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Barbara: After leaving my glorious refuge in Paris, I arrived in Trondheim, Norway to visit my dear friend and long-time student of the Party, Heike. We got to talking about what had happened to me on my six-week hiatus. Being alone in a foreign country where I knew no one and not in daily communication with friends and family back home gave me the opportunity to examine my life in a way I had not expected.

As the weeks past, I felt the definitions of who I was and what I was supposed to be diminish, and I was left with what is referred to in Buddhism as the “empty cup.” This term is derived from a famous conversation between the scholar Tokusan and Zen Master Ryutan. Apparently Tokusan had come to Ryutan to learn about Zen. During their discussion, Ryutan re-filled Tokusan’s teacup until it was overflowing, explaining, “You are like this cup; you are full of ideas. You come and ask for teaching, but your cup is full; I can’t put anything in. Before I can teach you, you’ll have to empty your cup.”

Examining my life from the emptiness of Paris—void of familiar conversations and interactions—provided an unexpected perspective. From this vantage point, my actions and decisions looked much different than when I was back in the states, busy with obligations, filled with definitions of who I am and demands of who I’m supposed to be. From this Parisienne emptiness, I saw with new eyes.

As a composer, I came to Paris to write music. And yet, I was empty of anything to sing about. Despite being a prolific writer, I could not think of one thing I wanted to articulate. I found myself so devoid of inspiration to create on those levels that I ended up spending most of my time just walking the streets of Paris, observing the daily world.

This in and of itself was not a bad thing; I loved every moment of those long walks through the city I love. But in regards to my identity, I was reminded of a phrase Einstein used early on in our group channeling to describe what it felt like to lose our old identity before the new emerged: “Who am I anymore then anyway?”

Heike admitted to having a similar experience, so we decided to ask Einstein and the Party to shine some light. Once again, my friends provided insight, compassion, and hope. I am eternally grateful.

December 8, 2017

We command that only the most divine light shine down upon you at this time and the greatest good be present here.

Once again, it is a brilliant honor to be addressing you this morning in Trondheim, Norway, with Barbara and Heike. Today we have a lot that we want to cover.

You have been, between the two of you, generating questions for your human minds that are being impelled by the bigger soul part of you. So while you sit at the kitchen table talking and thinking, there is an expansive side of you that of course sits where we are in the circle of souls here with the Party. This ability that you have to not only be here with us but be creating your physical body to be the projector and the perceiver of the physical world puts you in quite an advantageous position. Much of what you have been talking about are things that all of us here in the non-physical world have been discussing and working on as well.

We want to begin with what your questions about identity have promoted: the idea that identity is the manifestation of the unique mathematics that you have come here to project and perceive. While we do not have physical bodies, we still have the identity of those bodies. Einstein—the thoughts, feelings, senses, memories, and a holographic form of the DNA space-time body that he lived in during his lifetime in the early twentieth century—without that identity, there is a return to the oneness.

The oneness is so enormous that you cannot articulate the specific identity of it. It’s something like the idea that you can’t really describe God. You can experience it. You can try to form definitions that are limited, but you can never articulate or describe or identify the whole of God without just saying “the oneness” or what have you. Identity is essential to the experience of human life.

What you’re going through right now in this life, here in 2017, is an expansion and a redefinition of the identity of who you are. What we’ve been teaching and training for all of the years that we’ve been working with Barbara and with you, Heike, and with everyone else who’s listening and considering our words, is a redefinition of who you identify as. What you’re seeing in your culture today is that people are being stripped of the finite definitions that they have acquired through their lifetimes and that they relate to.

Some of these definitions have come with you in the form of mathematical formulas. So that you cannot redefine your DNA in the sense of what is forming as your body. You can certainly redefine your gender in what you relate to as far as gender issues. You can redefine who are you in relationship to relationships and in relationship to yourself.

But part of what the challenge is right now is to understand what is the intrinsic root of the definition of who you are that cannot be changed, that is immutable in this life, and what can be changed. If you were to go into another life where perhaps you were in a mystery school, one of the Toltec sorcerers, or some of the other indigenous tribes that let go of the physical world, then you might be able to experiment with the immutable. But we’re talking about the culture that you’re living in, that you’ve grown up in. Short of leaving everything behind and going deep into the Amazon jungle to live with the wizards and the sorcerers with the hallucinogenic of learning how to really let go of the physical world, it’s important that you understand that there are mutable and immutable identities.

