Live Channel: Minneapolis, MN Thursday, June 28, 2012 7 PM Living a Magical Life

Anyone who really knows me, knows of the Psychic Sorority. Lily Phelps and Teresa McMillian compose the other two-thirds of the triumvirate that helped birth Einstein and the Party of Twelve back onto the planet. Thanks to the two of them, my gift of sight has been put through the rigorous checks and balances of their watchful and compassionate souls.

Barbara With, Teresa McMillian, Lily Phelps, The Psychic Sorority, 1996

In 1993, the three of us began a study of my channeling. We’d organize and record groups in our homes, then transcribe the sessions and publish them. “Publish” meant going to Kinko’s and making copies of the session to bring to the next group for the other listeners to read. We agreed to never have food so we would not need RSVPs; and asked for love donations. The truth was, making money was the last priority on our list. It was the magic that we drank in like slaves in a desert.

And indeed, it was all dreamy spending so much time together, organizing regular groups in our homes, transcribing the sessions and then experimenting with their suggestions for how to deal with our conflicts in a way that would lead to living a magical life. We spent hours at Lily’s kitchen design business writing our first book, Diaries of a Psychic Sorority: Talking With the Angels and working to change our perspective.

But the day arrived when, inevitably, the three of us started to fight amongst ourselves. A perfect set-up to test a revolutionary new approach to conflict! Over the past 19 years, the Sorority has taken every conflict as a divine opportunity to embody this powerful perspective, which became Conflict REVOLUTION. Because of successfully working through conflicts together, we not only have a bond that transcends lifetimes, but have forged relationships based on compassionate, intuitive and articulate honoring of ourselves and each other that promotes magic. Our conflicts have become our greatest learning opportunities.

Those first groups—six master sessions for how to become world peace, one person at a time, each individual starting with his or her own self—were some of the most magical experiences of my life. However, what we cracked open in our personal and very human work together brought the messages of the “Angels” to life. The emergence of Einstein from the “Angels” then led to the birth of the Party of Twelve. The Psychic Sorority is a living example of how well the Party’s Afterlife suggestions work to make magic.

Join us for another live group channel as we come together to make our own special magic, and keep the tradition alive.

The Psychic Sorority Presents Barbara With, Talking With the Angels
Thursday, June 28, 2012
Edina, MN
Hosted at the home of Lily Phelps
7 PM – 9 PM

For more information, call 715.209.5471
E-mail me at barbarawith11 at

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