2013 Spring Series: Regeneration and Physical Health

$99 | includes six MP3 recordings of all the sessions

0022 Adobe ID 164ASP13468373The body is our vehicle with which to have this human experience. It is the interface between the non-physical and physical world that allows us to perceive matter. Einstein has explored the body from Afterlife and discovered the pathways to regenerating mind, body and spirit using a simple system over which we ultimately have complete control.

Join us as we explore our bodies and their connection to the manifestation of the matter around us. The series features six in-depth live sessions and includes classroom conversation, channeling, small group support and assignments designed to help you learn to promote your own health and well-being.


Your Body, Yourself and Optimum Health
Einstein & The Party
0023 Adobe ID 390ASP370321Einstein opens this series with a detailed look at exactly how our non-physical selves interface with the physical body to become cognitive, sentient beings capable of magnificent accomplishments and miracle healing.

Holistic Systems of Unification

davinciEinstein & The Party
The core of our healing, unification is a process that creates a working awareness of the complex systems that create our life. From here, we learn how to pay attention to what our body is telling us and steps to take to make sure all the parts of the whole are attuned to each other.

Mental Health and Concurrent Lives
Barbara With
spring201313smallThis session will be devoted to sharing my own story of healing myself of a dissociative condition, and how we can understand better how to integrate our other aspects, including concurrent lives, into our present awareness.


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From Out Of Thin Air
Adamus St. Germain
Adamus St. Germain, a renowned expert at creating a physical body while sidestepping traditional methods, leads this detailed session that will explore the how-tos of manifestation and inspire us to think outside the box when it comes to our unification.


Will Power, Discipline & Progress
Albert Einstein

One of the most defeating aspects of life is the chronic condition that begins to occur as we continue to suffer through our lives. Learn how to push through doubts and fears, and take on the challenges of life from a new place of strength, endurance, hope and love.


Compassion: The Ultimate Healer
The Party
heartAs always, we conclude the series with a new call to compassion and inspiration. As Spring comes into its fullest, so we are being challenged again and again to come back to compassion. Learn how compassion actually heals and unifies, settles and strengthens, and ultimately, leads us to live the fullest, richest, deepest life possible.


Disclaimer: This series is not to be interpreted as dispensation of medical advice and does not prescribe the use of any technique as a replacement for medical treatment. It is our intention to provide supplementary ways in which to assist healing by striving for mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.


One hour telephone reading | $150


Readings with Barbara With


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  1. I join the group for the next adventure (towards ourselves…). Thank you. With all my love Cristian

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