That’s the challenge right now. The development, the evolution of human consciousness, is about expanding awareness while you’re in a physical DNA space-time body that is immutable. You cannot redefine your body. It’s there, it’s doing what it’s doing. You can refine your relationship to it, but you cannot—short of death, when you completely redefine your energy—change those scientific DNA space-time facts about the physical vehicle which is projecting and perceiving the universe.

But as you change your relationship to it. You can have a metamorphosis without changing those immutable facts. In other words, you are a woman, you were born in this year, you grew up with these parents, you had these experiences. All of these facts are in this life immutable. That doesn’t mean that you’re trapped in the influences of those things. It means that to a certain degree, they are unchangeable, but to a different degree, within the context of that form, there’s a lot that can be changed.

Some people are born with certain genetic dispositions: they have a certain number of genes in their physical bodies that predisposes them to cancer or other diseases. So while you can’t destroy or change the structure of what those genes are being perceived and experienced in, you can indeed change some of that genetic structure. If you’re predisposed to cancer because of a certain genetic makeup, you can influence what that genetic makeup is. People don’t know how; they have not yet learned. But this was a lot of the study that we have promoted about regeneration and physical healing. This is the experimental time for people like yourselves to remove the identity that certain parts of you are immutable and to change that into, “We can transform this into taking what this vessel is at its core and making it into something else, into a healthy body.”

Part of the challenge is that some humans come here in order to balance all of the experiences of concurrent lives. This time, 2017, on the planet is a time of the evolution of human consciousness in such a way that you’re integrating these other lives. You’re feeling the thoughts, feelings, senses, and memories of other physical DNA space-time bodies that exist in different Lenses around the planet.

Barbara was speaking of her Irish life [as Lisle]. The string that is spinning in Lisle’s life is intersecting in the Source in her compilation of consciousness and coming up the string that’s spinning as Barbara. So the immutable space-time DNA body of Barbara is embodying the life, thoughts, feelings, and senses of the non-physical part of Lisle. If [Barbara] were to remove herself from culture and study in such a way, “time travel” could be possible. If she could send her consciousness back into the Source and up that string, she could have an experience, an awareness, of being Lisle in Ireland in 900, in that space-time body, because it’s there and it’s having that human experience. It’s living over and over and over and over, birth, life, death, birth, life, death.

The idea of the expansion and the evolution of human consciousness is to become aware of all these other lives and then consequently of the fact that you are just one organism. All of that is heavy on the small human minds of Barbara or Heike. It taxes human perception to have to let go of the identity of Barbara and reconfigure the awareness and the identity of Lisle.

There are psychological blocks to that, which is why when the Mayans and the Toltecs experimented with this, they took hallucinogenic drugs which broke down their attachment to this particular life and allowed their awareness then to reconfigure in shapeshifting. [The same is true] in mystery schools and St. Germain. Being able to shift awareness into other physical forms doesn’t mean destroying the identity of those Toltecs or St. Germain. It just means that the awareness was focused on a different identity while this identity was still intact.

To do that is a very evolved state wherein you are no longer blinded as a human to what happens before you’re born and after you die. You’re aware of a much bigger system, and your identity includes that life and also others. The overall identity is of a much bigger being with much different power in the physical body than culture will admit to in 2017.

That’s one of the challenges of this evolution. How do humans understand this so they can let go, so their awareness can shift and expand into a bigger awareness? Because there’s an intrinsic fear of death, the fear that if you let go of your physical body, you’ll be dead. And while there is some truth to that, there is also the truth that when you go to sleep at night, you let go of your physical body. You turn your awareness completely off from the physical world. You’re in the non-physical, and your consciousness is more like smoke during sleep. Sometimes it coagulates into a dream memory that you wake up with. But there’s a lot of activity going on in sleep, a lot of expansion of consciousness that goes on because you aren’t focused on the awareness of being in that particular body. But is that physical body still there while you’re sleeping? Yes.

