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Barbara With, Teresa McMillian & Lily Phelps. Photo: Heidi Ehalt
Barbara With, Teresa McMillian & Lily Phelps. Photo: Heidi Ehalt

Last Saturday evening, Lily, Teresa and I gathered in Teresa’s home, eager to hear what the “angels” had to say to us on the 20th anniversary of our work together. In 1993, there were eight of us; last Saturday there were ten, gathered from around the world to hear a message of hope and compassion.

I am still amazed that my life has been this remarkable journey of talking with these “angels” who turned out to be Einstein and the Party. The story of how this path unfolded is still humblinh to me. Without these two dear friends and Psychic Sorority sisters, there would be no witnesses to the entire story of this amazing life that has gifted me with more adventures than I could have dreamt possible back then.

But the most rewarding part has been all the people I have personally touched, and who have taken this work and used it to become the change. People from all over the world have shared their gratitude and love for the lessons of the Party. I am humbled and honored to have volunteered and have been chosen for this mission.

Last September, I attended a training session about how to run for elected office. In learning how to craft the political messages of a campaign, we were told make them “honest” and “believable.” I realized then that the story of my life and my association with the Party is honest, but I daresay, rather unbelievable. But everything I have shared along the way has been my truth, as witnessed by Lily, Teresa and countless others, and told to the best of my ability. I am so grateful for those of you willing to make this unbelievable journey with me.

As you head into this season of compassion, please try to remember the words of our “angels” concerning self-love:

0022 Adobe ID 164ASP13468373Every day you are going to encounter people who don’t talk this language. How are you going to inspire them to become self-loving, for themselves? The best way you can mirror that is by becoming that yourself.

Become the change you wish to see: learn self-love and self-respect, the greatest gifts you can give.

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