Free Teleconference with Barbara and the Psychic Sorority

Helping a stranded cat, Wimberley, Texas 2015 Photo: AP

Seems like lately, wherever I go, stuff happens. And not necessarily good stuff. During a visit to Wimberley, Texas in 2015, flash flooding killed 20 people and destroyed miles of shoreline along the Blanco River. Had I not been four blocks uphill, I might have been washed away. Before I knew it, a photo of me looking after a stranded cat was all over the Internet and published as far away as Nigeria.

The flood shook me to the core. My two main thoughts were, “Life is short—you never know when you might get swept away in a flood,” and “you never know how far a reach you can have.” In those moments, I made the commitment to use my remaining time to create as many good works as I can, be it music, books, art, protecting the water … whatever. If life is indeed unpredictable and short, let’s make hay and see how far we can reach.

Flood damage in Wimberley, Texas 2015
Flood damage in Wimberley, Texas 2015

Sitting at my friend’s kitchen table listening to the rescue helicopters searching for survivors, I pulled out a book project I’d started in 2010 but put aside for other pursuits. The book was to be a sequel to Imagining Einstein: Essays on M-Theory, World Peace & The Science of Compassion. I was impressed with how far along it already was.

Then in November 2015, I was in Paris when terrorists attacked six locations, including the Bataclan, a music club where over 80 people were killed. The attack at Des Halles shopping mall took place only blocks from where I was attending the concert of one of my musician friends. We spent the night in his hotel room, responding to frantic family and Facebook friends and catching up on what was really taking place in the City of Lights.

After the attack in Paris, I walked up to the Bataclan to pay respects.
After the attack in Paris, I walked up to the Bataclan to pay respects.

With helicopters circling overhead, I told him the story of Wimberley. Even though I had no idea how, I knew the attack in Paris was going to change me. Sure enough, when I got home and began to work through my post-traumatic stress, I experienced an insatiable hunger for authenticity and an overwhelming urge to manifest good. Life is too short, and this world is on the brink and needs all the help we can give.

9780991010936cvr2.inddHumanity seems perched exactly where the living Einstein feared we would go: to the edge of extinction. His Russell Einstein Manifesto spelled out that unless governments and cultures find new and effective ways to resolve conflict, humanity faces extinction. By the time the Manifesto was read aloud in July 1955 by Bertrand Russell at a London press conference, Einstein had been dead for four months. This perhaps became his first instance of speaking from beyond the grave.

These impetuses drove me to finish and publish Einstein, et al.: Manifestation, Conflict REVOLUTION® & The New Operating System, my imagined Einstein’s answer for that new and effective method of resolving conflict. Packed with over 100 illustrations of his unified field theory and maps of human consciousness, Einstein, et al. also includes perhaps the most detailed description and instructions for Conflict REVOLUTION® yet to be published.

Complete Einstein Library

9780991010950cov.inddAnother task that came to light in Wimberley was to make sure the complete Einstein Library is available to the public. This meant working with my co-authors Teresa McMillian and Lily Phelps to re-release our book, the one that started it all, Diaries of a Psychic Sorority: Talking with the Angels. First published in 1997, it’s the true story of how we were brought together to teach ourselves this new way to resolve our conflicts. The “angels” called it “world peace, one person at a time, starting with you.”

Diaries was the beginning of my Einsteinian mission, but we had no idea at the time. The “angels” tried to tell us, but we didn’t have the capacity understand. Lily’s first private reading with me in 1993 hinted at it:

All is headed for a much greater outcome than what you could possibly imagine. There is a bigger purpose and plan than you are capable of understanding at this time.

Using the conflicts that arose between us, we put their new worldview to the test. For how could they know if their theories worked unless they were tested on actual active conflicts? Einstein was, after all, a scientist. He needed a petri dish of conflict into which he could inject what went on to become Conflict REVOLUTION®. The three of us were that dish. We certainly had enough conflict. And we were just crazy enough to take these “angels” seriously, and just sane enough to figure out how to apply this revolutionary worldview to the conflicts we were having between us.

We were told to “tell our story then get out of the way.” So we published our private diaries of the first three months of our journey. Years later, we are still watching and being amazed that we volunteered and were chosen to bring forward this important and revolutionary work.

The release of Einstein, et al., the re-release of Diaries, and the upcoming release of Lily’s first book, Second Coming: Awakening the Christ Within demonstrate how right the angels were in 1993.

Barbara, Teresa, Lily
Barbara, Teresa, Lily, 1997

On Monday October 24, 2016, we will gather to celebrate our mission together. You are invited to join our teleconference call. We will talk about this amazing journey, where it has come over the years, and how anyone and everyone can be a part of Psychic Sorority’s intention to create world peace, one person at a time, starting with you. We will also hear from Einstein & The Party, and perhaps gaze ahead into the next 23 years! Plenty of time for questions and conversation.

4 PM Central
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I guess this is just one more reason the “angels” always end their dissertations telling us to “watch and be amazed.”

Can’t hardly not.