The work that we’ve been doing with you is all about this kind of change, of letting go. What you’re seeing in yourselves and in the world around you is that people are being challenged with this in baby steps. You begin with your awareness-raising when you get to a certain point in your life and you start to reflect back on your childhood—what you were taught, what you believed—and as you live life, as you experience it, you have a different relationship to that past. You can forgive things that were unforgivable. You can turn tragedy into triumph. You can transmogrify your whole life in that way, and in a way, that is changing the identity of who you are.

But these are baby steps in a bigger metaphysical transformation of human consciousness where you aren’t fooled by birth and death, where you pull in the memory of other lives, where you come with the memory and the awareness of the non-physical parts of you. Some of this is apparent with the Dalai Lama. The way the Dalai Lama is discovered is to take those toys from life after life after life and see which little human being recognizes and remembers those things. This culture and others have this, but they’re not mainstream Western culture.

You have to remember that Western culture is one of the least spiritual cultures to ever have graced the planet. You have volunteered, chosen to come here to be the missing link between this big truth that you know in your body and your heart exists and the smallness of what this culture is.

Human defining of what culture is about is much different than spiritual defining. For example, Barbara was speaking about her father, that before they came into this life, they made a contract that they would help each other learn particular lessons. It wasn’t that they contracted [for her] to be abused and tortured and [him] alienated then from his children. It was, “We’re going to give you a chance to rise above these things, to expand your consciousness, your awareness, and thus evolve in a way that you would otherwise not be able to.” That’s the whole point of human experience in the physical world: it’s a platform to evolve. It gives you these rigorous lessons in order to expand your consciousness.

So while defined in terms of human culture, sexual abuse is a terrible thing—it’s damaging, it robbed her of a normal life as you define it—in the context of the soul and the definitions of why you came here in the first place, it’s a perfect platform to work out this expansion of human consciousness. As we started out saying, you there with the physical bodies, you’re the gods. You’re the ones who have the opportunity to do this right now.

In the example of Barbara’s experience with her father, she was able to use that platform to liberate herself from the confines of the physical human definitions of what went on. She could have gone to her grave with the definition that, “I was sexually abused as a child and therefore I wasn’t able to have a normal life,” or she could redefine it as, “Look at the gifts,” and also then soul-search and use the processes we have given her to look in the mirror to see where those experiences were embedded in a definition in her head and then change the definition in the Intellect that would then free her energy to expand and experience a greater good.

That’s what it’s all about: to create a greater good. The end result is that you want to have an organism—a oneness, a unity of this organism—that understands that its multiple parts are all part of one organism so that you’re working for the good of the whole. In order to do that, you have to be put in situations that aren’t for the good of the whole, to transcend them and to grow while you’re in a physical body.

But here you are, sitting in the circle of souls—the part of you that’s already dead, that’s been studying with us anyway in the non-physical—and you can understand this. You can see it clearly. You can look at why you went down [into physical life]. It’s as if you aren’t separated from the reality of what happens in between lives, but it exists simultaneously with the life that you’re in: the idea that you have duality in this life, you have separation in the Lens. It’s not that you’re totally separate from God or separate from each other, it’s that you’re experiencing a reality that has separation so that you can see yourself, so you can see multiple facets of yourself. You’re looking at a part of yourself when you see Barbara, when you see your ex-husband, when you see everyone on the street.

How are you as a human mind going to cope with the psychological challenge to your human thinking that says, “We have to have separation. This is not me, this is not me, this is not me”? Those are truths, too. Barbara is not you sitting in the chair where you’re sitting. At your roots, you’re part of the bigger mechanism. These are the challenges, the steps of evolution that we are promoting.

What you’re seeing in the world today is a falling-away of pretense so that you can no longer have a façade that you are this finite definition, when behind it there are so many other contradictory definitions. Many of you who are listening to this have gone through a personal journey where you thought you had to be a particular person to be accepted in culture, and then things started to happen to you that evoked an emotional response that you could not control, try as you would to keep that smaller box going. The emotional responses pushed you into redefining yourself. “I’m a good person.” “I’m not mad.” And then huge anger comes forward. Maybe you’re standing in a room shouting, “I’m not mad!” and thus illustrating to you that, “OK, I’m saying I’m not mad, but here’s all this anger.” Now you’re beginning to redefine.

