and you realize that you didn’t live your passion and there’s a bitterness and this deep regret that you wasted your life as you take your last breath. That [programmatic] energy, just like all the other energy that you’ve lived in that life gets trapped in the cycle again. There’s an abscess that going into energetic form: the body dies away, the string is still spinning with that abscess on it.

Now, in order for the bigger picture—remember we were on this mission to create life after life, this world that is manifest in peace and regeneration. Here’s one more life, and it’s OK, there’s no time. But if you’re really studying and you want to be a pilot, then you’re going to want to do it before you get to the end when you may not have a chance to decide if you’re going to let go of that resentment with that person or that blame that you’re putting on your father for doing this or your mother for not doing that, or your sister for whatever.

Bear in mind, pragmatically, this isn’t an insinuation that you are support to suddenly make friends with all of those people and you’re suddenly suppose to create one big happy family. What it means is that you do your work in your decision-making process, as in feeling and breathing emotion, and you take that emotion that gets triggered around that idea that it’s your father’s fault that you’re traumatized, or your father was this or your father was that, and you take that emotion that that generates and you re-direct. You pull it out with intention. You use those strong intentional intellectual structure that you’ve created for yourself to say, “I release you. Hoʻoponopono. Thank you for allowing me to access this deep energy.” You keep working it until you empty out your basement.

It’s going to seem like forever when you’re in the middle of it. It will always seem like it’s going to last forever and you’re never going to get out of it when you’re in the middle of it. That’s the tricky point of the process. But if you can step out into the Witness that we’re talking about, and have such self awareness that you can replace those thoughts. You have this preternatural preparedness for those moment because you know they are coming, they’re on the way. This intricate work, it’s the active, as opposed to the contemplative. You’re not just thinking about these things and talking about them with your friends.

You’re there, day after day after day. And there’s nothing else to do and there’s nowhere else to go. Be a human being with a body whose going to encompass the Clarity and be this Hierophant, filled with Clarity, to insert yourself into the world, wherever it is. Whether it be with your family or your neighbors or strangers, or just alone with yourself. How much transcendence can you create in a day for yourself in that gratitude.

hierophant (Ancient Greek: ἱεροφάντης) is a person who brings religious congregants into the presence of that which is deemed holy.

Again, this does not mean that you’re denying what’s going on in the world. There’s a lot of things that are going on in the world. There are always a lot of things going on in the world. You just know about 99% more of them than any generation ever has.

Now granted, there are more things, the world is indeed more complex, but for you to not look at that world doesn’t mean you don’t ever have to look at it. But you’re looking at the Lens. Anything in the Lens that you’re seeing that’s frightening—war, all of those frightening things that are happening in the world—the changing of the climate, all the changes that are happening right now. We’re not suggesting that you pretend that they are not.

We’re saying when you transcend, you look at yourself from the place that is above and independent of those things. And when you do that, you realize more than ever why it’s so important for you now to be doing what you’re doing. That is the way that this world changes.

When you know what’s going on and you know that there’s potentials that are very frightening, again going back to capturing those emotions. Capturing them, breathing them, owning them, pulling them through, molding them as if you’re this pushing past the limits, pushing past human limits. You’re getting in touch with the other 90% of your operating system, and you’re expanding also into this idea into being one body, then you’re touching on a whole big greater part the energy.

If you think of this all like the power plant and how it transforms down, transforms down, it transforms down until finally it gets to be the outlet in your house that’s workable. That’s where our pragmatism, we hope, to focus on.

As we’re moving forward through this year, we want to nurture our relationship with you. You can feel more like everyone can bring information to the conversation, not just Barbara channels us, but everybody can have their conversation and have their information for them.

In the work that you’re doing, what’s so ironic for us is that the process that we have taught since we’ve been teaching this to other people through Barbara, the actual process hasn’t changed at all. The metaphors and parables and stories that are used to explain it are what has evolved. For example, if you’re dealing with an abusive husband, there’s one set of language that would help to empower you. If you’re dealing with perhaps a dying parent, there’s another set of language that would fit for that. But it’s the same process.

