Living a Magical Life: The World Beyond Money

$99 includes six MP3 recordings of all the sessions

sunrise2012 was a huge point of global transformation. One important piece to the puzzle of evolving culture is how to build a new infrastructure based on what is good for the whole. We cannot wait for government, the private sector, the church, or our spiritual gurus to do that. Each one of us, making a contribution in our own way, in our own world, adds up to global change.

Breaking the illusion that money is our source and understanding how to manifest the resources to meet our needs without it is one step towards freeing ourselves from corporate rule. Yes, I know … how do we do that when in many cases we need money? My mortgage company won’t let me trade readings for my payment; we do need money right now to make the transition.

To live a magical life means being able to manifest your needed resources without the terms money requires, e.g. jobs, savings, retirement accounts. Changing inwardly influences a different kind of transformation. Part of the shift is knowing what your needs are, and becoming an active participant in consciously meeting them in a new way, beginning inside first. Another part is becoming a working, contributing member of a community that supports the good of the whole.

This six-part workshop series will help us gather vision from our shared community as we become scientists of human evolution. We will use our own lives as the experiment to break free from culture’s addiction to money. Connecting in this way will lend strength to hold this vision in the crazy culture changing at the speed of light squared.

Session 1:  Conquering Our Addiction to Money

Session 2:  What Am I Really Worth?

Session 3:  The Currency of Food, Air and Water

Session 4:  Feeding the 5,000

Session 5:  The New Retirement Account

Session 6:  Aligning to a New Compassion


One hour telephone reading | $150

Readings with Barbara With


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