Then you have anger and you’re wondering what to do with it. Will you let it dominate your definition process? Try to repress it?

The healthy answer is to allow this emotion to flow and then discover who you are, what you’re going to do with that energy. In that way you begin to discover that you have a domain that you have power over and here’s what it is. What is your power? What does that mean? You have a fire hose of anger coming out, a powerful thing. It isn’t so much to shut down the hose as to how to develop the strength of the muscles in your arms to point that hose at the fire, in a safe direction so it can flow freely and the energy can be unblocked. Then you started to refine how you’ll deal with it now you’ve accepted that you have anger. How will you deal with it in a healthy way? Now your Intellect is working in conjunction with this deep Emotion that’s transforming you and you’re forming a new identity.

This new identity is constantly being redefined even in an example of the individual life—that some of it is immutable and some of it is mutable—and to figure out which is which. Here you are at this age, and you’re still a woman with this nose and these arms and this thinking process. But within that context, you’re so much more than that. You begin to transcend the definitions you had 25 years ago. You begin to expand that so that you increase your ability to handle more and more information, more and more energy. As you begin to recognize that the thoughts, feelings, memories of others lives are coming through embodied in this life, now you can make different choices about how you’re going to deal with that, react to that, process that for the good of the whole, the good of your whole system.

In Barbara’s case, telling story of Lisle illustrates the painstaking work of understanding what this meant and how to heal from suicide, how to transform in this body the thoughts, feelings, senses, and memories of a different life and take them as your own as thoughts, feelings, senses, memories of this life, to put them in your domain in this life. Now you have multiple personalities.

Unlike what psychology or psychiatry might tell you about multiple personality, it’s a normal state, a state of expansion of human consciousness that everyone is going through. They just don’t have the tools, the understanding, the definitions to know how to deal with that. Just like when you were younger and you didn’t know that all the experiences you had as a child were affecting how you were thinking and feeling and perceiving the world. You had to learn, step by step, who you were, what it was, make correlations, make changes, make different definitions, forgive, heal—all of those things to get to where you are now. This is what the whole world is going through.

You can’t do that unless you know transparently who you are—the good, the bad, the ugly. For a lot of people, accepting the “bad”—the negative, the evil part of self—is very, very difficult. There’s a great deal of denial that there is a whole huge holistic identity that encompasses the worst evil and the highest divinity that can possibly be embodied in a human being. You have the Hitlers and the Jesuses within each and every human being. The idea is that your consciousness expands past just this human DNA space-time body to encompass the reality of all that so that you can have the consciousness to unify that field.

This is a lot of what the work we’ve been doing has been about: teaching a human being how to process the worst evil that comes through, the most unaccepted emotion as defined by culture, and how to embrace it in order to integrate it all into one powerful energy.

When as a human you’re defining yourself in such a small way—that you have to be a good person, that this is bad energy and this is negative feelings—and you can’t let those come through and you’re in this small box, you experience an array of different emotions that then get defined as such. When anger comes up, there’s a reaction, a lot of times shutting it down or projecting it on someone else. “They caused me to feel this way.” But when you start to expand and experience anger, depression, sadness—all of the negative parts of yourself—as undefined, without any judgment, that it’s all just energy and you’re going to move it without letting it stop and without defining it and without acting on it, now you are creating a powerful unified field with that energy, and all this emotion becomes your power.

This is what’s so important about the work we’ve been doing: to help humans one at a time to understand how to access that whole spectrum of personal power and redefine it. So that now when anger comes up, there’s a knee-jerk reaction to step back and start to breathe. And that’s different than 25 years ago, when anger would come up and you would pound your fists or blame your father or blame yourself or get trapped in the thinking process. Now it comes up, and those of you who have been studying with us for so long can take that individual spectrum of your power that you’ve defined as anger and channel it into attaching itself to a thought that is regenerative.

That’s counterintuitive to what culture tells you can be done, but it’s truly what gives you your power: to either just move it or to use it to fuel the manifestation of positive, powerful, regenerative thought. In that way, when your anger comes up, you step back, you start to feel and breathe it and own it and love it. Then you attach it to the thought of, “I’m going to find a solution for the good of all,” for whatever the scenario is that triggers the anger that you’re dealing with. You’ve been given the platform which you are working from to expand your consciousness. That’s what all of these human dramas are about. They’re platforms for you to actively expand your consciousness.

