Humans as the Missing Link

In last week’s Telechannel, 2012…So Far (available for download here) Einstein & The Party address the first three months of the much-anticipated 2012. Looking back 26,000 years and then into the future, the Party provides a panoramic perspective that lends a much-needed long view to every aspect of life. At the same time, we explore the very real-time interface between the physical body and the non-physical energy of emotion. Once again, an inspiring and educational few hours for us all.

For those of us studying the evolution of human consciousness, mastering skills like extra-sensory perception, timelessness and regeneration may still be a long way off. We are just now taking baby steps in our experiments to align our own energy to compassion as The Party has instructed. But in trying to imagine a future where compassion is clearly part of the governance of daily culture, I will be the first to admit to the difficulty of seeing the “how and when.” But clearly, the potential exists.

One transition The Party refers to is the shift from a monetary to a resource-based value system. For generations, modern culture has used money as the primary measure of the value of an object, person or service. Making more money meant you were somehow more stable, more legitimate, more successful. Along with this comes self-esteem tied to how much money you have, and/or the quality and quantity of your material possessions. Most everyone has experienced falling self-confidence with a decrease in one’s bank balance.

So how does one practically shift one’s entire value system away from money to something more aligned to compassion, like good will or kindness? And what exactly is  a  “resource-based” value system? And what about those things that really require money, like mortgages?

A “resource-based” value system means we no longer assess an experience, object or need with a monetary value. Instead, we find those with a need for what we have an abundance of and give generously to them, as well as finding those with an abundance of what we need and asking for their help.

For me, I first need to name the need. Then I literally raise my head upward and ask the theoretical and non-physical “Universe” for help. “Universe, I need money to pay my mortgage this month.” Then I let it go, and set about to do my part to aid the Universe with the co-creation.

My part includes but is not limited to feeling and breathing all emotion involved with this process (the fear that arises from a very real lack of money), and an intricate, intimate attention to where my thoughts are leading me (telling me I am worthless because I don’t have money). By paying attention to and taking action around these dimensions (changing my thoughts, and feeling all my feelings) I make way for my intuition to lead me one step at a time to manifest the mortgage.

As we are guided to the manifestation of our needs, we also give what we do have to others. While I have little money, I have abundant access to information from Einstein & The Party. I have also created a free video training for Conflict REVOLUTION. These I can give at no cost. This way, more people can be inspired in their quest for human evolution. There is no monetary equivalent to someone moving from self-doubt and disillusionment to self-love and passionate fulfillment.

For the last year, I have worked side by side with my neighbors the Anishinabe Indians to stop Cline Mines in their attempt at a corporate takeover of the Penokee Hills and Lake Superior in northern Wisconsin. Learning about the Anishinabe culture has allowed me to conceptualize how this change can and is happening on Earth now. Anishinabe religion and government are built around water. Their riches are not in how much money they have, or their quest for a new car every two years. Their joy comes from living close to the Earth, especially the Lake that is Superior and the Kakagon Sloughs where their wild rice grows. And from that water springs the healthy families who know they are charged with protecting the Earth for the future generations. Because without water, there is no life at all.

Last week, we came together in the Penokee Hills to celebrate our solidarity. The Red Cliff Tribe across the bay sent over 40 pounds of fresh whitefish their netters caught the night before. Those filets were truly a miracle, and Red Cliff’s way of saying, “Thank you for protecting our future families, too.” How do you put a monetary value on the seven generations coming after us? It’s impossible, and needless.

2012…So Far brings home even more the necessary struggle we are all going through to transition into becoming a resource-based world. One piece of that puzzle is what we have to give. Give generously of the resources that are abundant to you. Paying it forward will set the stage for the miracles to take place. Then watch and be amazed at where that darn Universe will lead you when you become the change.

After the long winter of giving freely to help save Wisconsin and Lake Superior, I am asking for help paying my mortgage. Please consider making a donation to the cause. Or if you have always wanted a reading with Einstein, or know someone who would benefit, consider booking a session. I am offering two one-hour sessions for $150; $99 an hour. Meanwhile, see all my free downloads here. I also have free Conflict REVOLUTION training via video here.

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