Free Download End of the World Channel 12 21 2012

earthOn Friday night, I gathered on a conference call with a circle of people from around the world for our End of the World Channel with Einstein & The Party.

Felicity in Australia spoiled the surprise of if the world was really going to end, as it was the next morning in Queensland. Obviously, we all got to live, but it did not take a psychic to predict that.

What struck me most about the dissertation was the brilliant articulation of a concept that is almost too large for the human mind to comprehend: our direct access to the synergy of a unified field. The description of how each of us can tap into the power of the collective once again demonstrates the elegance of our work with Einstein.

Ever since our first group channel in December 1993, I have watched as the theories delivered by Einstein & The Party have become reality via the people who practice this worldview. Every person who has engaged in Conflict REVOLUTION has added to the evolution of a process so simple but brilliant, even if it’s not Einstein, it’s worthy of his thinking. The results are nothing short of miraculous, as proven time and again by those of us who work it.

To rise everyday and participate fully on how we approach life imbues us with power and magic. Since projection is a necessary part of having a physical experience, let’s flex our co-creative muscles every day and project compassion. Access the neural net of power created by people all around the world committing to compassion. Dive deeply into those non-physical realms and explore this tap root of unlimited human potential. Truly, the investigation and advancement of human consciousness is the next frontier and we are the trail blazers.

Thank you to all of you who support this work and write to tell me how much it means to you. Knowing you are inspired to reach greater heights to live more passionately and in present moment is my paycheck.


Download channel here.


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