Much like Barbara was talking about with relationships—it’s one thing to sit in a room and think about what you want in a relationship, and it’s another thing to be in a relationship with someone working in a live, active platform. Both are necessary, but they’re different experiences with different outcomes. We’ve often used the analogy that you can go to a library, get out all the books you want about how to fly a plane. You can even set up a little control panel on the table in the library and imagine, but it’s still not the same as going out to the tarmac and getting into the plane and flying. That’s a lot more dangerous. This is pretty safe, in the library. You can imagine being in danger, but you’re not. In the plane, your physical body is being put in the position where you could fall out of the sky. The plane could go down, and you might lose your life.

This world of experiences that you’re having is the platform for this change. Even though when you look at the whole operating system, when you come out to the heavens and look down, you see the Lens—Barbara and Heike are sitting together in Trondheim in 2017 in a specific latitude and longitude in these space-time bodies. You still see the Lens over here over where Lisle is having her Irish experience. You see other lives where you’ve been, where Barbara’s been. You see it all more as an organism, as a molecule with multiple parts to it. Now you’re redefining your entire identity. It doesn’t change the DNA space-time bodies of Barbara or Heike, but it changes the DNA space-time bodies of Barbara and Heike’s understanding and definition of the much more total you, the much bigger picture of who you are.

Even though these are concurrent lives within the Lenses, there is a sequential passing-through of space and time that you go through. Human history from the beginning of the emergence of humans all those many years ago on the planet to now has been a sequential year-after-year-after-year progress. And it will continue on in that way so that when you look down from the Observer at the planet and you see all the Lenses, there are Lenses where you have DNA space-time bodies in the year 2032, in the year 2100. Those are affected by the sequential earth history progress through time and space in the physical world—but you’re not trapped in them. This period of time on the planet is about humans having the veil fall, seeing the totality of who they are and having to find a way to redefine it. And much as is true in evolution, sometimes the fish that throws itself up onto the land to adapt to breathing the air instead of breathing with gills doesn’t make it in that particular Lens. But they come back to the eternal awareness. After Barbara’s body is gone and you’re back up here in the Observer, you can still see that Lens of where that life was. The thoughts, feelings, senses, and memories are there, but your expanded awareness is in the non-physical, nonlinear, eternal part of consciousness that is expanding and expanding.

This is all very difficult sometimes for us to articulate because of the complexity of the vision and the ability that you have to absorb all of that. If there are people who could, it would be the two of you, and the others who are listening later, who grasp some of what we’re saying. The most important part is to remember that your individual life is the platform for that expanded awareness. The more that you live in that truth and look at your life and have a relationship to your physical world that is about the bigger picture, the more you are expanding your awareness and detaching from the identity that culture wants to you have of the smaller box of limitations, the finite world. You’re infusing into that a new definition of expansion and of limitless possibility. That is the most important part: for humans to understand that this platform of your life is the opportunity to be a part of this change.

Once you let go of your fear of death—and again, not just sitting in the library thinking, but being in the physical world but not of it, not trapped by it, having that experience, acknowledging the part of you that exists outside the Lens, communicating in this way—you’re part of the evolution of the entire human species. But you’ll see and you are seeing that not all humans are at this point capable of hearing, of breathing air rather than breathing through the water. They may not get to that place in this life. That’s the nature of evolution.

But for you who can, that is the important part. The next time a person passes away attached to the physical world, attached to the smaller identity, dies, expands, and goes through the memory training program, that person wakes up and says, “Oh, right, I remember, I went down to have this experience, to learn and expand, and I got this far, so let’s go again. Let’s have another go at it.” You do the same until there is a seamlessness in that, like the Dalai Lama, where you’re born and you remember, “Here I am in this platform. Here I am to do it.” That’s when you really get change.

That’s what you’re seeing in the children of today. They’re coming in with an awareness not quite so obscured, waking up to a natural reality of expansiveness and thereby changing culture, rather than being trapped in the culture like you have felt in your lives. All of this is a beautiful, beautiful dance of great cooperation. We are so privileged to be able to articulate it to you in this way. Before we open for conversation or questions, we want to say that every experience—good or bad, or if someone is being greedy and negative, if people are not aware of their power—every experience is an opportunity for you to reframe your own physical experience.