It has to do with this idea that we’ve been teaching you how to transcend since the beginning: mine those emotions. Look for them, appreciate them, have a new relationship to them. Be grateful for them. They’re not all going to feel good in your body and that’s ok. Life is not here so you can put yourself into a little form that only feels so much emotion. You’re here to expand and expand and expand. Then the other piece of it is this control of this intellect.

We’re going to tell you how many times the ego is still, with every human, just grappling for control. Even those of you who have worked so hard to get your egos under control and make them work for you, even then, it’s always an ever-present challenge to keep that ego voice in alignment. Remember that an ego that’s over inflated, where you’re thinking that you’re better or you’re great, or you’re the victim, is the same of a different kind of imbalance as the under-inflated, where you’re not worth anything and you don’t deserve to this or that. It’s all imbalance.

Bringing your ego into balance, first and foremost means you have to cultivate the courage to admit how out of control your ego can get and how much you need to train and be in charge of what those thoughts are and what emotion marries to what thought. Those are your jobs.

The transcendent steps really turn out to be exactly everything that we’ve been doing with you. We’re seeing this incredible progress on so many fronts. So don’t be fooled if the immediate environment doesn’t change and become comfortable immediately. Don’t let those kinds of things persuade your intellect into convincing you that it’s always going to be this way, or you have to worry about the future.

Everything that you can do to just let go in that moment and just be in that moment, what is around you, what is right around you—is the snow falling? Are you in line at the supermarket? Be in that moment. Be there.

Then, of course, lastly, part of what we’re going to take up later as we go on in the year is kind of creative ways to do old things. New, creative ways to channel your energy if you so choose. Different ways to look at even what we are comfortable with, what we think works. To begin to push everything outside its comfort zone. You know, that’s what science has always done. Science is a series of expanding past what the last discovered on their voyage to the edge. (We have to say that E=MC2, however, comes as close to the root as we’ve seen.)

But even science pushes itself. So why should human development not do that as well? We’re going to expound in our next dissertation about a more creative aspect and how to let the kind of creativity that we’ve been able to witness moving through Barbara’s being, as an example of a hyper-creative space, how to tap into that, how to make that for yourselves without extending past your self-care.

Before we open for questions and conversation, we would just like to once again say thank you. Thank you to Barbara for providing this voice. Thank you for coming and listening to us. Thank you for experimenting with what we think is really such an important part of human development. We cannot articulate the influence that you’re having. Regardless of what’s going on around you or what your circumstances are, we can’t articulate to you enough the profundity of your influence in what’s going on.

Cathy Kline would like to say that we are just an example of that, all of us, those of you who had bodies who knew her in her life, this work that you’re doing is such a brilliant example of creativity in its very high form of how to initiate change.

So when you’re looking at conflicts or you’re looking at challenges, summon your creativity. Don’t say, “I’m not creative” or “I can’t be creative, I don’t know what that means.” Just get out of the way—get your ego out of the way, and just all of the times its waiting to hear intuition with a little idea. If you’re not thinking all the time, there’s more room for you to hear something bubbling and watching it take off. Being able to develop a condition that nurtures creativity is really also part of what we’re looking forward to in these months ahead.

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Transcend: To pass beyond a human limit; to exist above and independent of the material experience and the universe.



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  1. Hi B,
    Thanks for this and the very helpful intro video. Love the orbs in the photo as well; it’s so neat and magical when they show up unexpectedly like that.

    Some fun feedback from my reading. I told Dan on Sunday that I was given a ‘yes’ re if he would start drumming again and he said he has already been jamming with the bass player from his 2nd band and sometimes with Jeff on the guitar. Said he spent all last year getting his hands ready to play again. I am the last to know, I guess, lol.

    And Jeff is now singing duets with the gal I asked about, who just won the International Karaoke Duet competition in Japan with another local gal. Livi is good at karaoke too, having learned some Billie Eilish songs. She loves a mic and an audience, that one


    Ok, have a safe and fun-filled trip for your 65th!

    Sent from Windows Mail

    1. Thanks Jojo! Good news all the way around. I sure appreciate you coming to listen. Fascinating information, as always. “see” you on the 23rd!

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