For example, right now on a worldwide level, the veil is being removed. You’re seeing greed and humans wanting to harm other humans. You’re seeing evil playing out in human beings where people are making decisions for the good of the few at the expense of the many. This is a good thing. This is a positive, powerful part of the expansion of human consciousness.

Culture will define it as the end of the world, but you don’t have to buy into what that means, because the end of the finite, limited world of powerlessness, yes, it is the end of that. Every one of those “evil” humans, you can rest assured, is going through the same process you are. You might be blessed (or whatever word you want to use) with the idea that you have a greater consciousness, that you’re making decisions for the good of the whole, that you want to be a part of that change, as opposed to people who want to destroy the planet, destroy the world, have things for themselves. But when you step outside the Lens, they too, when they’re dead, will wake up with the consequence of their decisions. And they, too, will have to come to terms, when they don’t have a physical body, with what all that accumulation of decision-making mathematics has done to their energy and how they can bring balance to that. “OK, let’s go in again.” Now we have to have another life, one where those who were greedy experience being the ones who were being stolen from or destroyed. That’s their mission.

All you need to do is focus on your decision-making power and how you use it and how you’re contributing to the good of the whole and what mathematics you’re putting into your life. If you’re working for the good of the whole to expand your consciousness to benefit the planet for whatever reason, you have a positive impact on the planet, whether you’re actively working to save children or help abused women—whatever the activities are that you are working in to benefit the whole in every way that you can, starting with yourself. Now you’re contributing to your personal expansion, to your personal evolution, and to the greater evolution of human consciousness. And that’s all you really have to know.

Every day is your platform to dedicate yourself to work for the good of the whole, starting with the whole of yourself. Start with having a healthy relationship to the whole spectrum of your emotion, which then becomes your power. Work to listen to the Intuition that will impel you in any given situation what decision to make to work for the good of the whole. Work to have control of that intellectual energy that’s defining and redefining. Working these three dimensions together so that they align, so that the Emotion is moving through and Intuition is impelling because you’re letting all the Emotion come through, and Intellect is doing the bidding of Intuition as you perceive what’s going on in the physical world. Make decisions for the good of the whole.

Your body becomes healthier, your mind becomes more settled, your Intuition becomes stronger, and you attract others to you and teach others by example and become a shining light and inspiration. You affect the mathematics of your bigger energy, of the wave that is you. That in turn affects the lives of others in ways of experiencing other potential. It helps move the entire planet into the manifestation of what the outcome is, which is to have a physical world that is reflective of the good of the whole. You’re returning to the Eden idea, that the planet is in fact heaven, and even in the worst of activities on the planet, it’s a platform to move this forward.

We are so pleased and honored, as we say constantly, that we have this platform, that we can speak so clearly and succinctly to humans who are listening and applying what they hear. We feel now we’re making a difference.

Some of the individual mathematics that we carried into Afterlife from our decision-making processes are being transferred as well. So yes, even Hitler, in this Afterlife, is being given a platform to transform the greater human consciousness as well as the individual energy. It’s quite a miraculous experience, we would say, for all of us.

Are there any questions or conversations you would like to have?

Heike: Sometimes I have difficulty relating to people who are not breathing the air, not being fish, who don’t try to throw themselves on land. Sometimes I lose patience with them and sometimes with myself at not being patient enough with them. I would like some insight into how to relate to different people and also to my own state of mind at any given time to accept them better, to accept myself better exactly where I am. Sometimes I think I should be in a different dimension already. Other people who talk to me are angry and captured in their emotions. I try to understand them better, but sometimes I’m not able to, I cannot relate to them in the way I would like to. Do you have any insight there?

Party: Yes, several things. One is that in a world of seven billion people, that’s a lot of fish. While you must acknowledge that this is one being with seven billion aspects. You don’t have to try to satisfy/evolve/influence all seven billion. There’s a reason why your world is finite: so that you can cope with, deal with this platform you’ve been given.

Within that finite platform, a subset of seven billion—and that isn’t even accurate because of other lives and parallel and concurrent lives, but you get the idea—first of all it’s process. You throwing yourself into your human life and letting yourself experience the joy of victory and the agony of defeat is part of the process. When you get impatient and judgmental—“Look at these people, they’re so close-minded!”—and you’re having that momentary definition and thought process, it’s all part of the passion of what’s driving evolution forward. It wasn’t ever intended that you come into the world and sit like Buddha on a mountain, not having any experience like that. All of it is important to your develop and your self-awareness.

Those people who are triggering you, people you might be defining as less or judging them—especially those people are giving you an opportunity to see yourself. It’s that infinity symbol that goes around. It’s making a pass, gaining a little more self-awareness, coming back around, bringing with you a little more self-awareness, coming back around, looking at the mirror of those triggers, looking at yourself, finding where you are defining yourself, judging yourself that way, changing your thinking process a bit, releasing more of that negative, uncomfortable emotion. It’s all these little tiny baby steps in the evolution of who you are.

Step back in a comfortable time, when there’s no one specific triggering you, and see the bigger picture. See the infinity symbol of energy that’s going on within you passing through space-time. Look back on 20 years ago, when you were so much different, and now today, where you’ve changed so much, where you’ve let go so much of trying to get into other people’s energy and judge them and define them in such a way. It still happens, because it’s still the platform.

It’s also reflective of the rest of culture. If you lived in a culture, say, thousands of years ago—an indigenous culture where there was peace and harmony with the planet, with the earth, there was healthy eating, close to nature, there weren’t modern distractions—living in that culture, what you’re describing would have been considered mental illness.

But you’re in a culture that is the complete opposite, the least spiritual culture there is, that breathes the kind of behavior that makes it normal. How many people do this? How many people project? How many people aren’t self-aware? How many people are not making decisions for the good of the whole of their lives, are making decisions for the good of the few, using their intellectual energy at the expense of their emotional energy? That’s normal now, that’s what people do. That’s what you see in other people, and that’s what frustrates you, that you know what it should be. They come to trigger you to show you, “Here’s one more platform for me, one more step I’m given.”

This is a difficult, difficult culture to live in. The indigenous one, where magic was a way of life, where nature was the ruling God, that’s the sanity of humans in conjunct with nature and with the planet, with earth, water, air—the things that are the basic human survival. This culture is so complicated. You have to give yourself the long view. But you also have to give yourself the acknowledgment that you’ve come here to be human, to throw yourself into it, to make mistakes, to have experiences, to grow yourself, and you’re doing it. It’s that pattern, the same pattern, but every time you come around, you’re a little more expanded, until there’s an expansion that cannot be denied. Does that make sense?

Heike: Yes.

Party: We’re going to close this channel by saying that in 2017, there’s a lot of opportunity for culture today in this part of the change to rob you of the truth of your expansive miraculous nature. It is one of the least spiritual cultures, if not the least spiritual culture, that’s even been on the earth plane.

You can either allow yourself to be trapped by that short-term, fearful, finite human definition of what’s going on, or you can expand yourself, throw yourself up onto the land and start to suck in the air that’s changing your operating system, that’s changing the operating system of the children of the future, and take the long view. Take steps to love yourself, to love your worst thoughts, transforming them, not rejecting them, not judging them, to love the most difficult emotion, not suppressing it, not denying it. Expand into defining yourself as the whole of everything, from the very worst to the very best, and know that it’s process.

From our seat on the bus, those of you who are working with us and listening to us, this interaction is miraculous, is it not, that we can have through Barbara—the voices in which we can speak to you through your hearing, your own voices coming into your life of higher consciousness of your own Party, of God, whatever you want to call it, and then acting on it? It is such a beautiful process.

You see, we aren’t trapped in the fear of what’s going to happen to the physical world like you are. We see the expansion of human consciousness. We see the veil dropping and humans rising to the occasion. And we are watching and being very much amazed. And it’s with great gratitude that we say, Namaste.

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  1. Wonderful Barbara!!! Your writing is so smoth and lovely and gliding easily through all my body….what wonderful gifts you have !!!

    Much love Heike

    2017-12-11 23:56 GMT+01:00 Einstein & The Party of Twelve :

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